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orn at Midnight a “Shadow Falls Novel” is my number one because It has an original idea of a supernatural “camp”. Though the book/series we follow Kylie Galen who discovers that she is not as normal as she thinks she is. At Shadow falls she discovers new friends and a unique gift to speak to the dead. However not all is good for our girl Kylie.... she doesn’t fit into a group, an unknown species of supernatural. Together we will find out just who and what she is.


he Summoning a “Darkest Powers Novel” is my number two because it was fun and was easy to follow. The story is based around the life and events of Chloe Saunders a girl who can see spirits and because of this is sent to Lyle House a group home for troubled Teens, here she meets others that all have there own problems. In this book we watch as they discover that they are not all that different from each other and see how they are all connected.


he Immortal Rules a “Blood of Eden Novel” made it as my number three because of gripping action that left you hanging on every word. The book follows Alison Sekemoto in her adventurer in her new life as the undead. We watch as she struggles to keep her humanity and her identity as a vampire a secret from a group of people she helps find the sacred island of Eden where it is free of her kind and where the people are free.


lice in Zombieland a “White Rabbit Chronicles Novel” made it to four with its unique ideas on the well used Zombie theme. The plot is based around Alice Bell who after losing her family in an accident starts to see the “monsters” her father always warned her about. In an act of revenge we watch as she learnt how to fight these monsters and falls in love along the way.



very Other Day is my number five for its interesting plot and twists. The book is based around Kali D'Angelo who is not always as human as see seems... Every other day she is more. A hunter of supernatural creatures, though she does not know what she is or how she came to be like this she acts on her instincts to hunt. Through this book we find out secrets of her past as she struggles to save the life of popular girl in her class as well as trying to keep her self alive as well.


he Iron King a “Iron Fey Novel” is my number six for its twist on the normal faery stories, In this book the Fey are creatures who would sooner eat you then help you and are very dangerous. The main character of this book is Meghan Chase a seemingly normal almost forgettable sixteen year old who's younger brother gets taken by the Fey, on this adventure she learns that she is the Daughter of the Summer King and half-Fey watch as she struggles to adapt to this dark, dangerous new world.



he Dark Visions bind-up is a collection of three books follow the lives of a group of teenagers with psychic abilities. Staring Kaitlyn as our main character, who is placed in an institute for the gifted. During there stay here they discover that these people are not as helpful as they appear, On the run we watch as these troubled teens grow closer and discover love in the most unlikely places.


orsaken a “Demon Trappers Novel” is a gripping book/series following the life of Riley Blackthorne and her dream of becoming a Demon Trapper like her father in an all-guy world. Through the books we watch as she struggles with her Fathers death and her role in the war between Heaven and Hell, not to mention all her side drama with the three main love interests of the books.



he Night World books are a collection of supernatural stories following the main plot of the series, not only do each story have a splash of romance they also are full of action. The books cover a wide range of supernatural creatures so as to add variety to each story. There is never a dull moment in the Night World books.



irelight is my last on my top ten, now this does not mean it is boring or anything of that sort, this book is highly interesting. In this book the author creates her own supernatural species the “draki”, which are Dragons with the ability to turn into humans. The main character of this story is Jacinda who has a rare ability to breathe fire, this gift has not been seen in years. However for her own protection from the other “draki” her family flee to a human town in the desert. Here Jacinda struggles to fit in, as well as trying to fight this strange attraction she has for Will who has his own secrets.

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