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upon the type of site, you need to look for signs on the property that can show you where people would have been, or worked. An old house site / foundation which are By: Peter Gill probably the easiest sites to detect, have many spots where activity and therefore finds You have spent a lot of time talking to people would be found. asking them where good sites are for detectUsing your eyes, check out where the house ing. Maybe scanning the area using Google doors and windows would have been these Earth ™ and you have now found a site that are the top spots. Next would be the front looks promising. You have been reading and back pathways, from the street to the newspapers, or looking at photographs of front door, and from the back door to the promising sites, and cannot wait to get the wash line or out-buildings. Try drawing a plan metal detector out to start finding all the of where these structures would have been. treasure the site has to offer. You have done Next plot any out-buildings onto your plan, the research and now want the rewards of the followed by any dump sites that could have hard work of finding the sites. been at the site. Mark out any funny looking

Looking at Sites

You have arrived at the site and now where do you start? Where you start, and the way you detect the site is just as important as the actual detecting.

depressions that lay in the ground indicating that something like pit toilets or wells were situated.

Are there any trees in the yard that would The first thing to do is to “Look”. Depending have been there during the time of occupa-

tion of the house, mark these on the plan also. Look for cut off pipes in the ground indicating wash lines or children’s play equipment and mark these on the plan. If you have used your eyes and drawn out your plan of the site, by now you will know the best parts of the site, and where to start detecting. If the site is a field or a hill, again draw a plan and start walking around looking for places where people would have been. Look for items in fields like pottery or bricks showing where building once stood. Look for trees that you can see are not natural, maybe property boundary trees that the people planted. Are there flowers growing that should not be there? This could indicate old flower beds. Are there any rocks on the hill that have been moved to make space, or for marking out areas of interest? If you look at the photo above, you will see (Continued on page 9)


Oh, and do not forget the wall that is still standing on the backside of the tree. All this boundary trees in the background. There is a is found using the eyes‌ From research, and fence showing the edge of the property. talking to people, it was found that an old There is a single pole showing that a fence shop used to stand on this property; this was there at some time, which tells me that if would explain all the bottle tops and other you make a square out of the fences and the junk associated to a shop where people went trees, it will give you an indication of the size for a quick drink and a chat. A few coins of the property. There is a tree in the middle were found in one small area at the front of which is a gum tree, this not indigenous to the shop indicating the entrance / pathway to the country and so has been planted by some- the entrance. The back of the shop where the one. This tree is also the biggest tree in the sheep are now only gave us clothes peg area showing that it is not part of the normal springs and about 3 coins from a wash line, scenery. Near the tree is a bit of an unnatural and we also found an old garden fork (part of mound, showing some sort of structure that one) in the grass where we could see an inwas on the property. To the right of the tree, dentation to a flower or vegetable patch. you can also see bricks lying on the ground. (Continued from page 8)

Graves at sites can also tell stories about the sites. This lady was a Mother, and dying in 1942 which was during the 2nd world war. Could this be telling us about 2nd world war activity in this area? This would be a question worth asking. If 2nd world war activity was in the area, then we may find some war relics. This could also be a warning to be on the lookout for explosive items. This lady was born in 1910, which if she was born in this area could give us some idea as to

the age of the area, look for other graves which may be from around the same time in history. (Continued on page 10)


(Continued from page 9)

Now is the time to look at the rubbish at a site that may indicate what the history of the site might hold. The junk above is part of a Model T Ford, early 1900’s. Look at other junk and see if it is from the same time period. But remember that this could only be an indication of age to the site, not definite of the time period. Other items

may confirm the time period though, so have a good look around. Just by using your eyes, you will be surprised at the amount of finds that the sites will give out. It definitely pays to know something about the sites you are detecting, than to just walk onto a piece of land and not knowing if anyone has even walked on the land. Imagine detecting for a good couple of hours to find that nothing and no one has ever been there? What a waste of time.

Do the research first, you will be glad that you did, and the finds will show the work you have put into the site. By: Peter Gill

Email: Webpage: YouTube: pgill174 Treasure Hunters Shop:



tion of shared meals. Almost all cookbooks have very good information in the different basic realms needed to prepare recipes to perfection each time. Some of these are how to measure, how to perform the various task, ingredients that may be substituted, cooking temps, tools/utensils and how to use them, etc. These are very important and educational!! Don’t just In addition to the large array of cross flip past them--you will be greatly surcultural recipes the books are also re- prised by the knowledge you can easBy HoarderMart flective of the societal times of the ily obtain and the great benefit this publication, with pictures reflective of will be to further developing your At the Hoardermart Institute we love the meals, the arrangement of food, skills and abilities in the world of to eat, socialize while nurturing the utensils use in preparing/serving and cooking. inner spirit, and reflect upon the his- in some cases dress of the times. The torical references of food and culture. multi-cultural aspects of our country With such, on our journey into the often are unified by the foods of each (Continued on page 13) world of garage sales, we find special culture and enhanced by the socializa-

Cook BookingA Nurturing Journey of Piles Less Traveled at Garage Sales.

joy in the collection of cookbooks offered. On today’s journey we found a rather unique and diverse offering of 23 different cookbooks. Most are large hardbacks with the dust jackets in very good condition, also very good for table books or decorative placements in any kitchen. The total price for all was $6..00.

