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Pg. 40- The Red Rock Trading Post Robbery By Bill Wade Pg. 42- It’s a Brand New Year By Quentin Pg. 44- Photography tips for capturing your finds By David Maxwell Pg. 52-Ancient Ghost By Cowboy Bart Jeppesen

Cover photo: Bill Wade ‎recovered an 1898-O silver dollar near a house foundation. Bill Wade is author of Hidden Treasures of Osage county, Oklahoma.

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Temerity, the first word By Chad T. Everson, Owner and Editor of Temerity Magazine There is a certain energy in chaos and transitions that is oddly alluring. Here at Temerity Magazine it seems this is the season we are locked into as this issue is published. Our Oopa Loopa Café project was cut short in favor of the exciting new projects we are now embarked upon. Truly one step back and two steps forward, but out Temerity is continually tested. I am not sure which project excites me more but currently we are working on a TV show project to bring Temerity Magazine to life and I pray a TV network near you! In 2013, we are hoping to have multiple 6 episode‎concepts‎to‎peddle‎to‎major‎networks‎and‎if‎they‎don’t‎catch‎fire,‎then‎we‎will‎ tirelessly attempt to gain the audience deserved through numerous smaller market networks not only here in the USA, but also across the globe. We are also working on a very unique movie concept that we hope to have finished by the end of the year. The concept‎is‎simple‎yet‎I‎feel‎the‎finished‎product‎will‎have‎a‎profound‎impact‎on‎relic‎and‎treasure‎hunting’s‎future. In 2014 we hope to have numerous individual TV show concepts ready to air building off the movie and Temerity Magazine TV show concepts. The goal is to provide products that represent this great addiction we all share in a true, realistic and entertaining way. Everything hinges and rotates around this Temerity Magazine online and in print effort. If you want to get involved and cast your lot with the traction and message we are getting out there, this Temerity Magazine is your ticket. The next submission deadline is April 20th for our May 1st issue. I am confident that our Temerity will catch the attention of those decision makers or we will simply just pass them by in the end. With my hands full this research season developing these new projects and getting ready for this new hunt season I have decided to put the digital digest subscription on the backburner. Subscriptions are the life line of any publication but I can only take on so many projects at once and still get out on the hunt. I know I will kick myself later, but we are still free to read online and you can get a digital copy and a print edition here: So I feel I still have my bases covered for now as a chief cook and bottle washer although it just being the bare basics. I would also like to welcome Keithie6 Keith Lindsey to the Temerity Magazine Team as a video author! Talk about Temerity he innovated a heating system for his metal detector to allow him to hunt in the frigid temperatures of Alaska,‎found‎bigfoot‎prints‎while‎out‎metal‎detecting‎and‎will‎be‎featured‎on‎Animal‎Planet’s‎“Finding‎BigFoot”‎ show‎this‎year.‎‎I‎can’t‎wait‎to‎see‎what‎he‎finds‎next! Join us and help us ignite imaginations to join us hunting relic and treasure across the globe! Chad‎Everson‎editor‎&‎owner‎of‎Theodore‎Media‎LLC’s‎Temerity‎Magazine‎‎‎





loaded with treasure including the queen's dowry and they all sank during a hurricane that hit By Terry Shannon this coast on July 31st of 1715. Most of the ships sank in very shallow water as the high winds My wife Jean and I have winpushed them up onto the reefs tered in Florida for the past 8 along this stretch of ocean. years. We are located in an area When the conditions are right called the Treasure Coast. This and storms wash away a lot of coast got this name because of a the sand Spanish coins and artifleet of 11 Spanish ships that facts can be found while detectleft Cuba bound for Spain in ing along the shore. The most July of 1715. These ships were

The Treasure Coast

common coins that are found are the reales, a silver coin that come in 8, 4, 2, 1 and 1/2 denominations. An 8 reale is one oz. of silver, a 4 is 1/2 oz. and so on. The gold coins are called escudos and are also in the 8, 4 and 2 denominations. The 8 reale was often cut to make change therefore we got the expression ( pieces of eight) The coins themselves come in many (Continued on page 9)

9 (Continued from page 8)

different shapes and really no two coins are alike. They are called a cob coin, Cab de barra ( cut from bars ), each coin is weighed, hand stamped and then trimmed down to the correct weight. My wife Jean and I came down here in 2005 right after a major hurricane. I spent almost every day on the beach looking for that Spanish coin. Several times I was on a stretch of beach when another hunter would find a reale but I just couldn't seem to connect. I returned to Minnesota that spring disappointed but more determined than ever to cross that Spanish coin off my bucket list. During our second year down here we had a major storm with very high winds that lasted for 3 days. It moved a lot of sand right below our camper and I probably had the best day of detecting in my life. I found 141 silver coins, both modern and old, 5 gold rings, two of them quite old, and a lot of other stuff but I

also found a Spanish reale. The picture number 1 shows how it looked when first found. I have since had it cleaned, and mounted in a gold bezel. It has a clear date of 701 meaning 1701 and that is rare for a cob coin to have a clear date. I have spent the majority of my time down here since looking for those Spanish coins and I have been lucky enough to find 3 more.

2 shows how the dunes were cut away. A lot of Spanish coins are in these dunes, either buried when salvaged after the original hurricane or washed up during one of the many hurricanes that hit this area in the last 400 years. Two things happen during these storms, coins that were buried wash out and can now be found with a detector and others are blown in from the wrecks and are now laying within reach of a This year Hurricane Sandy came detector. storming through the beginning of November. Sandy came The third picture shows where I ashore way up north and caused have recovered a target and as I millions of dollars in damage dig down I'm uncovering orange and left many people without a sand. This orange sand is the home. Down here in Florida the original sand and tells you that wind and the waves came way you are down there where the up and washed huge areas of treasure may lie. This is exciting the dunes away. Picture number (Continued on page 10)


(Continued from page 9)

because that very next swing with your detector may be the find of a lifetime. My first day down here found me and a friend jumping over one of these huge cuts to get down to the beach and we later dug holes in the bank for our feet to climb back out.

nice bronze ship spike and I believe I was more excited in finding the bronze spike than I was recovering the diamond ring.

One day we had a tide that came way back up to the dunes and washed away some more sand. I was hunting with a couple friends when one of them found two Spanish coins stuck together. Its really hard to find an old My first 5 days detecting down here coin and he finds two when I was just resulted in 5 gold rings, some ship feet away. The detecting gods smiled spikes and a bunch of other targets on someone else that day but I was but no Spanish coin. very happy for him as it was his very The fourth picture shows most of the first Spanish find. One day I was hunting further south and I found a rings I have found this year while looking for the old stuff. All the rings low area that held a lot of targets. I on paper clips are gold with one nice picked up a couple more old ship spikes and was pretty excited when I diamond in the mix. When I found found this silver shoe buckle. Its bethe diamond ring I also got a very ing cleaned as I write this and having

a new found interest in 1700 shoe buckles. I found one at a coin shop very similar to mine listed for $700.00. In my mind it's a great trophy and feel very fortunate to have recovered such a neat piece of history. I ran into another fellow detecting the beach once and he told me that if you're going to detect you have to detect the Treasure Coast at least once. He is right and if you're ever lucky enough to walk these beaches please look me up. I just love talking about the history of the Treasure Coast. Terry Shannon



December’s list Just in time for you to spend some time on these cold, wet days to keep from going crazy since there is nothing but reruns on the boobtube. Spend some time checking these out.                

Jktreasures LAdigger81 Mrburtonneal Scott Clark ozziepete55 Silver Prepper Gene Edwin Alwaysseekingsilver Jockguy2008 Oldguyproductions Gonehunting73 FindinACoinOrTwo GC Detecting AussieDetecting Detrackozi kumarik777

January’s list Here’s‎another‎group‎for‎your‎enjoyment.‎ There are dectorists and pickers. All have an interest that might interest you. Give them a look.   

            

1pushittothelimit TreasureJack Antiquesandcollectab XGCPR3D4T0R Gregdiggermxt Yulelah Claudio Delaverna Etracing Ohio TemerityMag grinder1234 Bill Ladd PIJoeCT Roy Beijer 88schwyptrlcar PlayzAlot2 V3Indianadigger

February’s List February is not the best weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, so you should have penty of time to check these channels out. You might be surprised. Give them a chance,.                

Jim Kenson Scott Fisher soupie28 stringfrenzy Fl. Swing Thing 88schwyptrlcar Allaboutdetecting WvAntiquer petereles1 TheJerseyDigger Themetaldetectorguy RavenSeventy8 ECTreasureHunters Sutton Way Shovelers diggingtreasure1 paul cee



planning ahead, being organized and putting a little effort into your sale, you’ll have a lot more fun and you’ll make a lot more money!!! Here are some Tips to Help Get You Started.

- Sort items by type (electronics, collectibles, clothes, toys, tools, kitchen, etc). - If you haven’t used an item for over a year, it’s probably time to find it a “new home”.

ORGANIZING - Start early! Don’t wait until the - If possible, have a designated morning of the sale to get things space to store your yard sale together! items (spare room, basement, garage, or closet) so they’re all in one place and ready to go. - Go room by room. Get the

Whether you are moving, downsizing or just clearing clutter, having a sale (yard, garage, estate whole family involved! Let the or sidewalk) is a great way to find kids decide what they want to new homes for your old stuff. sell. While running a yard sale is not difficult, it can be stressful. By

- Price items as you go….it makes (Continued on page 14)

14 (Continued from page 13)

it soooo much easier. PRICING - Remember, you are not going to get what you paid for an item (plan to get more like 10% to 50%). If your goal is to get top dollar, you should be selling on eBay or Craigslist.

