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The Network News The Newsletter of the Theological Book Network, Inc.

Converting excess in our world to access in the rest of the world. Volume 4, Issue 2

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Books Shipped July-October 2012 50,603

Some of the institutions we have shipped to in July-October 2012

Instituto Biblico Ebenezer, San Cristobal, Venezuela Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya Wuhan University, Wuhan, China Fundacion University Seminario Biblico, Medellin, Columbia Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt Evangelical Theological Seminary of Puerto Rico, San Juan

Equipping Scholars and Leaders By Wayne Bornholdt

November 15, 2012

scholars. The project began in 2011 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this calendar year.

As our name indicates we are interested in “networks” and “networking.” We frequently collaborate with other groups doing work that supports both their mission and ours. One such partner is Scholar Leaders International (SLI), based in Illinois. SLI is a group encouraging and enabling theologicallytrained leaders from the Majority World. “Upon returning to their home institutions, these scholars usually encounter a shortage of books in their field of study.”

SLI provides scholarships for these men and women to come to the West to study and train to become significant leaders back in their homeland. Upon returning to their home institutions, these scholars usually encounter a shortage of books in their field of study. The rich resources to which they had access in the West are no longer available to them once they have returned. This is an impediment to their teaching and scholarship. The Theological Book Network and SLI have embarked upon a project that addresses the need for appropriate resources for these

The outlines of the project are fairly straightforward. The Network’s trained staff will provide 125-150 books that fit the subject area of the scholar’s field of study. These books are for their personal use in teaching, research and writing. We then provide an additional 1000-1200 titles to the scholar’s institutional library, thus strengthening the school’s resources for use by students, faculty and local churches. The scholars engaged in this project are from ten countries: Cote D’ivoire, Ethiopia, the Congo, the Philippines, Ghana, Cameroon, South Sudan, Argentina, Algeria and Puerto Rico. The schools with which the scholar-leader is affiliated are all established institutions that provide quality theological training in their respective regions. Generally, this instruction is

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accomplished in spite of libraries that are under-resourced in books that are relevant to the scholar’s work and the school’s goals. These are the challenges addressed by this project. While one shipment cannot “fix” these issues in their entirety, it is the beginning of a long-term strategic relationship. As with nearly all of the Book Network’s projects, there are logistical issues that we must overcome. In the Congo and South Sudan, for example, there is political unrest in the regions where the school and the scholar are located. Other challenges include corruption in the customs offices of some countries; excessive amounts of paperwork required for delivery of the books and poor infrastructure in the receiving countries that impedes prompt delivery. Despite these challenges, the project has moved along well. To date, we have shipped 2,761 books, and expect to send another 8,000 to the scholars and libraries by the end of the year Together with SLI, we believe it is vitally important that trained theological leaders in the Majority World have a voice in the on-going discussion within the global church. This partnership seeks to facilitate that goal.



Anne-Marie Kool, Associate Editor, ACTA MISSIOLOGIAE “The Theological Book Network is very selective in the materials they send. Your focus on quality is absolutely important. Being a book recipient of the Theological Book Network I can really tell you how the quality of your books is so appreciated.” Anne-Marie Kool Professor Karoli Gaspar University, Hungary

At last, the Network has a shipment on its way to Egypt! These books have been packed, loaded on pallets and ready to ship for nearly two years, but have been held up by the Arab Spring and religious strife in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution. Students, faculty and staff at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Photo courtesy of the Overseas Council Cairo are ecstatic to be receiving these long-awaited resources. It is their first shipment from the Theological Book Network.

Spanish Language Project The Theological Book Network is now shipping Spanishlanguage books to Christian colleges and seminaries in Latin America. We have already shipped boxes to 24 schools in Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Colombia, and will soon send books to an additional 36 schools in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

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Science and Theology

Theological Book Network

The Theological Book Network would like to thank the following for their gifts and in-kind contributions. This is certainly not an exhaustive list. We are grateful for each and every donation we receive.