13 out on one half, the dirty dishes were returned on the other--greatly reducing the number of people needed to We truly believe recipes are fine assist his guest. In addition he greatly guidelines but can be enhanced by enhanced and supported the buffet one’s own creative side. So as you concept of serving where the meal journey through the piles of recipes items were placed on side boards alless traveled take a new path of your lowing guest to pass by and prepare own by altering or adding ingredients! their plates while having light hearted Cooking is a fun and productive time conversation. The socialization, reso make it a very enjoyable experilaxation and time of sharing were ence. Don’t be intimidated by the most important and emphasized by cover or photos or names. As any en- him. The tradition of family mealdeavor it may take a bit of practice time together was once a normal and but truly anyone can cook and cook daily factor of our daily journey--a good!! We find it is also a very fun most important time which should thing to do when we have more than be restored!! one of us cooking. Bring in your Fast foods and fast eating have bespouse, children, best friend--worst enemy perhaps, because food is a uni- come more prevalent it seems and we encourage you to consider reducfying, nurturing and most pleasant ing both in your daily routine.. It part of our daily journey. Set up two seems fast food was not necessarily a to three mini workstations in your new concept, with the first fast food kitchen with a cutting board and a few required items such as measuring restaurant starting back in 1876 in New York, where businessmen were glass, spoons and knife. It is also a enticed to come to this new style of excellent way to socialize and have eatery to get a fast order and stand times of great communication. while eating--save time and work President Thomas Jefferson was not more!! (Continued from page 12)

only a highly rated President, he also was a highly recognized organizer of social events and the importance of enjoying conversations during an unrushed meal. It was his idea to place a rather large “Lazy Susan” in the door frame between the kitchen in dining room to decrease the noise and interruptions to his guest conversations during meal time. The large wheel shape was divided in the middle by a large board. The cooked food came

We could go on and on but enough-time to start the next meal around here. So get out some good pots, the heavy kind not those light ones with the plastic handles, get the good knife out, select your cookbook for the day and go forth with a very enticing preparation to enhance your journey with the piles less traveled. Second Blu, Hoarderologist

14 thought as I grabbed my 16oz. bottle of Gatorade and found myself drinking almost the whole bottle to quench the thirst I had not realized I had. I guess I was too focused on the task at hand to listen to what my body was telling me. I had hoped the Gatorade would assist my condition and allow me to go about the task at hand.

By Chad T. Everson It was July, hot and humid and I was having a hard time getting going. I arrived on the site of the old farmstead about 2pm in the afternoon. Since I was running behind I really had not eaten or drank anything that morning but a Rice Krispy Bar and a can of Coke. It was hot, and after each hole, I felt myself getting ever more slow in my movements. Ok, now to get the full effect of this article please click on this YouTube video link to play the Son’s of the Pioneers Cool, Clear Water in the background as you read the rest of the article!

Well, I retrieved the old wood stove door, pottery, and square snake nails, and covered up that hole. My gut pain had not subsided and despite my Gatorade being gone, when I stood up, I was still dizzy. I went to the pickup to get a cold 12oz. of well water I had in the cooler and without realizing it, in one drink, it was gone. I was covered in sweat and with no wind and that Sun beating down, I could not get cool. I felt like a fish in a dried up puddle. I realized then that I had hydrated too late for the conditions. In fact, the night before I don’t remember having any water, just Coke. I had not prepared for my day by making sure I was well hydrated. Now, I was having some serious warning signs of heat stroke, and my day was over! I needed to pack up and leave and get my core temperature back to normal before it really got serious.

I reasoned with myself that I had yet to get into my day and kept plowing forward. The next hole was promising and the target was larger than my plug. Then, a stomach cramp hit me Luckily, I was able to get home and and as I stood up to man the shovel to create a bigger plug hole, I felt a bit keep hydrating myself so there were not many ill effects. It was interesting dizzy. though. On the way home, I drank The light bulb then began to fire… another Gatorade, and when I got HEAT STROKE! I shook off the home, I cut a lemon, juiced it into a

mason jar, and filled it with well water and drank that. Then I took a nap. I was totally and completely wiped out! The key to what helped me recover pretty fast from this situation was that I recognized my symptoms and hydrated. It was too late to recover and continue my day. I had let myself get into a dangerous pickle, but thankfully, I recognized what had happened, called it a day, and got the liquids I needed. Now, if I would of stayed away from cans of Coke the night before, instead drinking water, Gatorade, tea, or whatever you prefer to hydrate, and had a good breakfast with plenty of liquids, who knows how much better my day would have been? Here are 10 suggestions that Relic & Treasure Addicts should keep in mind during the Hot Summer Days! I pulled these from suggestions from the websites I will link at the end of this article. How do I know if I’m dehydrated? Symptoms of dehydration include:  Little or no urine, or urine that is darker than usual 

Dry mouth

Sleepiness or fatigue

Extreme thirst



Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

No tears when crying (Continued on page 15)

15 Fruit and vegetable juices, milk, and even herbal teas Don’t wait until you notice symptoms Caffeinated drinks like coffee, of dehydration to act. It can be hard tea and soda also can conto recognize when you’re dehydrated, tribute to hydration. Also, especially as you age. Actively prevent caffeine can cause more dehydration by drinking plenty of water. frequent urination, anxiety 1. How do you know you are dehyor jitters! drated? Your fruits and veggies such Urine is dark, little or no as watermelon, tomatoes, urine. lettuce and soup broths Feeling lightheaded or dizzy can assist your hydration! Confusion 4. Some people hate their water’s Headache taste! What can you do? Extreme Thirst I love lemon in my water! A Sleepiness or fatigue fresh lemon wedge or Dry Mouth juice is the best! There is No tears when you cry after also “Simply Lemon” that finding another Pulltab can give your water a pick 2. To stay hydrated how much water up on taste and refreshdo you need to drink daily? ment! Find something like First off, it varies widely from my lemon and add it to person to person. your water! Most say 8-8 ounce glasses per Sports drinks, not energy day. drinks, like Gatorade, are If you’re thirsty, get a drink of not only tasty, but good water or sports drink. for you! The color of your urine will Water has a thousand differtell you how you’re doing. ent tastes and your tap Clear you are hydrated, the water may not get you exdarker the urine, the more cited to take a sip. But dehydrated you may be! don’t count water out! 3. What besides water keeps me hyTry collecting rain water, drated? buy your water at the Water is the best, nothing is store, and look into how better! to flavor your water! You Sports drinks like Gatorade NEED water, but it does can actually be great! Carnot have to taste like arse! bohydrates and electro5. During the hot season of summer, lytes are a nice bonus in it is best to hunt early mornings or Sports Drinks! evenings. (Continued from page 14)

