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An investment in corporate wellness is an investment in your company’s success.

THE OC MARATHON CORPORATE CHALLENGE ABOUT THE RACE: The U.S. Bank OC Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Run the OC Running Festival has become a world-class running event in Southern California, drawing runners from all 50 states and over 25 countries. Our event encourages community celebration, promotes a healthy lifestyle, creates awareness for participating charities and inspires kids to fitness. Now entering our 13th year, we will have 25,000 total registrants including over 9,000 in our Kids Run the OC. THE EVENT IS HELD ANNUALLY DURING THE FIRST WEEKEND OF MAY. THE 2017 EVENT WEEKEND IS MAY 5-7, 2017 ABOUT THE CHALLENGE: The OC Marathon Corporate Challenge (OCMCC) is designed to encourage participation in the event and provides a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to promote workplace wellness, promote a healthier lifestyle, and build internal camaraderie. The OCMCC offers Orange County businesses, regardless of size, the extraordinary opportunity to add some excitement and team building going head-to-head in friendly competitions against other OC businesses of similar size with total number of participants on a team and largest charitable fundraising totals by an organization or business. THERE IS NO COST TO ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS. We will have three separate divisions based on the number of employees in the firm. 1. Small Company …….…………………………………………………10-50 employees 2. Medium Company ………………………………………………….51-500 employees 3. Large Company …………………………………………………..500+ employees PARTICIPATION AWARD – “OCM’S FITTEST FIRM” The company with the highest level of participation in each division will win a special award for the company office and be recognized by the U.S. Bank OC Marathon in email and social media. All participants must have a finishing time to be included. Direct family members that sign up on the official team roster will be included on the team. Participants that finish the 5K and half or full combo will be counted for both events. FUNDRAISING AWARD –“OCM’S MOST PHILANTHROPIC FIRM AWARD” The company with the highest fundraising totals in each division on May 1, 2017, will also win a special award for the company office and be recognized by the U.S. Bank OC Marathon in email, and social media.

BENEFITS OF THE CORPORATE CHALLENGE The OCMCC is an opportunity for OC businesses and their employees to come together in a fun competition promoting wellness, camaraderie and philanthropy; to enhance employee/employer relations, and generate cooperation and goodwill, both within the business and within the community. COMPANY BENEFITS 1. Increased exposure and branding at a world-class community event 2. More productive, healthier employees 3. Increased camaraderie among employees 4. Team-building 5. Team meeting area at the finish line (if minimum # of employees are met) 6. Support a charity as a team INDIVIDUAL/EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 1. Fun, Fitness and Fellowship 2. Overall wellness and fitness improvement 3. Lower cost of entry if employer shares in cost 4. Increased social engagement 5. Reduced stress