- For some items, you might want to put up sign that says "Make an Offer." You may actually make more money that way ….. - If you display an eBay printout, make sure that it’s the “SOLD” price, not a “LISTING” price.

- Make sure that you’re not damaging the piece with your price sticker or marker. I usually buy price tags (on string) and/or use - To allow for “negotiating”, mark painters tape that comes off easy. Don’t write on items with a magic the price slightly higher than marker!!! what you want to get for it. Negotiating is part of the fun of a yard sale. Everyone want to feel SCHEDULING like they’re getting “a bargain.” - Yard sale days and times vary, so learn about your area. In my - You’ll want to put a price on area, they are Saturday mornings most items. Some people won’t only. But in other areas they may ask the price if it’s not written on run all day or all weekend. Some the piece and you don’t want to areas hold town/community have to answer, “How much do sales. you want for this?” a thousand times. MARKETING - Include any pertinent information such as date, provenance, what the item is, etc. For example, “local, award-winning artist”, “1800’s electro-therapy machine”, “silver plate server”, etc.. If it is a reproduction, mark it and price it as such

– If they don’t know you’re having a sale, they won’t come!!

- Place an ad on Craigslist and local papers (print and online). Make sure to include all pertinent information. DATE: (Saturday, April 10, 2013), TIME: (9:00AM – 1:00 PM NO EARLY BIRDS!!!) and LOCATION: - You can group items of the same price (books, shirts, jeans, (Specific Address). Also include a etc) and post one sign. For exam- list of types of items that you will ple, hardback books $2.00 each. be selling (Antiques/Collectibles, Art, Toys, Clothing (Identify: Mens, Womens, Children, sizes

and styles), Tools, Household, Electronics, Jewelry, etc.) and specific information, including photos, about some of the more unique and high ticket items. - You can also put up posters, but I find advertising on Craigslist and local papers to be most effective. - Signage: Have plenty of signs, and make sure they are easy to read and sturdy enough to withstand some wind (poster board is not a good option). You can purchase generic YARD SALE signs with ARROWS and “H-Stakes” inexpensively. Search online. They are ready to go, easy to see and you can use them over and over again. You can even loan them to your friends and family. - Place signs in strategic spots such as high-traffic areas and along the route to your house so people won’t miss a turn. Most people use GPS, but some simply follow the Yard Sale Signs. FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Recruit a few friends or family members to participate in the yard sale with you. More people hosting means more items, which will draw a larger crowd…..and, you can all split the cost of the ad and signs. Tip: Mark items with initials or use color-coded price tags so you can keep up with who has sold what. (Continued on page 15)


Worn-out and out-of-style items usually won’t sell well and are - If you’re setting up inside best donated to a charity for the (garage, barn, basement) make PREPARATION sure that you have good lighting. tax deduction. Goodwill actually - Have plenty of change available. It helps people see the items bet- recycles old worn out clothing for Get a roll of quarters, a stack of ter and some people are reluctant the fibers. The fibers are then used to produce new items. How twenty-five $1 bills, and a few $5, to enter a dark, dreary space. “green” is that! $10 and $20 bills. (Continued from page 14)

- Get some tables (rent, borrow or make your own – an old door on a coupe of saw horses works well) - Flat bed sheets or vinyl table cloths from the “Party Store” (try bright colors). They look nice and allows you to store boxes, out of sight, under the tables.

- Have a notebook with a system in place for recording all items that sell and the price they sold for.

SET UP & STAGING - Presentation is everything! Make your sale inviting and easy to browse.

- Clothing rack (a pole tied across - Get your stuff out of boxes and a couple of ladders will do it) make it visible so people can see it! - 4’ x 8’ peg board. Lean up against house or garage to hang and display pictures.

.- If you have hundreds of books/ records/CDs/DVDs, make sure they're arranged in a way people can sort through them quickly. - To lure people in, place your nicer pieces, (furniture and larger items) in your yard or driveway. People want to see what you have so they can decide whether to stop or drive by. You want them to stop!!! - Play background music: not too loud and something that’s appropriate for your audience.

- Display “like” items by together

- Clean and dust the items. It - Save boxes, plastic grocery bags makes everything look and sell a and newspapers to give to cuslot better. tomers for wrapping and carrying purchases. - Place all electronics together and set up a testing area with - Get a cooler and fill it with bot- various sockets and batteries tled water and/or a big pot of cof- available so customers can test fee. Some people sell these, but I them out. like to give them away. It’s easy and it sets a nice tone. - Put clothing on hangers, and separate them by category (such - Round up a boom box or sound as men’s, women’s, and chilsystem so you can play music at dren's). Only put out wearable your sale. clothing in good condition.

- Have a “FREE TO A GOOD HOME” pile!!! Who doesn’t love Freebies!!! SAFETY - Better safe than sorry….. - Check the area for any safety issues or hazards. Stairs, cracks, and anything that could cause someone to trip or fall should be well marked with caution signs.

(Continued on page 16)

16 - Keep items of higher value (jewelry, silver, etc.), close to where you check out so you can Which coin is worth the money? keep an eye on them. I use a glass display case. It works really well! 12-10-12 conversation on Temer-

Gold or Silver?

- Keep an eye on the money!!! If you use a “cash box”, don’t ever leave it unattended. I prefer to keep the money on “me” in a fanny pack or in the pockets of a smock. - If you have pets, keep them inside. It’s safer for customers and the pets!! Most of all, have fun and enjoy the process of clearing the clutter, making some extra money and meeting some interesting people. . AFTER THE SALE Don’t throw away useable items! You can….. - Drop off left over items at the Goodwill or other local Thrift store - Have a local charity pick up. Be sure to set that up ahead of time. - Put items on the curb with a FREE sign. - Remember to take down your YARD SALE signs. -Count your money and celebrate!!! Now you have more room for your future yard-sale finds!!!

ity Magazine Facebook group between Jared Hyams (JH) who was asking the questions and Bill Wade (BW) giving answers.

Q: (JH) Is it worth it to sell some silver you already have for some gold? A: (BW) Maybe. There are so many factors to consider. What is the gold market going to do? ...and what is the collector's market going to do? ...and silver looks to me as disproportionately low in comparison to gold. Therefore silver may soon be on the rise more so than in the recent past. I would suggest hanging onto silver, silver that you already have. Gold holds value, and collector coins are in high demand and the market prices are high right now. Too many variables for me to give proper advice.

work, but when it does you could increase the value by over ten grand. Of course he isn't talking about nickels. He has dealt in gold coins for some time. This is why I recommend Coinage Magazine, for the educational aspect. I could say "key dates" and be right on the money, but I could just as quickly be wrong. Study and research. You have to educate yourself with the facts from reliable resources. Like I said, I recommend "Coinage." (Franklin Halves look as good as Morgans to me, and full band Mercury dimes, tuck away a few unopened rolls of brand new coins, especially nickels, for a long term investment, 20 plus years for the highest return, and that trend has stability, the gold coin market is too cost prohibitive for the majority) Q: (JH) What about buying a gold coin just to have one?

A: (BW) If only to have a "gold coin" for the pride of owning one, do not sell anything from your collection at a loss. Make a marQ: (JH) At a local pawnshop, ginal profit or at least break even. there were graded and slabbed gold coins, trade dollars, Indian Of course gold coins are an excellent investment and gold will heads, etc. What do you recomnever lose value. Paper currency, mend I get? Which graded coin gives me most bang for my buck? face value, on the other hand constantly inflates and seldom deflates. A: (BW) Tough question. I have a friend who has many years exJoin in the Conversation on our perience in the numismatic field Temerity Magazine Facebook of studies. He said it is possible Group: sometimes to find a borderline coin, break the slab open and send the coin in, like to PCGS, TemerityMagazineGroup/ and get it regraded one number higher. He said it doesn't always



by Jeanine Menton Reckinger

When people look back on their lives, they see many different things: some especially fond memories, some very hateful ones and some very sad ones; there were favorite places and places you didn’t care to visit again; they may see people who stand out for one reason or another, some we knew just loved us no matter what, some that were more fun than others, some that were better cooks, some always had fresh baked cookies, some you knew preferred to be left alone, and then there are always those we wish we had never met. It is in this context I attempt to tell you why I have chosen the title that I have for this introduction and an upcoming article about my uncle, Albert Lea Menton, in Temerity Magazine. I have chosen MY “OTHER GRAMPA” because my father was born in 1883, I was born in 1938, the tenth of eleven children born to Ernest Lon Menton. He was 55 years of age when I was born . . . the age of my friend’s grampas; therefore, it seemed more as though I was being raised by my grandfather; and, because Uncle Al was such a constant in my life, I felt he was like another grampa. I had never met my paternal grandfather and met my maternal grandfather only once as a teenager, these two brothers were the closest thing I knew as a grampa figure!! My mother was 17 years younger than my dad . . . they were far more laid back than when the older children were growing up and I believe that was a huge advantage, although please keep in mind I was the perfect child at all times and in every way!! I have one sister three years younger

and we agree that even though there were struggles and hardships, we had a pretty good childhood. We came and went with our friends, we kept our parents informed of where we were going, who we’d be with, what we’d be doing and when we’d be home and as long as we did what we said, it was accepted that we could be trusted, we were responsible and our word meant something.