6. Choose shady locations to get yourself out of the direct sunlight. Go to the woods, or tree shaded lanes! 7. It helps if the location has a breeze or air movement. It will keep the bugs almost off you and help your perspiration keep you cool! 8. The hot season is a perfect time to dig deep! Bottle digging especially if you can get a small tent up or be in a shaded and well-ventilated area can be quite enjoyable. The deeper you dig the cooler the earth will keep you even on the hottest of days. However, if you can’t get shade or a breeze, make other plans. 9. Don’t feel guilty not hunting in 90 degree or hotter weather! Your buddies may give you a hard time, but be safe rather than later being very sorry! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can come on quickly and be deadly! 10. Make sure you always bring liquids with you! They are no good in your fridge back home or in a cooler in the vehicle if you are down a hole or a half mile away suffering from the early symptoms of dehydration, heat exhaustion or worse yet, heat stroke! All in all, hydration is always important, but even more so in these hot seasons! You may have more suggestions or stories to share! Please join our growing Grizzly Groundswell over on as you can (Continued on page 16)

16 (Continued from page 15)

share your insight on each article there! Here are some links where I researched this subject. Feel free to dive in deeper and remember always keep your safety as a high priority! Dehydration en/prevention-wellness/food-nutrition/ nutrients/hydration-why-its-soimportant.html

http:// hydrationandfluid/a/ ProperHydration.htm All+About+Cancer/ Cancer.Net+Feature+Articles/ Side+Effects/ The+Importance+of+Hydration

I found Bill Wade on Facebook. He commented on OkieTreasureHunters great photo and I could tell he knew what he was talking about just like Okie. Bill shared with us the story to follow out of his book and OkieTreasureHunter had written a great review of the book. OkieTreasureHunter allowed me to share that review from his great blog here below.

Treasure Hunting

The best treasure hunting blog on the net newsletter/2008-07/drink-up-theimportance-of-hydration

TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2012 ways-to-stay-hydrated-in-hot-weather/ newsbulletin/2003/07/14/ Safety_tip_hydration.html general-information/heat-hydration.htm

http:// hidden-treasures-of-osage-county.html? spref=fb

It's been a long time since any new treasure book concerning Oklahoma has been published and it has been a great honor to read and review a book written by Bill Wade. Hidden Treasures of Osage County, Oklahoma is a

collection of stories ranging from Spanish treasure to 1930's gangsters. A few of the stories I was familiar with, but even then Bill would add some additional information that I wasn't aware of. His insight into the treasure tales of Osage County can only come from a person who has spent years living in the area, researching, and talking with the oldtimers that unfortunately are no longer around. Though only vague directions and details are given for most of these stories a serious treasure hunter could in fact put themselves on the trail to hidden fortunes with (Continued on page 17)

17 (Continued from page 16)

Bill myself on that day.

some additional research. I can Bill Wade also relate to how hard it is to 1324 Canary Drive write about treasure and not give Pawhuska, Ok. 74056 so many details away that some other hunter swoops in and makes the find themselves. It wouldn't be treasure hunting if all the information is gift wrapped and handed to the reader. Another thing I really enjoy about this book is how Bill brings to the forefront an often overlooked part of the Sooner States history, "the Spanish".. These great explorers were traveling through and mining for mineral wealth in Oklahoma for centuries. I have documented a number of sites myself and look forward to a visit with Bill to take a look at his part of the state. I may even let him know about an area to the east of me in McClain County.

Here is a story from Bill’s Book! STAGECOACH SPILL By Bill Wade

As was common at the time, just after the turn of the century and well into the 1920s, the Osage Indians received their quarterly head right royalty payments in the form of cash. Payments were made at Pawhuska and for the most part with silver dollars. Bill is selling the book for $12 One story is that of two Osage and $4 shipping. It's well worth couples who together hired a stage in the price. For those who would Hominy. They rode to Pawhuska like to meet Bill and get an auto- where they received their money and graphed copy he has a tentative spent some time shopping in the date set for a book signing at the stores. During the day it had rained Osage County Historical Museum enough for the runoff to cause the in Pawhuska on April 14th 2012 creeks to rise. On the return trip to from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. If I can get Hominy they had to cross a few of free I think I'll make a trip to see these creeks. All went well until they

reached Birch Creek near Wynona. Here the driver underestimated the power of the current and in the midst of the crossing the coach overturned. The two couples and the driver escaped without serious injury, but the contents of the coach were spilled out into the creek. Some of the money was found still inside the coach and later some more was recovered from the creek bed, but to this day several hundred silver dollars are still there, strewn along the bottom and buried in the rocks, gravel, and mud. One has to find the stage trail or wagon road to Hominy from Pawhuska, locate the ford on Birch Creek, and seek out the landowner for permission, but even then there are no guarantees. I thank Otis Ikenberry for this story he learned from his father.


Hello allFor many years now I am approached quite often about my knowledge in the ANCIENT treasure areas. As to which I find myself relating to one or many tales of treasures to be found. Not only are they my stories, but also valuable information. Which may or may not, help the eager treasure hunter find his gold and glory. Today I sit here pondering on just where I should begin. As there are so many things I have to share. Share being a key word here. As so many treasure hunters take their (maps, knowledge, ideas, finds, and so forth) to the grave with them. Thus, leaving the next guy to somehow figure it all out on his own, and the odds of that are slim to none.

So a little about me: They call me Cowboy Bart in the treasure community. I began my quest for treasure back in the 80's. It started out with noticing strange/odd/out of place things while out fishing, camping, and even just driving down some now forgotten road. Since then, I have collected over a thousand symbols with the meanings behind them as well as taken over five thousand photos of symbols, maps, markers, gods, treasure, follow points, etc. I have also written several journals on ANCIENT sites. I have compiled and written two books. (The Hand of God and a handbook dealing with symbols, ciphers, codes, and maps). I have also unlocked the secrets in finding such places dealing with early Aztec, early Mayan, the bird culture, Jes-

uit and of course, Spanish. I do hope that what I share within my article will aid many of you in your own quests.

