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Portfolio 2019 Selection of personal, professional and academic work ThĂŠophile Corbier Architect

THIS IS A TRUE PORTFOLIO. The projects depicted in this book took place at school, at home, and at Constructo’s office during the last 3 years. At the request of the author, the texts have been cut to simplify the reading. Out of respect for the document, the rest have been presented exactly as it should.


25 yo French Licence to drive +33 6 77 59 28 84 thecorbier@gmail.com

June 2018


énsa-Versailles, France

Competition design, design drawing and detail drawing

Master degree in Architecture Aug. 2015→Feb. 2016

Master exchange program

Constructo Skatepark Architecture - Architect, Marseille, France March 2018

Bachelor degree in Architecture

Workshop/Competition 2nd Prize - Published in Le Moniteur Réimaginer le paysage énergétique du plateau de Saclay March→Aug. 2017 Dominique Perrault Architecture - Internship, Paris, France

June 2012

Sept.→Dec. 2016

Major in physics, with honours Lycée Hoche of Versailles, France

Conservation drawings, rehabilitation

Language study stay

Competition design and drawing

Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

June 2015

énsa-Versailles, France

Construction site supervision, Ile de la Cité, Scenography, Competition

Atelier d’Architecture Richard Duplat - Versailles, France

Science Baccalauréat

July 2016

July→Aug. 2010

CAB Architectes - Internship, Paris, France

Xavier College of Melbourne, Australia


Accademia dei bambini, Fondazione Prada, Milano, Italia Design of the kid’s space in the museum built by OMA

July→Aug. 2014

Powell Tuck Associates - Internship, London, UK

Design, drawings and models


Sept. 2019


France, Spain, Portugal...

Les Grands Voisins/Yes We Camp - Barman

Pack Office +++ Autocad +++ Archicad ++


French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (scolar)

Versailles, France


Bike to the Future - Personal Travel around Europe Sept. 2017→Dec. 2017 Paris, France

énsa-V Kfet Association - Special Events Manager Sept. 2014

Winery Jean Chartron - Wine Harvest Puligny-Montrachet, France

Sept. 2013

Winery Jean Chartron - Wine Harvest Puligny-Montrachet, France

Jan. 2010

35 Street Skateshop - Sales Internship Versailles, France



Adobe Suite +++ Rhinoceros +++ Sketchup +++


Piano, Guitar


Skateboard, Surf, Sailing, Bicycle


Travels, Writing, Drawing

Air Fields.

Paris, France Winter 2018 Diploma Project Directed by Andreas Kofler With Julian Catherine



Rukomo, Rwanda Spring 2019 Competition With Julien Douillet, Marty Ilievsky, ClĂŠment Vignes

New Loop.

Plateau de Saclay, France Winter 2018 Competition, 2nd Prize With Manon Cadoux, Cécile Aouir, Morgane Durand, Louis Baudry

Milano, Italy Winter 2017 New urban landcape thanks to an irrigation system against flood Directed by Djamel Klouche & GaĂŤtan Brunet With Julian Catherine

Milano Woods.






Hauteur de crue

Hauteur de crue

1 Hauteur de crue


Hauteur de crue


Courtyard Crafts.

Toulon, France Summer 2017 Crafts Material recovery With Thomas Degermann & RaphaĂŤl Corbier

Skatepark de


Montpellier, France Summer 2019 Competition for the new Skatepark of Grammont, Montpellier Directed by Constructo Skatepark

Bowl de Cannes.

Cannes, France Spring 2019 Drawings for the new Bowl in Cannes. Directed by Constructo Skatepark

Skatepark d’Evian-les-Bains.

Evian-les-Bains, France Winter 2019 Winner of the competition for the new Skatepark of Evian-les-Bains. Directed by Constructo Skatepark

Jardin d’Orsay.

Limoges, France Winter 2018 Winner project for the rehab of the Jardin d’Orsay - Skatepark de Limoges Directed by Constructo Skatepark

Place des Dunes.

Marseille, France Spring 2019 Social project inside a housing complex. Constructed. Directed by Constructo Skatepark & Cabanon Vertical

thecorbier@gmail.com +33 6 77 59 28 84


Profile for Theo Corbier

Architecture Portfolio 2019  

This is my updated portfolio for 2019. A selection of my personal, professional and academic work.

Architecture Portfolio 2019  

This is my updated portfolio for 2019. A selection of my personal, professional and academic work.