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Is the student section’s school pride displayed equally at OHS sporting events or school events in general? Reporter Cydney Lewis gives her opinion.

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| OPINION 2 the ohs reviewStudent section biased toward specific sports Page by MyKenna Sharp-Hadl and Kaitlin Schulz

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By Cydney Lewis|reporter

“What is a Student Section?” A question I often want to ask my fellow students. Wikipedia - and just about every link associated with the search topic of what a student section is - gives this great definition: “A student section or student cheering section is a group of student fans that supports its school’s athletic teams at sporting events; they are known for being one of the most visible and vocal sections of a sports crowd as well as for their occasionally raucous behavior. A student section is an important part of a school’s fan base and a significant contributor to home advantage.” Reading that and then analyzing the Ottawa High School student section, it seems to me that they can’t quite grasp the concept of what a true student section is and to me that’s very pathetic. The student section shows its best

school pride at football games and boys basketball games. Students drive hours to support their fellow Cyclones and that is amazing. Do they display the exact same enthusiasm and pride at other sporting events or school events in general? Do they go and stay for an entire girls game? No, they do not. Among the students that attend the football and boys basketball games, there are a few that do show their support and make it a point to attend other sporting events and I will give credit where credit is due. Usually this handful of people are underclassmen which is what I would least expect. Seniors are the ones that need to step up and be the ones that encourage the participation at all other events, not the other way around. When teams have classmates cheering them on and getting pumped up, it pumps up the team which is displayed at nearly every boys basketball game. As stated in the definition, the student

Valentine’s Day not about cost By Morgan Fredricks|reporter

I personally love Valentine’s Day. This is the one day out of the year that it is mandatory for the person that you are in a relationship with to express how much they love you. This is the day that is designated for high school sweethearts to go on a date and buy cute presents for one another. The shelves in stores across the nation are filled with little candies, stuffed animals and flowers all designed around a pink, red and white theme. This is also the day that people spend money on things that they really don’t need. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is in my top three favorite holidays, but it is also the day that draws people in to spend money on presents that they don’t need, or at least buy the most expensive presents that have the holiday theme attached. From a girlfriend’s standpoint, the cuter the present the better it is. From a seller’s standpoint, the cuter the present

the more expensive it is. This is a day that way too much money is spent on insignificant presents. This is the day that people get lured in to spend their money for candies and flowers and stuffed animals that will eventually get tossed to the side. How many high school students have spent money on Valentine’s Day gifts just to find out a few months later that they no longer want to be with the person they were with during Valentine’s Day? Of course this doesn’t happen to all of us, but there is a good possibility of it happening to a person at least once in their life. I’m all for valentines, I’m all for the cute presents. I think that it is something that puts a little cuteness in a relationship every once in a while. However, it is something that you need to think about before you go and spend all of that money. Is it really worth it? Are you going to spend a lot of time with the person you are with or is it just for a few months?

section is a “significant contributor” to a team. Girls games, track meets, wrestling meets and other events may seem less intense or entertaining, but that can easily be altered. I know that when I hear the few times the student section has gotten into a game it gets me pumped and I play with more intensity than I do on average. OHS has a great student section and they should show it whenever and wherever possible. I would be far more proud to be associated with the student section if they showed the same type of spirit they have for football and boys basketball for every other team in this school.

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Compiled by Kaitlin Schulz

Page by MyKenna Sharp-Hadl and Kaitlin Schulz

ENTERTAINMENT | the ohs review

‘The Bachelor’ offers romance, unexpected excitement By MyKenna Sharp-Hadl|reporter ABC’s hit TV series, the Bachelor and Bachelorette, is on its 17th season. This year’s love interest is Kansas State University graduate Sean Lowe. Lowe was on the previous season in the hopes of winning over Bachelorette Emily Maynard. Lowe was the second runner up before the final rose of the eighth edition of “The Bachelorette” Lowe, 28, is a Dallas businessman and entrepreneur. The 6’3” bachelor attended KSU on a full ride football scholarship as a linebacker and was a part of the 2003 Big 12 Conference Championship team. Throughout “The Bachelorette,” Lowe showed a fun side as he played pranks on Maynard. An unforgettable time was when he convinced her that he still lived at home with his parents during his hometown date. As the show continued the audience began to see a sweet side as Lowe began to really fall for Maynard. Lowe was not successful at his attempt to win over her heart, as he was sent home before the finale. On this season of “The Bachelor,”