I have such vivid memories of time spent not only on his farm; but also of his visits always including his dog, Carlos, and his violin . . . he may have traveled light, but never without his violin!!

My memories also include many overheard conversations among the adults about happenings in his earlier life. He was left in shambles; but, he managed to overcome the devastation of My uncle lived about eight miles losing his wife during the influenza north of Remer on his homestead un- epidemic of 1918 after less than ten til the early 1950s and from the early years of marriage . . . and then there 1940s we lived at Cohasset, Hill City were the seven children . . . his chiland back to Cohasset during the years dren, ALWAYS his children . . . that most of these memories took place. It is to those children, of whom two are living at this time in history, that I We spent a lot of time at Uncle Al’s dedicate my recollections of his life farm . . . my dad helped him when the along with all those overheard conversheep were lambing in the spring, he sations. I have also included some was there to help him cut the hay with thoughts and comments from some of scythes, turn it with pitchforks after his descendants. Doris, the third two or three days of drying into wind- child, turned 100 in September of 2012 rows to dry two or three more days, and I love staying in touch with Noreventually they were pitch forked into man, who was the baby, when his small piles and later thrown onto the mother died. hay wagon and unloaded onto a pile by the barn. Look for this Temerity Magazine Spe-

cial issue becoming available soon!


Alaskan Temerity By Keithie6 To be honest I had never heard the word before and didn’t know what it meant. Without realizing it, I had lead a life of having fun and excitement all due to temerity, Unknown to be I was overflowing with temerity. In my younger years, I did a lot of foolish and dangerous activities Such as riding motorcycles (fast) extreme mountain climbing, repelling cliffs White water rafting and canoeing, spelunking (cave exploration) free diving And exploring just about everything. As I saw it, I was using all of these activities as practice and preparation

Our problems ranged from brakes on fire, water pump, starter, and alternator Transmission, Basically one thing after another. There were times when we broke down, that I told my family, we might be at the end of our road, but with lots of prayer and determination we were able to overcome those hardships and continued traveling towards our destination Alaska. Everyone I have ever told this story to, thought I should write a book about How not to travel to Alaska.

tecting and would find gold nuggets. That was 3 years ago and I have fallen in love with this hobby (metal detecting) Metal detecting has become my favorite hobby and obsession. I set up a small research area in my house, where I research maps, mining claims, Park and playground locations. I have learned overtime that one of the most important aspects of metal detecting is doing good research. Knowing the history of an area will definitely increase your chances of finding

Since reaching Alaska we have settled in Some good relics and artifacts, Fairbanks and have come to love it As our new home town. Living in Alaska takes a certain kind of Individual, Typically those who love the outdoors / hunting / fishing, etc Most of the interesting people I have met here in Alaska, could say they have temerity.

Going into my 3rd straight year of full time metal detecting, I have found so many things, Thousands of coins ,hundreds of rings, lots of jewelry, Gold rush relics and artifacts and even a few gold nuggets now and then. This year 2013 should be a very exciting year.

I will be going out on several Alaskans expeditions ,such as glacier hunts, metal For tuning my skills to become an exdetecting old gold rush locations ,the Alaskans will go out in -40F below zero perienced outdoorsman. biggest being lake Bennet, where thouand think nothing of it. sands of gold rush prospectors camped And it was all in preparation for fulfillIt’s just an average day in Alaska, We all out waiting for spring ,building boats ing a lifelong dream of moving to the go out to have a good time, but in the last frontier “Alaska “ I‘ve also started Fairbanks Alaska’s first back of your mind, we know fun could and only metal detecting club I started to prepare to move to Alaska become a life threatening situation fast and bought a 1972 Dodge class A motor And will be working with the boy scouts Due to just the weather, Alaska is the home, and remodeled the outside and of Alaska, teaching metal detecting ultimate reality show. inside. And in return get permission to hunt The whole project took 7 years, but after For the last 13 years I have wandered the Boy Scout camps out into the wilds of Alaska in search of years of preparation minerals, especially gold and silver, and Looking back 2012 was a good year, I My family and I started driving towards only finding placer ( flour ) gold with have invented a heated metal detector our dream “Alaska “ my cover that has allowed me to metal detect thru the cold Alaskan winter at temIt took us 45 days to reach Alaska, Our Gold pan and sluice box. peratures down to -66F below zero (my poor RV broke down over 20 times In recent years, I started watching a current record metal detecting) Along the way between West Virginia show called Gold fever with Tom massie Temerity, why didn’t someone tell and Fairbanks Alaska And Mr. Massie would go out metal de- me about this when I was younger!

19 TV shows and radio interviews, then yes I'm definitely bitten by the relic bug. Last year I had an idea with all this enjoyable experience perhaps I could have a go at attempting to share the thrills and excitement with all my colleagues worldwide, by writing a novel based on a huge detecting adventure. So putting pen to paper I wrote some 120,000 words. Then I considered I would like to illustrate it with a few photographs and then I thought hell why not do some fine line black pen and ink sketches for it too.....these numbered about 18 in total....I was massively fortunate in finding a brilliant publisher who took it all on board and now I'm pleased to say my detecting adventure has been published. I was just wondering if perhaps any of the readers of this brilliant magazine might be interested in it..its both fiction and non-fiction and concerns an amazing discovery based upon the excavation of a wartime German aircraft. Please see further details below. Kind regards to you all and above all good luck in rescuing our past....I appreciate all your efforts and will continue to defend our brilliant past-time against all the ignorant critics that pop up from time to time...saying "You cant dig here or do that" These people prefer our past to stay locked in the dirt, either not being found or corroding away......Ladies and Gentlemen we are the responsible ones for increasing our knowledge......and so we simply Hi to all Relic/ Treasure seeking / how great is that? No matter if you cant be having such ignorance stand Bottle Dump digging/ find seeking hunt in USA UK, or anywhere all our in the way. All the very best to each colleagues in USA. What we do and goals seem to be the same. I've been and every one of you. achieve is a remarkable fact of Hubottle digging metal detecting and man nature that I reckon gives unexcavating WW2 aircraft wrecks for Julian Evan-Hart beatable enjoyment and experience to some 35 years now.....I've written or us as individuals but yet locates, helped out with 16 published books Well it is finally here and yes I am shares, conserves and, preserves our and have completed over 300 maga- really excited and not a little chuffed heritage for everyone to share....just zine articles, couple this with several (Continued on page 20)

20 this just as much as I have enjoyed writing it........In addition I don't deny one might add. that this book is also dedicated to the thousands of people who each day After thirty five years of metal detect- spend their lives to trudging around ing and research I`ve actually manthe fields and uncovering clues to our aged with the help of a great many past. Without whom this country`s people to write and have my first ever subsequent rich and enhanced knowlnovel published. Its an account of edge of our heritage would be a very true adventure concerning a small bare boned entity indeed. These peoOxfordshire village, full of gritty local ple know full well who they are and characters, fate, legend, myth and of those who know me well enough will course a healthy dollop of truth. Its a surely know exactly to whom I am tale mostly about luck and fate but referring. also one of determination that leads to a monumental outcome. This out- BRIEF OUTLINE OF PLOT come establishes once and for all the For two thousand years something factors behind an important historical had been deeply buried in a large event of prime importance to British Oxfordshire field? Some might arculture and heritage. gue that it should never have been searched for or indeed disturbed if The account starts in the 17th Cenit was eventually located. Whilst tury takes the village through World others say that to discover it would War One with tragic effects and then reveal a massive contribution to catapults the rural scene into the the knowledge of our country`s 1940`s ferocious overhead aerial com- heritage. Myth, legend or reality bats that formed The Battle of Britwhat is the truth behind the powain. It then looks at the archaeological erful influence of the burial? What excavation of a shot down German was its purpose and why are peobomber in the year 2018 and then ple even willing to die for it? After delves backwards two thousand years nearly twenty centuries of rumor it to explain the incredible findings. If has somehow survived right up you like mysteries, with fascinating into the modern period. Research timeline connections back and forth shows that over the ages it had through history, things lost and then caused not only death, destruction, found with an outcome that will make greed, fascination and fanaticism, your jaw drop, then I believe this but also kindness, remembrance, book may well be for you. The fasci- friendship and appreciation along nating thing here is that any one with many other aspects of Hureader or group of readers could well man nature. Why in 1938 was the become entangled in the plot of this possibility of its very existence book and go on to actually become an even drawn to the attention of important part of the story being told Adolf Hitler? What dark shadow here. The aim of this work is to give might have fallen over pre war hope of success, even when times are Britain if the Nazis had found it tough both luck and fate are always for themselves? Right up to the unavoidable factors in any happening. present day this influence is not So I hope everyone will enjoy reading waning. People have searched for (Continued from page 19)

centuries and now if it was discovered it could also be lost forever. It was a lone metal detectorist who really cracked the final clues, but even he had no idea just what he had become involved with and most certainly could never have dreamed of its final outcome. Or who knows perhaps he did!! Like many similar discoveries it could all result in a classic struggle between good and evil, if it does then just who will win the day and even then will the effects be able to be controlled by anyone involved? Just what is the outcome? Are there cleverly hidden and disguised clues based on fact within this book? If there are, then could you the reader have a chance to be involved yourself in this climactic discovery that will simply re-write history as we know it and could affect thousands if not millions of lives? Perhaps it will indeed be just one fortunate reader who along with the elements of pure luck and fate will finally contribute and determine the true and factual ending of this remarkable account. If this doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a metal detector and become one of those who unearth the vital long lost secrets of our ancient history then nothing will. So the best of luck to you all.




