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Lavender Body System(s) Affected: Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance, Nervous System, Skin Botanical Family: Labiate (mint) +

Add 1-2 drops to your mascara for eyelash growth.


Add 3-4 drops to your pillow before bed and inhale while falling asleep.


Apply to a burn to help with healing and prevent blistering.


5-7 drops to 1/2 cup of epsom salt and add to your bath.


Add 1 drop to a glass of lemonade.


Make a lavender linen spray.


Put 1-2 drops on each foot before bed to promote a restful sleep.


Diffuse while getting ready for bed to promote a peaceful

environment. +

Put 1-2 drops in your hand, cup your nose and inhale before a high

pressure meeting or presentation. +

Mix 1-2 drops with 1 TBSP of coconut oil and apply to your face to

reduce redness. +

Drop 1-2 drops on the shower floor for a spa-like experience.


Massage 1-2 drops on your temples to relieve a headache, migraine or

sinus headache. +

Put 1-2 drops in your hand, cup your nose and inhale to relieve

feelings of rage and anger. +

Give your partner a massage using lavender and a carrier oil.


Apply to cuts directly to disinfect and minimize bleeding.


Apply directly to the scalp to ease dry, irritated areas.


Diffuse at work to create a calm environment.


Apply directly to bug bites to relieve itching.


Rub 1-2 drops on your dog's belly to calm it.



Lemon Botanical Family: Rutaceae (citrus)

Body Systems Affected: Digestive, Immune and Respiratory Systems +

Diffuse to uplift your mood.


Apply 2-4 drops to towel or cotton ball to remove crayon marking from

most hard surfaces. +

Add 1 drop to a glass of water to flavor your water.


Apply to elbows and/or feet to improve the appearance of calluses and

corns. +

Add to dishwater to help remove water spots.


Use lemon oil to help remove gum from hair or carpet.


Add 1 drop to an 8 oz of water to help maintain healthy liver function.


Use as a degreaser when cleaning pots and pans.


Add 8 drops to your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make lemon

cookies. +

Add 2-3 drops to a bowl of water to disinfect fruits and vegetables.


Diffuse to purify the air.


Use lemon oil to taste in place of lemons when cooking your favorite

recipes. +

Use lemon oil in water to keep apple slices from turning brown.

Purification Botanical Family: Body System(s) Affected: Immune, Excretory, & Integumentary +

Put purification essential oil in a diffuser to clean your indoor air. It will

also remove odors from your home, even stubborn ones. +

If there’s a spot in your home that always gives off a smell, put a drop

or two of purification essential oil on a cotton ball and put it there. Some examples include the litter box, the trashcan, or the diaper pail.


Mix purification essential oil with water in a glass spray bottle and

spray on your clothing to repel bugs and mosquitoes. +

Mosquito bites and other bites aren’t fun. Stop the itching and

disinfect the bug bite by putting one drop of purification essential oil on it. +

To keep bugs and other pests out of your home, put a few drops of

purification essential oil at the base of your doors. +

Try purification essential oil on cuts, scrapes, blisters, and other small

injuries to the skin. It’ll boost your skin tissue growth and disinfect the area. +

Remove the mildew smell by putting Purification in the dryer and

adding a wet cloth with two drops of purification essential oil on it. +

One drop of purification essential oil can help get rid of a pimple fast

and promote skin recovery. +

Mix 20 drops of purification essential oil with distilled water in a glass

spray bottle and spray on areas you want to freshen, such as laundry hampers and bed sheets

RC Botanical Family Body System(s) Affected: Respiratory System +

Add R.C. to a bowl of hot, steaming water. Then place a towel over the

head & inhale the steam from the bowl to bring sinus relief. +

Rub R.C. on feet or chest before exercise.


Diffuse R.C. at bedtime for a comforting aroma.


Add to carrier oil to create a spa-like, soothing atmosphere with

massage. +

Dip a Q-tip in R.C. oil apply to cold sore or sores inside nostril.


Make a chest rub – Mix ½ cup of coconut oil, 10 drops of R.C. &

Eucalyptus and place in glass jar.


Add 10 drop of R.C. & Raven to a 5ml roller bottle with grape seed oil.

Apply to chest to improve lung function. +

Put 1-2 drops of Peppermint, Thieves & R.C on the bottom of your feet

& massage in well to help sinus issues. +

Gargle 1 drop of R.C. in water for sore throat.


Rub RC on your throat and place some on your pillow before sleep or

diffuse RC in the bedroom to help keep airway open and helping with snoring.