Double Daggers: Double daggers can consist of many different designs. But they must always consist in a group of four. They can be triangles, squares, circles, swords, daggers, faces, and the list continues on. The Ancient reasoning behind this comes from many different cultures, yet all have the same basic thought and meaning behind them. For Spanish, the double daggers are in comparison to the four buttons that many had on the front of their pants. In other cultures it refers (Continued on page 19)


(Continued from page 18)

things to sustain us.

to a gateway/entrance/doorway to another world. Setting all of this for The rock on the left also shows a thought, they mean the same thing. A happy face. The smile refers to the place of opening, more commonly bottom of the cliff that lies directly used, "a doorway". behind the camera view. One example, Fig. 1, of what double daggers can look like. Here we can see In Figure 3 I have traced out more 4 circles. These circles are opposites as well. Two are carved into stone and information. The bread box also has a set of eyes. Giving you clue as to the two are carved out of stone. direction to look. The rock on the right of Fig. 2 has more meaning. It is also a bread box. “Man does not live by bread alone.� This tells us that we also need other

The rock on the left has a circle carved around the two round indented circles. This means an entrance or cave is nearby.

Now the last bit of information is shown here in Figure 4. Here the rock on the left shows two more lines between the circles. This also means an entrance or doorway hides not far from here.

One can always find enough information once they take the time to really look at what is available. Even here at this spot, if time had weathered the rocks, there would still be enough information to find what lay hidden. Just a short 15 paces away a cave was (Continued on page 21)


21 (Continued from page 19)

found at the bottom of the cliff hidden beneath two large flat rocks.

Here are a few symbols which may help you.

The letter “F”: This letter means cave. Always go in the direction of the open part of the F. When doing this you must go directly toward the lowest area or the highest area. This depends on which way the F is facing.

The letters “P.C.”: When you find these two letters you must look for the eye. It should be real close to these letters. That’s where you want to be.

The letters “A M”: These two letters are placed for protection. Auspice Mary, the Holy Mother. These can be found on the trail or route as you come nearer to possible riches.

Cowboy Bart.


The first time I ever heard of Chad Hurst (or anyone like him) was thru a mutual friend. I was throwing down my best “VintageFetcher” sales pitch, and she said she knew this guy who dug bottles. I’m not really the bottle guy, so I had no frame of reference on the subject. The best pickers will tell you, channels are everything. I needed a bottle guy. “He digs out crappers!” She exclaimed. I stood in silence, because, well, how do you follow that? I politely inquired what plumbing company he worked for,

but oh, no, there were no such pleasantries involved. This was all about the dirt. Well, maybe 80-20..

dumps along the Ashtabula River in Northeast Ohio when he was about 10 years old.

Chad digs privies. A privy is an outdoor toilet. The Office. The outhouse. I had never heard of anything like it.

“I chose digging privies at a very young age. I wasn’t finding the quality and aged glass I was interested in. I had heard at bottle shows about people digging up old privies and I was able to hook up with Chad via social-networking and kinda finding very early American glass. My tag along with him over the past cou- first privy dig was about 25 years ple of months. I got to peek down the ago.“ hole and get all sorts of questions anWho knew privies swered about privy diggin’. It’s the begat “quality?”.. last subject I expected my first article to be about, and I’m honored it is. Chad began digging bottle

(Continued on page 24)


24 (Continued from page 22)

hunting is totally out of control. My wife never gives me a hard time about going. She likes to finger and take my finds that catch her eye. She also complains that our house looks like a thrift store. Glass and stoneware is pretty much everywhere throughout my house “ Chad says.

The nagging question for me in this experience was always the “how.” “How do you know what Chad not only digs out the houses had privies? How do you privies, but there are specific glass and know where to dig? How do you get bottle types he looks for “down the permission?” hole.” I associated outhouses with “I collect early American bot- the country. Apparently, I couldn’t tles and flasks. I look for rare colors have been more wrong. “Suitable or lots of crudity to the glass. My col- properties to dig are pre 1870 in the lection consists of bottles ranging inner city, “ he says. “Houses located from the 1760’s to about 1865. I col- outside of cities had acreage which lect Boston and Sandwich pressed means they had dump piles. City lots glass as well.” are smaller and there wasn’t room for What was then a hobby, was dump piles. 8 out of 10 people let me just the beginning. Its well-known dig their property” So everything got throughout Chad’s family that he has “flushed?” And they DON’T mind a a passion for digging. 10 foot hole? “My parents think my treasure

When asked about buried

treasures, Chad states “My best dug bottle went for over $12,000, but most digs produce common bottles. In the past I dug for the money, but that put a lot of pressure on the digging. Now, I just add to my collection. I would describe myself as a collector, very picky on crude examples. I collect what I like regarding eye appeal, even if the bottle is not valuable. If it has crudity, I will collect it.” I really enjoyed getting to know Chad. It continues to befuddle me just how and why these items were down a privy. Some of the items are works of art. I just cant see the day that someone said “Throw that down the hole.” Or the day someone said, “I wonder what's down THERE?” Scott McVey, aka TheVintageFetcher, is an antiques and collectibles buyer in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a video blogger on YouTube where he chronicles his experiences as a day to day picker





You are cordially challenged to become apart of the 2013 Temerity Magazine Relic and Treasure Calendar.

I am looking for photos of you out on the hunt or in the field. Photos of your finds, your equipment or of your This is a call for your photos to creation. Essentially we are be submitted for consideration going to be creating a calento be published in the first of its dar you can place in your Grizzly Den, look at it each kind calendar of our Temerity day and be inspired to go out Magazine authors, readers and and dig up the good stuff ! supporters. Send your submissions into Before Oct. 20th, 2012.