The Theological Book Network has received a grant to provide books for a series of international lectures on the question of origins in Genesis. These lectures are being given by Professor John Walton of Wheaton College and are based on his well-received book, The Lost World of Genesis One published by Inter-Varsity Press. The Book Network will provide copies of Dr. Walton’s book and many other titles that pertain to the topic. Seminaries in three regions of the world will receive the books. The project will begin in January of 2013.

World Council of Churches S.P.C.K Publishing Chicago Theological Seminary Andover-Harvard Theological Library Buswell Memorial Library Columbia Theological Seminary Keri K's Cupcakes 616-366-7028 Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters Matthew Hillman Musician Matthew Eastman Eastman Audio Theodore Ndawillie II Varnum LLP Rapids Computer Solutions

New Books to 500 Schools The Theological Book Network recently completed its multi-year Library Development Project. The Network enhanced the library collections of 500 schools by providing each school with 40-50 brand-new academic theological titles. Schools in 29 countries on four continents are now putting these valuable resources to work in service to the church. We couldn’t have done this without the generosity of our donors.

UK Publisher Donates over 50,000 Books The Network recently received a very large donation of theological books from a UK publisher, the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). Over 50,000 brand-new volumes have arrived at our warehouse and are being sorted for inclusion in our shipments to international seminaries and colleges. This donation includes books from introductory Bible and theology texts to those appropriate for graduate programs. We are extremely grateful for this high-quality donation, and look forward to placing these books in service to the global church.

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Welcoming the Public The Theological Book Network hosted two public events in October – a warehouse tour and an evening reception, to allow friends of the Network to meet our new Executive Director, Nancy Arnison, and hear about the work we’ve been doing.

Wayne Bornholdt and Franklin Goldberg

The warehouse tour, held at our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provided members of the public an opportunity to talk with staff and learn how book donations are received, sorted, and shipped to scholars around the world. Visitors learned about the need in the Majority World for books, and saw first-hand how donated books and financial contributions are put to use in fulfilling our mission. If you have not had the chance to visit our facility, we’d love to show you around! Please call our offices to schedule a visit.

The evening reception was held at the beautiful St. Cecilia Music Center in downtown Grand Rapids. Our guest speaker, Emmanuel Bileya, spoke movingly about his experience as a student struggling to access books at his seminary in Nigeria (see page 6). His first-hand account highlighted the important difference the Network makes in the lives of students. Dr. Nancy Arnison closed the evening by inviting guests to participate in this ministry. She announced a new giving opportunity, Books Build Leaders: A Fund for New Initiatives (see page 5). We would like to thank all who were able to attend the events. It was a wonderful day filled with in-depth conversations, and an opportunity to meet existing and new donors. Emmanuel Bileya

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Theological Book Network

Books Build Leaders: A Fund for New Initiatives

Roger Loyd

Yes, I’d like to support new leadership development in the Majority World church. Please use these funds to initiate new collections and serve emerging leaders in communities that have not yet been blessed with high-quality theological resources. 3529 Patterson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616.532.3890

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Theological Book Network 3529 Patterson Ave. SE Grand Rapids MI 49512

Keynote Address by Emmanuel Bileya: The Value of Theological Books in Africa

Even though my seminary has one of the better equipped libraries in Africa, my observation is that it has less than one fourth of the books in the fourth floor of Calvin’s Hekman Library alone!

“Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many of the theological books we need in Africa are only available from abroad. African theological schools are able to buy some books; however, since many of the books needed are foreign books and are not cheap to purchase, only a few books can be purchased each year.

I am Emmanuel Saba Bileya, an ordained pastor with the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN). I have a Bachelor of Divinity from the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) in Plateau State, Nigeria. In addition to being a church planter and a pastor, I served as the Coordinator of the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) for the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria. I was also a member of the governing Board of Veenstra Theological Seminary (VTS) for 4 years. Prior to coming to Calvin Theological Seminary, I served as a teacher and the Dean of Studies at the Christian Leadership Training College in Nigeria.

