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P-10 • THE OKLAHOMA EAGLE • Thursday, March 7, 2013

Natural Health On Greenwood, Inc. A 21st Century Health Clinic and Store

Detox And The hA2cg Diet By Patricia A. Carter - Breeckner And Gary Breeckner Certified Natural Health Professional Doctors of Naturopathy (c)

Do I Really Need To Detox While On The hA2cg Diet?

Simple answer: Yes, Here’s why. If you don’t detoxify while using the hA2cg diet protocol, you The Breeckners are exposing yourself to increased toxicity and reduced immune functionality. Not detoxifying also significantly reduces the probability that your hypothalamus will reset--one of the keys to the long-term success of the hA2cg diet. Increased toxicity decreases your body’s ability to rebuild skin and new internal support systems causing loose skin, longer recovery, and increased “gauntness.” Here’s what happens when you follow the hA2cg protocol: Your body burns non-essential fat. A significant portion of non-essential fat is visceral fat, the type that holds the most toxins isolated from your body systems, with regular dieting, this doesn’t happen -- visceral fat is usually only solubilized with aerobic excise. The solubilized visceral fat releases all the toxins it was holding and pushes them into your blood stream, potentially overwhelming your body with contaminants and overflowing your body’s elimination systems. At Natural Health on Greenwood we have a whole body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program which works with all body systems to get rid of this flood of toxins quickly and efficiently. Can’t I Do Just Any Detox Program? Aren’t They All The Same? Detox protocols range from simple multi-vitamin regimens that stimulate the immune system to specific herbal cleanses focused on just the liver or kidneys to a colon cleanse or heavy-metal specific detox. Though these types of programs can provide some benefit, the program offered at the Natural Health on Greenwood is a full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program designed to optimize all major organ functions and systems related to cleansing and detoxifying the body. All six components work together to clear and restore optimal functionality to all major body systems to quickly clear and clean the body. They work with the brain (master control center), the spine (main communication channel), the digestive system (fuel provider and waste eliminator), the urinary system (waste elimination system), the lymphatic system (drainage system), and the interstitial matrix (the body’s way of communicating across cell membranes). The six components support, maintain, and optimize the functions of each of these systems across your entire body. No other detox program is this comprehensive.

My Friends Have All Done The hA2cg Diet Without Detox, And They’re Just Fine. This is a short-term view of what the hA2cg diet can do. Your friends may have lost weight. But long-term effects of heavy-metal build up and overwhelming toxin release may not be immediately noticeable. While your body desperately tries to process toxins, it is unable to rebuild and reapportion body tissues --for example, to tighten and rebuild skin that seems loose and flabby due to weight loss. Detoxifying, draining, and regulating with a comprehensive program can help rapidly restore your skin and other tissues.

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St. Monica Catholic Church

St. Monica’s Catholic Church is planning the first all grades School Reunion in 2013. If you attended St., Monica’s School from 19261968, or know someone who attended, please e-mail the church with your and their contact information: name, address, e-mail address, telephone or cell number, and years you attended. You may e-mail to: with attention to Marilyn Kay Troupe. You can also join us on Facebook: St. Monica Catholic Church-Tulsa.

BTW Centennial Organization

The Booker T. Washington Centennial Fashion Show Committee is looking for Mr. and Miss. Hornets, to be in the "Classy Sassy 100 Years of Fashion, A Walk Down Mem-

ory Lane Show." The show will be a combination of models from the various decades along with songs and shorts skits that will take you back down memory lane. For more information or question contact: Mary Howell "Class of 64" at (918) 5877227 or Chestine Ivery "Class of 69" at (918) 519-519-7905. Stay tuned to The Oklahoma Eagle for more updates on the BTW Centennial Celebration. Reporting, Shelia Colbert-Longino

Last meeting was held at the Village Inn on February 23rd with 15 members present. Our reunion is coming up next year in August, time for preparations is now. Themes were being discussed, places of venue, and length of days. A letter will be mailed to none e-mailers, others watch your e-mail for next class meeting. Please keep Reuben Lewis and John Stevens and other sick class members lifted in prayer, if there are others that you know of call and let us know. Each one, reach on and be blessed!

BTW Class of 1964

President, Rose Lewis: (918) 809-3838 Reporter, Arnita Lewis: (918) 272-3066

Hello Class members, we would like to thank all class members, who attended the Class meeting Saturday, March 2, a lot was accomplished at the meeting; the All School Alumni Dance was discussed; the dance will be held on April 6, 2013 at St. Augustine, 9:00 p.m. to1:00 a.m. Tickets are $10.00; there will be door prices and money for the class with the most members present. David "Wolf" Jones has been secured as the DJ. A meeting has been scheduled for March 23, at the home of

Class of 1969

Pam Williams at 3:00 p.m. to finalize the dance and to turn in ticket money and door prizes. April's meeting will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013, we will start planning for the 45th Reunion; please bring your ideas. Our prayers and heartfelt sympathy goes out to classmate Maxine FranklinBarron on the loss of her mother, Jean Elizabeth Ponder-Williams on February 5, 2013. Also to classmate, Gary Oliver on the loss of his mother Allie Mae Oliver, her body is entrusted to Dyer's Memorial Chapel; services are scheduled for Friday, March 8, 2013. "Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. Extending our deepest sympathy for you in your loss, and hoping that comfort and peace may come to you." Quote for the Week: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." Reporting, Sandra Reed Littlejohn President, Chestine West Ivery Secretary, Ann Howell Goff Treasurer, Elaine Wright

