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Housing Guide 3

Wanna Live the Good Life?


Studios, 1 & 2 Bedroom Designs Individual Patios & Barbecues Sparkling Pool Clean, Modern Laundry Facility Convenient to CSUC, Enloe Now accep ting Medical Center and Downtown • Responsive On-Site Management applications! • Beautifully Maintained Landscape


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(530) 895-1733 1382 Longfellow Ave. Chico Info subject to change. Please do not disturb tenants We will schedule the appointment


Apartments/Townhouses/Duplexes Location Bedroom 1 1175 E. 8th St. 1 1245 Esplanade #12 1 742 W. 6th St. #D 2 371 E. 7th St. #1,2 2 1245 Esplanade #4,5,6 2 606 Cherry St. #2 2 638 Chestnut A 2 709 Flume 2 668 E. 4th St. #3,4 2 925 Chestnut #2 2 238 Hazel #3 3 528 W. 7th St. 3 536 W. 7th St. 4 1144 Hobart #3 S 1048 1/2 Warner

Rent 500 575 550 750 625 675 675 625 700 700 800 1350 1200 950 500

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715 Flume St.




1048 Warner St.




540 W. 4th Ave.




718 W. 6th St.




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881 Ashbury Ct.




1205 Warner St.




Housing Guide 4

Catholic questions drift from religion Tercius Bufete NE WS DESIGNER

God is dead. He’s been replaced by nausea and a lightheadedness that follows a night of spirit-fueled drinking. It’s been 18 months since my last confession and there is no feeling of remorse. God is dead and I failed to attend the funeral (and the celebration of his resurrection). For the fi rst time in 23 years of dutiful service, Easter was consciously neglected. As the most important day in the Christian calendar, a follower’s absence is troubling. Let it be known, though, my faith remains unwavering — an inextinguishable candle in the wind, never fl ickering, albeit dimming. The question: Were my actions a reflection of this collegiate atmosphere or my true self and a lack of commitment? It is typically presumed that college students become more drawn to secular activities during their time in college, which results in

the neglect weekly services. But studies by the Social Science Research Council and “Spirituality in Higher Education: Students’ Search for Meaning and Purpose,” a UCLA study in 2007, suggest that though the practice of faith takes a sabbatical in the collegiate years, students emerging from this time period gain a desire to fi nd spiritual meaning in their lives. Since arriving at a college 470 miles from home, my life and interests changed. Instead of church, I sleep in. Instead of the rosary during the fi rst week of the month, there is a standing commitment to Madison Bear Garden. Waking without a hangover continues to be the only miracle experienced. I am far from home, far from family and ever distant from my God. The fact is: I was raised correctly. Tarcisio Bufete, my father, was a priest before my mother’s pursuit of him. After the few years it took for my dad to become laicized, the process that allows a priest to withdraw his ecclesiastical status from the church, they married. They had three sons and we were

raised to always keep the Sabbath holy. I’ve strayed from the path to heaven for Buck Night. All good stories start with a mistake. My friend recently celebrated his birthday irresponsibly and has relied on his friends to fi ll in the night’s black holes. But the grin underneath his unshaven visage was enough. T.S. Eliot found God after witnessing and contemplating the horrors of modern war. Prisoners often experience a similar Pauline conversion. Perhaps tolerating something equally traumatizing will renew my religious vigor. I need attend a fraternity party fast, lest my mother realizes my deviousness. For now, I acknowledge that my absence from church is an error. I have to trust that at some point, I’ll fi nd my way back. But in this place, far away from home, that should be enough. Here, debauchery can be a life lesson. Here, I can be wrong. I’ll procrastinate on being right. The Orion can be reached at

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TV shows, films should reflect realistic gay lifestyle Angel Huracha STAFF WRITER

A struggle to move past gay movie and television clichés is emerging. Give me a script where there’s no conflicted sexuality, no coming-out drama, where the gay guy isn’t a drug addict or a neurotic mess and actually lives at the end. It is about time that we left those sad, gay-man dramas on the cutting room floor and explored what is considered the new norm of entertainment on gay modern culture. Mind you, it was a very mistyeyed moment when Heath Ledger gripped that Levis cowboy flannel for dear life at the end of “Brokeback Mountain” or watching Sean Penn’s heartbreaking portrayal of legendary murdered gay activist Harvey Milk struggle for human rights in “Milk.” But more often than not, gay cinema or television is built on tired scenarios. Films where the male actors play gay men dying of AIDS. Television where straight women play lesbians who look like fashion models struggling to find love. The chick flick was already invented. It does not make it any different just because you now have two female leads. Yes, these are still problems. With both liberals and conservatives on track for a cultural Armageddon over gay marriage and gay rights, the battle lines are being staked out not just in the courts and