(Continued on page 21)


AUTHOR NOTES Of course its quite difficult to project a recommended reading age range but it can be noted there is no hard core swearing or sexual content contained within this book. Also at this stage one has to be conscious of this first novels performance but I can say that there are two further future titles in preparation hopefully forming a trilogy. Although each book is going to be related and connected to the others they are mainly separate storylines and can be read accordingly either singly or in any order chosen. Finally my thanks go to everyone who has helped bring this work to fruition. Title THE THREE TILES Author JULIAN EVAN-HART ISBN Number 978-1-1897738-44-3 Price ÂŁ9.99. Initially available from Greenlight Publishing The Publishing House 119 Newland Street Witham Essex CM8 1WF Email Telephone 01376 521900 The book may also be ordered from all established retail book outlets (but you will need to take the above information with you) and also Internet based outlets such as Amazon


Signs, Symbols, Code & Brain Medicine Can you solve this riddle and prove to yourself you have the Temerity to hunt relic and treasure with the best of them?

0 = 0 0 > b B > l L > 0 Give yourself the respect you deserve by not looking until you solve it! You can do it. You have Temerity! (Answer found on page 30)



Where to Metal Detect for Coins and Relics in Mining Ghost Towns

coin and relic hunters! The layouts of these  towns in Australia were similar in many ways, but varied with the terrain and local requirements. There would the Government precinct with the Police Station, Post Office, and Court House. The main street would comprise‎a‎row‎of‎shops,‎stables,‎‘cafes’,‎billiard‎ halls and the inevitable hotel (or 3!). There would be a school somewhere and a row or several blocks of private houses.

So assuming your research has led you to such a spot (even if it is well known and previously visited by other treasure and relic hunters), where do you start with your metal 19th Century mining ghost towns are scattered detector? The following tips come from our own experiences in these places, and apply all across the Australian Continent, and folequally as well to hunted and virgin sites. Not low similar patterns to those in the United  all these tips will apply in all cases (as with States and Canada. These towns sprung up gold,‎‎“Treasure‎is‎where‎you‎find‎it!”). quickly as tent camps following the initial discovery of minerals, and usually died not long after mineral prices slumped or the ore Coin‎&‎Hunting‎‘Hot‎Spots’: bodies were exhausted.

By NQExplorers

The main street, an obvious place to start, and probably where everyone has gone before you with his/her detector! But there will still be coins and relics lying hidden. Detector technology (particularly trash discrimination) today is far in advance of just a few years ago. Now we can cut through trash and clutter and pick out good targets the old detectors missed. Try along the back of the footpath (sidewalk), if it is still there, where the shop fronts used to be. Coins will roll down and sit at strange angles, so with a small coil come in from a few different directions! We have found many coins others have missed in this way. Also try inside the old buildings as coins drop through floorboards. Down the back of the shops in the main street will be the rubbish pits and bottle dumps. Lots of coins can be dropped‎in‎these‎areas‎“taking‎out‎the‎ rubbish”.‎The‎old‎dunny‎(outhouse)‎was‎ down there somewhere and with pants (Continued on page 25)

These sites can be real treasure-troves for

25 can‎be‎real‎‘hot‎spots’‎for‎coins.‎One‎ which particularly comes to mind was a footbridge over a steep-sided creek, which took all the foot traffic from the houses and school to the bakery and main street. We found many coins near the bridge abutments on each end and all up the narrow path which climbed the creek bank.

(Continued from page 24)

coming down and skirts being hitched, coins are dropped. 

Try around the old building stumps, right up against them – often in Australia, coins (mainly the big old Penny or two)‎were‎used‎as‎‘shims’‎on‎the‎top‎of‎ the posts below the floor bearers, as the building moved in dry and wet conditions. When the place was demolished, the coins just dropped off the top of the post into the grass/dirt below.

Street corners, where the terrain or fences dictated the route of foot traffic (acting as a choke point) can be rewarding to the astute coin and relic hunter.

Schools – in our own experience, Schools have not been great sources of older coins in abandoned towns, in particularly the gold towns of the mid- to late-19th Century. Our own theory here is that as people had very little money in those often difficult times, not too many school children set off with their pockets loaded with coins! However, you can get some great relics, particularly costume jewelry, from old school sites.

We hope some of these tips will help you with your coin and relic hunting. Of course there are no hard and fast rules here, but the main thing is that you just get out and swing the coil and immerse yourself in the history of these long-forgotten places!

Hotels and gaming sites – obvious places to start, and most detector operators will go straight to the hotel! But there will still‎be‎coins‎there.‎‎By‎‘gaming‎sites’‎we‎ mean‎‘two-up‎schools’‎in‎Australia,‎but‎

Warren and Colleen

The railway station (on abandoned lines), can yield a few great finds, but on the track side of the platform, there can be a lot of iron rubbish (dog spikes and bolts etc). Try to determine where the horse and buggy pulled up to drop off the passengers.

Private houses. In our experience, there are always a lot more coins in the front yard‎than‎the‎back,‎and‎coin‎‘spills’‎can‎ occur here in old garden beds or under  the spot where the front steps used to be. Then there is the old clothesline down‎the‎back‎yard,‎and‎the‎‘dunny’‎site.

Choke points for foot traffic. These

similar gaming or illegal gambling sites will exist in North American ghost towns. These are usually away from the prying eyes of the local constable, and may be under a shady tree or even an old shed site in quiet corner of town! Old books and diaries from the times can give clues to where the men would gamble on a pay day – so try along the creek banks‎and‎just‎go‎with‎your‎‘hunch’.‎If‎it‎ looks like a good spot to you – it probably looked just as good 100 years ago!

Happy Hunting!

NQExplorers Queensland, Australia.


Since its infancy, the online picking community was created by selfless individuals with a common purpose, to share valuable information in the hopes it would be helpful to others. This remains to be the foundation of this thriving community today. Sure there are many helpful YouTube forums, but what makes this one different is that they choose to assist others that may very well be competing against them, in the very same marketplace, for the very same buyers. Imagine for a moment, Ford Motor Company divulging their manufacturing secrets in order to make Toyota more efficient, or Coca Cola doing what they can to assist Pepsi gain more market share. This, in my opinion, is what makes this group of people so exceptional. Many‎changes‎have‎occurred‎since‎my‎last‎“Pickers‎Corner‎“.‎Partly‎due‎to‎the‎popularity‎of ‎ trash to cash television shows, the community has exploded with talented contributors, offering a high level of knowledge and experience. Perhaps one of the most exciting changes has been the (Continued on page 27)

27 (Continued from page 26)

widespread use of Google Hangouts within YouTube. This new format has facilitated live interactions between the video makers, and others seeking knowledge to help them be better at their business. It has also spawned a number of daily and weekly picker shows that have become an entertaining and educational staple for many of us. Whether you are simply trying to supplement your current income, or have larger ambitions to have a fulltime reselling business, the list of individuals I have assembled will lead you to the treasures you seek. I believe each person offers a unique perspective, and are bound to be a vital part of the communities future. They exemplify what has made the picker community so special since its beginning, a desire to help others be successful. Some are new comers, while others are veteran pickers. I urge you to check out everyone on this list, I assure you they will bring you closer to achieving your picking aspirations.

In no particular order. William Stoner




Raiken Profit

Bonafide Hustler


Cripple Picker








RetroRareandRad name above here)


The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Broadcast

casion have someone who is an expert in a given detecting field to give advice and helpful hints, but we mainly want to have just the average person as our guests, to relate the common everyday finds and enjoyment that they have. Every find is important to you and therefore is important to us to hear about. We The show was developed by three will take questions and comeveryday guys who wanted something ments live on the show every for the average weekend metal detect- week, so please join us for some ing hunter. The three guys are: fun, useful and educational information. You can also email us 1. Dave McMahon from NJ is the with questions on machines, Beach Hunter finds identification and more at: 2. Dennis‎O’Conner‎from‎NM‎is‎the‎ Gold Prospector

found on Face Book. In our chat site you will find our moderator, Chad Hurst (Privy Digger) waiting to take your questions. Chad then sends the questions to Dennis and they get asked on the air. Don't feel bad if your question didn't get answered because one of the host will answer your question either on the next show or by email.

3. Ken Briggs (Wisconsin Lockman) Listen to the live broadcast. 8:30 Dirt Hunter eastern, 7:30 central, 6:30 Mountain and 5:30 pacific. The links to Too many magazines and radio our web page and show is shows spend all the time with famous personalities who talk . about their experiences which we as just the weekend hobbyist will The Detecting Lifestyle can be never see or find. We will on oc-

Ken can also be found on their Face Book Page.

One of the hosts, Ken Briggs is also very active in the Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC that he is the founding President of. Ken can also be reached at

Thanks for tuning in. Kenny Briggs


KR Cole (Owner of “You are probably hooked on Metal Detecting if…” Group on Facebook: 


You are detecting December 31st, after dark, with the temperature below freezing, because you need 1 more silver to meet your goal for the year.