Hello all classmates: “Happy Birthday” to all classmates for January, February and March! Our first fundraiser is in full swing. The $5 raffle tickets are ready for pick up or Delivery. You can buy tickets Kay Wright, Ameila Henderson, Patsy Clark, Ina Mithcell and myself. 1st prize-Kindle Fire, 2nd prize-$100 Gift Card, and 3rd prize-$50 Gift Card. We are asking each classmates to help sale a minimum of 10 tickets. All money raised will go to our 45th Reunion expenses. If you cannot sale tickets we will be glad to get them to you to purchase. Also we have a date of May

BTWCM Class of 70

4, 2013 for the Spring Dance. We will keep you updated with details on when tickets go on sale. If you have ideas for events or fundraisers please send email to: or or Our next meeting will be at Rudisill Library at 3:30 p.m., Saturday, March 23, 2013. Please mail dues to: Class 1970 BTWCM P.O. Box 6346, Tulsa, Okla., 74148-6346. Make checks or money orders payable to Class 1970 BTWCM. This amount of $5 Monthly is not included in reunion dues, it is operating expense so we can build funds. Our prayers and condolences go out to our classmates, family and friends,who have loss love ones. Also prayers for healing go out to our sick and shut-in. Remember to “Live, Love, and Laugh.” Reporting, Paulette Swain Trotman, Vice President Phone: (918) 633-9836

Hello Classmates: We want to send our deepest sympathy to the family of classmate LeVell Davis, also to classmates Beverly Miller in the loss of her sister, and Michael Lowe, Charlotte Colbert-Harrison, Delores Stanley and Shelia Colbert-Longino in the loss of their cousin. God's love is greater than any hurt we will ever encounter. Just a quick reminder the Classy Sassy Fashion Show 100 Years of Fashion Saturday, March 9, at 7:00 p.m., the BTW High School Auditorium. A “Happy Birthday” to those celebrating their birthday in March. Stay tuned to The Oklahoma Eagle, or you can find us at:

BTW Class of 73

Planning Committee BTW CLASS73/BTWCO

Tulsa Zoo To Unveil Rhinoceros Exhibit Plans At Groundbreaking Ceremony

It Costs More To Add The Detox To The hA2cg Program! Yes, it costs more. But in our opinion, you’re not spending your money wisely if you do the hA2cg diet without the detox. You’re spending money on a shortterm fix when your desired outcome is the long-term benefits of a complete body system restoration. You’ll reduce side effects, recover better, and reset your diencephalons. It’s a pivotal part of the long-term effective completion of your hA2cg program. All hA2cg professional formula purchasers are welcomed to our Support Group, April 6, at 6:30-7:30 PM prompt. Come with success stories and bring Finally!Fit or the latest booklet and experience hA2cg basics and maintenance foods, plus have fun with question and answer interaction. RSVP, space is limited. 112 N. Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 Phone: 918.587.4500 – 1.866.481.6464 • • P. Carter-Breeckner, CNHP

TULSA ZOO – City officials, zoo private donors and zoo staff to celebrate start of zoo's 20-year Master Plan at future site of the Mary K. Chapman Rhinoceros Exhibit. (Contributed Photo)

The Tulsa Zoo announces it will begin construction on its first Master Plan project: the Mary K. Chapman Rhinoceros Exhibit. Designed by ONE Architecture, the $3.1 million exhibit will replace the outdated 38-year-old facility with a naturalistic, state-ofthe-art home for the zoo's resident white rhinoceroses, Jeannie and Buzbie. The new exhibit will offer guests many immersive features, including up-close viewing into the rhinoceroses' indoor environment through a 20-foot wide glass-viewing window. The exhibit will consist of a 3-acre yard and an 8,925 square foot barn facility. The rhinos' barn will boast many modern features, including sustainable elements, such as a green roof, rammed earth walls, the capacity for harvesting rainwater and straw bale walls, which are energy efficient. The zoo will showcase a model of the exhibit at

the ceremony. The Mary K. Chapman Rhinoceros Exhibit will be located in the African Plains area of the zoo, across from the giraffe exhibit, further developing and improving this area of the zoo. "We're pleased to expand the African Plains area of the zoo with the Mary K. Chapman Rhinoceros Exhibit, a joint project between the City of Tulsa and Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc.," said Terrie Correll, CEO of Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. "This new habitat will feature not only our white rhinos, but also other African species, such as antelope and zebra upon completion. It will provide a quality guest experience for learning about rhinos, as well as a state of the art animal facility. This new habitat is the first of several new exhibits that will transform the African section of the zoo. We would like to acknowledge our generous donors who

made this project possible: Mary K. Chapman Foundation, Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation, City of Tulsa, Founders of Doctors' Hospital, Cuesta Foundation and Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Kathy West." The exhibit, while transforming the African Plains section portion of the zoo, will also offer the Tulsa Zoo the opportunity to add more rhinos with the hopes of one day participating in rhinoceros breeding programs. There are currently only 190 white rhinoceroses in North American accredited AZA institutions, while only 20,000 remain in the wild. The Mary K. Chapman Rhinoceros Exhibit was funded through a public-private partnership between the City of Tulsa and Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. and with the support of generous private donors. To honor the zoo and city's partnership, Mayor Dewey Bartlett will help zoo

officials break ground to commence the exhibit's construction. The Tulsa Zoo wishes to thank the donors who made this important project possible: Mary K. Chapman Foundation, Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation, City of Tulsa, Founders of Doctors' Hospital, Cuesta Foundation and Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Kathy West. About the Zoo: Accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, The Tulsa Zoo is a city-owned asset that is managed by Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The zoo's 20-year Master Plan maps out the zoo's course to becoming a world-class zoo, with many exciting projects that are "shovel ready."

To learn more about the Tulsa Zoo's Master Plan, visit or contact the zoo at 918-6696600.

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