Sean Lowe is looking for love on ABC’s “The Bachelor.” The reality show airs Mondays at 7 p.m. CT. Photo courtesy ABC.

Lowe has invited 26 women from across the U.S. to compete for the final rose in the hopes of becoming Mrs. Sean Lowe. On the third episode on Jan. 20, 12 ladies were invited on a group date, where they took part in the most im-

portant volleyball game of their lives. The ladies were divided up into two teams. The losing beach volleyball team would be sent back to the mansion, while the other team got to spend more one-on-one time with Sean. On that episode, two girls were eliminated, and

one eliminated herself, narrowing the competition down to 13. On the most recent episode, Selma won the first one-on-one date, where Sean took her rock climbing. On the group date, the ladies competed in a roller derby. Leslie H. was the other lucky lady to be chosen for a one-on-one date. She went on a shopping spree. Although it may have been fun, Leslie did not get a rose that night, therefore she was sent home. Amanda was the last to be sent home on Monday’s episode . The numbers continue to dwindle. The competition now consists of 11 young women, who are competing for Lowe’s heart. For those who have yet to see this season’s “The Bachelor,” it is a great show filled with drama and unexpected excitement. A show that most guys would not be interested in, isn’t that bad. What guy wouldn’t want to watch 11 hot girls roller blading? And for the romantics, it’s a show that can make a girl cry. As you watch, you become a part of the show, and you learn things about each cast member. “The Bachelor” airs at 7 p.m. CT Mondays on ABC.

New parody funny in spots, fails to wow By Kirsten Vietze|reporter The film “A Haunted House” came out Friday, Jan. 11. The movie is a parody of “Paranormal Activity,” “The Last Exorcism,” and “The Devil Inside”. The main actors starred in the movie are Cedric the Entertainer, Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, David Koechner and Nick Swardson. “A Haunted house” begins with a couple who move in with each other. When they move in with each other, the girlfriend, Keisha, played by At-

kins, has a demon that follows her. The boyfriend, Malcolm, played by Wayans, decides he wants to try and get rid of it. They set up cameras throughout the house to see if they can see anything going on at night. Eventually the cameras record something. Malcolm calls an exorcist, a priest, and many more people to come to the house to try and get rid of it. The movie was funny, but it’s probably not something I would go see again. I do not think the movie was very


good because it didn’t make fun of all of the movies that it was supposed to or what I was thinking it would have. Due to the fact that the movie was a parody, it isn’t supposed to be as great quality as we would expect. It is a parody, so it is not to be an award winning film, the purpose of it is to make the audience laugh. In the movie they did a good job of taking some aspects of the other movies and putting them into this movie. Out of five stars, I would probably give this movie a two star rating. Wayans Bros. Entertainment

the ohs review | FEATURE 4Students deal with stress

Page by Morgan Fredricks

of sports, academics By Kaitlin Schulz|reporter

Sometimes, it may seem like there is no way to deal with stress. The basis of relieving the stress in a student’s life may just be learning that the student is in control of it. “When times are tough, I just throw all of my homework away and take a nap. After watching Bridesmaids,” Laura Sims, junior, said. “It relieves my stress, and I know that I am in control.” According to, academic stress can be relieved by keeping organized and on top of the work that is given to a student. Procrastination will put a student behind, leaving them overwhelmed and unable to complete the quality of work of which they are capable. Doing the work that is given ahead of time will leave time for studying. Also, reading over the upcoming information will allow a student to get a feel for what he/ she is about to learn in a class. If

