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Description The boys of the Special Forces battalion are back. Five mini-episodes give emotional updates for the couples with whom you’ve fallen in love during the series’ first three books, as well as a not-to-be-missed preview of what’s in store for Tait Bommer and Kellan Rush in Wet, book five in the Honor Bound series. “Raze the Barn―: Garrett and Sage reignite their flame as Dominant and submissive during a well-timed visit to see Wyatt and Josie on the farm, and a visit to “kinky barn― that neither will soon forget. “Tie the Knots―: Garrett and Sage have finally said “I do,― but the knot-tying lessons have just begun for Zeke and Rayna, the best man and maid of honor who only have eyes―and other body parts―for each other. “Diamonds In The Rain―: Ethan is taking Ava home to meet his parents, but when a mansion full of friends is invited for the occasion, there’s a storm of deeper conflict for the couple, requiring Runway to expose his “inner Dom― in a decadent new way. “Glacier Girl―: Josie is burned-out and emotionally frozen until Wyatt whisks her away for a weekend full of erotic surprises―and one shocking surprise guest. “Moonrise―: Their road to love was filled with the craziest twists life could deal before it completely blew up the route. Now, Luna is locked from Tait in a night that doesn’t seem to have an end. Can he bring the light of love back to her?

[pdf] download wild (honor bound) ebook read online  
[pdf] download wild (honor bound) ebook read online