Thieves Body System(s) Affected: Respiratory, Immune, Excretory, & Integumentary +

Diffuse or rub on the bottom of your feet daily to support your immune

system. +

Add 2-3 drops in your water and gargle to relieve a sore throat.


Apply one drop on soar gums or tooth for relief from discomfort of

toothache or sore gums. +

Add Thieves and water to a spray bottle and clean pet cages.


Add Thieves to your mop water when cleaning your floors.


Add 5 drops of Thieves to 1/4 cup of baking soda and use as a carpet

freshener. +

Add 1 drop of lemon and 1 drop of Thieves to warm water for a

comforting, immune supporting tea. +

Add 10 drops of Thieves to a 2 oz glass spray bottle and add 1tsp of

witch hazel and fill with water to create a surface disinfectant spray. +

Diffuse in your home to purify the air.


Add 3 drops of Thieves to your laundry cycle for cleaner clothes.

Frankincense Botanical Family: Body System(s) Affected: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Immune, Endocrine, Nervous, & Integumentary +

Mix with coconut oil and apply as a daily moisturizer to improve the

appearance of healthy looking skin. +

Boost immunity by taking internally.


Apply Frankincense to your feet to help expel nervous energy.


Apply Frankincense to scars to help lighten the appearance of them.


Apply Frankincense on temples and wrists to promote relaxation.


Diffuse Frankincense to uplift mood.


Diffuse frankincense & lavender during bedtime to promote a restful

nights sleep. +

Mix 10 drops of frankincense & 10 drops of lavender with 1/2 coconut

oil to make a diaper rash cream. +

Put 3 drops of frankincense on a cotton ball after cleansing your face

to remove any remaining makeup or dirt. +

Diffuse to increase spiritual awareness while praying.

Panaway Botanical Family: Body System(s) Affected: Muscularskeletal & Nervous +

Mix 5 drops of Panaway with 1/4 cup of epsom salt and add to your

bath to relax sore muscles.


Apply across the lower abdomen to ease discomfort of menstrual

cramps. +

Mix 2 drops of panaway, lavender and coconut oil and massage neck

and shoulders to relieve tension and promote relaxation. +

Apply a few drops of panaway to sore muscles after a workout.


Rub panaway across your lower back if you feel discomfort from


DiGize Botanical Family: Body System(s) Affected: Digestive, Nervous and Respiratory Systems +

Take one capsule twice a day as needed to aid in symptoms of the

stomach flu or food poisoning. +

Place one drop in your hand and rub behind your ears to assist with

nausea or morning sickness. +

When combating digestive candida or parasites, rub on the bottoms of

your feet and take 5 drops orally in a capsule as needed. +

Take 5-6 drops in an empty gel capsule after meals or add to your

drinking water. When experiencing indigestion. +

For indigestion, heartburn or bloating apply 1-2 drops under your

tongue or apply directly to your abdomen +

To support your immune system when traveling, use DiGize as a

dietary supplement. Add 2-3 drops to your drinking water or honey +

Massage DiGize directly on your stomach in a clockwise motion when

feeling symptoms from constipation, gas, diarrhea, or bloating.


To relieve immediate stomach discomfort dilute it one-part DiGize &

one-part vegetable or carrier oil. Then, apply several drops (2-4) on ears, wrists, neck, forehead, temples, or feet. +

Apply DiGize to chakras/vita-flex points or directly inhale or diffuse

DiGize to relieve immediate stomach discomfort.

Stress Away Botanical Family: Body System(s) Affected: Cardiovascular, Endocrine, & Nervous System +

Add a few drops of Stress Away to your water while working for a

calming effect on nervous tension. +

Use the roll-on applicator to roll Stress Away on the back of your

wrists, forehead and/or temples. It can relieve the tired, achiness stress creates in all of your muscles. +

You can easily make your own replacement oil for a reed diffuser. All

you need is some Stress Away oil, distilled water and a bit of rubbing alcohol. +

Diffuse a few drops of Stress Away combined with a few drops of

Peppermint to unwind and uplift after a stressful day. +

Add 10 drops of Stress Away to 2 cups of Epsom salt. Place this is a

warm bath and soak for 20 minutes to relieve stress. +

Put 8 drops of Stress Away with 4 drops of lavender in a diffuser. Use

in your bedroom in the evening to promote healthy, more restful sleep. +

Rub a few drops into your wrists to induce more confident feelings

throughout the day. Plus, it will smell great! +

Rub a drop of Stress Away onto your temples and to the back of your

neck to ease tension. Your muscles will feel more relaxed.


Dilute 1-2 drops with coconut or olive oil and rub along your jawline. Your jaw will relax leading to less clenching and grinding.