The books we need in Africa are mostly books on: New Testament studies and theology, Old Testament studies and theology, Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Doctrinal studies, History, Philosophy, Missiology, Biblical Languages, Lexicons, Dictionaries (on various fields), Ethics, Western and Eastern Traditional Religion, Biographies of ancient theologians, materials of ancient theologians, etc. I pray that the Lord enables the believers in the United States to see the need and the importance to support the theological schools in Africa with the much needed books. And I am so grateful for the work of Theological Book Network and all who support their work.

From my experience with these schools – which are like so many theological schools in Africa – I can boldly testify that theological books are seriously needed in the theological schools of Africa. I can still remember, at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria during my undergraduate studies, how we could not find some books for our assignments or thesis projects. Our assignments were on courses like: Church History, New Testament, Global Trends, etc. My project was on Emmanuel Bileya B ib lical Pa tter n for Missions. The assigned books were few or not available at all in the library. Some students used to rush to check out the few books left for some courses, leaving others with none. The most painful experience was when we could not find the required books in either the library or popular bookshops.

Thank you all for the opportunity to share this need with you. Remain blessed in the Lord.” Emmanuel Saba Bileya (Rev.)

Gratitude from Azusa Theological Seminary in Zimbabwe “Thank you for your donation of books. These volumes will go a long way in building theological education and training in our country and beyond. Azusa college expresses its deepest appreciation.”

Sometimes when we could find the books we needed in the bookshops they were expensive beyond what we could afford – they were foreign books. The shocking thing is that even though my seminary is one of the largest and most popular seminaries in Africa, there were many times when the needed books were not available.

-Rev. C. Gomba, Principal

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Kenya In October, Nancy Arnison and Wayne Bornholdt participated in the triennial meeting of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) in Nairobi, Kenya. ICETE brings together international theological educators for consultation, workshops and presentations that address the needs and challenges of theological education in the Majority World. About 200 people from 40 countries attended the meeting. The Theological Book Network gave presentations both at the general meeting and at a special consultation on doctoral programs. We focused on ways the Theological Book Network might help new and emerging doctoral programs develop high-caliber libraries in support of their academic goals. We also led a workshop detailing how we support less advanced institutional libraries. A highlight of the conference for many people was the opportunity to sample books that the Theological Book Network provides through our network distributions. We had shipped nearly a thousand volumes to Kenya and participants eagerly received all the books within two hours. It was a smashing success. The books generated high praise for their quality, range and substance, and the event prompted numerous encounters with conferees interested in future collaboration with the Theological Book Network. While in Nairobi, we also visited three libraries with which we have worked in the past. Each visit generated first-hand accounts of the ways in which our shipments have strengthened these libraries. Fr. Jocelyn at Hekima College described not only improvement in Hekima’s library, but also the impact on neighboring libraries with which Hekima has shared its books. Hekima College even sent books to a school in South Sudan, thus multiplying the generosity. We are pleased to see the impact of our work in Kenya and are grateful for the opportunity to listen to the needs and hopes of schools we hope to serve in the future. Fr. Jocelyn Rabeson

The World Council of Churches Donates Library The Theological Book Network was the recipient of a generous gift recently when the World Council of Churches (WCC) made the decision to combine the operations of their two research libraries in Geneva and Bossey, Switzerland. The Geneva-based library was closed, and operations moved to the library in Bossey. Because the two collections had a great deal of overlap, the WCC donated the duplicates to the Theological Book Network. The books were packed into a 40’ container, and shipped to Network headquarters. The container arrived at our warehouse in October, holding well over 20,000 volumes of academic theological titles in English, French, German and Italian. Our staff has only begun to sort these volumes, but a donation of this size will enrich future shipments to the Majority World for years to come.