the student is having trouble, they are advised to ask questions. On top of academic stress, athletes can be stressed out about games or tournaments that are coming up. “Being a wrestler, my Saturdays are taken up because of such things as tournaments.” Caleb Parenti, junior, said. “As soon as I get home and eat I have to study. There is no time to rest.” According to newportacademy. com, some teen athletes might seem uneasy or just nervous, with symptoms escalating in the days before a big game is scheduled to take place. These teens might benefit from learning stress management techniques. Teens might enjoy learning how to meditate, use progressive muscle relaxation techniques or utilize deep breathing in the tense moments before the game begins. While everyone’s stress relief habits vary, and may seem odd to others, the habits we see others do in order to feel better may be beneficial to try.

Stressed out

Get a massage

Take a nap

on students shoulders By Kaitlin Schulz|reporter

“I am not really sure how I want to ask the person that I’m going to ask yet. But I already know who I want to ask,” Ferguson said. “Finding out what I will wear will probably be pretty stressful, too.” There are plenty of websites with quizzes to “Find the Perfect Prom Date,” but according to a November 2011 article from, the important thing is to find someone you will enjoy spending the evening with. Whether it is a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or the object of your secret desire, most people want to relax and keep their options open for fun. More and more people go to prom with a group of friends instead of a date. This year’s prom is scheduled for Saturday, April 20.

sNail Biting t n

Compiled by Morgan Fredricks

Excersize-run or go to the gym

FEATURE | the ohs review

There are many stresses in preparing for prom, including how to look, how you will get there and with whom you will be attending prom. “I am just scared to wear heels. I have never walked in front of people in heels,” Hannah Ray, junior, said. “Also, at first I was nervous that I would not find a date, or that my group would be kind of boring, but not really anymore. I am actually really excited.” Ray’s main stress was heels, but what about finding a prom date? When should you ask? How should you ask? Girls are not the only ones who stress out about prom and what to expect. Junior Kord Ferguson also has some stresses of his own.

Suggestions for relief... Meditate- take the time to have your thoughts to yourself

5 Weight of prom heavy

Page by Morgan Fredricks

Listen to soothing music, whatever type of music that may be for you

Take a short walk or run to have time to yourself

Practice yoga Photo illustration by Rebakah Wade

e (17%) d u t s al w de o H Emotional

Other (44%)

Eating (20%)

Sleep Deprivation Excessive (11%) Caffeine Intake 75 Students polled Compiled by MyKenna Sharp-Hadl (8%)

6 the ohs review | SPORTS

Page by Cydney Lewis

Freshmen, coaches make adjustments for success By Kirsten Vietze|reporter The freshman class consists of many athletes ranging in sports from basketball and softball to dance and cheer. For some freshmen, there are many fears and a lot of stress that comes along with playing a sport. “I was afraid of what team I would make, if any at all,” Brandon Yates, freshman, said. On the other hand some aren’t very worried at all. Many freshmen have older siblings who attend Ottawa High School with them, and play sports as well. “She would always support me and rides back and forth to practice came easily,” Brittany Pfizenmaier, freshman said. Pfizenmaier’s older sister, Brianna is on the basketball team with Pfizenmaier. Although being a freshman is scary enough when playing sports for the first year in high school, schoolwork and other extracurricular activities come along. There are many things to learn and adjust to as a freshman. “Keep your grades up and make sure you are always at school, that way you don’t miss practice,” Yates said. It’s not only the kids that have to make adjustments, the coaches have to as well. With the coaches teaching the freshmen, for the most part they get a new set of kids every year, and have to