So I should not need to say it but this is not just for metal detectorists, this is for all the relic and treasure hunting addictions. Make sure your fa-

vorite relic and treasure hunt is represented! I pray this is the first of many calendars that we will be creating so I hope you want to be present and accounted for in this first offering. While only one or perhaps more will be chosen for each month, others will be added on the days of the week so that more can get in on the fun. (Continued on page 29)

29 and treasure hunts. You just We have one issue left in 2012, never know what you will learn I am also looking for short or discover if you have the Teour November issue. Subwords of inspiration, humor mission deadline is Oct. 20th merity to dig up the past. or tips and suggestions that I the same date and email as Theodore Media LLC that owns can include sprinkled the call for calendar submis- Temerity Magazine will be comthroughout to inform, enter- sions. Don’t miss out in be- ing out with more fun products tain and inspire all of us to do coming a part of something I pray you will want to own, colit again day after day so that really special! lect and gift to your friends, we can get great photos for family, and that hunting buddy If you would be so gracious the second installment the that has everything but one or to gift Temerity Magazine 2014 calendar. more of our products. with much needed funds Calendars will be available to please use the PAYPAL but- Well, you still have plenty of purchase and all sales will ton found on the bottom of time to snap that perfect March benefit the promotion of Te- almost every page. Or just Calendar photo! Get out there merity Magazine as it lifts up send a note and the gift with your temerity and dig up its great authors with each through paypal to the good stuff! issue. ***Disclaimer**** Depending on the submis(Above email is not checked regularly Submission does not guarantee sions and our great Temerity but is connected to the PayPal account. So please send submissions to inclusion in this or any TheoMagazine readers and authors have never let me down, only, dore Media LLC product. thanks!) While we try to include everyI am assured that this first one and everything in our prodcalendar will be one to cher- Calendars will be available to purchase in December 2012 and ucts, sometimes things just don’t ish. work out. So accept my apology will run from January to DeAll photos used in previous in advance, but that being said, I cember 2013. Temerity Magazine issues are can not remember any submisI almost forgot! Please send in automatically submitted to sion not being utilized in one your What’sits? Photo’s as well. this calendar as those great way or another. I am just coverI am toying with the idea of derelic and treasure hunters ing my bases here! LOL! voting a whole or at least a day a with the temerity to share month to What’sits? If your like Chad T. Everson Editor & Owner their passion for this great Theodore Media LLC & Temerity Magazine me, I enjoy researching the relic and treasure addiction get precedent to be included What’sits we find on our relic (Continued from page 28)

in this project.

30 sun was just starting to peak up over the horizon and the air was uncomfortably sticky like a typical summer’s day in the South. The weather forecasters on the local TV always called it A Triple H Day- Hazy, Hot, and Humid. It would be a truly unpleasant after a few hours.

loose. He added the final instructions to them of “make damn sure that you close every gate. I don’t want to spend half the damned night chasing cattle”. And he added” stay off the lawn at my house. My wife has a shotgun” chuckling beneath his breath. With these instructions and the image of a mad housewife with a loaded They were on their way to a large shotgun pointed at them they moved farm and woodland area that had never been hunted by any other metal towards the wooded area on the property as far from the house as they detectors but would be by theirs on could get. By Fred C. Dobbs this day. It was a rare chance in this urban area where parks and playWhen they entered the woods they Frank pulled up to the curb in front of Bobby’s dark house. Bobby grounds were the first choice of any- ran across an ancient dump site. In one that got their first detector and the early morning summer sun, the was supposed to be up and have his swarms of hunters followed each bull- distinctive glint of green, purple, and equipment ready to go. It was paindozer like birds looking for worms cobalt blue glass twinkled through the fully obvious that Bobby had yet again ignored his alarm clock and laid behind a plow. Their trip would take leaves and other debris. his head down for more sleep despite them more than an hour to finally end “Let’s dig some bottles” said an up on a dirt farm road in territory unhis pledge to Frank to be ready. After excited Bobby. known to them. a few minutes, Frank went to the “Sherman, we came here to detect door with his fist making more noise The truck bounced down a well not dig bottles. Besides that whole than any alarm clock that could be rutted road that was so dusty because area is covered with poison ivy. I’ll imagined. Rubbing his eyes and half of a lack of rain that summer. But the bet that it won’t take five minutes to dressed, Bobby finally answered the forecast called for chance of thunder find the first Copperhead either. But, door. storms as the heat built up during the if you really want to, go ahead. I course of the day. They arrived at the won’t stop you” suggested Frank well “Come on in Frank” said Bobby owner’s home an hour after he had while motioning with his hand. knowing ahead of time what Bobby’s expected them. reply would be with the mention of “You did it again Bobby” said an “I see that you finally made it” snakes, poisonous ones at that. He obviously irritated Frank. chided the farmer. added “We’ll come back in the fall “I know, I know. Have a seat. I’ll after deer season is over”. “Sorry “replied Frank be ready in a couple of minutes. “I guess that you are right, let’s detect “Answered Bobby while trying not to “Well, you only cost me an hour’s instead” Bobby said sheeplook Frank in the face. delay in my chores” proclaimed the ishly. Fifteen minutes later the truck fi- farmer. They started to hunt the nally started to roll away from the He gave them a hand drawn map curb in front of Bobby’s house. The

of the property and turned them

(Continued on page 31)

