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We must fight for a better future Lee Jasper has dedicated his life to the fight for racial equality - and now he tells The Nubian Times that things have never been worse for the B.M.E community.


ho is Lee Jasper? Well, he describes himself as a U.K political activist, with some 30 years of activism under his belt. Born in Cheetham Hill in 1958, with an Irish Grandmother and African father, Jasper went on to gain an Honours degree in social sciences in 1986. As a mature Student Lee moved to London, from there he established the National Black Caucus and for many years worked for the Mangro Community Association with recognised community activist, Frank Crichlow. A key campaigner for racial justice, Jasper was one of just two black people to give

evidence in the Steven Lawrence murder Inquiry and was also the only black person to give evidence to the United Nations regarding racism in the United Kingdom. Jasper was given the role of senior political Director for Ken Livingston at the Greater London Authority during Livingstone’s term as London Mayor. He also has chaired the ‘Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts’, an organisation highlighting the disproportional impact that the cuts have in the black community, and in 2012 he ran in the Croydon North by-election, amassing 2.88 % of the vote. I asked him how he thinks the position of the B.M.E has

evolved in the last few decades. “I believe we are in the worst position we’ve ever been in. The problem I have is that for our children and grandchildren, we’re bequeathing a future to them that is actually worse than what our parents had.” For Jasper, much of this comes down to a lack of jobs and a loss of community. “We have allowed local authority laws to break up our communities and the government have now created a state where one in two black people are unemployed, how long before the B.M.E community has to do something about this?” He draws parallels with America and paints a picture

of a future of drugs and crime “because people will have no viable alternative.” “When you think of the quadrupling of university fees and the levels of unemployment young people have to face, either we leave the United Kingdom or we must fight for a better future here.” So if he were Prime Minister, what would Lee Jasper do to help the B.M.E community? “I would implement the collection of corporate tax. Why is it that these people are making millions but paying zero tax? There is 120 million in unpaid corporate tax in this country. If we were to cancel the new… cont. on page 4

hen Arthur Wharton played for Preston North End in 1886, he became the first black professional footballer to ever play in the football league; he was recently inducted in to the history books, as one of the 100 Great Black Britons. Since that time, football has become much more of a multi cultural game. The city of Manchester boasts two major sides in Manchester City and Manchester United and both sides have international playing squads, with members from the Ivory Coast to Bosnia, from Ecuador to Brazil – the sport has progressed and in many ways become a beacon of multi-culturalism. In fact, 25 percent of the players plying their trade in the English Premier League are either black or from an ethnic minority. Clubs academies are consistently nurturing young black players into first team stars, such as Manchester City’s Micah Richards, or United’s Danny Wellbeck. Robin Van Persie

Mario Ballotelli

But racism is still a pressing issue for the beautiful game. One highly decorated black player is Manchester United and England defender, Rio Ferdinand. He became one of the first players to speak out about the current level of racism in the game. Earlier this season, Ferdinand refused to wear a “Kick Racism out of Football” t-shirt, in protest at the lack of progress made in eradicating racism from the game. This followed the high profile incident last season, which saw Rio’s brother Anton claim to be racially abused by Chelsea defender John Terry during a Premier League match, an offence that Terry was found guilty of by the FA. Another incident saw Liverpool striker Luis Suarez found guilty by the FA of abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, but many felt that the punishment didn’t go far enough. Recently, Lord Ouseley, the chairman of ‘Kick it Out’, has criticised the Football Association… cont. on page 15



Moss Side’s Powerhouse hosts Soca Marathon. PAGE 3

Jabeer Butt obe recognised in Queen’s New Year’s Honours.


Prostate cancer affects everyone who comes into contact, not just the diagnosed sufferer.


Ray of hope for football with Bradford F.C.’s growing new fan base.







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President at National Black Police Association NBPA, a police staff network dedicated to improving the working environment of Black Staff and enhancing the quality of service to Black communities in the UK .

Founder of Moss Side & Hulme After School Club, community champion supporting young people and families for over 15 years.

Owner of Gibbs Hardware Store, Princess Road, Moss Side, serving the community for 28 years.



Two years ago, Lisa Samuel left her job to pursue her dream of helping disadvantaged people.









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Soca Marathon Success Back in November, Moss Side’s Powerhouse hosted a special community event, The Soca Marathon, in support of Sickle Cell Care Manchester and The British Heart Foundation. The Nubian Times went along to join in the fun and games.


he day began with fitness coach Devon Dixon and his training partner Anthony launching a game of playground favorite British Bulldog, breaking the ice and getting everyone warmed up. This was followed with a taster of Devon’s weekly circuit training sessions, held every Saturday. The fun continued with a two hour dance-a-thon, hosted by the Soca Empress, Sister Esther Furlonge-Clarke. Inspired by the finest Soca and Calypso tunes, the dancers incorporated toning and cardio movements into their routines, making the case for enjoyable exercise. The day was not just in aid of the chosen charities, but also raised funds for the youth groups; Universal Connection Youths and The Westerners. There was also a focus on the health and fitness of the community and a celebration of twelve years of Soca Aerobics.

but there’s a lot of people that have heart disease and a lot of medical injuries or illnesses that are related to more heart attacks, so many people wanted to support them so they can continue their work.”

It was a brilliant event, with people from all over Manchester getting involved. All ages, sizes and ability levels were invited to join in. Esther Furlonge-Clarke, owner of Soca Aerobics

The chosen charities are very important to Esther. She has a heart murmur, which fortunately doesn’t seem to bother her: “I chose Sickle Cell because we hear of it, but not that much so we really wanted to raise awareness of sickle cell and let people know that it’s not just a black thing like everyone thinks. I have a heart murmur

She has a real passion for the community, in particular the youths in the area: “We don’t get funding for the youth group, so donations will help us to continue our work with them, taking youths off the streets, letting them belong to something that is a positive project, so they can feel good about themselves. If they feel good about themselves they’ll feel good about the area in

which they live. They will contribute positively to the area and build up their self esteem. It’s [about] instilling in them from now that they can grow up with a confidence and do not have to belong to a negative group of people. If they’re feeling good and confident within themselves, they’ll do well at school as well and they’ll grow up to be better adults.” Aloe Vera company ‘Forever’, who work closely with Universal Connection Soca Aerobics Ltd, were on hand to offer expert tips and advice on natural nutrition and health remedies. The day ended with singing and dance performances, and my only regret was not bringing my trainers with me so I could join in! It was a brilliant event, with people from all over Manchester getting involved. All ages, sizes and ability levels were invited to join in and thus, there was a real sense of community spirit.


From her home in South Manchester, she created connections in Wythenshawe, Moss Side and Old Trafford and began Me1 Positive Personal Development (Me1PPD). Me1 PPD is an organisation that provides motivation, empowerment and life skills support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people aged 11-25 and adults. Interventions, one-to-one sessions, life skills and personal development workshops are just a few of the services currently provided by Lisa and her volunteers. The last year has been a very busy one for Lisa. She gained a qualification as a youth and community worker, a diploma in Life Coaching and also went on a business management course with Manchester based business start up firm, Blue Orchid.

Through this, Lisa gained the knowledge to be able to source support and funding from various organizations, including, Mosscare Housing, Moss Side Powerhouse and Manchester City Council. She is a tireless networkerconstantly meeting with other influential people and organisations- in a bid to raise awareness of Me1 PPD. All of this work is being done on a freelance basis. Lisa and four volunteers go out on the streets of Manchester, into people’s homes and places of business and offer the support that they need. Now, in 2013, Lisa plans to continue this work but would love an office and space of her own so that Me1 has a concrete foundation, where people can come to her. She would also like to be able to take on paid staff, creating jobs in the community. If Me1 PPD is something you believe could help you, or something you would like to be involved in, visit or tweet Lisa @me1manchester.