UPCOMING WINTER SPORTS Boys & Girls Basketball (BKB) and Wrestling (WR) Varsity

Feb. 5 DeSoto 6 & 7:30 pm BKB Feb. 8 Frontier League Meet 5 p.m. WR Feb. 8 @ Louisburg 6 & 7:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 9 Frontier League Meet 10 a.m. WR Feb. 12 @ Paola 6 & 7:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 15 @ Regionals 2 p.m. WR Feb. 15 @ Baldwin 6 & 7:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 16 @Regionals 11 a.m. WR Feb. 19 @ Eudora 6 & 7:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 21 Spring Hill 6 & 7:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 22 @ State Championship TBA WR Feb. 23 @ State Championship TBA WR Feb. 25 Sub-State 7 p.m. BKB Girls Feb. 26 Sub-State 7 p.m. BKB Boys Feb. 28 Sub-State 7:30 p.m. BKB March 1 Sub-State 7:30 p.m. BKB Boys March 2 Sub-State 7:30 p.m. BKB

Junior Varsity

Dribbling past a Leavenworth defender, Brandon Yates, freshman, makes a move toward the basket on Jan. 21. Photo by Abigail White.

learn how to adjust to the way the kids play and act. Being a freshman playing sports can be stressful and hard. With hard work and dedication, keeping your grades up and coming to school, participating in a sport as a freshman could become easy, for some.

“You start from the bottom and work your way up,” Pfizenmaier, said. Pfizenmaier and Yates will take the OHS floor once again on Feb. 5 when the Cyclones take on DeSoto. Junior varsity games are scheduled to begin at 4:30, with freshmen and varsity to follow in both OHS gyms.

Feb. 2 @ Blue Valley Invitational 9 a.m. WR Feb. 4 @ Waverly Invitational 6 p.m. BKB Boys Feb. 5 DeSoto 4:30 pm BKB Feb. 7 @ Waverly Invitational 7:30 p.m. BKB Boys Feb. 8 @ Louisburg 4:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 9 @ Waverly Invitational 6 p.m. BKB Boys Feb. 12 @ Paola 4:30 p.m. BKB Feb. 15 @ Baldwin 4:30 p.m. Feb. 19 @ Eudora 4:30 p.m.

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7 Student athletes commit to schools near, far

Page by Cydney Lewis

With his parents, Austin Blaue, senior, commits to Ottawa University on Jan. 24. Blaue plans to play golf for the Braves in the fall. Photo by Rebakah Wade.

By MyKenna Sharp-Hadl|reporter Senior athletes throughout Ottawa

High School have been working hard for years on end for the day that they sign their letter of intent.

NEWS | the ohs review

Brock Chartier is one of the many seniors who have committed to a college. While some are staying close to home, Chartier will be attending Illinois College to play soccer. “I had an idea that I wanted to attend Illinois when I went on my visit in November,” Chartier said. “I finally committed 100 percent on Jan. 6.” Illinois is four and a half hours away from Chartier’s home. According to Chartier, negatives of the location consist of not seeing his family as much, and positives are getting to meet all of the new people because he will not be going with friends. “It will be a whole new experience and a great way to see what it’s like to really be on my own,” Chartier said. Paige Weidner, senior, is another student who has committed to a college. Weidner plans to sign sometime this spring alongside senior Alexis Roecker. Weidner committed to Hutchinson Community College on the last day of the volleyball sub state tournament.

Seniors leave big shoes to fill By Morgan Fredricks|reporter This year, Ottawa High School will have a projected graduating class of roughly 150 students. These seniors leaving the high school are not only leaving the classroom behind but are leaving sports teams and clubs behind as well. Many of the seniors in the class of 2013 are involved in sports and clubs, and some have a main role within the sport or club. Senior Ashea’ Hiatt is one of two captains of the cheer squad. On the cheer

squad there is a total of eight seniors, captains Ashea Hiatt and Jamie Hodge, cocaptains Myranda Carter and Stevie Hart, along with four other seniors. “I think overall this team is one of the strongest that we have had in years,” Hiatt said. “I think as a whole we’re going to accomplish more than we have in a while.” In a few short weeks cheer season is over, leaving the squad short eight members. “They’re going to be losing a big part of the squad, but from what I’ve seen throught the past few weeks are that the

Carswell Automotive, Inc.

