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Want To Land More Trout? (Catches of wild trout like this are not promoted - this one was purpose specific and has been shown merely to highlight the effectiveness of the information available herein)

And Bigger Trout?

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So What Brought These Kind of Results About and How Can They Help You? I have an exceptionally analytical nature and always strive for constant improvement. I was dissatisfied with the number of long standing questions which have hung over fly fishing, seemingly forever, and also recognized a number of assumptions which I simply couldn't go along with. After considerable analysis I determined that;

The feeding behavior of trout is the sum of two factors: Firstly, through the fry and fingerling stages, identification of food 'Recognition Keys’ is ingrained as a result of the repetitive feeding pattern of their natural survival instincts. Secondly, as they get larger, they can manage larger diet items. Supplementary behavior is then learned as a reactive response to the local fauna of the area in which they are hatched or released. Local knowledge is normally of benefit here. So there are Two separate influencing factors involved in tempting the trout to take your fly. The first being a natural reaction to key elements of likely food items which has been ingrained since hatching,... ...And the second being an infinitely variable recognition of preferred insects and animals from the specific local environment of any given fish.

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