Active members in the community Tony Gordon

Steven Woolfe

Roy Walters

Interim Chair - Arawak Walton HA, Board Member - Royal Exchange Theatre, National Independent Advisor BTP.

Manchester born barrister, UKIP City of London spokesman and General Counsel for International Hedge Fund Manager, chair of The City of London Forum.

Moss Side Labour Councillor, lead member for Transport for Greater Manchester, serves on the committee for the economy.

The New Delhi gang-rape Will attitudes change?


ike most women around the world, I felt horror and emotional shock on hearing about the gang rape of the 23-year-old victim in New Delhi on 16 December and her subsequent death from her injuries. I was not however, surprised, at the lethargic follow-up action by the authorities and the very many patronising and insensitive remarks from those in positions of power, following the incident. It took robust, consistent and large public protests by many brave people, who have taken to the streets of New Delhi and elsewhere, to move the Indian Government to take action in this case.

Many rapes go unreported because of the impacts on victims and families. Before this incident took place, the Government turned water cannons on protesters, arrested them, and suppressed freedom of expression. The police are still holding protesters, who they say are responsible for the death of a police constable, despite the fact that eye-witness statements contradict this. That said, now that the Government is publicly appearing to listen and with the whole world watching, there is a glimmer of hope that justice may finally be done. It is encouraging to see that the media in India, Europe and North America are putting their weight behind this cause by reporting on it. In the past, similar brutal atrocities, that are daily occurrences in rural areas (which make up 80% of India) have had very little or no coverage. So now this incident brings with it a glimmer of hope that maybe time has come for justice for all of India’s women. This includes the very many Dalit women who are raped, mutilated or assaulted – physically, sexually and psychologically – and whose pleas go unheard. In

many cases this leaves them or one or more of their parents with little option but to commit suicide or become social outcasts. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (18911956), the architect of India’s Constitution, in his article titled ‘The Rise and Fall of Hindu Woman’ states that the root cause of suffering for women in India is the so-called religious tracts that separate and divide people into a caste system and promotes inequality between men and women. Indian women’s oppression is not however, only because of religious texts. It emanates from India’s ingrained, inherently sexist society. This condones and justifies violence against the female sex from a foetus to adult. Alarming as the official statistics on rape in India are, they do not provide a true picture because many rapes go unreported because of the impacts on victims and families, such as their families’ social reputations. There is strong evidence of institutionalised sexual violence against Dalit women. There are 80 million Dalit women in India. Sexual violence is suffered by Dalit women systematically as a means of punishment, control and dominance by men of higher castes. The findings of a three-year study of 500 Dalit women’s experience of violence across four Indian States in 2006 (available on the International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN) website) found that 46.8% had experienced sexual harassment and 23.2% rape. The 2009 report of UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (also available at the IDSN website) contains numerous examples of cases of Dalit women being raped and assaulted by higher Castes. The study also reported that, when many of these women had tried to file a complaint, they were threatened by the police to keep quiet or there would be further repercussions. The study also found that the perpetrators for cases that were logged were usually released on bail and without arrest –

free to intimidate witnesses and their families. A recent example of atrocities against Dalit women is the gang rape of a Dalit girl in September 2012 in the State of Haryana. There had to be mass protests before the police took action in the case of the 16-year-old girl who was about to sit her final year exams. She was drugged and gang-raped. The rapists filmed, then circulated the incident on their mobile phones. The shock of learning about this and the impact of this on the family’s reputation and grief caused her father to commit suicide. So we have a position where if there is a poor woman and a Dalit, then their chances of justice are even slimmer or simply nonexistent.

It is time for real change as we have witnessed in the recent years in various countries where people have spoken up with courage and said enough is enough and it’s time for the old order to go. Painful as it is to keep hearing about the cases, let us hope that the deaths of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim in New Delhi and countless others in the remote rural area that gathered no publicity and generated the same level of of public outrage are not in vain. It is time for real change as we have witnessed in the recent years in various countries where people have spoken up with courage and said enough is enough and it’s time for the old order to go. This widespread sickness of rape that must be banished for good. The public outrage for justice by women and men in the New Delhi case can but move to justice for all women, including Dalit women, and the beginning of the end of the Caste system too. As a start, let’s call for the swift exit of India’s Parliamentarians or public officials who have rape and other charges of violence against women dragging on and

by Santosh Dass MBE

Operation Black Vote

on and on. Let’s demand the removal of the medieval tests the Indian police carry out to prove if rape has taken place. Let’s demand that the police record allegations of sexual and other violent crimes against women and girls accurately and as soon as crimes are reported without intimidation, bias or protecting the guilty. Only when this happens will criminals be convicted. Let’s wake up and deal with India’s socially engrained and unacceptable problem.

We Must Fight for a Better Future

…cont. from front trident submarine that’s costing seventy six billion and combine this with corporate tax you would have around two hundred million to contribute towards this country’s huge deficit. Also we are spending twelve million waging war in Afghanistan, bring the troops home and reinvest that money into jobs, services, education and homes.” Jasper adds affirmative action to his mandate, drawing comparisons with Northern Irish Catholics, who, he says have lowered their levels of unemployment drastically since the 90’s. On jobs, he says “we don’t live in a meritocracy, but a pigmentocracy – where it’s more to do with the colour of your skin than your innate ability.” So what advice would he give to today’s B.M.E communities? “We are failing as a community; we need to teach our children about politics. We’ve taught them to keep your head down if anyone mentions racism, we avoid trouble and now our children don’t know how to politically organise and that was

one reason behind the Manchester Riots.” “The B.M.E community needs to start re-investing in our own businesses; it’s that process of near colonialism, near liberalism and mental slavery, in which you much prefer to give money to any other race than your own! Racism accounts for some of our problems that we face but the majority of the problems we face are due to a lack of collective unity and social action.” Finally we get to discussing his own, personal and political progression and with a further outpouring of passion, he lists many of the crimes that go on, that make him want to keep campaigning, from banking bonuses to MP’s expenses and the BBC sex abuse scandal – “I think that crisis is coming and people should be prepared.” Jasper says he hopes the people of Manchester will really get behind The Nubian Times. “Stop trying to impress people who don’t know you and start investing in your own communities and businesses, The Nubian Times sounds like a good investment to me.”


Writer, director and founder of C.R.I.M.E Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka with some of the cast of IF ONLY!

Community group to screen riots inspired film


he Oscar nominations were announced last month, reminding people of the joy and positivity that cinema can bring to people’s lives. Thousands of miles away from the bright lights of Hollywood, there is another film event that, for many, will carry even greater importance.

On February 4th, community organisation C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models In Media Experience) will be screening the premiere of a film called ‘If Only’, which aims to divert young people away from a life of violent crime, through the powerful messages of real life stories. The organisation was set up by Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka as a response to the 2011 London riots and works with ex offenders, gang members and young teens – attempting to turn their experiences into short films, and turn their lives around in the process.

Having lost over 40 friends and associates to violent and gang-related crime, with ‘If Only’ Nwaka has used his own experiences to deliver a thoughtful yet powerful portrayal of the gang culture that has claimed the lives of so many young people. The screening will take place at the prestigious 195 Piccadilly in London from 7.309.30pm. The evening will also feature a talk by Nwaka and David Savizon on the work of C.R.I.M.E and a number of other key guests will take the floor.

You could be the one to help him face the world again

Be the difference. Foster for Manchester

Do you have room in your heart and home for a foster child?