Here are the posts liked and added to the event. KR Cole also added the ones back to October 2012 that struck his fancy and soon yours!

David McCarthy 

... you discover that watching a video of a guy digging a coin out of the ground is more entertaining than porn. !

Every pair of pants that you own have at least one grass or dirt-stained knee.

(Continued on page 31)


Answer to the Signs, Symbols, Code & Brain Medicine is:

Rock, Paper & Scissors!

0 = 0 Rock = Rock 0 > b Rock > Scissors B > l Scissors > Paper L > 0 Paper > Rock Send us your mental muscle signs, symbols, code and Brain Medicine suggestions at:

31 (Continued from page 29)

Steve Warren 

You've noticed that your wife is using the toothbrush that you left near the sink....the very same toothbrush with which you clean your finds. And like anyone in that situation, you decide you have the right to remain silent.

My wife thought I was crazy when I told her I dream about digging Civil War relics than dreaming about other women.

Peggy McClinton 

If your jewelry box's you buy are for your rocks, fossils, gem stones and petrified wood and not jewelry. And you have finds all over your sewing room along with plasters of supposed bigfoot prints.

You set up your family reunions to be held at a lake so you can detect the beaches and play areas after everyone goes to bed.

Scott Clark 

If you've put "GL/HH" at the bottom of a memo to your boss by accident.

You've been banned for life from all Coin Star Machines in the USA

... you go to Toastmasters International just to practice your permissions script.

You've been forbidden by your spouse from using Google Earth before family outings.

When you serve ice cream, you dig a perfect plug.

You attend city council meetings about changes in historic zoning and building codes just so you can meet all of the property managers and homeowners.

You're the guy who leaves 35 chewed up zincolns, 2 washers, 3 bent dimes and 5 Chuckie Cheese tokens in the Coinstar rejection slot.

Someone posts photos of their holiday pies and you say "cool find!!!

Your car trunk has been unusable for months because of detectors, diggers, clothes and (Continued on page 32)

32 accessories. 

Your detector is being held together by duct tape and zip ties because you can't part with it 2 weeks to get repairs.

Butch Holcombe 

...the local pan handler asks you to start washing your coins before you give them to him…

Your significant other has caught second hand chiggers…

You've ever had a clothes dryer destroyed by three old pull tabs and half a horse shoe....

Dan Sachse 

when you feel like your going to die, all you can think about is detecting being the last thing you want to do.

When you find your self detecting a topless beach and you don't even realize it...

Finding Treasure 

When your wife watches House hunters International and you can't remember what the house looks like but you memorized every square foot of the property.

Dave McMahon 

Offshore wind is about 45 miles an hour, along with the temps being close to nothing.. And u ignore the numbing feet and hands, and act as if everything is fine.. (By the way, u pay for it later).. Trust me..:))

Chad Theodore Everson 

When you damn near run your vehicle off the road trying to get a better look at that treasure trail tree that just popped out of the shelter belt now that Winter is here.

Rick Thomas Serra 

when someone asks you if you can mow their lawn and you reply "can i detect your yard afterwards?" with no hesitation.

33 Chuck Stingley 

When the wife comes home from work and find the kitchen sink full on dirt, sand, gravel, and mud from where you washed off you finds.

When you are into your detecting so much that you didn't see the girl half buried because in the sand she forgot sun block until you realized that nipple ring was Attached

When the wife has to sleep on the couch because you fell asleep while reading up on the new machine you just got in the mail and left the new AT Pro laying on her side of the bed.

Jon Stelter 

You take a day off work costing you hundreds of $ to find a 1.37.

You drive thru a college town and drool over the yards of the old houses instead of the girls walking around.

Larry Feurzeig 

You are so conditioned to pick up bottle caps you see on the ground that you catch yourself bending over to pick them up off the street even when you are not detecting.

Brian Atherton 

You start walking out into your yard every day starting in February with your Lesche, checking to see if you can dig yet.

Corey Behrens 

If you hear stories of someone finding a Morgan dollar in your town where you were hunting at and now your kicking yourself for not searching a little longer.... lol thats happened to me…

William Gillraker-Guerre 

If you make a 20 minute video of yourself, every time you go metal detecting..

“You are probably hooked on Metal Detecting if…”

Group on Facebook:

Join & Find Many, Many more!

34 Bobby‎said”‎Is‎it‎really‎what‎I‎ think‎it‎is?‎“ “Sherman,‎if‎you‎think‎it‎is‎a‎Civil‎ War diary of a Union soldier, you are one hundred percent correct this time.‎You‎have‎scored‎big‎time.”‎Replied Frank. They sat and Frank read out loud the contents of the diary. It covered the year 1862. The soldier who had written it wrote about the period from his enlistment through the end of that year. What interested them most were the sections that dealt with the Peninsula Campaign. Frank‎looked‎at‎Bobby‎and‎said”‎ Sherman, this diary is filled with details that can be of help us when we through the book and immediately go relic hunting. He has identified so knew that this one book should not be allowed to become another item in many places that he camped and had the landfill. He asked the lady holding skirmished‎with‎our‎boys.‎We’ll‎work‎ on it this summer and be ready in the the sale if she would sell it and her reply‎was‎“take‎it‎if‎you‎want.‎It‎is‎just‎ fall to try and find some of these areas that‎he‎wrote‎about.” in‎too‎bad‎of‎a‎condition‎to‎sell.”‎ Episode 5 he inquired as to where the Frank and Bobby spent many hot, “Stack Them High” When book had come from she responded hazy, and humid days in the comfort By Fred C. Dobbs “from‎my‎rat‎bastard‎ex-husband’s‎ of air conditioning studying the diary grandfather.‎I’m‎tired‎of‎storing‎his‎ and comparing it to old maps and Bobby‎rushed‎to‎Frank’s‎house‎ stuff. This is not a yard sale. It is a modern topographic maps to decide after he had made the discovery of a divorce‎sale.”‎He‎thanked‎her‎for‎the‎ which would be the areas to look for lifetime at that first yard sale that he book. As he was leaving she yelled the camps. They rode to a couple of had stopped at one Saturday morning. “aren’t‎you‎even‎going‎to‎buy‎some‎ the areas on a Sunday and managed to He was looking at the usual items that of‎this‎Junk?”‎To‎which‎he‎replied‎ locate one that they believed was an you‎see‎that‎don’t‎even‎come‎close‎to‎ “Thanks,‎but‎I’ve‎got‎enough‎of‎my‎ area that the troops had camped. This interesting you when he spied an old own”. particular area was a piece of public book‎lying‎in‎a‎box‎marked‎“Trash”.‎ His curiosity was aroused when he When Frank took one look at the property slated for the expansion of the local airport they decided that this noticed that the book was in a leather book, he looked at Bobby and said binding. It was so old that it was “pal‎this‎time‎you‎have‎outdone‎your- would be the place to start. They talked to the director of the airport damned near falling apart. He looked self.‎This‎is‎great” and were given permission to hunt

The Adventures of “Fearless” Frank and “Bobby”

35 the areas outside the existing fences before the construction began.

at‎night,‎he’s‎a‎commercial‎relic‎ hunter. He sells what he finds for a profit.‎He’s‎not‎a‎collector.”

and third and so on until there were six shining gold coins lying on the dusty ground. All were dated between A couple of weeks later, they rode to the area outside the airport They started to hunt despite what 1855 and 1860. There were also bits of old leather that came from the fence where they were going to hunt. had been told to them by the driver To their surprise, they found the area of the old truck. They began to find a hole. a blacked wasteland. A recent thunbullet here and another relic there but They gathered up the coins and derstorm had sparked a fire with a not a large amount of finds. The fire the fragments of leather and started lightning strike that would make their had left a large number of stumps of the long drive home. They talked hunting very easy but dirty. All of the small trees. After they had been hunt- about all the possible ways that the underbrush was gone. ing for about three hours, both had coins could have ended up there but collected a pouch full of relics. Not an the conversation eventually came They‎hadn’t‎been‎there‎ten‎minaround to the commercial relic utes when a faded red and primer gray excessive amount but a decent amount. They decided to work their hunter. colored old Chevy pickup made its way along the access road where they way back to the truck and go home. Bobby turned to Frank and said Both men looked as if they had been had parked. The driver called them “you‎were‎right,‎nobody‎finds‎it‎all”‎ working in a coal mine. They were over to the truck. When they got When‎they‎got‎to‎Bobby’s‎house,‎ covered in black soot and gray dust there it was evident that he was a relic Bobby suggested that they put the from top to bottom. As Bobby turned hunter also. The back of the truck coins into an empty lunch bag and to leave, his foot caught a stump and held a ratty looking old detector and each picked out three coins. Bobby he went down with his detector flying what must have been 300 to 400 old said that he appreciated the amount out in front of him. The headphone bullets, round balls, and other relics of work that Frank had put into the cord limited the distance that it travlittering the bed of the truck. He research in finding the site that he had elled. The coil landed on a small leaned‎out‎the‎window‎and‎said‎“You‎ literally and figuratively stumbled stump and what he heard was a wonboys can try but I found it all. You upon. But in essence, it really was derful high volume tone that just might‎as‎well‎go‎home.”‎And‎drove‎ Bobby’s‎way‎of‎showing‎that‎he‎valabout blew his eardrums out. He exoff raising a cloud of dust. ued‎Frank’s‎friendship‎more‎that‎the‎ caimed‎“God‎almighty.‎And‎ripped‎ coins. Frank‎said‎to‎Bobby‎“No‎one‎ his headphones off as he fell to the finds‎it‎all‎let’s‎give‎it‎a‎try.‎Did‎you‎ Author’s‎disclaimer:‎The‎names‎have‎ ground. notice something about that detector been changed to protect the innocent Frank rushed over thinking that he that‎looked‎funny?” and facts altered to simulate the truth. was injured and picked Bobby up off Bobby‎said‎“No,‎it‎looked‎like‎an‎ the ground. At that point, Frank was Be sure and read the next Adventure of Fearless Frank and Bobby. old‎well‎used‎detector.” able to hear the loud noise coming from the headphones. They looked at “That‎detector‎was‎painted‎flat‎ each other and immediately started to black and the display was covered with duct tape. That could only mean dig. The roots of the small tree made Episode Six that‎he‎didn’t‎want‎that‎detector‎visi- it hard and slow. The first target that ble in the dark. He been poaching on came from the ground was a US five “ Pay To The Bearer Of…” dollar gold piece. Then the second protected sites and private property