“Running a fever, or running late does not count as running.� -OC Marathon

HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? 1. PICK A CAPTAIN - Select a team representative (CAPTAIN) to be the main point of contact. This individual will work with our OCMCC coordinator to help organize the program at his or her company, to communicate program details, confirm rosters and most importantly, motivate. 2. ENROLL YOUR COMPANY - (There is no cost to enroll your company) The team captain should enroll your team by filling out the online application available under “Programs”/”Corporate Challenge” at The OC Marathon team will respond as soon as possible to get setup your company’s name within our registration. 3. RECRUIT RUNNERS - Employees can register online to run the race and choose your company “Team” under the drop-down for registration. The Team Captain will have access to the roster and be able to manage who has signed up for the team. (Special discounted registration packages and fees can be worked out with OC Marathon Team for group purchases by the company as an investment in your employees wellness.) 4. START RUNNING – Get your employees together and start training for your run! Then come out and run with us on May 7, 2017! CHOOSE A CHARITY OR CHARITIES The US Bank OC Marathon has more than 20 “Official” Charities as a part of the OC Marathon Official Charity Program who are using the U.S. Bank OC Marathon as a vehicle for fundraising for their causes. As a part of the OCMCC program, companies are invited to choose one of the official charities of the OC Marathon or a charity of their choice. A special award will be given to those who raise the most money for a cause. Donations must be made to the charity and/or posted on the U.S. Bank OC Marathon CrowdRise page by April 30, 2017 to be included in the final tally for the Charitable Fundraising Award. In order to start the fundraising process, Team Captains can choose a charity during their registration for the program and the OC Marathon team will have a CrowdRise page created which will be dedicated to their specific cause. Team Captains can choose more than one charity and multiple company teams will be created. We will tally the fundraising totals from the teams created in various charities and the final total will be the company total used for the Charitable Fundraising Award. Participants will be able to choose their Fundraising Team during registration. A fundraising page will be created specific to each participant, and the individual can then send their fundraising page to family and friends in order to raise money for the cause.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: DO I HAVE TO RUN THE MARATHON? A: No, you can choose the marathon, half marathon or even the Saturday 5K. If you are one of those crazy over-achievers, you can do the 5K AND the half or full and be counted twice towards your company’s total. Q: WHEN AND WHERE ARE THE RACES? A: The U.S. Bank OC Marathon and Half Marathon start at Fashion Island in Newport Beach on Sunday, May 7, and finish at the OC Fair & Event Center (OCFEC) in Costa Mesa. The Wahoo’s OC 5K begins at 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 6, 2016 in front of the Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center and ends at the marathon finish line. Don’t forget, you can do the 5K AND the half or full marathon for the first time this year. Q: WHAT IF SOME OF MY EMPLOYEES ARE ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR THE RACES? A: Runners can be added to the race roster after they are already registered. Please send an email to the OC Marathon team and they will be able to help you get your team added. Q: WHERE DO I GO TO PICK UP THE RACE PACKET/BIB/CHIP? A: Packet Pick Up will be held at the OC Marathon Lifestyle and Fitness Expo on Friday, May 5th and Saturday May 6th, 2017 is located in the Costa Mesa Building at the OC Fair & Event Center. This is also the start of the 5K as well as the finish lines for all events. FAQs Continued: Q: HOW MANY PEOPLE RUN IN THE RACES? A: We will have 2,500 in the full marathon, another 10,000 in the half and on Saturday, we expect approximately 2,500 for the 5K. Q: WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO PARK? 1. If you are participating in the 5K on Saturday, you will park at the OC Fair & Event Center (OCFEC). This is also where you will receive your runner packet. Plan to arrive mid afternoon, enjoy the Lifestyle and Fitness Expo and then run the 5K at 5:00 PM. There will be music and a fun festival after the race. 2. If you are doing the half or full marathon on Sunday, you have a couple options. You can go to the OCFEC between 3:30 AM and 5:15 AM and take our bus/shuttle to the start line in Newport Beach. This way, your car will be waiting for you when you finish the race. Another option is driving to Fashion Island in Newport Beach near the start and then taking a shuttle back to the start and your car post-event. 3. You can have someone drop you off near the start and then meet you at the finish line at the OCFEC in Costa Mesa. Note: There is a $10 charge to park at the OCFEC. Please carpool. Q: CAN I CHANGE FROM ONE RACE TO ANOTHER? A: Yes, you can go to the Transfer’s page on the OC Marathon website. There is a $5 charge to go down from a full to a half, one race to another and if you are changing to a longer race, you will pay the difference plus the $5. Q: I REGISTERED ONLINE BUT HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANYTHING. A: Visit Registration Confirmation and follow the on screen instructions! Q: ARE THERE ANY TRAINING GROUPS? A: The U.S. Bank OC Marathon partners with A Snails Pace Running Academy for group training. You or your Team Captain should contact Michelle at for more information. Q: CAN OUR COMPANY PUT UP BRANDING AT THE RACE? A: If your company meets the minimum number of registered employees, we will provide a space for your company branded tent at the corporate village. There are many additional sponsorship opportunities available for businesses, from title sponsorships to mile markers. Please contact us at For additional FAQ’s, please visit our website at For more information on the OC Marathon Corporate Challenge, please contact Gary Kutscher at 949-222-0456 x2 or

THE OC MARATHON CHARITY PARTNERS Who are you running for? Participants of the U.S. Bank OC Marathon have the option to run and support of a charity. Many run for a family member or loved one who is going through a difficult time. The charitable contribution ads to the many lives touched by the OC Marathon. througout its history. As a part of the OC Marathon and the Corporate Challenge Program, your company has the opportunity to align with one of the charities that the OC Marathon supports. CHARITY PROGRAM - BY THE NUMBERS • • • • •

Over $4,500,000 – dollars raised since program’s inception in 2004 $550,000 – dollars raised in 2016 by 21 Charity Partners $1,000,000 - The OC Marathon’s 2017 fundraising goal 2301 – number of individual donations in 2016 25 – number of organizations fundraising in 2016

2017 CHARITY PARTNERS (AS OF AUGUST 1) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The OC Bar Foundation The OC Marathon Foundation - Kids Run the OC The OM Foundation - Team Jake Marketplace Ministries Worldwide The John Wayne Cancer Foundation Free Wheelchair Mission Project Independence Project Purple We Run Orange County Kids Susan G. Komen Orange County Girls on the Run Orange County Laura’s House Orange County Fact Alliance Outreach to the World Inc. Team World Vision HD Care Americares Thomas House Family Shelter Empower Nepali Girls

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The U.S. Bank OC Marathon and its related events also provide a wonderful opportunity for brand exposure for your company. The OC Marathon event weekend provides an audience of over 50,000 people, with additional branding and advertising online and through other media and online opportunities. A companys involvement in the OC Marathon will provide you with creative and meaningful activation opportunities that can increase brand awareness and sales. Branding and Exposure Opportunities include: • Title Sponsorship and other naming opportunities at the OC Marathon, including but not limited to the naming of the OC Marathon Corporate Challenge, the Lifestyle and Fitness Expo and the OC Half Marathon • Sponsor marks on the U.S. Bank OC Marathon website • Expo and Finish Line Booth Space • Jumbo-Tron Advertising • Virtual Gift Bag Space • Online Marketing via or Email Communications Opportunities listed above are just a small snapshot of the opportunities that are available to partners of the OC Marathon, If you would like to ensure the greatest activation of your partnership, please email to request a customized sponsorship package.

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness�

- Edward Stanley -

2017 OC Marathon Corporate Challenge  
2017 OC Marathon Corporate Challenge