Every year children in Manchester are separated from their family for a host of reasons, which can include illness, neglect or family breakdown. Manchester City Council has a responsibility for these children, so we need foster carers – people who can care for a child or young person in their own home when, for whatever reason, the child is not able to live with their usual guardians. This could be short or long term, ranging from an overnight stay to fostering a child until they reach their 18th birthday. Foster carers receive an allowance and receive ongoing support and training. We are particularly interested in hearing from potential foster carers who are from African and Caribbean backgrounds. If you think you could give a child or young person a family life at a time when they need it most, we’d like to hear from you.

Call 0800 988 8931 or visit

by Joseph Cullen 74808 Fostering Nubian Times Ad_247wx318hmm_aw.indd 1

29/01/2013 16:10







Active members in the community Mr. Khan

Colette Williams

Newsagent, serving the community for over 25 years.

Community activist and member of Barac, Colette truly believes in community spirit and community action and works tirelessly to promote this.

Angela Lawrence Executive Director Manchester Active Voices Youth Empowerment Programme provides residential and nonresidential leadership training to young people aged 16-25.

Poetry Corner

Ruth Ibegbuna

Akemia Minott

Former Teacher, Director of RECLAIM; an awardwinning preventative youth crime project, that targets young people across Greater Manchester.

Senior Youth Worker at Hideaway Youth Project, empowering and encouraging young people to make positive life choices.

Hands On Hair 11th annual

Mental State

Free Easter Egg Hunt

No matter where I go It seems I’m surrounded by fictitious enemies

Sunday 31st March 2013

Subliminal messages trigger the mind Yolo smoke the reefer to escape if only for a lil while

Coming soon!

but side effects still apply so paranoia inclined Implied types of the typical stereotype January 1, 1863 emancipation date Still I do not feel free In a mental prison locked away for eternity For my generation they threw away the key Line there bigotry in secrecy To afraid to confront me The 21st century man Internet information technology wiki links For me the impossible is possible The Revolution is coming No!!!the revolution has already began

by Kervin Acapella Do you have a passion for poetry? If you want to see your work in The Nubian Times send it in to

Debatable Issues Is the film ‘Django Unchained’ disrespectful to the ancestors of the Black Community?

Visit our facebook page to join the debate If there is a pressing issue that you think needs debating, let us know at

Is Gang Culture Still Rife? I

n August 2011, the shooting of North Londoner Mark Duggan sparked riots in cities around the UK, including Manchester. City centre high street shops were destroyed, as people - predominantly youths - came from all over to loot and vandalise. Why did they want to cause such destruction on their own doorstep? “It was mad, looking back, what was the point really though? I don’t think most people even knew what [the riots] was for, they was just getting on [the riots and looting].” The youths I spoke to did not want to be named, still in fear of being arrested for or associated with the event. So why exactly did they decide to riot? “It was just an opportunity,

a lot of the stuff that was taken would take people like us ages to save up for and buy. You don’t think about how you’re gonna sell it or whatever at the time.”

Shocking incidents like the shootings of PC’s Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone in Droylsden last year, continue to provide a terrible example to young people. What did so many youths from different areas of Manchester all being in one place mean? “It was weird seeing man from different areas all running in the same direction but because we’d rather run together

and away from the police, there was no time for beef.” A strange coalition between postcodes emerged but it seems that hasn’t lasted. Whilst the streets of Manchester- in particular South Manchester- are most definitely quieter in terms of gang, gun and knife crime there is still an undercurrent of tension. One person I spoke to said: “I’m not in to going after people, fighting and killing and all that but at the same time I still chill on the streets and if guys come to where I am trying something then I’m gonna run or stand my ground, depending on how many of us there are and what [weapons] they have.” Whilst gang related crime involving young people may

be fairly low, guns and their users are still marring the area’s reputation, with high profile shootings such as that of the Indian student, Anuj Bidve, in Salford in December 2011. One hope is that youngsters will see the error of their older peers and move away from gang crime but shocking incidents like the shootings of PC’s Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone in Droylsden last year, continue to provide a terrible example to young people. Gang crime- be it organised, drugs, weapons or turf- is still going on, but it is comforting to not be hearing about another death of a Manchester youth, we can only hope that 2013 brings Manchester closer to complete peace and unity.

by Siobhan White

This month’s poem is from the pen of an anonymous 14 year old secondary school child: Left Alone... I’m just a young girl, nowhere to turn, I feel so alone no-one to hold. Everyday I return from school, I lock myself in my room, people think I have something to hide yet I struggle to say what I feel inside. The illness I have cannot be seen yet people are quick to judge and be mean, all I want is to be loved and for that I pray to God above, Maybe he can help and guide me,

unlike those negative people that surround me. I should be out having fun with my friends, Instead I am indoors fighting the pain, but not every day can be the same. Some are good and some are bad, sometimes i’m happy, sometimes i’m sad, although there’s one thing i’m grateful for, that is having my mum and dad. Yes I am fighting a non-physical illness, That’s why I tell myself, I am strong enough, strong enough to get through this. Xxx

Fancy seeing your creative writing in the next edition of The Nubian Times? Then send your work into

Barbara Nyagomo Business woman, social activist, entrepreneur and community leader.


Each month, our mystery author, Ms. Vanquish, tackles important issues through the medium of story telling.

Birthday Booty


hese guys man.. Mark, Danielle, Kevin and Kirsty they love to joke, saying I got bad breath and shit, can’t wait till April gets here though, fancied her for time. “Yo Jordan Aprils here,” “alright Mark hold it down man,” I said feeling shame. “Give me a minute then”, yeah man you need it Kevin said. April walks in looking hotttt! She had on a cream see through blouse, showing off her assets with a tight black skirt, the booty looked POWWW! “Hii Jordan” she said in a sexy voice, “yes April” I responded. “ Wanna drink Aps?” Kirsty shouts, “Yes please, Vodka and lemonade?” “You look good April” I said although what I was thinking was she looks good enough to sex. “Thanks Jordan” she replied “you been going gym?”, “yeah man can you tell?” “yeah you look like you been working out hard” she said. All the time we were talking I didn’t realise that Mark, Kevin and Danielle were sat there laughing. “Yo use are taking the piss” I said feeling embarrassed because these guys have known how long I’ve liked this woman. Kirsty gives April her drink and then tops up ours, “come babe” Kirsty says to Kevin. Kirsty takes Kevin by the hand and leads him out the living room “see you guys later” she shouts. I looked round and Marks got his tongue down Danielle’s throat, hands all over the place, I thought I was watching soft porn for a minute. April and I look at each other and she giggles “Yo its embarrassing init?” “Do you wanna go somewhere else? There’s Kirsty’s box room” I said, “Has it got a system in there?”, “Nar” I replied “it’s just basic, I’ve crashed here a couple times when we’ve all been out, got my phone though if you want music I’ll be your dj for tonight” “ok cool” she said. I take April into the box room and we sit on the bed, I got my phone out and started looking for some tunes coz this is my time to impress her. “What do you wanna listen to?” I asked, “don’t mind” she said. “It’s my birthday tomorrow” I informed her with my bad boy smile. I put my phone