magazine‎for‎“Show‎and‎Tell”‎one‎ night. I passed the magazine around I am a retired Quality Assurance Man- and asked that if anyone with metal ager and Certified Quality Engineer/ detecting experience would email me Auditor by the American Society for about what they had found, when and where they had done their searching Quality and have been a lifelong coin/stamp collector. I belong to the and what specific equipment they had Central Valley Coin Club that meets 2 used. One member, a retired Pacific Gas and Electric mechanic wrote to days a month in Oakdale, 5 miles me,‎“My‎experience‎goes‎back‎more‎ away from my home in Riverbank, than forty years in and around the California. I know very little about town of Sonora. Working for P. G. metal detecting but since it is published by my son-in-law and to learn and E., they were closing forever the more about it I ordered a hard copy town of Jacksonville to create a lake. of Temerity Magazine (August 2012, With my Whites Coin Master IV, I found many French coins the size of Volume 2, Issue 3). Thinking that American‎Coins‎dated‎in‎the‎1850’s‎“.‎ coin club members might have experience in this hobby, I took the California State Historical Marker No. By Gary L. Gaddy Jan. 10, 2013

419‎reads‎in‎part,‎“JACKSONVILLE -Near this site stood the historic town of Jacksonville, now inundated by the waters of Don Pedro Reservoir. The town was settled in 1849. In 1850 it was the principal town in the area and the center for thousands of miners working the rich (gold) bed of the Tuolumne‎River”.‎‎The‎site‎is‎in‎Tuolumne County near the southern edge of‎“Gold‎Country”.‎‎To‎find‎coins‎ from‎France‎dated‎in‎the‎1850’s‎ proved that the discovery of gold in 1849 drew people from all over the world. It also brings up a lot of questions: How did they get there? Overland by wagon trail? By sea around the Horn of South America?; How

37 did they hear of it so fast? It would be 17 years before the first TransAtlantic Cable was laid. Did they come seeking gold or to provide goods and services to the miners?, Etc. I can see why finding such articles and asking the whys would be so appealing. A search of any mid-twentieth century site may turn up an Indian Head Five Cent coin, or more commonly called a Buffalo Nickel. The coin, minted from 1913 to 1938, can rightly be called either because it carries the images of both. The coin has an Indian’s‎head‎on‎the‎obverse‎side‎and‎a‎ buffalo on the reverse side. It is the only U.S. coin to depict an animal other‎than‎an‎eagle.‎‎The‎“buffalo”‎is‎ not really a buffalo but rather a bison similar to the European bison. Buffalos are only native to Africa and Asia. It is not really known why the animal was labeled a buffalo by the early settlers; the Sioux Indians called the animal‎“Tatanka”.‎ The coin was minted and issued from all three US mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark); Denver (D) and San Francisco (S). The first year of issue, the coin was minted in two different versions. The original version, designed by James Earle Fraser, with the front‎(obverse‎or‎“heads)‎side‎of‎the‎ coin pictured an Indian Chief with the date raised on his right shoulder up above the rim of the coin. The buffalo on the reverse side was standing on a raised mound with the words “FIVE‎CENTS”‎also‎raised‎with‎the‎

mint make (if any) beneath. Vending machine manufactures, upon viewing the original design, voiced concerns that the raised portion of the reverse would foul their machines, so midway through the first year of issue the design was revised to delete the mound making the buffalo appear to be standing on a straight line or plain and‎recessed‎the‎“FIVE‎CENTS’‎and‎ mint mark recessed below the rim. This revision was made to the reverse side of the coin only. This resulted 2 varieties of the coin issued the first year (1913) from all three US mints. All coins from 1914 through 1938 were minted with this revision. No attention was given to the obverse side with the date raised on the Indian’s‎shoulder.‎‎This,‎in‎my‎opinion,‎ was a mistake. The date is the first thing on this side of the coin to wear off. When I started collecting coins, in‎the‎1950’s,‎I‎started‎by‎looking‎at‎ the change in my pockets. The Buffalo nickels I found had been in circulation a minimum of 10 to 15 years and although they were still identified as‎“FIVE‎CENTS”,‎almost‎none‎of‎ them had good dates. Since I started researching for this article, I have developed an interest in the coin and have started a new collection. I do have to pay a premium for coins with good dates now. The Indian on the obverse was meant to depict a type and not a specific person. Fraser modeled the composite face from three chiefs (Iron Tail of the Sioux, Two Moons of the Cheyenne and John Big Tree of the Seneca

nation) who posed for him earlier. The Buffalo on the reverse was thought to be modeled after Black Diamond of the New York Central Park Zoo. One of the most sought after‎coins‎is‎the‎1937D‎“three‎ lagged”‎Buffalo.‎‎The‎error‎was‎ caused by a partially rust filled die. Sources: 

CA Historical Marker: Jacksonville- California Historical Markers on

Guide to Buffalo Nickels-

Email of Nov. 19, 2012 from Gary Stagno member of the Central Valley Coin Club.

“Two‎Moons‎participated‎in‎the‎Battle of Little Bighorn against General George Custer and met with President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Iron Tail became friends with Buffalo Bill and went to Europe with his traveling show‎in‎1889.” Source: 

In-side cover of Buffalo Nickel album No. 7112: Published by the Dansco Corporation, Los Angeles, CA 90016


Chasing Skeleton's By: Peggy McClinton

How do you trace your family tree when you really know nothing about your family? If you come from a normal family, it is pretty easy to chase down and do a family tree. With the use of a tree program such as family Tree Maker, Legacy or any of the computer generated family history programs and the use of the census along with vital records and tax and voting records. You do lot of legwork at Libraries, Court houses , the National Archives in

some cases the Library of Congress. Coupled with oral and written family stories, pictures and history, it is easy peasy. Maybe, maybe not. But what happens when you have one of those families that kept secrets? The skeleton's in the closet, the grandfather that was a horse thief and bigamist. Or your gggg grandmother was hung for being Quaker. How do you search and find the hidden secrets when they even went as far as doctoring the family bible records? Sometimes unintentionally because what they were told was

wrong. There is Native American Indian in the family. Or in our case all of the above along with a family mystery and story that our last name was not what it should be. It was changed. How do you find and figure out your tree when nothing is right and the stories emanate from an elusive Uncle Doc or Uncle Jesse but with no last names, or who they was. Then you find out the illusive Uncle Jessie once worked for the government and was at one time one of the most powerful men in the nation and you can (Continued on page 39)

39 (Continued from page 38)

find no connection to him and your family and still can't. What do you do when the only person you have to tell you about your family can't or won't, then where do you start? And by the way if you have one of these families YOU ARE going to make the professional genealogist's mad along with family historians, (some of who are family)who have put many years of hard work, money and time into doing beautiful trees that are verified to the hilt but wrong. Believe me I have whizzed off a few, both intentionally and unintentionally. You almost have to treat everything you find as if it is part of an investigation make copies of all records, keep notes and more notes, records etc. I even make notes on conversations with other researchers. And as a last resort DNA tests on your father just to find who's the daddy of the great grandfather.

from south Louisiana. We moved next door to my paternal grandmother who was good with riddles about the family, she never answered anything straight when it came to the family. When asked about the McClinton's she would say we ain't McClinton's we might be Whites, we might be Anderson but we ain't McClinton's. Later she told us that before my grandfather died in 1941 his Uncle Doc McClinton sent him a letter before he died telling him he needed to come to Foreman, Arkansas to talk. He needed to tell him the truth about his family and who his father really was why his name was changed and about his estate. Well my grandfather did not get there before his uncle passed and whatever he wanted to tell him passed with Uncle Doc. Then in May of 1956 family members received letters from Uncle Jesse of Houston, Texas telling them to come to Houston that he needed to tell them the truth about the family what our last name was, why it was changed and about our estate. Uncle Jesse died 2 weeks later, with no one getting to meet with him. It would take over 20 years of part time research, hunting and getting a computer to find out who my great grandfather was, and when and where he died and that Uncle Jesse was in fact Jesse Holman Jones. But what did he have to do with our family?

