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Avoid Kitchen Fires With A Correctly Maintained Hood System Thousands of fires happen annually in restaurants. With the proper hood system and other precautionary measures, most of these fires are preventable. In addition to making certain that your kitchen staff is well trained on appropriate safety measures, there are many other things you can do to minimize the risk of your restaurant becoming a statistic. Cleanliness Is Very Important While cooking, grease can build up in a number of places around your restaurant’s kitchen. A large number of the fires that take place annually do so due to grease. A good way to limit the chance of grease fires is to ensure that the grease traps are adequately maintained and cleaned and that hood vents are not clogged with oily debris. You also should train your staff on keeping those areas that happen to be more prone to grease buildup clean. They should also be clear of other potentially flammable materials. Carefully keep an eye on the staff’s maintenance of the kitchen and create a cleaning schedule if necessary. Fire Safety Instruction Helps If a staff member isn't aware of the importance of using the exhaust system, or adhering to other safety measures, they won’t be inclined to do so. Therefore, it is very important ensure that your staff is educated about what to do if a fire does take place and ways to avoid them. A properly trained staff can decrease fire damage and help prevent injuries from taking place. Mandatory fire safety training courses are essential. Your team can learn everything they need to know and you can also pick up on some helpful tips if you have a professional instructor leading the class. It is important that these tips are implemented. Follow through with your staff members periodically to ensure they are incorporating fire safety into their everyday work life. Equipment Upkeep Maintenance of your equipment expands beyond the day-to-day care that your kitchen staff offers. Equipment such as your hood system has to be serviced by a professional service frequently. Suggested times for servicing your equipment can be found in the support documentation furnished with each piece of equipment. The roof of your business may be one critical element of your equipment that you forgot about. The grease vapors from your kitchen are pushed through a fan that comes out through the roof via the exhaust hood system. A greasy exterior on your roof that could become a fire danger may develop over time. You'll require a containment system as well as maintenance for it; speak with your equipment dealer about it. Remember the Financial Side of Your Business When you run a dining establishment, at times the fact that it is actually a financial investment may Hoodmart

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Avoid Kitchen Fires With A Correctly Maintained Hood System possibly slip from your mind. When this happens, certain facets of keeping up your investment may begin to slip. A financial loss may occur if your business does experience a fire so keep this in mind if you want to avoid issues. You're far more likely to ensure that your employees are doing their job, your business is well equipped, and all your equipment is correctly cleaned when you are mindful. When it is time to make purchases for your restaurant, look at them as an investment in your business’s future. Spending a little bit more on a good ventilation system can ultimately help save more in the long run. It's possible to keep your restaurant safe from fires, but it is a full-time activity. With the correct amount of diligence and high quality equipment, you can ensure your business is running safely for years to come. Thousands of fires happen annually in restaurants. With the proper hood system and other precautionary measures, most of...

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Avoid Kitchen Fires With A Correctly Maintained Hood System