down on the side and pressed play *Jeremiah – Birthday Sex*. April looked at me as she took a sip of her drink and gave me a cheeky smile. It’s now or never I thought, I moved in for a kiss and mannn was it sweet, we start caressing and the temperature is rising rappid, this girl is putting it on me bwoy, her blouse is open and she’s whispering “you know you want this”, I’m kissing her breasts and my hand starts to wonder up her skirt. This girl is finnnnne, then BANG it suddenly hits me I gotta take my time; I wanna wifey this one. “Yo Aps, Aps man” I force her to stop “lets hold it down”, she pauses. “WHAT, what you talking about?” “Us man, let’s take it slow” I said. “First you’re telling me about birthday sex now you’re telling me to hold it down, are you taking the piss?” she responded looking angrily. “No let’s just take it slowly you know properly,” “Are you refusing this?” she said, “Nar Nar, you got it wrong April, what I’m saying is…” “YOUR GAY!” she interrupted, “WHAT!?” I said in astonishment. “Oh no I’ve got it your frigid” she says buttoning up her blouse. “WHAT?” I said again, “you going on like your all cool, like you’ve got respect, like your one of the good guys and all the time I’m here your gay ass wants to just force yourself on me.” “WHATTT?” I said in disbelief. “Well you’ll see what happens when wasteman rejects this,” she shouts grabbing her stuff and storming out the room. I sat there wondering what the hell had just happened, all my good intentions read wrong and now I’M GAY. What happened went round in my head till I fell asleep. “JORDANNNN” I heard Kirsty shout, I grabbed my phone and looked at the time, it was 9:31am. “Whatttttt?” I responded. “You better come here” she shouts, I know they’ve got some surprise birthday bullshit joke and they want me to walk into it. “I’m coming,” I said playing along. I put on my top, wiped the sleep out my eye, wet my finger rubbing the crust from my mouth, grabbed my phone and walked into the living room, I stand there, I’m baffled “what’s going on?” I asked. “Jordan Band?”, “yeah” I replied “I am arresting you on suspicion of attempted rape…”







Active members in the community Pearl Morgan

Linford Sweeney

‘Pearly’, a member of The Jamaican Society and retired Midwifery Sister at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester (SCBU).

Author of “At Peace With Myself: An Affirmations Workbook” (2011), Caribbean Family Historian specializing in genealogy.


Banana Fritters by Bernadette Lee

Pinch Salt 7 tbsps Self Raising Flour A little Milk 1 tsp Oil Optional: Ice Cream, Golden Syrup.

Directions: Peel and mash the bananas into a bowl and add the sugar. Mix untill all ingredients are coated. In a separate bowl mix the eggs, vanilla essence, nutmeg and cinnamon with a pinch of salt. Next, add the flour into the egg and sugar mixture and fold until all the flour has been mixed in - if the mixture is too firm add a little milk, you are aiming for a medium consistency. After this, heat the oil in a non stick frying pan. Use a large ladle to place small oval shaped portions into a the pan, leave the mixture on a low heat and cook for about 2 minutes on either side untill golden brown. Serve as desired… hot or cold. Serving suggestions: Ice cream, Golden Syrup. Have you got a recipe to tantalize our taste buds? send it, with pictures if possible, to

Ask your Pharmacist:


(High Blood Pressure)


lood Pressure is the pressure of blood in your arteries and hypertension (high blood pressure) affects about 30% of adults, with this figure rising to around 70% in people over 75. It is measured in millimetres of mercury (Hg) and recorded as two figures, e.g. 150/95mm Hg (150 over 95). The first number is the systolic pressure (pressure in the arteries when the heart contracts). The second number is the diastolic pressure (pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between each heartbeat). 90% of cases of high blood pressure have no identifiable cause, with 10% due to other issues, such as diabetes, kidney disease or even drug induced. Once diagnosed, the doctor will most likely send for some tests such as an ECG (a

test that records the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart) or a urine test in order to rule out the presence of a secondary condition or to see whether it has affected the heart. In the UK, about half of people aged over 65, and 1 in 4 middle aged adults, have high blood pressure. High blood pressure has a higher incidence in certain patient groups including those with diabetes, people with a family history of high blood pressure or those from African-Caribbean or Indian sub continental origins. Other risk factors include age (increase in age increases risk), obesity, kidney disease, high cholesterol levels, moderate to high alcohol intake, stress, not enough exercise, high salt intake, and those that drink a lot of coffee. Most people with high blood pressure will not experience any symptoms at all, but sometimes headaches, visual changes,

Stella & John Osammor

Owner of Caribbean takeaway ‘Chicken Run’, father & son, serving the community since 1990, established on Yarborough Street, Moss Side in 1994.

Nigerian born Directors of Odeiga House, the African inspired cooking sauces and marinades, now found in one of the UK’s giant supermarket chains.

My mum suffers with prostate cancer… Y

Ingredients: 4 Speckled Bananas 3 tbsps Sugar 3 Eggs 1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence 1/4 tsp Nutmeg 1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Turner (Dukus) & Leon Mayhew

es, you read it correctly, my mum, a woman, suffers with prostate cancer. She’s 73 and first started to feel its effect some 4 years ago. She’s been through the trials and tribulations of aural medication, chemotherapy, radio therapy and laser treatment. She’s had to manage the indignities of bed baths, incontinence, minimal bowel movements and the constant changes of clothes. Sadly, over the last 3-4 months, I have seen things getting a little more fraught as her frustrations increase and her patience runs a little thinner. Over the years, the cancer has progressed to metastatic prostate cancer, migrating to hip bones and eventually to the skull area. It has led to increased pain, blindness in one eye, a loss of mobility and being bed bound. My mother also manages a myriad of drugs, to be administered at various times throughout each day.

Recently, we have been persuaded by our McMillan nurse to accept some help in the form of carers, a hospital bed, and a hoist. We accepted with some hesitation (pride getting in the way), but it has all been a God send. At this junction, let’s be clear; of course it’s not my mother who has prostate cancer, but she is the one who has had to carry most of the burden of having to look after and tend to my father since he was diagnosed with the disease.

shortness of breath and chest pain may occur. Sometimes patients who come into the pharmacy where I work ask me ‘why should I worry about high blood pressure if I don’t get any symptoms?’ Well the reason is that high blood pressure is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases such as a stroke or heart attack, and if this is the case, blood pressure needs to be reduced to the target level of usually around 130/80 mm Hg. When it comes to the treatment of high blood pressure, both medication and lifestyle changes should be used simultaneously in order to reach the desired level, which will vary depending on individual circumstances. There are 5 main classes of drugs which are used to lower blood pressure and when prescribing, doctors will take into account the patients age, ethnicity, and presence

of other conditions. Diuretics, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers are usually the first line in those under 55 years old. Calcium channel blockers (and diuretics) are commonly used for those of African/Caribbean decent and people over 55. Beta blockers are usually reserved for when other drugs cannot be prescribed i.e. when side effects are experienced. As I have said previously, lifestyle changes play a major role in helping to control and reduce your blood pressure, and should always be used in conjunction with any medication treatments that are started. Here are some simple suggestions that are proven to help: • Reduce alcohol intake - The maximum daily intake of alcohol is 3-4 units per day for men and 2-3 units per day for women. The ideal limit is 1-2 units per day, and it is important to remember not

I would advise all of you, if you are to experience having to care for a relative or friend, to look for help and accept it when offered. Prostate cancer, (like all cancers) involves unregulated cell growth. I am not sure that many people appreciate that treatment is required in order to stop the progress of the can-

cer beyond the prostate gland itself. I was not and must admit to being still bedazzled by my father’s regression as the cancer has spread. My father’s cancer has spread to the areas I mentioned above. This, combined with the varying treatment courses he has undertaken, have resulted in blindness, a lack of mobility, incontinence and constipations. I wonder how many people knew this could happen. I was shocked. If your family is in any way like mine, you will assume responsibility and refuse to rely on the state. Hence, the burden (and I use that word advisedly) of care will fall on the family, in particular the mother/wife. As much as I do during the day (which includes all that needs to be done, my dad is now beyond his initial embarrassment), I am not there at night when my mum has to wake up, often at 30-45mins intervals, so my dad can urinate, or be moved to a more comfortable position. I could go on, but I am sure the point is made and well taken.

to drink everyday as to give your liver a chance to recover. • Stop smoking - Your local pharmacy can support you with this, and the government have released their NHS stop smoking ‘Quit Kits’ that are free of charge at most Pharmacies. • Increased Exercise - Everybody should be aiming for at least 30 minutes of regular physical activity a minimum of five times a week. This could include anything from walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, sports such as football/ rugby and even dancing the night away as long as it gets the heart pumping! • Aim for a healthy body weight – For those overweight, with each KG of weight loss it is possible to reduce the systolic blood pressure (first number) by 2.5 mm Hg and the Diastolic blood pressure by 1.5 mm Hg

Deanne Heron

Carl Hamilton & Earl Tulloch

Author of ‘Pardner Money Stories’; a whimsical look at life within an extended Jamaican family in Britain.

