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Strip away the claims

See for yourself what others have already confirmed Other drug transfer devices claim to be closed, but they lack the independent, clinical evidence to prove it. They claim to offer affordability, but their incompatibility with all drugs and vial sizes means you’ll pay more with inadequate coverage and drug waste. They claim familiar ease of use, but their wet connections guarantee exposure, even with perfect user form. Strip away the claims and see for yourself what others have already confirmed. Ordinary lemon juice and litmus strips (or sodium bicarbonate and urine dipsticks) are all you need to conduct a simple pH test to determine the leakproof integrity of today’s available transfer devices. So take the test—and then demand the facts.

Leakproof Connection Integrity Test Author: James Jorgenson, RPh, MS, FASHP, Executive Director, Pharmacy Services, Clarian Health Partners, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Spiros & Clave by ICU Medical Inc. (Same connections also found on Genie ) ®

Alaris SmartSite Vented Vial Access Device & Texium Male Luer by Cardinal Health ®


B. Braun OnGuard Vial Adaptor & Syringe Adaptor by Teva Medical Ltd.

PhaSeal Protector & Injector Luer Lock by Carmel Pharma ®

No leakage was observed after 10 manipulations with the PhaSeal System. Visible leakage occurred outside of the ICU Medical System, the B. Braun OnGuard™ System and the Cardinal Health/Alaris System during all manipulations.

Backed by 14+ years of experience devoted solely to the development of our closed-system drug transfer device (CSTD) and supported by more than 10 independent, peer-reviewed, published clinical studies, we can factually state that our product offers clinically-proven, full spectrum protection. Can they?

Know You’re Safe With Find more information and evidence-based research at or call 866-487-9250

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October/November 2008 Vol. 1 No. 5  

The Oncology Nurse

October/November 2008 Vol. 1 No. 5  

The Oncology Nurse