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Emma Hooley Headteacher

Emma Hooley Headteacher

When I became Headteacher of The Oaks Academy in January 2016, my mission was to create a school that was both professional and caring in its approach. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and am delighted that you are considering entrusting your son or daughter to our school for the next five years. Our motto of ‘Inspire, Believe, Achieve’ underpins our approach to education and young people. High quality teaching and learning INSPIRES students to challenge themselves and strive to be the best that they can be; a strong pastoral system, enables students to BELIEVE in themselves and provides support when needed and finally, personalised curriculum pathways, allow students to ACHIEVE their true potential and prepares them for success post-16. We are a welcoming community, where students, staff and parents work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people. I am excited about the future at The Oaks Academy and look forward to what is yet to come. I would like to encourage you to come and see us in action, and look forward to meeting you in the future.


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INSPIRING LEARNING The teachers at The Oaks Academy are very kind and helpful and they make lessons fun and inspiring. Kyra Holgate

(formerly of Vine Tree Primary School)

Our Beliefs And Values The Oaks Academy is built on the values of challenge and support. We set ambitious targets, teach challenging and inspiring lessons and demand the highest standards from our pupils. We expect our young people to respect each other, their environment and the learning process itself. Students are rewarded for working hard and demonstrating excellent learning attitudes. We strive to create an atmosphere that is both professional and caring; students are welcomed into school every morning and because teachers know most students by name every student feels valued as an individual. The Oaks Academy is a happy school and our students respond positively to the nurturing and aspirational learning culture we create. As a result, they achieve commendable outcomes that set them up for life-long success.

Our Inspiring Curriculum The inspiring, diverse and engaging curriculum at The Oaks Academy brings the best out of every child, preparing them fully to be successful in this rapidly changing world. Our new intake of Year 7 pupils are excited by the sheer variety and breadth of their lessons which challenge them to explore stimulating new areas of expertise and develop brand new skills. Our students pursue a wide range of subjects that are delivered in purpose-built and professionally equipped learning spaces.

I have high expectations of myself because I want to aim high and do well in life. Ellie Garrett

(formerly of Beechwood Primary School)

When it comes to making GCSE choices in Year 9, we provide our students with the expert advice and guidance they need to pursue GCSE and vocational subjects that match their personal interests and aspirations. As a result of their personalised pathways, our students are perfectly positioned in Year 11 to pursue further educational courses with a clear vision of what they want from life.

Our Extra-Curricular Life Everyone at The Oaks Academy is united by a single vision: to bring the best out of every child and support achievement in all of its forms, whether this be academic, personal, social or emotional. A wide range of enrichment opportunities outside of the formal curriculum enable us to achieve this vision. A visitor to our school during any lunchtime or after school would see a range of extra-curricular activities taking place with students making the most of clubs including games, computers, drama and dance, sports and art. We are currently the only school in Crewe to offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Many pupils attend homework club or after-school support sessions with teachers who consistently go the extra mile to help them make progress. In addition to this, our pupils are given amazing opportunities to participate in exciting visits to places of historic and cultural interest both in the UK and overseas.


BELIEVING IN OURSELVES I feel supported at The Oaks Academy because every single person in this school is helpful. If I have a problem there is always someone to help me.

Natan Bialas

(formerly of Pebble Brook Primary)

Aspiration and Ambition Our goal at The Oaks Academy is to grow a mind-set of aspiration and ambition in our students so that they aim high in life. We strive to instil a strong work ethic so that our students believe that the key to success is effort and perseverance. We nurture and grow the kinds of attitudes and habits that will not only lead to educational success but success in life. Every single lesson has an `attitudes to learning` focus and students with excellent ATLs are rewarded with praise postcards, `Star of the Week` certificates and achievement points that can be cashed in at our school shop! Ultimately, our goal is to mould our young people so that they are equipped to succeed in a competitive world.

Caring Individuals Alongside our push for academic excellence, we aim to nurture caring and respectful individuals who can flourish personally and socially as British citizens. Every student is welcomed into school with a smile every morning by senior members of staff and our culture of care and consideration is supported by student leaders who volunteer as Prefects. Our day-to-day relationships around school reflect The Oaks Academy Respect Charter. This clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of every member of our community and helps us to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.