Owners of Real Deals Travel LTD - serving & supporting the community for over a decade.


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CROSSWORD I mentioned pride earlier; not wanting to recognise the need for help or refusing it when offered. I would advise all of you, if you are to experience having to care for a relative or friend, to look for help and accept it when offered. For the first time in months, my dad is smiling, asking to watch the television and wanting to provide himself with a drink, why is this? Because he can now sit up comfortably in a hospital bed that was delivered and erected just this morning, all in the comfort of his own bedroom, surrounded by his family. I think my mum might just start to sleep a little better. For information and advice on prostate cancer, go to On that site, you might also consider downloading a useful booklet called Know Your Prostate – A Guide to Common Prostate Problems.

by Jules Jack • Healthy diet - Eat in moderation, reduce fatty food intake, consume at least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day, 2 portions of fish per week, cut down on caffeine and reduce salt (i.e. only 5-6 grams per day). All this will help to keep your blood pressure down. Usually medication for high blood pressure is taken for life, but if these lifestyle changes are made and your blood pressure drops to the required level for a prolonged period of time (usually more than 3 years), then sometimes medication is withdrawn. More information can be found from the blood pressure association- www.bpassoc.ork. uk, British hypertension Society- and NHS Choices- . References: Patient UK - Dr. Tim Kenny / Dr. Huw Thomas, British National Formulary NICE -

by Adedayo Titiloye MPharm

ACROSS 5. Manchester Central’s two mile motorway (9,3) 8. Permanent fixture in Manchester’s Albert Square ‘…… Hall’ (4) 9. Alicia Keys got up close and personal with this sacred place (9) 12. Lottery Heritage Funding will dramatically improve this historical park (9) 13. Community Health Centre, Moss Lane East ‘…… Centre’ (4,5) 14. Largest indoor shopping centre and leisure complex, in Dumplington ‘…… Centre’ (8) 16. Manchester’s melting pot of Chinese cuisine (5,4) 17. Raby Street library and former Moss Side youth club (10) 18. Circular building in Manchester, remains a hive of information (7,7)

DOWN 1. Recent addition to Manchester’s skyline ‘…… Hotel’ (6) 2. Prominent hotel on Peters Street, City Centre (7) 3. Well known Manchester biscuit manufacturer (8) 4. Manchester’s gateway to international destinations (10,7) 6. Manchester’s first major shopping centre (7) 7. The biggest park in Greater Manchester, covering 640 acres (6) 10. Row of bars underneath the City Centre arches (9,5) 11. Ardwick West Indian community centre ‘…… Road’ (7) 15. Moss Side Sports and Social Club is on ‘…… Street’ (8)



4 7

8 9


11 12

with Bella-Marie


by Linford Sweeney

This easy to use self-help book is an affirmation workbook in plain English. It is written in the form of a weekly journal and activity log over 52 weeks. The book focuses on people who face challenging situations, or those looking for a clear purpose. The profound and inspirational affirmations will give encouragement and food for thought to many readers. It provides the tools for goal setting and explains how to make positive changes in differ-

ent areas of life such as finance, health and education. Author and historian, Linford Sweeney, who is also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and certified Life Coach, uses his skills of empowerment to produce an interesting and practical book to assist the reader in making life changes and place them on the road towards inner peace.

Val’s Bridge

by Valerie Wood

Valerie Wood was born and brought up in Manchester. She joined the Women’s Royal Air Force at 18 years old,

New Year fitness plan

14 15

January and February are downright depressing so if you’re feeling jaded about your fitness, here’s a plan to help you on your way. The Plan




Book Reviews… At Peace With Myself


with an intensive six week training course at RAF Hereford, progressing to Ground then Air Stewardess. ‘Val’s Bridge’ is her captivating journal of the major episodes in her life so far and offers a glimpse into the hitherto secret world of the disciplined WRAF; from Drill Sergeants to fitted air force blue jackets and the below the knee skirts of the 1980s and 90s. The book paints a grueling but often proud and happy picture of Val’s world; charting her battle against jealousy and bigotry from those around her. Readers will follow her journey around the world, smashing through the glass ceiling, as well as meeting and serving royalty. Val Wood’s book, peppered with poignant photographs from home, and the WRAF, also

by Deanne Heron

takes the reader on a nostalgic journey through her family life and Moss Side roots. This honest book will inspire a range of emotional responses from anyone who picks it up.

Corpie and the Big Fish

by Whit Stennett

‘Corpie and the Big Fish’ is a captivating children’s story set in Jamaica, about a young boy’s adventures at the beach with a hurricane dam-

aged boat and a mysterious large fish. The story, written by ex worshipful Mayor of Trafford, cricketer and author, Whit Stennett, provides a detailed exploration into a fascinating world which few children experience today; a nostalgic world, familiar to the author and his generation who spent their formative years in the coastal towns of the Caribbean islands. With detailed and colourful illustrations by Elaine Bland, the story immediately draws you in. The book is suitable for reading to younger children or for older children setting out on the journey of discovering literature. My only criticism of this book is that it’s not long enough. I wanted more.

Get yourself a blank weekly plan, ideally with 30 minutes time slots. Try and follow the below steps: Step 1 – block out the time you wake-up, pick-up & drop off the child/ren. Step 2 – block out the hours you are at work, including travel time. Step 3 – block out family time. Step 4 – block out other activities such as college/ university/night school. Now you have a realistic view of your availability. For parents, this may not seem like a lot of time, but it is important to try and fit in regular exercise when possible, such as early mornings.

What about food?

Despite daily chores it is important to remember that your meals are a part of eating right for good health and physical fitness. Preparation for working out is not just the exercise itself; it is also what you put into your body before you workout. There is so much FREE information out there that discusses eating correctly especially around your workouts but if you find all that information daunting then contact a recommended Personal Trainer or even better a Nutrionist and they should be able to point you in the right direction.







Active members in the community Sam Brown

Edwin Sinclair

Record label owner, manager of recording artist ‘Gabriel’, Programme Controller Peace FM; also broadcasting in radio in Jamaica, promo 25 years.

Manchester based DJ, journalist and founder of Hype Magazine 1993-97, supporting youths from Moss Side and Hulme, sponsored by ESF.