31 made their way to the truck, careful to avoid the shotgun totting housewife woodland. The finds were few but and silently drove to Bobby’s house Disappointed, tired, and hot, they not terribly bad. A large cent, then a with broad smiles on their faces demoved back towards the truck. But seated dime. But the best part was nature had other plans. There was an spite the heat, humidly, and haze. The that there was little trash except for approaching thunderstorm that could splitting of the money didn’t take long the occasional shotgun shell base and offer some relief to the oppressive and Frank went home. the inevitable 22 casing. After an hour weather. Frank’s wife greeted him as he enor so they sat down beneath a big oak They took shelter in an abandoned tered the house with “You look hot.” tree to take a breather from the opsharecropper’s house they they stum- To which he replied “Baby, you just pressive heat and humidity. Frank don’t know how hot I really was tobled upon. No windows left, but it shared his canteen of water with day” with the broad smile still on his Bobby as he had left this own canteen had a roof. It was what was called in face. They sat down and the whole in the truck as it had happened many the south “a shotgun house”. That is story of heat, humidity, and currency a house that is constructed simply so times before. that when you went in the front door was retold in all the details even down After a quarter of an hour the you went thru successive doors from to the smallest straight pin, which hunt started again. Within ten feet of room to room until you went out the Frank pulled from his shirt pocket the tree, Bobby’s detector moved wrapped inside an old piece of flowback door. With all the doors open across a very strong signal. He dug ered wallpaper. you could literally fire a shotgun down to find a steel box formed from through the house without hitting any Author’s disclaimer: The names have quarter inch steel with a hasp and part of the house. been changed to protect the innocent rusty old padlock attached to the and facts altered to simulate the truth. They sat down on the floor of the welded on hasp. A few quick shakes produced a rattling noise from some- living room, leaning against the wall. Be sure and read the next Adventure Bobby jumped up as if a spider had of Fearless Frank and Bobby. thing inside. bitten him. After Frank checked his Episode Four “ Come on Frank. I got someback he found instead the remains of thing” yelled Bobby. a straight pin. A closer examination of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Between Frank and Bobby hey the wall revealed some of the flowers managed to break the hasp. It yielded on the faded and peeling wallpaper rather than the padlock which still had pins stuck in them. Frank decided remained as secure as the day it was to pull off a section of the wallpaper locked. that was loose. Underneath the paper, “I can’t wait to open it” yelled an exactly where the pin had been was a 10 dollar bill. It did not take them excited Bobby. long to remove the remaining wallpa“Well, go ahead. You found it” of- per and harvest several pieces of old fered Frank. large “blanket” bills saw the sunlight for the first time in many years. The hinges finally gave in to the prying from Bobby’s shovel. But inAfter the rain stopped they quickly (Continued from page 30)

side it was just rust that made the noise that had so excited Bobby.


Hello all, Some of ya’ll may know me from my YouTube channel Southern Style Pickin’. Well, sorry to say I’ll soon be deleting the channel and moving on to bigger and better things. When one door closes another bigger and better opens. Over the past couple of months I’ve been creating my own healthy snack food company Adam’s All Natural™. This opportunity arose from a school business competition I got involved in, and I’m very grateful I did. I’ll soon be going to New York City in October to pitch my business to a panel of judges in hopes to take home the big prize. Our flagship product is entitled Cajun Crunch™. This healthy and all natural trail mix blend consists of: whole grain cereals, nuts, dried fruits, and spices. This product has many health benefits such as: providing more whole grains in the daily diet, lowering cholesterol, helping to boost metabolism, and assisting in the process of digestion. Locals in the area LOVE this product and we’re currently in the process of applying to our local community farmers market. You may ask yourself, “Why choose Adam’s All Natural™ over other healthy snacks?” The answer is that people will only eat healthy food if it

tastes great and they love the product, and by ers, can make purchase inquiries. far, Adam’s All Natural™ is definitely the Adam’s All Natural where “Healthiness better tasting option. Equals Happiness™” This business has changed my life and I want You can find out more about me perto share it with the world. Being in this publi- sonally and get a direct link to our cation is a big step toward that and I’m very Facebook fan page & grateful to have the support of so many great Twitter at: people. I’ll follow up with Chad as soon as I’m fully operational so you, the faithful read-


I found Kenny on Facebook and soon struck up a friendship. I asked Kenny to consider submitting an article for Temerity Magazine and he must of scratched his head. This retired law enforcement officer, business owner and part time police officer for Cadott, Wisconsin Police Department, also hunts relic and treasure and is president of his local metal detecting club, “Three Seasons Treasure Hunters, LLC.” I don’t know where he finds the time and yet he still manages to get out metal detecting almost every evening.

The Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC was asked by Rusty Volk, Northern Wisconsin State Fair Admin if our club would be interested in putting a booth in the Northern Wisconsin State Fair this year. I have been hunting the fair grounds for years and keep finding old coins and jewelry here.

I will also send you pictures of this repair. I will be sending other pictures of the fair grounds and some of our hunts. Let me know if I can be of more service. Thank You'

Kenny Briggs I set up a schedule for our club President Three Seasons Treasure members to work 4.5 hour shift for Hunters LLC the 5 days of the fair July 11th Chippewa Falls, WI. 15th.

I will be sending other photos of past hunts that we have done on Well, Kenny did not let the readers of the fair property. Our Club also Temerity Magazine down. He has a repaired some damage that other great metal detecting club and one detectorist did earlier this summer. that I think could be a template for We brought in a load of black dirt, every metal detecting club out there. grass seed and water and repaired some of the damage. Our club Kenny sent me this letter with a plans to make this a yearly thing bunch of great photos that I will share with you at the end of this arti- so we can continue to hunt on the fair property. cle.

Kenny leads a very active metal detecting club and is a real Godsend to his community. Here are some of the other fun things the group does each year!

We do Earth Day in April, Adopt A - Highway in May, I do History Day in May at the local High School, We have our open hunt the (Continued on page 34)

34 (Continued from page 33)

first weekend of June, We have the Northern Wisconsin State Fair which just got over today, and we have Pure Water Days in August. Our next regular meeting the first Thursday of each month starting in Oct again I try and get speakers to come to the meetings to keep things interested. We have our Club Banquet the first Thursday in Dec. where we hand out awards. My wife and I run our lock business, Chippewa Valley Lock and Key LLC, and I'm also a part time Police Officer for Cadott, WI. Police Department

Retired Deputy Sheriff of Chippewa County.








