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D A Y 1: E A S T E R N : D E C 7 2 0 1 2 FESTIVAL THEME : 60s CINEMA

D A Y 2: W E S T E R N : D E C 8 2 0 1 2 FESTIVAL THEME : CANDY

The Occasional Shopper Festival Edition - 8th of December, 2012

The End! The end is near! How is that for a bit of drama? Whatever the Mayans actually implied, one cannot resist in making our own relative interpretation. As it goes, for me and for 150 or so other students meant to pass out this January, the end better be near. The thought of the end being postponed by another year, or even 3 months in the case of being sent into a supplementary thesis, gives a cold shock to the nerves and causes many to frantically snap out of their lethargy and get back to whatever they were doing in what they now regard as a pathetic attempt at a thesis, “Seriously? This took a year to come up with? I don’t deserve to graduate!”

to ease each other’s stress. No more sipping chai abnormally early in the morning. No more nashta’s at Anarkali. No more waiting in the canteen for the teachers to come and while at it talking endlessly about everything. No more throwing shoppers at the masters and diploma students. No more dancing in the rain in the courtyards. No more never ending society rehearsals. No more cuddling around bon fires made from college furniture. No more walking through the college when it’s at its most magical at night. No more hanging around the western society room listening to jams. No more going to outside college performances in the hordes and picking fights with the organizers. No more trips into the mountains and catching the first snowfall of winter. No more singing to the tune of a guitar under star filled nights. Sigh! No more of so much more.

It is the love-hate relationship I have so often heard graduates talk about. As eager as I am to get done and over with the hassle involved in these five years, as I write this article down the expectation of eminent post-college-sickness is also tearing me apart. Questions pertaining to where, when and how will we get a job or admission into furthering education revisit, just as they had come by near the end of high school. Many would also wonder A message from Nasir Canteenwood: ‘Keep about the prospects of having to go back the canteen clean, or face the consequences!.. to their home cities, and relive lives livThank You, Plisss, Goodbye.’ ing with family, concepts that seem ever so restricting now. Fear not, for this is only the psychological stress involved with the final dash to the It’s in time like these you look back, and finish line. Soon it’ll all be over. No more relish the moments that you’ve spent painstaking juries. No more sleepless these past years and come to conclude on nights of work. No more starting from the events which were the greatest. And scratch. No more crying to each other for from amongst these memories right afcomfort. No more giving false hope just ter trips into the mountains come that of

the festivals in college. From being a performer to an organizer till even just an audience member, it’s an event that is the most prominent highlight of each semester. The costumed people, decorated college and the jam packed auditorium, all provide for an even which is like no other, and a culture very much unique to NCA. It is a culture that truly reflects upon the efforts of a majority of the student body coming together to create a grand event, bringing together students from all departments and years. Almost entirely a student run affair, aided with the guidance of a few select faculty members, the exhausting work which is unrelated to educational curriculum proves to be one of the foremost representations of NCA’s identity. So as tradition goes, just as the Summer Festivals welcome in the new flock, the winter bids farewell to the old. Over the years I’ve been part of many, some as a performer, some as an organizer, some as both, but only this last one I’ll be sitting through as merely an audience member. However I’ll take pride in that, and would urge all my juniors to follow suit and be part of this great culture. For its not in the presentation that we give, but in the work we’ve done together, overcoming numerous hurdles and problems, fights and differences, to reach a common goal of a successful event for the entire college where the true spirit of this culture lies. It is thus in the participation that we learn a great deal about each other and ourselves. In this college with a student body belonging to vastly varying backgrounds, working together can only teach us more about what life is truly about, and though I still won’t be able put my finger on it, I have a fair idea and I’ll be content with that for now.















