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Money Matt

Rapper Making Waves

We caught up with a indie artist by the name of Money Matt®...

How long have you been doing music?

I have been doing music since I was 15 years old, I spent majority of my time early on perfecting my sound, rhythm, flow, and delivery, as well as spent time learning the business behind the music.  For example what it takes to make a successful release,  proper ways to form business proposals/emails to radio stations and sponsors.

What got you into music industry? 

As far back as I can remember I had a passion for music,  I played football and music has always been therapeutic for me.  From listening to songs to get me hyped up before every football game, to creating and writing my own music.  

Are you a multi genre artist? Explain 

Yes, I am a multi-genre artist.  I do many aspects in music,  the main music I create is Motivational Hip-Hop; but I do many forms of music from country to trap music, R&B, etc.  I create what I feel or what I am going through to put out there to the world.  I am not a rapper, I’m a artist.  I pioneered the Motivational Hip-Hop sound but I create many forms of music.

Do you feel it’s a competitive market for Indie artist right now and if so why? 

No, not for me I do not because I am the only artist that does Motivational Hip-Hop as I have created that genre of music, by merging the beats from trap and spoken word of god and life from gospel music.

Who are some of your mentor when it comes to music and why them you choose? 

I never had a mentor, but I had a lot of people from sound engineers to management teams help provide alot of information early on, that I researched to learn further and understand the business behind music.  Some of my inspirations are DMX, Big Pun, Biggie, Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Styles P, Jadakiss, and LOX.

What was the name of your first single and how did you come up with that name?

No Beat Just Bars.  I came up with the name from it being a acapella track, but I wanted to diversify myself by being a unique artist, not being afraid to step out of the box to do something different.  

So, if you can do a collab with any artist who would it be and why?

Moneybagg Yo, because I feel that yes he speaks from the streets perspective but I also feel like as a artist he can step out of the box and give some real life motivation behind his music.

When is your next project coming out? 

6-21-21 The name of the single is called Year IV.

Do you write your own music? 

Yes, I write my own music, record myself, and arrange my formats for all my music.

Do you produce your own beats?

No I don’t,  I use alot of producers but the main producers I use are: Let That Boy Cook, Strozart, GT Pro Squad.  I also have a single produced by Nard & B, Nico on the beat, and another EP called Life of A “_____” that just won Artist Mixtape of the Year at the SEA Awards Ceremony also that was produced by Aaron Made A Beat.

How did COVID-19 effect you and you music career? Explain. 

It effected me but not a whole lot because before covid we were exploring creating other forms of income for the music, live stream shows, merchandise auctions, amongst many other things.

Where can our readers find your music? 

www.moneymatt513.com/linktree my full bio and EPK are on my website but the linktree to all our streaming platforms is at the link provided.

What advice can you give other artist starting out? 

If I had to give any advice to any upcoming artists I would say spend time learning this music business and the behind the scenes, there’s more to creating music than stepping into a studio.  There are alot of moving parts to a single release, learn as much as you can, remain a student to your craft and most importantly; when others give up on you  never give up on yourself.  You control your destiny and where your headed, stay positive and trust your process.  Everyone’s journey is going to be different don’t let what other artists do reflect your movement.  Compete with yourself at every step of the way not with your peers.  

www.moneymatt513.com - All my social media handles are connected on our website feel free to connect with me, lets network.