Put a few drops of Stress Away on cotton balls and place them in the

slats of your car vents. Turn on the fan to diffuse the freshener throughout the car so everyone riding or driving can benefit! +

Rub just a few drops of Stress Away over the top and bottom of your

foot to relax the tension in your cramping muscles. +

Mix up some Stress Away with peppermint and distilled water. Put it in

a glass spray bottle and spritz it on when you feel anxious or stressed out. +

Use Stress Away when making your own deodorant. It’s all natural

and the lime and vanilla in Stress Away smells amazing. Plus, you’ll have the calming effects of stress away with you all day long! +

Back pain relief – Use the roller application on your lower or upper

back, wherever you have knots and tension. Stress Away oil will relax your muscles and help ease pain. +

PMS relief – You can apply Stress Away to your wrists and temples

daily, or you can use it just when needed. It’ll soothe symptoms of PMS and can even reduce related headaches and cramps. +

Refreshing Fruit Salad – Slice up some fruit and create a splash of

“dressing” for the salad with some white wine and Stress Away! It’s delicious, but even better? It’ll restore some much needed equilibrium and mental balance. +

Whipped Body Butter – Use Stress Away and other favorite essential

oils in this recipe for whipped body butter. It’ll replace your daily moisturizer and keep your body hydrated while you soak in the benefits of reduced anxiousness, nervousness and tension. +

Stressed pet help – If you’re traveling with pets, you know they can

become fearful, anxious and stressed out. Calm your pets while driving to the vet, flying to vacation, or simply when they’re anxious at home. Dilute in a carrier oil and apply one drop onto the front paws. Or place several drops onto a scrap of cotton fabric and keep it in their pet carrier or kennel.


Stress-Away Candles – Make your own stress relief candles with

beeswax and essential oils. They not difficult, and can be personalized by adding other oil scents along with Stress Away.

Copaiba Botanical Family: Copaifera Langsdorffii Body System(s) Affected: Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, & Digestive +

Copaiba is a magnifying oil, which means it makes the other oils do a

better job. You can add it to a blend or with other oils you have applied to increase the benefits you may get from them. It’s a booster oil. +

Helps relax your muscles, apply it directly.


Place 2-3 drops in a capsule with carrier oil up to 3 times daily to help

promote emotional well-being, aid your immune system and support joint and cartilage functions as well as boost your kidney functions. +

Helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability and the blues.


Apply to stomach for happy tummy or take a couple drops in a

capsule. +

Encourages proper nasal and lung function – apply topically if you

need help there. +

Helps reduce scars, stretch marks and acne.


Relieves pain associated with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and MS –

add 15 drops to an ounce of carrier oil and apply to affected area to relieve pain.


Botanical Family: Lamiaceae Body System(s) Affected: Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Excretory, Integumentary & Digestive +

Rub one drop on the temples, forehead, over the sinuses (careful to

avoid contact with your eyes) and on the back of the neck to relieve head pressure. +

Place 2 drops on the tongue and rub another drop of oil under the

nose to help improve concentration and alertness. +

Apply to the back of the next and shoulders throughout the day to

keep energy up. +

Diffuse or inhale mid-morning to curb the desire to snack.


Inhale or rub a drop on your abdomen to soothe minor stomach

discomfort. +

Put a drop on your tongue for fresh breath.


Because of peppermint oil’s cooling effects, it is an excellent natural

treatment to bring down a fever, especially in children. Simply mix the peppermint oil with coconut oil and rub it on child’s neck and on the bottom of their feet. +

Natural Bug Repellant – Place a few drops on a cotton ball and place

around the house – gives off a great refreshing scent while repelling ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, mice and even lice. +

Allergy Relief – Peppermint oil is highly effective at relaxing muscles in

your nasal passages and can help clear out the muck and pollen during allergy season. Diffusing peppermint along with clove oil and eucalyptus oil can also reduce allergy symptoms. +

Improve Your Shampoo - Add 2-3 drops of peppermint to your regular

morning shampoo and conditioner to stimulate your scalp, energize your mind and helps to remove dandruff and lice. +

Joint Therapy – When your joints get achy, applying some peppermint

oil mixed with lavender oil can cool sore muscles.


Sinus Care – Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can help unclog your

sinuses and offer relief to scratchy throats. Peppermint acts as an expectorant and may provide relief for colds, cough, sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. +

Add a drop of peppermint vitality to hot chocolate for an added boost

of flavor. +

Add a drop or two of peppermint vitality to your brownie mix for an

amazing peppermint brownie.

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