So as I write down these last words to finish off this article on a Thursday night before festival weekend, I’m sure this year’s organizing team led by Sami Baloch is up and active, all chaotic and haphazard as always, but with the sure aim of getting things done in the end, all in their bid to carry on this prestigious tradition despite all their academic deadlines, where the arts that are left behind in curriculum are given their due on stage. For the rest of us who are about to see their last such witnessing of this great tradition, I congratulate you on having made it this far, and urge you to enjoy this festival as it is a dedication to the contribution we have made in this college. I leave them with a reminder that though the end is definitely near, so is a new beginning.

And now a Special Farewell for our Ex-Editors

Th Organizing

We all know that this is the farewell fest adorable, pretty seniors who are graduat The Organizing committee is working their b Sami Baloch and Marri are heading the committee ing to get their ideas approved to actually implementin the festival. *Not much time to prepare I say*. They were con student body along with the staff is assisting them to bring the bril extravagant Golden era of the Pakistani cinema, “a tribute to the legend Babra Sharifs walking down the red carpet all glamorized. For the thesis year s The second day is the western, and the theme this time is Candy. The organizers want you interpret the word Candy. They want you to go wild with your ideas. This time they have a feat they have achieved. There is also an initiative that all the performers of every society get certifica going to get awards. A token you get to keep and cherish. So you should get all pumped up if you are thrown, but they managed to pull through all that and give you the Farewell festival of 2012. One wh committee this wouldn’t have been possible. Working late with their juries just round the corner, they miss out on any of the

Ahmad Hussain

Murtaza Marri


Raza Shah

How Filmi are you?

“Dimag ka dahi” - Sania Azhar

“Muje time turner chahiye” -Hashim Ali

“Mein sirf aur sirf Edward aur Bella ko miss krungi thesis k baad” -Amen Shoaib “Four Years were not enough (for obvious reasons)” -Haider Ali

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

I’m gonna make him an -----------------. (The Godfather) When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk. (-----------------------) Maula nu maula na maaray te maula nae marda, --------------------------! (Maula Jutt) This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We --------. (Bonnie and Clyde) The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. (----------) Nawa aaya ai ------ (Sultan Rahi) Better --- than ---. (Love with the Proper Stranger) Tera kya hoga ------! (Sholay) Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damned dirty ape! (---------------) A boy’s best friend is his ------. (Psycho) Live long and -------. (Star Trek) Maami bann, ------- naa bann. (Choorian) Answers (Don’t Peek!)


Sami Hadid

“Thesis! Rona! AAAAAAAH!” - Ammara Mumtaz1.

1. Offer he can’t refuse. “Yaaar! Ye kya bakwa 2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly “Ek tha Fanta aur ek tha uski fantasy” -Waleed Qureshi 3. Mere behen da dupatta wapas kar 4. …rob banks. 5. My Fair Lady “P 6. Soneya “ARTS WALA COLLEGE!” - Zahrah Ehsan “Ye itna TF kyun krte hain?!” -Bhalu 7. Wed than dead 8. Kaliya “HEY HEY! 9. The Planet of the Apes HA HA HA 10. Mother “Char saal hogaye bacha nai mila!!” - Shakila Haider 11. Prosper 12. Churail

“It has been too much” - Fawad

“Barbad hogaye pr CHAS n

“Kamal hogea hai! Review mein bhi lg gea hun wah g wah!” - Armaghan “Bohat Alla” - Ramzan Ainglesh


he g Committee

tival for our lovely, considerate, sweet, ting *fingers crossed* and leaving NCA. bums off and everyone is thankful to them. e. They have put in exhaustive efforts from presentng these ideas and getting the budget just four days before ncerned about whether it would work out in such little time. The lliant ideas to life. The theme for Eastern that is today is the fabulous, ds” of our film industry. So we will get to see all the Waheed Muraads and students’ there is a photo booth with a backdrop, which shouldn’t be missed out. nt people to “unleash their imagination”, and “bring out their creativity”. It’s all about how e managed to arrange the DJ night considering there was no DJ night the last time. They say is ates. Yes your read it right Certificates. And then there are various categories for which you are going to be up there. There were issues with the teachers and the societies and tantrums were hich you will remember forever. Something that would leave its mark. Without the organizing y have made this work for you. Hope everyone likes it. Now go on and don’t, I repeat DON’T performances.

