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Showing us how ageless love is.

Date: Aug 8 Time: 1:00pm Place: Dolores Park Attire: Whatever

HOW LOVE IS PRECEIVED. It’s for the lucky, the young. Time wears it down. It fades long before we do. And while couples may stay together well into old age, Their affections don’t.

WHAT LOVE IS. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Love doesn’t languish or wither. It thrives and grows through the years. Early on, love fills us with passion. And it will be with us into our autumn days. Because as much as we change, it remains the same. So we don’t need to fear the passing of love because


Showing us how ageless love is.

THE MISSION Subvert how we think about love and growing old.

THE PLAN Gather as many senior citizens as possible at Dolores Park this Sunday at 1:00pm



The Old Love Project  

Showing us how ageless love is.

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