I will start with my father’s side of the family, my original line I started in the early 80's due to the ongoing mystery in the family of what was our original name, and a letter from lawyers in Houston, Texas demanding we give up our rights to the estate. I had heard tales from family while growing up about these letters coming before in the 40's, 50's and 60's but this was the first one I had seen for myself. Jesse Holman Jones (April 5, 1874 – June 1, 1956) was a politiWhy did we think that McClinton cian and entrepreneur. He served was not our name? Well after as Secretary of Commerce from having to move here in 1968 1940 to 1945. He was head of the

Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932–1945), a federal agency originally created by Herbert Hoover that played a major role in combating the Great Depression and financing industrial expansion in World War II. Jones soon made his mark as a builder across Houston, and helped to secure federal funding for the Houston Ship Channel, which opened in 1914 and made the city a viable port. Till next time.

© Copyright 2013 No reprint all or in part without permission Peggy McClinton

40 crossing of Red Rock Creek. This story is from the manuLate one afternoon two script of my forthcoming book, young men arrived at the trading More Oklahoma Treasures, by post. They pulled their pistols Bill Wade, (featuring counties and demanded a bag be filled surrounding the Osage). with all the money. They fled on horseback and traveled north a few miles to a place in southern Kay County where there are some deep gullies. Here they divided the paper money and put the gold and silver coins in an iron pot. The estimated $1200 in gold and silver coins was then buried in the bottom of one of In northern Noble County in these gullies which was marked Oklahoma you can still find the by a lone tree. They were confismall town of Red Rock. The dent that they could return easily Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe to the exact spot. This pair of Railway installed a line through wannabe outlaws was preparing this region in 1886. A post ofto flee the territory and to later fice was built for a community return after the embers of their dubbed‎“Magnolia”‎in‎the‎ crime had grown cold. A dense spring of 1890. In early June of fog had settled in during the 1892 the name was changed to night and the pair became sepa“Red‎Rock.”‎In‎July‎of ‎1903‎the‎ rated. Paranoia overcame one township of Red Rock was plot- and a few minutes later when he ted and laid out a few miles dis- again saw his partner he thought tant. Shortly afterwards a few him to be a member of a posse. buildings were moved. At this He drew his pistol and the bullet time it was a rather massive un- found its mark. Now alone he dertaking. Many dollars changed was apprehended the next day. hands in this town as it was an He was convicted of armed robimportant shipping point for bery and served a lengthy sencattle and grain. tence in a federal penitentiary. Red Rock Trading post was After his release he vainly in business to cater to the needs sought the loot, but trees had of the community as well as to been cut down, new trees had grown, roads and fences had serve anyone who was passing through, and it was a prosperous been built, and the overall landscape had changed. business. It was situated at the

The Red Rock Trading Post Robbery

$1200 in gold and silver coins remains buried somewhere in the bottom of a gulley in an iron pot right now. The dust storms of the Great Depression and the silt from many decades of natural erosion might well have laid several feet of soil over it, further concealing this small treasure. I have seen these gullies. The area stretches out for about one hundred yards. It is on private property. You can see the power plant in the distance across the highway. Good luck.

Bill is selling the book for $12 and $4 shipping. This is really a great deal! Bill Wade 1324 Canary Drive Pawhuska, Ok. 74056



It's a New Year and a most exciting time for Temerity Magazine!! I would like to first thank Chad for all his has done during the past year for myself and so many others by offering such a golden opportunity to be a part of his passion and temerity for life! The magazine and his other numerous endeavors reflect not alone a very sound and business organizational development concept but more so reflect his personal and moral characteristics. Honesty, thoughtfulness, consideration of others, patience, tolerance, motivating, sharing of his own personal interest, a sound knowledge base of life for himself which he also freely offers in support to others in following one's passion in the drudgery of life's challenges--all based on a strong spiritual belief and with a ma-

jestical ability to add just the right spoon full of humor to lighten the load through our journeys through the daily piles less traveled. While there are so many other superlatives which would be most descriptive of him I feel certain that those who do know him are well aware of all of those. Should you not know him I would strongly suggest you do get to know him. Chad genuinely welcomes the opportunity to meet and make need friends, I would really ask that you consider his offer on becoming a member of his great Temerity Team by writing an article make a video or email him of your personal interest in your journey through the piles less traveled. I can promise you if you do such will reward you with the meeting a truly delightful person that will offer

Blessing to your life. Chad you are a true success and I thank you!!

With those thoughts, as a new year begins, I also would like to thank my mom and aunts who started me on the path of the piles less travelled of garage sales many moons ago! Of my life experiences that one realm has most definitely served as my most beneficial learning bases. They had a passion, like a for real passion, for the "Sales" and the base of the passion was strongly laid on fun and enjoyment and a lot of smiling and laughter. Competition and it did get roughed at the end of the day--who could find the best pieces for the least amount of money and be fair to the sellers at the same time; yep, had to (Continued on page 43)

43 (Continued from page 42)

be ethical in the bargaining process. Organizational skills, considerable time were spent the evening before with all setting around the table with the newspapers of various small towns laid out. Predicting on past experiences of Saling which locations might be best, which areas to start from, consideration of time from location to location, what might be "one of them ol' standing sales". Estate Sales back then were highly rated and the prices were lower given the lack of those who do your Estate Sales for their business, nothing wrong with progress but it has increased the pricing of many items at those sales. Social skills, venturing out to the Sales also include the opportunity to make a new friend or too, very important. So they talked to the various people at the Sales while they dug, multi-tasking! Education, after the Sales there was a lunch time and a review of what was purchased and the bragging rights started. There was also discussion of what piece was brought for what reason and it always came back to a "value". After lunch an educational time occurred, we all visited the local Antique Shops to "study", there they would ask the owners questions, check the prices of various items, check the different trade marks on pottery to learn how to determine the time frames, and carefully go over each shelf not missing any category. This was way before the time of Google, eBay and reality TV and they valued and also

had a passion for the "learning'. Thankfully, they seldom bought any items that were not in their reference of "collectibles" with a value. They all grew up in the depression and I'm sure those experiences and memories enhanced their desires to have something of value that they had gotten "cheap but fair". The top layer was humor, they were just right down funny in their behaviors and thoughts, as all of us are, but they were extremely ok with that! It was quite acceptable to laugh with yourself and laugh with the others--not degrade, not insult, not belittle--but to be ok with being human and ok with seeing the little absurdities of being such. So there wasn't just a simple smile or

two, there were cheek splitting grins and belly rolling laughter throughout the day to the point it often caused tears. There were days when I was younger that getting up at 4 am to prepare for the days Saling seemed so not right but over the years I have found the so much right in all of those journeys through the piles less traveled. The Saling days were really good--as we have ventured into the progression of, I hope all of the Pickers of today may find the same great memory making experiences! Memories, many last a life time--I thank my mom and aunts for having the awareness and abilities they had to create so many of them for me in a fun and beneficial way.


maxwell8tre’s : Photography tips for capturing your finds

Diggin’ Scotland’s Past On YouTube & @ I often get asked questions about my images. The techniques used, what camera I am using etc. Truthfully, I have no ‘professional’ photography experience, and my camera is far from ‘high spec’. I have never taken any lessons on what you should do with a camera – where to point, how to focus, what angle to shoot from. These things, for me, are all just honed personal preference. Over the years, I have of course looked into some online photography sites and picked up pointers here and there, but I have no personal favourite photography tips website I frequent. So what’s the process? How do you get crisp, clear images in the field and at home? Hopefully, I can provide some insight to help you improve your own shots! You will of course need a camera (!) and a tripod is preferred for stability. I have a mini tripod called the ‘Gorillapod’ ( ). It’s got strong magnetic feet and individually ball-jointed legs for any terrain. In The Field

Once you have a find in front of you, resist the temptation to pick it up straight away! The moment when you first see a good find is worth capturing in it’s entirety! You can remind yourself of that moment in times of drought when you need inspiration. A good ‘clod shot’ can look fantastic. Often the deep green patina of a bronze coin, the glint of silver or if you’re really lucky, gold and diamonds looks fantastic in a clod of earth! Frame your shot with the best possible position for the camera, no need to rush it, take your time and you’ll just know when the shot looks ‘right’. It’s all relative – what might be right for you is your own opinion. A square on shot with the find in the middle can look good, or the shot could look exceptional by adopting a diagonal line approach showing the find in sharp focus fading into blur at the back. Either way, the camera at find level on the tripod will help you hone your shot spotting skills effortlessly! It’s worth noting that the more you spend on a camera, more than likely you’ll have better the image stabilization for freehand imaging. The camera I use for all my shots is the Nikon L120 Digital Bridge Camera. It’s a couple of years old now, but with 14MP and some great features, it’s a starter camera that delivers time and again!

45 Loch Lomond Young Farmer’s Club badge. For this shot I adopted the diagonal approach with macro enabled on the camera. Holding the find and halfpressing the camera’s shutter button, I adjusted so that the front of the find was in focus fading away into blur at the back. It adds a little bit of mystery to the find as you can’t truly grasp what it is until shown face on. Good progression for a picture sequence to look back through! A freehand shot utilising Nikon’s image stabilizer in the camera.

Early 1800’s Gold Male Wedding Ring. This shot looked great with the gold ring in the clod right in the middle of the image. The eye is naturally drawn to the glint in the dark earth. Leaving some out of focus background in the shot gives you a feel for the immediate area. A tripod shot utilising the camera’s timer function and a partly zoomed macro setting. If you are unsure how to activate macro on your camera, search online for your camera model or read your manual!