Doc Anas Ramish

Amna Malik



The Obligatory Crossword

Suzie Ijaz Khan

as hai!” - Aiman Chughtai

Plotter kharab hai!” -Sparla


!! SARE KE SARE DRAGON HAIN A” - Shabbir Baloch

nai gai!” - Bilal Aijaz

“...” -Mughees Khan “Fitté Mün” -Saad Ahmed

“Hahahahahahaha apni zameen hai apna asman” -Osama Khan

HAPPY BURDAY” -Anum Lasharie

“The best thing that every happened to me” - Minaa Mohsin

18.Central Perk Printmaking 2.Legendary Artist Mayo 5.Haider 7.Archininja 16.Malala 1.David 3.Skits 17.Rafiq Chacha 10.Shabbir 13.Pikolo 9.Najeeb 12.Wood 6.Installation 19.Mehdi 14.Rashid 4.Sanwal 8.Architecture 15.Money 11.Boots

Festival Central: Society Horoscope Every year the festival is like the showdown of creativity here at our beloved NCA. The second time around, with the seniors leaving; the societies would like to go that extra mile to say an unforgettable Adieu. In the case of skits it is indeed going to be so. (Oh yes seniors! according to the director they will be dropping a lot of THE nasty on you, specifically!)

Dance society! With the load shedding taking a toll on everyone, sitting in the dark the director spoke to this one and said that this year will be hilarious as well. The focus will be entirely on comic relief and fun. No drama, nothing tear worthy or elaborate no “ahem” belly dancing etc. however, for the past two festivals the dance society has held the best position, the stars smile favorably upon this society. The theme is “bachay man ke sachay”, dancers let’s hope that this holds true for kids of all ages. Winks*

So though this one here couldn’t get NT (Read: Anti) mime! much out of the societies, (being secreWhat this one learned from the very tive and all) the stars speak in favor of tired members and if possible an even the performers this year! more tired director, is that the society will have only three performers. Well, Nautanki! Nautanki! that’s nothing that strange (or new) but We all know this little scream in the the production seems to be going for Audi every festival. Will it be there this something serious and big from what year or will you be hearing the “Chuss” this one could tell from the size of their slogan?? This one here thinks the stars props. The director maintains, “Anti are in favorable motion however, the mime has never been done this way planets are aligned in a manner that before, ever!” for your sake girls, I sure the sun is blocked and the moons are in hope so (though I do believe that holds disarray. In short, the performers leave true every time, no?) the director stranded in the dark, on the Audi steps; not a very good omen fellas! Puppeteers: The theme is “Mughal-e-Azam”! With When this one finally got a hold of the society’s track with female characthis ghost bunch they were extremeters, I am sure you would just love to see ly tight lipped about the performance, their take on Anarkali! no theme reference and due to the load shedding this one couldn’t really pick Skits! out anything that could give away the “Skits” is the measure of all scandals and performance (darn you Wapda!). Howlet the induction poster this term be a ever, the director does say that they will testimony to the silent threat. Oh, I do be doing “PUPPETRY” (I swear he told not like the look of things; the fourth me to write that with caps lock!). He year is in for a very loud and noisy reckalso insisted that the Puppeteers are gooning. From what this one discovered, ing back to its roots and we are in for the stars are not smiling on all those a show this time. Confidence much? that fall under the thesis constellation. Don’t count your puppets before they Let it be known that the skits are not are on the stage my friend. holding back punches this time round. In the director’s words; “be afraid, be very afraid.” Fourth years, if I was you, I would be, I would be very much so.