I tested out this new detector today from Wildgame Innovations. it was called the Swamp Series MX200 Ground EFX Metal Detector. Well, I did not have high expectations as I'm a firm believer in that you get what you pay for and this was a sub 200 dollar model.

saw that work well on any detector, kind of like taping a coin to the bottom of your buddies coil as a practical joke.). The grip is hard plastic and not comfortable at all. The screen is mono gray scale and hard to see. The programming levels leave a lot to be desired as it is basic at it's core functionality.

The Pros Its sensitivity was not to bad at its highest level I was digging targets at 5 to 7 inches down. The air test was pretty good and I got a solid 10 inches on it and it did identify basic coins. The back light was blue and made the readings pretty easy on the The Cons eyes. The over all design was pretty cool The headphones plug into the side of the as you can see in the picture. The Orange handle rather than the rear. I kept pulling color helped if you ever misplaced it. it out during testing. The housing head was able to be toggled back and forth and The unit sports two Key features Water if you push the head down all the way resistance and GPS which appeared to when putting it away the unit turns on work pretty good. It even has 10 way due to the fact that it's head presses points. down on the grip area and this in turn presses the power switch. The Coil while The bottom line, it is an iron magnet. I having a neat looking design also has 4 dug a lot of nails showing as quarters metal screws to hold it in place (never even while adjusting the sensitivity. You The unit's shaft design is very close to Minelab's explorer series. As a matter of fact the unit is able to use a Minelab battery, lol..The cam locks are very similar in placement and operation.

can notch out iron but, they still came through as quarters anyway. The unit works ok on the sand as a coin finder for the beginner and that's where this unit will shine. Remember your first detector probably was on par with this one as an advanced radio shack style unit. On the plus side it can help you find your way back home should you get lost. I would not recommend this to Intermediate or advance users, strictly for beginners.

I will place this detector at 1.5 stars out of 5. Jessie MrMetalDetector Nor’Easters Metal Detecting Club



June’s List

This month the entries are from all over. Germany, Australia, England, and the US to include Palmer, Alaska. Many types and interests are represented. Give them a chance and a look.                

DeepDiggerDan AussieDetecting ErlefromVa dtd2569 1981copey Wesnvirginia Pondguru Motonancj Jacktreasurehunter DiggnNDumps corser888 archeodigger Ymmijfeed RecoveringRelics ringfinder1962 btech2112

July’s List

August’s List

July is a hot month here in the US as well as in England and Europe, and fall in Australia. Here is another selection of channels for you to view and subscribe if you like. Give them a chance.

Check out the variety of channels with something for everyone. Watch and enjoy. There are both seasoned veterans as well as newcomers.

               

quebecdetect John24gold ArcturanMegadonkey Alwaysseekingsilver sidnallie47 Digginrings MegaPsychoDave Martelnews Coinrelicdownunder mdotv1 chihene 805digger 805DigDug Allaboutdetecting findersRkeepers HuntToThril

               

agmcg81 MrPulltab Iowanmetaldetector keithie6 ashenaya CBJ15 Jannufi silverhunter61 goes4ever oldfredsshed LostinSweden68 Digginrings silverhunter61 sscindercoop cromwell13649 CladCoin


Catching a bug with a fever. By Robert Biggs Being successful at prospecting isn't easy, an inexperienced prospector can be in the right spot they would want to be in and not even see or find any gold to amount to much at all. For the most part, the average prospector only deals with fine particles of gold and they can be hidden very well by mother nature. The amount you would have to find per day to make a decent wage is becoming more and more likely as the price of gold climbs. At $1600 per ounce a penny weight is $80. 1/20th of one ounce which is a very small amount of gold flake, of which is fluently found in vast areas rich enough to now make small scale mining profitable. The Earth is a complicated globe but semi predictable. Mother nature wasn't shy at where she wanted to place things, she was pretty much in a furry and merely swirled the minerals

throughout the planet in a multitude of repeating fractal fashions. So having "GOLD" in your area is highly likely. Governor Schwarzenegger had it right when he said "GO FOR THE GOLD ITS OUT THERE CALIFORNIA !" , but its in your area too and its out there waiting ! There are allot of rules and regulations that go with prospecting, so do not overlook any of them, especially about the time you want to get serious. trust me its worth knowing the perimeters at which one can operate safely. And YES all the good spots are claimed up....once you start doing your footwork in the field and in the appropriate lands office, looking at available areas to claim, you will have noticed most likely, that there are areas of available claiming and or prospecting on, between claims and adjacent to most claims, that are just as rich as they are. So don't fall for the "if you can find 1" one liner. The more you do your homework, the easier it gets. All claims should be posted with a valid claim form which has its legal description pointing to its corners which will aid you in your search for

an area unclaimed. If your unsure you can ask the appropriate agencies for help with the claim maps, in deciding whether or not your plan needs a permit and as well as but not limited to all claiming information.. In most instances the small scale miner does not need a permit, but always check first. Be safe and always follow respective prospecting etiquette. Were in this together and it works better if we could just all get along. First step at pursuing a high fever is picking a great "GOLD" recovery system for the removal of your gold from your material. A great recovery system is extremely important. Not to mention the simplest and cheapest one as possible, as well at first, then who knows prospecting can truly be a prosperous adventure. A "Gold" spiral wheel, the Blue bowl, A trammel, mineral jig and the concentrating table is a short list of some of the different varieties of concentrators that are nearly automatic "GOLD" concentrators. Everyone should acquaint themselves with the variety of everything to become comfortable with the system they choose. Links attached at the bottom for you to browse thru are a few I am recommending and there's allot of information out there with tons of videos so do a little research on line or get demonstrations at your local mining supply store before picking a system. One can also get a guest pass to participate at any group event, with almost all the prospecting associations. So if you know any of them, hit them up, The New 49ers, GPAA and The LDMA are just a few, they love to share knowledge to help you succeed ! Not to mention its also possible you might want to join one of these groups. For example; I'm picking the Spiral wheel for a recovery system. The wheel does require screening the material before processing it thru the wheel. Its simple easy to set up with minimal variables to control. It has its limits of the amount of material you can process, but, so does the small scale prospector. The wheel can extract your clean free gold hourly so you will know right away how your doing. Speed and quantity are factors but a sim-