OLIVE & THYME The south Manchester suburb of Chorlton already boasts a vast array of restaurants, so if you are going to open up a new one - then it needs to stand out – and Olive and Thyme, a new Mediterranean venture does precisely that.


he restaurant, owned by Baran Toprak and partner Mehmet Nezir Korkut, has an inviting Parisian feel with a heated outdoor seating area; this is bound to become more popular as summer comes around. The intimate decor features wood beams, rustic brick walls and seductive lighting – the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner date. The menu offers a number of culinary delights including their signature complimentary bread with garlic butter and olives, a delicious starter. The tasty Yaprak Dolma sees vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs and provides lovely,

subtle flavours and these are accompanied by a tasty Ezme Salad with finely chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs.

The dishes don’t just taste great but look it too and the Lemon and Thyme Chicken, accompanied by sun blushed tomatoes, mascarpone and risotto is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

King prawns are a staple on any Mediterranean menu, and they get it just right. An explosion of taste amid gentle textures will please the pallet of any foodie. The finishing touch is added by the authentic Baklava dessert, with layers of sweet filo pastry filled with pistachios, served with ice cream and strawberry garnish. Olive and Thyme caters for all people and a range of tastes, but with its intimate feel it certainly makes the perfect valentines destination for couples. The restaurant, on Barlow Moor Road, is open from 11am till late.

by The Nubian Times Lifestyle Reviewer

What’s on in February and early March… Club Nights… Old skool 2 nu session

Bohemia Bar + Grill Saturday 2nd February Monthly soul session for those who prefer their soul music more organic.

Concerts… Plan B





MEN Arena Saturday 2nd February British rap and soul singer Plan B performs all his hit songs.


MEN Arena Friday 15th February R’n’B superstar Usher brings his futuristic show to Manchester.

Betty Wright

Band on the Wall Saturday 16th February 70’s soul singer Betty Wright takes centre stage at Band on the Wall.

The Jacksons

Apollo Wednesday 27th February The Return of the legendary Jackson family performing for one night in Manchester, expect hits such as “ABC” and “I want you back “.


M.E.N Arena Saturday 9th March American R&B hit-maker NeYo is coming to the Manchester Arena for one night only.



Christine & Clio Higgins

Mr Zip (Zipprah Tafari)

Mother & daughter, Manchester’s home grown soul & RnB singers.

BGT finalist, rapper and well known community entertainer known for songs such as ‘What Time Is It’ and ‘Keys & Phone’.

The Secret to Dating

he Secret to Dating is a short, romantic comedy, written by Marquelle Jermaine Ward, who also appears in the film. This is Ward’s first project and marks him out as an emerging talent. The project also involves producers Shot I.D and the Royal Born Entertainment Team. The film focuses on four young successful business men who have everything that money can buy and lead promiscuous lifestyles. The one thing connecting all the characters is a desire to find love and settle down.

As luck would have it, all four main characters; Trey, Merv, Damon and Simba fall for the same woman, Leah Pendergrass,

played by Paris Jardin. She is smart, independant, successful and gorgeous and has the men eating out of her hand. The guy’s make a bet to see who can score a date with Leah, with the loser paying for the date. This film features an all B.M.E cast including Devon Anderson (Eastenders), Aaron Cobham (Hollyoaks), Jermaine Liburd (screwed) and Naveed Choudhry (Waterloo Road). The Secret to Dating is Ward’s debut picture and the 29 year old Mancunian says he is tired of black and asian actors being

type cast as drug dealers, thugs and other negative roles. He told the The Nubian Times: “All characters are based on

Writer, Marquelle Jermaine Ward

myself but have been hugely exaggerated to add mass appeal for mainstream audiences”. We also asked Ward what he thoughts of our slogan, ‘Bad News Sells, Good News Inspires!” and he responded with his own slogan, “make your good best and your best better.” The secret to dating will be released to short film festivals first before being screened to the public. For more information visit The Secret to Dating Facebook page.

by Stephen Simpson

Hetain Patel: Be like water

Contact Theatre 14th &15th February Bolton-born visual artist, Hetain Patel ,returns to the stage in collaboration with Taiwanese dancer Yuyu Rau. Expect a punchy kung fu duet.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Royal Exchange Theatre 20th Feb until 30 Mar Harper Lee’s ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ is a universal tale of prejudice, inequality and humanity. A play that will entertain all alike.

The Spiral

Contact Theatre 27-28th February This gripping piece of spoken word theatre dramatises a life-changing meeting between two different artists, who challenge through poetry and spoken word.

Three Birds

Royal Exchange Theatre 27th Feb until 16th March Set in South East London, Three Birds is a startling and darkly comic drama about childhood, family and fantasy.

Must See… Costume Museum

Platt Field Hall February until May Some of the best British costumes, ranging from the 17th century to the present day are on show at Platt Field hall.

Community Activist, organiser of Manchester Caribbean Carnival introducing the African Corner & Youth Stage.

Nubian Eventz proudly presents:

Nubian Soul


ubian Soul is the new club night that is the talk of Manchester. The night made its debut at One Central Street nightclub on November 30th, when Manchester’s soul lovers came out to party for the free launch event featuring live artists including Gee Morris. This was followed up by a boxing day event as Nubian Soul establishes itself as Manchester’s premier night for Old Skool Soul, RnB and Reggae. Pauline Henry appeared at the boxing day night, signing pictures for delighted fans. This is not just another old Skool soul event, Nubian Eventz have created a night for the more mature and sophisticated music connoisseur. Nubian Soul is the ultimate night out in Manchester and both events in November and on Boxing Day were nothing short of amazing. The Nubian Soul V.I.P members love to party with fellow music lovers and they kept the festivities in full swing untill dawn on both occasions, the


ituated on Booth Street in the Italian quarter of the city centre, Avalanche is a restaurant that specialises in Italian cuisine. Dishes are well proportioned, with classics like Con Formaggio

members that wanted to have their own private party, proving that Nubian Eventz cater for the intimate needs of all their members. These parties rocked, thanks to DJ’s Gordon West, Cross Fade, Natty and Silver playing their unique blends of 80’s and 90’s Old Skool, Reggae and RnB. The Nubian Times was there to cover the events and to join in and support the celebrations. men were suited and booted and the ladies dazzled in all their finery. Private booths where purchased for those exclusive V.I.P


FACEBOOK /thenubiantimes

e Pomodoro – with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce and Scaloppina Di Vitello al Limone –veal scallops served in lemon butter sauce. Prices are reasonable, quality and authenticity are the restaurant’s key values. This funky Italian restaurant also boasts a luxurious private club downstairs which has a

For more information email or Visit: : NubianEventz : Nubian Eventz

champagne bar where customers can relax after a hard day at the office. Avalanche bar has it’s origins rooted in Italy and customers will undoubtedly be impressed with the attention to detail in the food and décor. So if you fancy a classy Italian restaurant in a relaxed environment then Avalanche is the place to be.

by Edwin Sinclair

If you want your restaurant or bar to be reviewed by The Nubian Times, contact

by Luke Judd

If the answer is ‘yes’ get in touch, as we’re running a radio training project for you. We’ll teach you all you need to know about producing and presenting your own show

…the real voice of Manchester

Do you live in Manchester? FIND


With its sleek décor and bespoke chandeliers, Avalanche restaurant wouldn’t look out of place in the cobbled streets of Monaco or Paris.

Are you out of work?


Lowry Theatre 13th March William Shakespeare’s tragic tale of love and rejection is given a makeover at the Lowry Theatre.

Mike Bisson

Comedian, zumba fitness instructor & fashion designer.


The Nubian Times’ Edwin Sinclair checks out all the main events in the coming months. Theatre…

Carloid Haughton

Would you like to broadcast your own ? show on

Would you like to broadcast to 14,000 people on Telephone 0161 248 6888 or email

19 Albert Road Levenshulme ManchesterM19 2EQ

Tel: 0161 248 6888 Email: Web:





Mr. Ashwin Maisuria

Owner of A1 Will Pass Driving School which has PASSED hundreds of people across Greater Manchester.