Alif Adaab! With a fair share of great performances and some excellent directors in the past this society has seen rough times since the last festival. But Mars is out of the way and they could make their mark this festival. Let’s see if the theme is the only thing cinematic about this festival or whether Alif Adaab will bring something dramatic to the stage too? Director and members could not be found (trust me I tried). Secretive bunch this one. The End (Wehshi) Films: The” The End” crew is working on “nature recalls”. It’s hard to discern what they mean by that but, the smirks did hint at a comic element. The End (Wehshi) Films always have a trick or two up their sleeves, who knows this festival, might be THE time to pull it off. The boys looked excited enough. Mime: Silent as ever, they are even more “hush hush” about their performance than the rest. The society is even harder to track down then Alif Adaab, which is saying something. What will the silent performers bring to the stage this time? They have given some really brilliant performances in the past. From the looks of the workshops, we are looking at something deep and concept orientated maybe even dark and tormented. Mime and torment kinda goes hand in hand, nothing happy happens to these people I swear. One thing is for sure; all the societies are feeling the pressure. The seniors are semi crazy legends. Everyone from the frantic organizer, frazzled decoration committee to the societies is trying to make this a memorable goodbye.




Umer Sajjad (Director), Anu m Amin (Co Director), Anil Waghela, Hammad Gillani, Maseeh, Ahmad Tariq, Amna Khan, Hamid Ali, Seh rish Hameed, Babar Ali, Ejaz Ahmad, Ayesha Basheer


n(Co Director), S.Ahmad Donia Ali (Director), Aliya Kha Pervez, Noor Dar, Sikandar Ali Shah, Muhammad Tahir (Lights), Sana (Lights), Nawaz Rajpoot, Fariya Khawar sic) (Mu as Amna Abb


l (Co Muhammad Wali Akhtar (Director), Usman Khali ui, Siddiq Soud llah Abdu r, Director), Abdul Hanan Sarwa Haska, Sabee , Mirza an Rehm ukh Mahr a, Nudrat Fatim Tufail, san Ahmed Raja, Salmoon John Daniel, Zarbakht Kiran Naeem

The Shopper Team

(Literature and Journalism Society)

Usman Aziz (Director), Naveed Niazi, Mohammad Salman, Sadeqain, Hina Far ooq, Bushra Ashraf, Akhyar Ghani, Mohammad Hamza, Amna Arfan, Maria Rana, Fatima Arfan, Saad Qasmi, Sarah Ghayas, Umair Qasmi.

ir, Ali Ammad, (Director), Umer, Ali Atif, Baaq n Sousa z, Nawa r Adil, Kashif, Aqib, Jehangir, Ume Taj, s Waqa , Rana sh Qadeer, Ayesha, Sameen, Rami Husnain

Zoona Jerral (Chief Editor), Ali Sarmad Khan (Designer), Haider Ali (Designer), Mohammad Ahmad Khan (Consigliere), Anas Ahmad (Designer), Sabuhi Essa, Zoya Gul Hasan, Areeba Maqsood, Ramish Rana, Uswa Amjad, Madyha Leghari, Sabeen Aamer, Hajira Qazi, Zain Naqvi, Bakir, Sanwal Tariq (Transportation), Abu Bakr, Osama (Designer), Mohammad Haroon (Designer) A special thanks to Mr. Usman Sami for helping the organizing team.

Sarim Ali (Director), Fawad Na dir Osman, Lala Ahsan, Unaiz Taji, Faraz Khan, Mina Arham, Omer Aftab, Sh ams-ul-Ain, Talha Muftee

vaiz, , Ammad Per r) to ec ir (D ra Sid lid, n, Imaad Kha Mariam, Ehsa , Abeer Gul Imaad Ahmed

Qanbar Ali Shah (Director), Daniyal (Co-Director), Talha Mayo (Assistant Dir ector), Salman Gohar, Hamdan Masood, Ahsan Ali, Ali Akbar Dadi


The Festive Shopper - Farewell 2012  

The Occasional Shoppers Special Festival Edition 2012

The Festive Shopper - Farewell 2012  

The Occasional Shoppers Special Festival Edition 2012