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Samsung puts the power of 3D into hands of consumers 3rd June 2010

Samsung HMX-S16

Samsung has led the charge in the first half of 2010 to bring the full 3D viewing experience into the consumer home – and not just with 3D TVs. Samsung’s Full HD camcorders, such as the HMX-S series and HMX-H series, now allow users to connect to Samsung 3D TVs and see themselves in 3D through innovative 2D-to-3D conversion technology. Remarkably, content shot on a camcorder in 2D can be displayed in 3D, creating an immersive and realistic experience unlike anything before it. Using Samsung’s HD camcorders, like the new HMX-S16, users can shoot video in Full HD and display it on Samsung 3D TVs via WiFi or HDMI cable connection. Samsung’s new line of Full HD camcorders were launched earlier this year with the advanced camcorder user in mind, one dedicated to creating and sharing the highest-quality pictures and content.

Samsung HMX-H200

Samsung’s camcorders open up a whole new world of possibilities for would-be movie directors, whose creative aspirations reflect their professional approach. Because Samsung’s 3D TVs feature an industry-first 2D-to-3D real-time converter, the HD content shot on the camcorder becomes glorious 3D content in the home. “This is an industry milestone and a remarkable advancement in the role a camcorder can play in everyday life,” said Steve Mitchell, General Marketing Manager Samsung Digital Division. “Your camcorder is now a key to unlocking a world that is transforming the entertainment industry, and to see yourself in 3D is truly an unprecedented experience.” The S16’s connectivity capabilities extend beyond cables, making it an even more powerful tool. Supporting DLNA sharing via Samsung AllShare™ technology, users can shoot and share professional quality Full HD video with speed and simplicity. The S16 camcorder can upload and send videos wirelessly over WiFi to a home computer or Samsung TV, including the latest line-up of 3D LED TVs. The connectivity offered by the S16 and the unique home entertainment experiences that result, demonstrate the synergies that Samsung sought to create when Samsung Digital Imaging Company was officially acquired by Samsung Electronics earlier this year.

Samsung puts the power of 3D into hands of consumers by Easier technology