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Board of Directors Mission Statement The Theological Book Network is committed to the creation and development of Majority World Leaders who serve the Church by providing access to educational resources from the west and by assisting in the production and dissemination of local resources, contributing to the practice of theological reflection on the needs and goals of the Majority World Church.

The Theological Book Network is pleased to welcome new board members: Brenda K. Bailey-Hainer Executive Director, American Theological Library Association Scott Bolinder Executive Vice President, Biblica Richard Brown Director, Georgetown University Press

Staff Notes We welcome Heather Feltman as Director of Advancement. Heather will lead fund development and communications strategies for the Network. A diaconal minister, Heather most recently served as President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of New England, a multi-state operation. She has a Master of Arts in Religion, a Masters in Non-Profit Management, and a Certification in Nonprofit Executive Leadership from Harvard Business School. Heather is thrilled to be joining the Theological Book Network.

David Esterline Director, Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education, McCormick Theological Seminary Roger Loyd Retired Director, Divinity School Library, Duke University They join continuing board members: Nancy D. Arnison Executive Director, Theological Book Network Dwight Baker President, Baker Publishing Group

Tim Shangle has joined the Theological Book Network as Technology Manager. He is a recent graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary where he worked as the Interactive Media Developer. He is happy to be relocating back to Grand Rapids. Tim enthusiastically supports the mission of Theological Book Network and has already made a donation of books from his personal collection in Kentucky.

Phone: 616-532-3890 8

Kurt Berends President, Issachar Fund Initiative Ellen Esterline Larson Co-Founder/Co-Owner PaxMed International, LLC Mark Muller President, Ben M. Muller Realty Co. Robert D. Thompson Sr. Account Manager, Ahead, LLC Rev. Laura Sumner Truax Senior Pastor, LaSalle Street Church

A Note from the Executive Director Books Build Leaders

The Network Featured in International Journal

In my five months with the Theological Book Network I’ve found an extraordinary organization with a bold dream – a mission to serve both the church and the world by ensuring that students and faculty – wherever they are – can access the theological resources they need. We believe that books can change the world. Books build leaders. And leaders transform church and society. Do you recall the books that have changed your life? Opened new worlds? Shaped your dreams and formed your scholarship? What a miracle it is to share that gift with sisters and brothers around the world. The Theological Book Network is committed to developing thoughtful leaders by providing access to high-quality theological resources that are desperately needed in the Majority World. As you consider your holiday giving, please help us put books into the hands of those who hunger for them. Help us make their dreams come alive. Investing in this ministry, you’ll find not only a passion for the work, but an effective and efficient organization that is making a concrete difference in the lives of scholars. Over and over again, I hear of librarians who are finally able to meet the needs of their students because the Network has sent a shipment! The fact that they receive high-quality academic books appropriate to their own context, is our mark of excellence. Your contribution will be significantly leveraged. The books we receive are donated or purchased at deep discounts, and our shipping costs are kept low through expertise and economies of scale. We are able to furnish a Majority World library at a fraction of its real cost. Since 2004, we have sent over a million books to 500 schools. We invite you to be part of this ministry. Last month, Laurentiu Nistor from Romania wrote, “The books you sent were more than we could have hoped for – just like grace, unexpected, unmerited and generous.” Please join us in supporting Books Build Leaders: A Fund for New Initiatives. Your contribution will send books to schools we have never served before, bringing God’s grace to young leaders eager to learn and serve. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.


Staff Nancy D. Arnison Executive Director Wayne Bornholdt Director of Acquisitions Heather Feltman Director of Advancement Greg Heynen Logistics Rachel Hillman Project Coordinator Justin Holford Warehouse Manager Eric Karloski Warehouse Tim Shangle IT Manager Rolin Timmerman Warehouse General Information

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Newsletter - November 2012  

The November 2012 Newsletter of the Theological Book Network