Macs Mahlangu Founder at specialists in web design, digital strategy and marketing.

Retailing for 30 years, serving the community for 22 years on the Fallowfield Triangle.

The Enterprise club will work closely with Jobcentre Plus and also invite local businesses to get involved with promoting, running and developing the project. Extra help will be provided for unemployed people with business ideas, who will work with a mentor to help turn those ideas into reality. Moss Side currently has unemployment figures of almost 15 percent and it is hoped that this new venture will work to reduce that figure.

by Joseph Cullen

HERE 20,000 Newspapers

We salute Jabeer Butt OBE Don’t be fooled by the quiet, well mannered tone of Jabeer Butt… When it comes to fighting for social and racial justice, Butt is a Rottweiler. His international reputation for evidence based interventions in regards to policy is admired as much as it is feared. This was exemplified by his work alongside Sukhwant Dhaliwal, in researching and writing the award winning ‘Different Paths’ – a guide to better practice in housing for disabled people. It is no surprise to those of us who know him, that in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours, Jabeer was awarded with an OBE. Jabeer we salute you, and may you continue to show leadership in those critical areas including programmes like ‘Strengthening Families and Strengthening Communities’. Lastly, for a decade and more, thank you for being a friend of OBV and of mine.

by Simon Wooley


e are delighted to introduce the Manchester Black & Minority Ethnic Network to readers of the The Nubian Times. We look forward to sharing information with you all on a regular basis in this publication. We are a well established, independent Network of local groups, organisations and individuals in Manchester. We strive to support BME groups and organisations of all sizes to become more effective and successful and to play their part in contributing to communities in Manchester. The Manchester BME Network holds regular Network meetings, events and consultations which are free to attend. Our last meeting looked at the idea of ‘being enterprising and creative’ – how to find new ways to survive in the current climate; with inspirational stories from enterprising people and speakers discussing new methods of funding. We even created our very own market stalls with all sorts of interesting products and services! To add to this, we are in diverse projects such as a food share trial, where a group of our members are currently enjoying collecting food on a regular

basis from FareShare and distributing it to those in most need. We are running a Climate Change project with partner organisations in an attempt to try and gage the impact of change on socially vulnerable groups. We are also currently working with the NHS, looking into Sexual Health for BME women, and we have a Supplementary Schools programme. Our next Network meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 20th at London Scottish House, on 24 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 3NN. So why not come along and see what we are all about? There is no charge to become a member and it’s open to anyone. We would also just like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Dr Bhagabat Chara Das MBE who sadly passed away on the 21st of December 2012. As a founding member of the Indian Senior Citizens Centre in Whalley Range, Dr Das will be remembered for all the wonderful community work he carried out throughout the years. He leaves behind the legacy of a successful Indian Senior Citizens Centre in Whalley Range which provides wonderful and much needed support and services for older people.

You can contact our Administrator on: 0161 257 0213 / 07811 531160



FACEBOOK /thenubiantimes

Hands on Hair, Specialist in Afro Caribbean, Asian, European, Barbering and Extension Techniques Come see what our hands can do for your hair Glenthorne, 39 Manley Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16, 8HN. Tel: (0161) 232 8870 : hands_on_hair

: handsonhair lilian |

15,000 Homes

5,000 Businesses


‘Amazin’ Business Solutions’ will be running the club in association with the Moss Side and Hulme Community Development Trust. Richard Davis, Managing Director of Amazin’ Business Solutions is looking forward to working with the community: “The club will implement a business incubation programme that will indeed increase the likelihood of local people with business ideas being able to develop them into successful business start-up companies that will stay in business for the long term.”


E S I T R E V D A 80,000 People

Boost for budding entrepreneurs as Moss Side welcomes new Business Enterprise Club. new enterprise club is being launched in Moss Side at the end of January – which will provide support and advice for budding entrepreneurs and new small businesses. The enterprise club is part of the Government’s ‘Get Britain Working’ programme. It is hoped that people who want to set up businesses will be able to come along and share experiences, build contacts and access professional advice that they may otherwise be unable to afford.

FEBRUARY ‘13 im t n ia b u n e h t @ advertising

Active members in the community Clifton Williams



The Nubian Times C/o: Nubian Enterprise 83 Ducie Street M1 2JQ

Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC) Would you like to build your confidence whilst gaining an accredited Level 2 Qualification? Are you good at listening or do you want to be a better listener? Have you ever thought of a career in counselling?

Opportunities: Life Coaching Studies Level 3 This course will teach you the skills required to enable you to coach individuals to:

• Cope better with life’s difficulties and challenges; • Develop self confidence, self esteem and self awareness; • Form, develop and maintain loving relationships; • Meet the challenges and opportunities of their life stage; • Make healthier lifestyles changes. (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 5 This course is designed for individuals who want to develop CBT skills and theory as an integral part of their counselling work.

Our saying is: “The potential for greatness is within us all, it is for us to achieve together, through the support we give each other” Contact Alicia at: Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC), WISSCC Training Centre, Manchester M14 4SW. Tel: (0161) 868 0962 or Mob: 0797 141 7621







Active members in the community Alicia Henry

Abdi Yusef

Atiha Choudary

Founding member of Support 4 Progress, proprietor of Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC), Vice Chair of The BME Network.

Founder of Focusing First On People (FFOP), supporting the unemployed through job specific training into employment.

Justice of the Peace, member of the DWP Ethnic Minority Employment Task Group, Board Member of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies.

Haroon Khan

Ian Depeiza

Kevin Morris

Bolton born boxer, former Commonwealth Gold Medalist 2010.

Community Champion using sport to positively engage and support young men and women in the community.

Former World Champion Mixed Martial Artist, proprietor of STAMP/ snyc’s COMBAT SPORTS and URBAN ARTS TRAINING ACADEMY.

Local Opportunities In and Around Manchester Youth Activities Adult Learning, Employment & Training Opportunities The Works Moss Side 130 Alexandra Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M16 7DW 0161 359 3388 info@theworksmanchester. If you need training to help you secure that new job then you’ve come to the right place. Free training we can offer at The Works, or through our partners, includes: • CV writing • IT skills • Job interview skills • Job-specific pre-recruitment training • Literacy and numeracy • ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) Greenheys Adult Learning Centre Upper Lloyd Street, Manchester Area, Manchester M14 4 0161 226 0428 0161 254 7314 adult-education@ Greenheys Adult Learning Centre offer a range of courses aimed at improving lives and getting people into work, volunteering or to improve current job skills. The centre runs many courses, including computer training. The Nubian Times Manchester 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ 0161 408 4116 2013 Employment Opportunities in Sales (Commission Based work only). Also The Nubian Times are recruiting journalists, creative writers, proof readers & researchers to come on board with the Nubian Media Team.

Hands On Hair 0161 232 8870 2013 Employment Opportunites for those self employed • Colour Technician • Senior Stylist, Specializing in Afro Caribbean, European, Asian, & Extension Techniques • Nail Technician, • Eyebrows Technician / Waxing, Threading • Cleaning job opportunity (within The Hands On Hair Salon) Interviewing opening and closing dates: Mon 11th Feb Mon 1st April

Local Youth Activities & Library Facilities Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse Library 140 Raby Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 4SQ 0161 227 3758 The Moss Side Millenium Powerhouse is a centre for 8-25 year olds and has a Young People’s Library. You can come and use the computers, get help with your homework at the Homework Zone, along with borrowing books and CDs. Mentoring & Supplementary School Service G.I.F.T (Grace Incorporated Faith Trust) Units 1-2 Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester, M16 7WD 0161 636 7584 GIFT is set up as a community organisation to support young people and families into education, employment and training, through holistic intervention and prevention work, improving people’s life chances.