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Seniors’ plans after graduation


24.7% 59.2% 8.6% 2.5% 2.5%

Military Two year college Four year college Vocational school Workforce Undecided

*81 seniors surveyed*


Butch Bazil-Manager

Rex Carswell, Owner 785-242-6360

underclassmen are going to be able to make it on their own because they have a lot of potential and get better every day,” Hiatt said. Another team that will be losing key members from their team is the wrestling team. The wrestling team will be losing a total of four members at the end of their season. Seniors Conner Gross, Cale Paquett, Hunter Peoples and Mickey Jensen will be graduating. “I think they [team] have a lot of good wrestlers coming up but they have some good size shoes to fill,” Jensen said.

Hutchinson, Kan., is three hours away. “It’s nice because it’s less than an hour away from Wichita but I don’t like being so far away from my mom,” Weidner said. While Weidner will be signing alongside Roecker, seniors Greyson LaPlant, Taylor Graf and Kaden Shaffer signed together on Jan. 23. Graf will be attending Pratt alongside teammate LaPlant, while Shaffer is headed to Fort Scott, Kan. All three will be playing baseball. “I finally committed on Jan. 4,” Graf said. “It’s going to be good knowing someone there with me.” According to Graf, Pratt is four hours away from his home, and in the middle of nowhere, but luckily it is close to Wichita. While many seniors are going to be traveling to different cities, senior Austin Blaue will be staying close to home. Blaue plans to attend Ottawa University to play golf. Blaue signed on Jan. 24 in the OHS library in front of his family and friends.

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the ohs review | THE END Student Council behind successful events Page by Morgan Fredricks

Queen candidate Paige Weidner, senior, helps Jacke Duran, senior, search for the next song to play during the Winter Royalty dance on Jan. 11. Duran and Weidner are members of Student Council, which hosted the dance.

By Cydney Lewis|reporter Student Council is recognized by students and the community alike. However, it’s not always clear to outsiders what StuCo does. StuCo does many different things, but is not always recognized for all the hard work they do.

StuCo takes part in several different events in the community including volunteer work such as Make A Difference Day and Rake and Dash which is simply raking leaves for the elderly. They also handle most of the school events like spirit weeks and dances including their most recent event, Winter

Royalty. StuCo had several things they needed to do or the event to be successful. They had to come up with the theme of Winter Royalty, spirit day ideas and plan the dance. To make it a little bit easier, they split the council up into five different

committees. The committees are dance, assembly, ceremony, spirit week and hospitality. “This year I am in charge of the dance committee for Winter Royalty and it is stressful because I am also a candidate,” Paige Weidner, senior, said. “So far I have put in about three hours of work outside of school in order to make the dance a success.” The dance committee took care of setting up and cleaning up after the dance. The money that paid for the dance came from the StuCo fund. They raised money through different events and by filling up the snack machines in the school throughout the week. Along with the dance committee there is the hospitality committee, which is a big part of making Winter Royalty a success at OHS. According to Weidner, the hospitality committee took care of flowers and sending letters out to the

parents of the candidates. The ceremony committee took care of the speeches for the basketball game and arranging the cheerleaders to walk the nominees out. “I feel like ceremony committee took on all their duties very well,” Jacke Duran, senior, said. The assembly committee handled all assembly matters associated with Winter Royalty. They wrote the script that was read at the assembly, took care of the questionnaire the candidates filled out and organized the activity the candidates had to take part in: a fashion show where the boys dressed up as girls and the girls dressed up as boys. The Spirit week committee coordinated the dress up days, making posters and recording who participated. This year they worked with Hannah Thomas, senior and StuCo president, to invite not only the elementary schools but also the community to participate as well.

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