legislatures but also in the form of a character’s sexuality, however appealing or titillating it may be, is entertainment. So it’s refreshing when projects not seen as delivering an important that reveal normal everyday liv- message about tolerance or selfing are shown and don’t have the empowerment or some other dull tinge of a PBS after-school spe- abstraction. A film like Andrew Haigh’s comcial syndrome. These shows raise pelling and intense awareness but aren’t relationship drama necessarily trying to “Weekend” is definitely teach us a lesson. about the complications Take the popular of being gay in the 21st show “Modern Family,” for example. It is about time century. Its revelations on modern sexuality Despite what you that we left might think, its stethose sad, gay- expand far beyond the modest setting. reotypical fathers, man dramas It has romance to Mitchell, played by on the cutting spare, but also takes a the actually gay Jesse room floor look under the surface of Tyler Ferguson, and any thoughtful encounCameron, straight and explored ter, however brief. actor Eric Stonestreet, what is After attending a party portray a lovely couconsidered the given by friends, central ple dealing with a new norm of character Russell stops process that is usuentertainment at a gay club on the way ally considered a on gay modern home and ends up bringgay-handicapped ing a stranger back to his subject. culture. flat. Cut to the next mornBoth characters’ ing. After indiscriminate main priority is their sex comes the potential obsession with their embarrassment of actuadopted Asian daughally getting to know each ter, and the couple ANGEL HURACHA staff writer other — awkward but is even considering nonetheless revealing adopting a second and perhaps an experichild. Every week, millions of Americans tune in to see ence many of us know too well. Another representation is John two men raise a daughter. Although the idea isn’t unthinkable, the show Cameron Mitchell’s “Shortbus,” a is a form of acceptance in its own sexually graphic portrait of honest to Buddha sex and emotional way. I’ve long maintained that gay- connection. Most notorious for its straight cinematic or television graphic sex scenes, it is the first equality will finally arrive when American dramatic film to feature

Breaking news and exclusive stories at

actors and actresses actually having sex with one another. However, “Shortbus” is not pornography. It is a beautifully moving, artistic, honest and, at times, surreal dramady about longing and relationship scuffles. The exposure of such projects means progress. For any of us who grew up never seeing a man so much as look longingly at another man, these are incredible times. Residing in a town like Chico that lacks gay culture and knowledge is often difficult for some struggling for answers or making the transition into the gay world. A smaller city does mean fewer resources and fewer people to meet who are also gay. That isn’t to say Chico has no support for gays. The resources might be few but the support is massive. Knowing how small the support is, those who care often strive above and beyond to help. Stonewall Alliance Center here in Chico is committed to creating an accepting environment for members of the LGBT communities. But that doesn’t mean we should jump to an irrational conclusion that it’s going to mean marriage equality. But seeing two dull dads smooching on TV, the imagery of a one night stand leading to an actual romance or the struggle of same sex couples facing crisis in their daily lives is definitely something extraordinary. Angel Huracha can be reached at

Housing Guide 6

Everett Apartments 2165 Nord Ave. #10, Chico

Paradise Apartments 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bdrm 1115 W. Sacramento Ave. College Park Plaza 2 Bdrm, 1.5 Bth 1047 Mechoopda St. Warner Park 1 Bdrm 1431 & 1435 Warner St. Campus Place 2 Bdrm, 2 Bth / 1 Bdrm 1119 Stewart Ave. Windsong Studios 3337 Esplanade

Green Acres 1 & 2 Bdrm 1420 Glenwood Ave.

Bidwell Oaks Studios / 1 & 2 Bdrm 700 Salem St.

Country Villa

Garden Terrace 2 Bdrm, 1 Bth 440 Normal Ave.

Bidwell’s Mill 1 & 2 Bdrm 500 Esplanade

2 Bdrm, 1 Bth 116 Innsbrook Way

742 W. 4th St. 1 & 2 Bdrm Victorian 319 Cherry St. 1 Bdrm Cottage

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Housing Guide 8

Summer packing tips help to reduce summer stress Miguel Rocha STAFF WRITER

As the semester winds down, students start to eagerly anticipate summer, and for many students, summer means moving back home. The countdown starts weeks in advance, but packing for the trip is almost always put off until the 11th hour. Often plans to pack ahead of time turn into the rushed shoving of shirts into suitcase corners amid “Are you ready?� text messages. I hate packing. I hate washing all of my clothes so they’re clean. I hate folding them after. And I especially hate trying to fit all of my belongings into a suitcase. But taking the time to pack thoughtfully and in advance will save you time and trouble later.