As you can see, it’s all down to taking different angled shots while noting that high zoom levels don’t necessarily guarantee a better shot of the find. Still in the clod and/or slightly out of focus to the back can leave a lot to the imagination while providing all you need to see.

46 Image Processing The shot in the field is never final! Don’t worry about having caught too much background or if the final shot is a bit bright due to the sun, there’s no need to take 5 images of everything until you feel it is perfect. A good photo editor is an essential tool for making your final image look as good as it can. If you capture the find in tight focus, you can make final edits to your image so that only the best of the shot is displayed. Here is an example of a ‘before and after’ editing from my own shots. The difference between these images is quite staggering in my opinion, but I have done nothing more than bring out detail that essentially, is already there. 1865 Queen Victoria One Penny. So what are the steps to achieve this? Personally, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. Admittedly an old version but it does everything I need it to do. Newer versions will have all of the described functions, and undoubtedly more!

47 Firstly, open the image you want to edit then select the following options. I will use a recently found hallmarked by Alexander Strahan, Birmingham, 1921 Sterling Silver piece for this example, providing a tutorial on bringing out detail in your images. (Tutorial #1)

(Tutorial #2) Subtle adjustments of brightness (you can also majorly adjust images that require it) can add a subtle flavour to enhance the image.

Here, (Tutorial #3) by dulling the brightness to -48 and increasing the contrast to +31, I can make the silver hallmark stand out in the dark.

As I said, these adjustments are subtle yet noticeable on a shot like this so now onto more impactful changes! (Tutorial #4) After I’m happy with what I’m seeing, I create a copy of the image. Press OK to set your final adjustment and then ‘CTRL+J’ to create a copy of the image.

This will be called ‘Layer 1’ by default. Just above your ‘Layer 1’ blue highlighted box, there’s a drop down menu that’s set to ‘Normal’ (above), from this menu select ‘Overlay’

This creates a more drastic change in contrast i.e. what is visible in the dark to light transition. We want to filter out the more radical changes however, as this can make your image difficult to adjust in the upcoming steps.

48 From the ‘Filter’ drop down menu, select ‘High Pass’ :

Drag the slider that appears to suit your image, noting that a higher value creates a more drastic, not necessarily better effect. Having clicked on the actual image to select what shows in the smaller ‘preview’ box (below) on the right hand side, I feel that a setting on the ‘Radius’ slider of 33 gives a good increase in shadowing and high point detail. This only affects the selected ‘Layer 1’ as that is the one we have selected hence the reason we can apply a shading filter.


As you can see, this takes away the harsh look that was created by the overlay, while adding a certain charm to the bumps in the hallmarking. If you refer back to the original image at the start, you can really see how we’re shaping up! Once I am happy with the look, I want to make a final adjustment to the image and that is to sharpen the details that you’ve already captured. Firstly merge your two images into one by right clicking on ‘layer 1’ (below) on the right hand side of your screen and selecting ‘merge down’

50 Then select the following from the ‘filter’ drop down menu :

This brings up a handy menu with a preview box again, click on the actual image to display what you want to see in the preview. (Tutorial #7)

51 (Tutorial #9) Here, I’ve zoomed out slightly on the suggested preview area, selected an amount of 90%, a pixel radius of 1.0 and have set the threshold to 0. Basically that’ll mean you’re affecting the entire image and not selective points over a pre-set threshold. The amount of sharpening can be seen quite evidently by left clicking and holding on the small image in the ‘preview’ box, hold for two seconds, release the mouse button and repeat the clicking process to toggle preview on/off. This is a good way to see your changes live, without anything being final. Adjust to your own taste of course but a higher Pixel Radius will highlight small imperfections in the lens and make them stand out, bear that in mind and you’ll have lovely, sharp images without imperfections blighting your hard work! Finally, press ‘CTRL+S’ to save your image in your preferred format. Voila! A lovely contrast adjusted, filtered, sharpened image giving you a polished, professional looking final shot. Before Different images will naturally require different settings, so these tools provide a way to play around with settings and hone your own skills. The image shows considerable improvement in the detail of After hallmarking depth and also brings out the almost thatched pattern in the scratching that covers the surface of this well used little Silver find. Definitely adding character to an item that is worth preserving for all who are interested to see! I hope you have enjoyed this article on how I shoot and edit images and wish you all the best on your hunts and future recording of your historical discoveries!

David Maxwell (maxwell8tre on YouTube) Diggin’ Scotland’s Past –

52 Hello everyone! Have you ever been out treasure hunting and just happen to accidently find something you were not expecting too? Well this sort of thing just so happened to me! " I had been following a new set of old Spanish markers, when low and behold the trail crossed paths with a great prize!" Today I am going to share something special. Brigham Young " Mormon Leader " and treasure. I will also walk you through this site with the clues found and their hidden meanings. This treasure is still intact!

FIG- 3 ( Brigam Young letters deciphered ) FIG- 1 ( Brigam young )

Nearby this next set of clues Notice the spelling carved into were found, giving us more bits the rock has been spelled wrong. of information. This is a great eye catcher! If you take the given information right here with the name and the surrounding clues next to it, " you have your start".

posite. "Meaning entrance". The numbers 111 stands for 3, " 3 nails in christ and the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost". The numbers 88 are also four circles all in opposition, " which also means double Daggers". This refers to an entrance as well.

FIG-4 ( clues )

FIG- 2 ( Brigam young traced)

In this next figure we have the numbers 811188. Explained briefly: First off these are Godly numbers, 8 is infinite and 1 represents God. The numbers 81 and 18 are op-

FIG- 5 (clues - 811188) Here in the next figure we have the letters "P.H.". Not only does the P represent church but when the PH is together it means concealed/hidden entrance or cave


FIG- 6 ( clues P.H. ) Shown in this figure is a letter T laying on its' side and passing through the letter H. " This means Treasure is hidden behind and below. The H takes on two meanings, Ladder ( to climb or descend and a wall).

FIG- 7 ( clues letter T )

FIG- 8 ( KYLE ) FIG- 8 ( KYLE above )

Now with just these few clues that we have gathered, it safe to Just roughly ten feet away, say we can now move forward to "shown in next the figure", a find where this treasure has been carving of a leaf and even a hidden. We can do this by matching the information we have gathered to what can be found. ( Putting the puzzle pieces together.) In this figure we have a tombstone marker. The word KYLE has been used. Above and behind the tombstone is yet another KYLE carved into the cliff face. " This gives us two tombstones". From here we explore this area more closely. NOTE: The date here can not be used, it may have been tampered with. Always remember that dates are not always dates, They are often symbols to be used as clues.

house. The leaf was found to be a clue earlier. But here we have a house as well. If you look at the entrance way into the house you can see that it refers to a shaft. Also note the chimney, " can you

54 ALARM! If you dig here, you will die here. NOTE: I want you to take a close look at how close to the ground this writing is. One can not carve such writing like this. There is no room. It is between cliff face and a large boulder. At one time someone stood there and carved it. During the time the items were being hidden here. When they finished hiding all the items here, they simply pushed debris off from the cliff tops. FIG- 11 ( ALL FOOLS ) We know there is treasure here and if we dig here it will come at see the cross?". This is the House FIG- 10 ( F J ) a great price as well, possibly of God. Or rather something is death. So by taking the clues F stored here in common with the It is very important to pay atten- and J we search back around to church. tion before trying to recover our left. Then look at our infortreasure. In this next figure you mation we have gathered. SomeFIG-9 ( Gold leaf ) can read ( ALL FOOLS REGISthing is hidden or has a double TER HERE ). This is a BIG meaning. In this next figure you will see a pot, shaft symbol, leaf and letters F J. The pot is symbol for entrance to treasure/gold. The leaf is a symbol for Holy gold. The shaft represents entrance. NOTE: It always important to make sure you always gather the needed information!!!!!! The treasure does in fact lay below and under this rock face. But! The letters F and J give new clues. The letter F stands for (cave,entrance). The letter J has two meanings, ( T combined with J ) move around to another spot to find treasure.


comment: I was never searching At last the true entrance has for lost Mormon treasure. In fact been found. In figure 12 there are I was and I still on the trail to the two clues which give another same hidden treasure that led me meaning. ( The I is also for GOD, here. This other treasure is a bit the trinity, which is letter 3, more difficult and will take me which also is a triangle and the longer then 20 minutes to find. arrow points right to it!), ( The I also want to give you all a copy symbol for putty or false wall also of a map that I found at this very gives the best clue, it is drawing same site. It leads to another of the exact spot where entrance treasure. GOOD LUCK! is.) FISH MAP - A FIG-12 ( clues change ) FISH MAP- B FIG-13 ( entrance ) Clues for FISH MAP In my conclusion I just want to



Are you Sure the Signs and Symbols are telling us the Treasure is here?

It’s not here, I am not seeing nothing but grasshoppers!

We have been following this Treasure Trail for 6 counties now and all signs point to this spot, just hush up and keep looking!

Not a Metal Detector or even a Pin Pointer‌ Geeesh!

Temerity Magazine Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2013  

Relic and Treasure Hunters across the Globe have come together with Temerity to bring you this February issue. Metal Detectorists, Picker's...