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“I Suffered With Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria (Hives) For Over 25 Years Before I Found This Successful, Simple Method Of Treatment, Now I No Longer Need Any Medication To Live A Normal Life, Without My Embarrassing Skin Condition� Hi, I'm Kate Andrews Before you read on, please don't mistake this web page for the usual 'Miracle Cure' rubbish scattered around the internet, what I describe in my new report is by no way a miracle cure, nor is it a breakthrough of any kind. Through some desperate research I found a natural approach to tackling my urticaria (Hives) by addressing the underlying causes, of which previously I was unaware. I stumbled upon a simple procedure that amongst other things naturally eliminates the toxin overload that caused my urticaria. Your probably thinking that your urticaria is triggered by a specific source or allergen, such as dust mites, perfume an allergy to your pet, alcohol, excessive heat, the cold, tight clothing, you name it...

"If You Think You Know What Causes Your Urticaria (Hives), Think Again"! If you think you already know what causes your urticaria to flare up, I'm willing to bet your wrong, very wrong in fact, maybe you've undergone patch testing, perhaps you've seen a dermatologist it doesn't really matter, chances are you still don't really know why you have urticaria, how do I know this?, because up until 12 months ago I was allergic to everything or at least I thought I was, My triggers included amongst many: Perfume, Hairspray, Nuts, Solvents, Tight clothing, Pressure, Cheese, Anything containing food preservatives (E-Numbers etc), My dog, Sweets (candy), even Wine and any alcohol. To be honest the older I got the worst my urticaria got, to the extent of being frightened to eat anything or even go out for fear of triggering an attack. For most of my life I've suffered to some degree with urticaria, my doctors we're dismissive and unhelpful in most cases, and even those that were sympathetic had little idea of how to help me.

I've taken antihistamine daily for as long as I care to remember, I've had the cortisone injection's and the courses of steroids, and guess what?, they were all just a complete waste of time, yes the cortisone injection's would help with a bad attack, I'm sure the courses of steroids played their part in relieving the symptoms at the time, perhaps the daily dose of antihistamine kept my urticaria at bay, I don't know.

What I do know is I'd been fed a lie, all of the medication I'd religiously taken on the advice of my doctor to curb my allergies had only little symptomatic effect, while all the time they were actually making my problem worse. I later discovered that the toxic affect of all of these drugs was compounding and gradually poisoning my whole body which only made my urticaria worse, but if I'm honest I would of just carried on taking the advice of my doctor and taking my daily course of antihistamine had it not been for something frightening happening to me.

"My Hair Started Falling Out, Each Morning There Would Be More & More Hair On My Pillow" I cant say which particular drug caused my hair to start thinning, as I cant be sure if it was just the antihistamine, the combination of different drugs or my bodies specific reaction to certain chemicals, all I will say is that this event scared me in to action, this really was the last straw, for years I'd had to cope with wheels and swelling all over my body & face, so there was no way I was going to lose my hair as well. I did a lot of digging around, I spoke to a lot or herbalists & alternative therapists, I even tried acupuncture, but nothing seemed to have the desired effect until I came across an internet forum regarding urticaria, I followed a thread (I think that's what they call it) which discussed a possible underlying reason for urticaria and a natural method of alleviating it. Through that one discussion and a little more research I went on to discover that my condition was most likely the result of my body's incapacity to interact with an increasingly toxic environment, In other words my body had been poisoned by the very world I lived in..

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Stop living with Hives, an all natural drug free way  

There is help for those of you who suffer from hives, let a former sufferer show you how to eleminate this problem from your life forever

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