So, to avoid the regret you’re filled with once you reopen your suitcase upon arrival to find wrinkled shirts and mismatched socks, here are a few short reminders of how you should tackle the task of packing. 1. Wash all your dirty clothes a day or two ahead of time. No one should pack a bunch of dirty, crusty socks. If you wait until the day of the trip, you may not have time to get it all done. 2. Fold all of your clothes and put them in their normal places in your closet or drawers. This way it will be easier to spot which shirt, pants or shorts will work better for the break. The day before leaving, take out the suitcase and dust it off. This will keep your clothes dust-free. 3. Select weather-appropriate clothing and start packing. Everything should already be folded so it’s easy. Try not to pack unnecessary things. 4. Make a list of all the small items you’ll



need to remember, like your laptop, chargers, cologne or perfume, contact lenses and deodorant. You might want to keep the deodorant on your person if it’s a long car ride. You don’t want to be stinky. 5. Don’t get overwhelmed — take a break. 6. Resume packing by putting all the items from your list into a backpack or smaller bag. Then set it next to the suitcase so you don’t forget it. When it’s time to leave, simply load the bags into your car and set your sights on the horizon. Follow these rules and packing will be easier than you could have imagined. With a little thought and effort in advance, when the day of escape comes all you have to think about is getting out of here and enjoying the ride. Miguel Rocha can be reached at

Housing Guide 9

Location, roommates factors in house hunt Stephanie Geske STAFF WRITER

The day I woke up to my roommate’s boyfriend peeing in our recycle bin, I knew any chances of us remaining civil were over. My friends have gotten more than an earful when it comes to me talking about my living situations. From roommate’s boyfriends who’ve moved in, to awkward conversations about money owed for rent and PG&E, to being sexiled, it seems like I’ve experienced it all and I’m only a sophomore. Choosing somewhere to live is one of the most stressful things, because it’s a binding contract, you can’t escape the people you live with and oh yeah, it lasts a whole year. But there’s more to be considered about a living situation than just who your future roommates will be. Once students get to be upperclassmen, it becomes all about location, location, location.

There are a few places popular to live in Chico: downtown, on Nord and in the avenues. There are stereotypes for each, like the aves being a scary, dangerous place. On the other hand, they also offer the cheapest rent, compared to downtown, which can be expensive. Originally I wanted to live in an apartment on Nord Avenue for my sophomore year because I figured it was close to campus, semi-quiet and I didn’t want to have to deal with the upkeep of a house. Another thing was, some houses downtown freak me out, mainly the ones that are old or really dirty. I know people who live downtown in beautiful houses that are kept up, and others where I’m surprised the roof hasn’t fallen in or its residents haven’t died of poisonous mold. It’s all about how well it’s taken care of both by the people living there and the landlords. Another factor to think about is roommates. In most apartments you have one or two roommates and get your own room, but downtown, either to afford rent or share space, freshman dorm experiences are recreated. One room I

saw had bunk beds using full-sized beds — an almost laughable imitation of “Step Brothers.” For the social butterflies, sometimes living downtown is easier. It saves a pedi-cab ride or walk across campus at the end of the night and is usually a quicker walk to campus, but it also means more noise. People coming home from the bars and drunk people screaming are just two of the serenades you’ll get to hear on the weekends, and if you’re lucky the week nights too. But then again, you’re not guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep no matter where you live. I get woken up some nights from my bed, desk and walls shaking from my neighbor’s bass, and we live in the small, “quiet” apartment complex, or so they told us. There’s good and bad to all areas, but finding a spot in one of them that’s a good fit and the perfect people to share it with can make any place feel like home. Stephanie Geske can be reached at

Towering Above the Rest The Orion is now hiring for Fall 2012. Stop by Plumas 001 for information and an application.

Housing Guide 10

Virtual business card website gives students advantage in job search Jen Moreno ARTS EDITOR

Networking has never been as important as it is now. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Individuals are now seen as more than just beings. They’re seen as brands, and as brands they have to advertise the crap out of themselves if they want to get their name out there. Networking sites are popping up all over the place now, and it’s getting hard to keep up with all of them. Luckily, there’s a site that will help everyone else keep tabs on you while you work on keeping up with all your sites. and you can find it at The whole purpose of attending college is so that eventually we can all get jobs after we graduate. With the way the job market is right now, it’s extremely competitive and not as easy as it was before to get hired.

Instead of waiting for someone to All of the graduating seniors are about hand you a job, show them why they ready to hit the job market, and I think should hire you. that they should set aside some time from I’ve always been a firm believer in the last-minute keggers and bar crawls I’m sure the idea that showing speaks volumes to set up their own pages and begin to a little over telling. Instead of telling someone whore their name out. effort now about all your experience you should I’m sure a little effort now will make will make a huge difference. show them. a huge allows you to link to all of And for those students, like myself, your favorite networking sites and then difference. who still have some time left in school, some. There’s only one page and you it’s still a good opportunity to begin can set it up however you’d like, with building your brand. Employers are a personal picture or one of the many looking for people who are wellJEN MORENO arts editor pre-loaded backgrounds. rounded and can keep up with today’s Whenever someone visits your about. ever-evolving trends, and this is the me webpage, they can then follow whatever links best place to show potential employers that they’d like to see what you’re all about. No more you can. having to route people to your Facebook and then Don’t show up with a plain, boring, runre-route them to your Twitter so they can see the of-the-mill resume. Wow them with a visual link to your Instagram pictures. compilation of everything you can do. also has business cards that you can place QR codes on so that people can be taken to Jen Moreno can be reached at your site immediately if they so choose to do so.

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