ple quality method will prove itself many times over. If you were just starting out and only had enough for a spiral wheel, buckets, screens, a 12 volt RV battery w/ charger, (solar is a plus), gold pans, magnet, sucker bottle, gold vial and a shovel you would have a first class gold recovery system. This is a basic system but a proven system. I would consider this type system as being the first thing I would invest in and operate it in the field for awhile before upgrading. It really does a great job ! I started dredging in 1981 and always found that this method to work great in small streams, picking bedrock and high banking Hopefully the area and the material you pick are rich in gold for its easier to recover than to discover. Eventually you will find an area that will meet your needs. This is an issue we all deal with and I found out the hard way. As easy as I could put gold bearing material in my gold pan I could put it right back in the river and never see it. The easiest feasibility starts with panning, and if you can find a few small particles panning, it just may be worth your time to investigating the base material further. When deciding where to prospect always keep in mind that gold is heavy and it travels in the path of least resistance and is in heavier concentrations close to and on bedrock. Having decided on material to process its time to put the wheel to use. The least you touch the gold bearing material, with

your hands or equipment the better. Always keep a clean and oil free environment, remembering to thoroughly wash all your concentrating equipment. The most basic method is to fill your buckets with your gravel/material and screen to 3 different grades the finest being the first to immediately process thru the wheel. (Screens, ones designed to fit a five gallon bucket for convenience, two different sizes, a #2 and a #30,meaning squares per square inch, you may find there are several to choose from, but something similar to these two in squares per square inch size will be sufficient for your needs.). All the material that passes through the #30 screen can now be processed through the wheel at a relaxed tilt, and at this point you should be able to pan the other two sizes safely with-out losing any "GOLD". The relaxed tilt will allow for the wheel to easily separate the gold, black sands and other heavier concentrates out of your material. Once you have completed the first process of running all your fines thru the wheel do a quick wash out of the wheel, and rerun your concentrate thru the wheel, this time at a steeper setting as to not allow any black sands to climb the steps to the center of the wheel. As you practice you will find that the wheel is easy to adjust the tilt. Your first setting of the wheel should of allowed the heaviest material to pass first, hopefully being just clean free gold ready to be placed in a vial, set it to the side and, relax the tilt by one revelation wait for a few minutes for the wheel to process the concentrate and take the heavier material the wheel separated from your concentrate again to another pan for a little finer processing, If necessary to remove a few black sands via a magnet and/or a sucker bottle, but

this material should be nearly clean placer gold as well for the most part or your not letting the machine do the work for you. As you continue to do this process you will agree with me I'm sure that you've successfully started a great recovery system that will in turn help you to be successful at catching the gold bug with a fever that just set in . Its easy to save all your different stages and reprocess to see where if any you have lost any amounts worth paying attention to . This is a very basic system for a small scale prospector, but one that will allow for a successful small scale mining opera-

tion. If there is gold there your going to find it and be able to prove it !

Browse-able links: A good link on the Keene Wheel v=ryJQANNHE1M The new 49er club/ Promack Mining/ Dave McCracken.... DAVES MY HERO ! Goldfield puts out a great product... I like the mineral jigs....

Goldfield Engineering Co. - Gold Recovery Equipment

46 “as it was found near the bottom of a canyon it is presumed to mean” to move up the canyon. Looking above and below these markings you can see two distinct almost horizontal lines “the one above is layered and is thicker than the one below”. (This indicates a lower smaller ridge and a higher larger ridge.)

Hello again! In this article I am going to discuss Hearts. It seems everyone is always going on and on about Hearts. Hearts are always a big topic, “although not one of my favorites”. The reason behind this is: Treasure Hunters always argue over the Heart and its’ true meanings. Fig. 1 In the previous article in this issue, I spoke of “Auspice Mary”. As we can clearly see the letters “A M”, here in this photo. The letters “A M” are placed inside the Heart as protection over a site. This site most likely did or still does contain treasure. “Only because of the importance of the Auspice Mary having been

placed within the Heart” as shown here. There is also more information presented here that often goes over looked. The straight line carved next to the Heart indicates the direction. In this case

Standing Heart: Fig. 2 This Heart is almost four feet high, it was cut from the same slab of stone that you can see directly behind it. In the top center of this Heart there is a Half Moon groove, which was also cut out. The Half Moon groove is meant to be used as a sight hole. Fig. 3 “When standing behind this Heart as you look through

(Continued on page 47)


(Continued from page 46)

the Half Moon groove” an area of flat ground now draws attention. Fig. 4 In this area another Heart can be found “seen here in Fig. 5 on next page”. By gathering this information, “The Half Moon carved into the Standing Heart and with the pattern of the Heart, we now need to move to higher ground somewhere above the Patterned Heart”.

(Continued on page 48)

48 Not too far from the Standing Heart and the Patterned Heart another Heart was found, “as shown in the next photo Fig. 6�. Here the dreaded Broken Heart was photographed. (Meaning a trap is presently in the area). After spending a few hours carefully looking around, (We were able to locate a few more symbols carved on the underside of a large slab of rock). These symbols were falsely placed indicating treasure and Spanish nobil-

(Continued on page 49)


ity. “The intentions of this trap are to entice digging, causing a large landslide, capable of wiping out an entire party of men”. In this next illustration, I have drawn out symbols for the Kings 5th,”Rectangles with a Hearts in each lower corner”. Fig. 7

A: More than one of the Kings Treasure is nearby. B: Road/trail to the Kings Mine. C: The Kings Treasure is hidden in cave nearby. D: There are two of the Kings Treasures nearby.

NOTE: Nearby can be up to about eight miles in distance from these symbols. There will be more signs and Each of these symbols, are clues symbols to lead you there.

to different information a Treasure Hunter should know.


Temerity Magazine Volume 2 Issue 3 August 2012  

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