Every Child Matters We pride ourselves at The Oaks Academy on the level of personalised support that we give to every individual child. We endeavour to provide every student with opportunities to perform at their highest possible level whilst exploring their individual talents and interests. Lessons are carefully differentiated to stretch students of all abilities and a host of wider enrichment opportunities, including career-related experiences, enable our students to flourish and grow as well-rounded individuals. Every child is unique and whatever their specific individual needs might be, each child at The Oaks Academy is supported by a wide range of experienced adults including Form Tutors, Learning Support Assistants, Careers Advisors and the Pastoral Support Team.

I try to be ambitious in my learning because I want to do the best that I can.

Natalie Dawson

[formerly of Beechwood Primary School]


SUCCESS The Oaks Academy has taught me to push myself to the limits. I am optimistic about my GCSE results and aim to get into the college of my choice. Leigha Goulding (formerly of Oakfield Primary School)

Bringing the best out of every child The Oaks Academy is a vibrant and happy learning community where achievement in all of its forms is nurtured and celebrated. Our mission is to bring the best out of every child so that they can flourish academically, socially and emotionally and ultimately take their place in the world as successful young adults. Bringing the best out of every child requires an intimate understanding of their individual needs and a highly committed and talented team to provide personalised learning, advice and guidance. It also requires genuine and regular collaboration with parents and carers and close partnership both with feeder primary schools and further education institutions. The Oaks Academy is the foundation of your child`s success in life, but we start working with your child long before they walk through our doors; we guide them onto pathways that they will pursue long after they have left us.

Primary Transition Welcoming and nurturing our new students into The Oaks Academy family is a key priority of ours. Long before your child joins us in Year 7, they will have had the opportunity to visit our learning community and feel at home here on numerous occasions throughout Years 5 and 6. We pride ourselves on opening up our school and its facilities to our younger students with a wide range of taster sessions being offered to show just how challenging, fun and exciting learning is here. Our transition programme naturally intensifies during the summer term of Year 6 with a range of events aimed at building familiarity, confidence and a sense of team-work amongst our new intake and this programme continues into Year 7.

When I was at primary school I felt nervous about joining The Oaks Academy but now that I`m here I am confident and feel that I belong here.

Owen Li

[formerly of Gainsborough Primary]

Post-16 Pathways We work incredibly hard with our students to provide the expert guidance and advice that they need to progress onto pathways of success once their time at The Oaks Academy is over. The overwhelming majority of our students leave us at the end of Year 11 with a clear vision of their next steps in life and a plan to make it happen. Many of our students progress onto post-16 courses such as A-Levels or more vocational courses at our neighbouring South Cheshire College. Others are supported to secure positions on apprenticeships so that they can continue their learning journey and develop essential new skills in the context of the workplace. Our students are with us for a short five years but in that time, working alongside our parents and other agencies, we certainly accomplish great things with them. As the saying goes: `from little acorns, mighty oak trees grow.`

The Oaks Academy has given me the confidence I need to go to South Cheshire College. Ruby Griggs [formerly of Edleston Primary]

Fintan J Bradley Chair of Governors At The Oaks Academy the Governing Board are passionate about ensuring all our students are able to grow into happy, healthy and confident young people with the ability to fulfil their true potential in life. The governors are determined to provide your child with an individualised experience which suits their needs and will best provide them with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to progress onto their chosen post-16 options. The Oaks Academy is sponsored by South Cheshire College, one of the nation`s leading tertiary and sixth form colleges. This gives our students and staff unique access to the outstanding facilities available on the neighbouring campus. The college’s academic and industry standard facilities alongside their strong links with local, national and international employers enhances and enriches every student`s experience. It is very important to us that students enjoy their time at school, that they are safe, happy, well supported and achieving their full potential at The Oaks. I hope you will take the opportunity to visit the Academy to help to decide whether this is the right school for your child. We look forward to welcoming you and to showcasing what we at The Oaks Academy are achieving and offering.


Ph o ge


The Oaks Academy Buchan Grove, Crewe Cheshire, CW2 7NQ Telephone: 01270 661223 Email:

The Oaks Academy Prospectus 2017-18  

The Oaks Academy Prospectus 2017-18

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