(MCTC) Manchester Counselling Training Center WISSC. Training Suite, Westwood Street, Moss Side Manchester, M14 5SW 0161 868 0962 0797 141 7621 Contact (MCTC) if you who want to develop CBT skills and theory as an integral part of counselling work or would like to build your confidence whilst gaining an accredited Level 2 Qualification. Creative Arts Theatres Z-arts 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, M15 5ZA 0161 226 1912 Z-arts Zumba Fitness with Vici Thomson:

• Flex it @ 50 (exercise classes) • SOCA Aerobics • Reflexology, Indian Head Massage& Body Massage • Room HireAll therapeutic treatments are available with treatments lasting 30 – 45 minutes. • Aromatherapy • Reflexology • Facial Massage • Acupuncture • Hands on Healing (+ more) Price is £10 per session (acupuncture cost £15 per session). For more information, ring The Kath Locke reception on: 0161 455 0211 or Health & Well-being on: 0161 445 0215

Business Support Services Amazing Business Solutions (ABS) Ltd Minshull House, Chorlton Street, Manchester M1 3FY 07590425544 Specialises in helping small businesses and social enterprises in the local area, with the support of the Moss Side & Hulme Community Development Trust.

Work for Nubian Enterprise Ltd are seeking a driven Sales Agent for The Nubian Times Print & Online News Publication

Contact Theatre Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 6JA 0161 274 0600

This is a self employed position. This opportunity gives the right person the chance to work for this Manchester based newspaper and be part of a successful and professional business.

Extra Curricular Activities

You will have the opportunity to earn an excellent income with uncapped commission structure.

Mr M’s Fight Factory 295 Talbot Road, Stretford. 07748 567595 Facebook: Mr M’s Fight Factory

You will be calling on small, medium & large business, educational establishments, health centers introducing them to The Nubian Times & our advertising options.

Over 50’s Services

Role dimension: Ability to work on own initiative, Self manage, Excellent commission structure, Driver with own vehicle preferred.

The Kath Lock Centre is home to a range of services that cater for your day to day health Services including: Over 50’s services • The Sugar Group – for people living with diabetes • Podiatry Clinic: advice and care for your feet.

The Beautiful Game… or is it?

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Manchester Football:

Greater Manchester AddVentures A new approach to hosting and supporting community projects.

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Strengths required: Motivated, Mechanically Minded, Organized, Presentable, Self starter, Excellent self awareness, Explain issues clearly, Generate sales via influencing skills, Plan time effectively, Never give up, Builds rapport easily at all levels, Confident approach, Can operate within defined framework or regulatory guidelines. We would consider candidates with a variety of backgrounds as long as you have very good people skills and are motivate to succeed we can train the rest!

Please apply by Email to with a brief CV telling us why you would be a valuable member of the Nubian team.

FIFA’s Sepp Blatter Must Go


he President of FIFA, world football’s governing body, Sepp Blatter, has once again demonstrated why he should step down from his post. Responding to an incident that saw AC Milan players walk off the pitch during a game with Pro Patria, following the racial abuse of midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng, Blatter accused Boateng of running away. Not only was he dismissive towards Boateng and his Milan team mates, but he also suggested that any team who acted similarly would run the risk of forfeiting a game, a sanction that has never been used against teams whose

fans have collectively abused Black players. Indeed, the sanctions that have been used against players and clubs have been risible. Starting a match a few minutes late, or advertising a product

Whilst football bodies continue to be ineffective, walking off the pitch is one of the few decisive actions left to players and their teams. on your underpants has been met with far sterner penalties than incidents of racial abuse. Blatter is no stranger to inef-

Efe Sodje

The Nubian Times profiles the colourful Bury defender. Born in Greenwich, in 1972, Efe is the oldest of four brothers. His family originate from Warri, in Delta State, Nigeria. Sodje began his playing career with lowly Stevenage Borough, playing in the Conference National during the 1994-95 campaign. He has since played for a

whole host of clubs including Macclesfield, Luton, Colchester, Yeovil and Gillingham. A personal highlight arrived for the central defender when he was called up to play for the Nigerian national side as part of the 2002 Fifa World Cup squad that travelled to Japan

fectual solutions when dealing with racism. After Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, Blatter remarkably suggested that the way to deal with racism on the field is for both players to shake hands afterwards. As usual, Blatter’s comments left many angry and Reading striker Jason Roberts tweeted: “This is CLASSIC… Blatter has outdone himself here… So if you are being racially abused in a game, and have reported it to the Ref 3 times, just stand there and take it, that way YOU win. Don’t worry because Blatter and those like him are going to

hit the Clubs/FA with a meaningless fine, or write a plan, that way YOU win. No Thanks Sepp… tried that… 65k fine for repeat offenders like Serbia etc. How about WALK OFF THE PITCH, the only language you understand!” Roberts is right, whilst football bodies continue to be ineffective, walking off the pitch is one of the few decisive actions left to players and their teams. Meanwhile, change should start at the very top and that means removing the outdated Blatter with immediate effect.

and South Korea. He played a total of 9 times for Nigeria. Currently living in Alderley Edge in Cheshire, Efe spends his time away from football focussing on his charity organisation – the Sodje Sports Foundation, which launched in 2009. The principal role of his charity is to help those less fortunate in Nigeria, an area he has immense passion for. When it comes to leisure, the 40 year old enjoys relaxing at some of Alderley Edge’s cool-

est hotspots such as Panacea and Bubble. Efe is indeed a colourful character and this is exemplified by his trademark dress sense, including his famous colourful headband that reads “Against All Odds”, which he dons on the playing field. One of the most respectful characters in football, The Nubian Times salutes Efe Sodjie as a truly great sportsman.

by Simon Woolley

Operation Black Vote

by Edwin Sinclair

…cont from front page and the Premier League for the amount of time taken to respond to the Government’s request for improved anti-racism policies. Both the FA and FIFA are accused of acting slowly and not doing enough to punish those who are found guilty. In 2013 football is still seen as our national game, and a lot has changed since 1886 when Arthur Wharton became the first black professional player in England- but within certain

Bradford City FC: Growing new fan base


here was a time when Asian people and Black people had very good reasons to fear attending big city football matches. But a picture taken on Tuesday night, showing a young, female, Asian Bradford City fan, wearing a Hijab and vehemently supporting her side, provides a ray of hope. Bradford is known as an often racialized part of England and we are all aware of the racial incidents that have marred the beautiful game of late, so this really is a remarkably positive image. This young woman is flying in the face of all the nay-Sayers, boldly brandishing her right to jeer at the rivals of her favoured team, with her own Muslim identity proudly on show for all to see. The message is a powerful one: football matches are

sections of the sport, racism clearly still exists. To eradicate this problem, surely the Government, the FA and the Premier League need to work together at a grass roots level. They need to encourage black players or players from ethnic minorities to get serious about tackling racism and enforce strict punishments on those found guilty of such offences.

by Edwin Sinclair

no place for prejudice and no longer solely a ‘white man’s’ arena. Regardless of race, gender or religion, everyone has an equal right to all resources, recreational or otherwise that this great nation has to offer. I’m sure this young woman was not concerned with, nor aware of the ramifications of her mid-week trip to the big match, but it was an unwittingly bold and brave move. The image brings with it a notion of fortitude and a resolute refusal to bow down to bigotry. Positive change in society is often encapsulated by the actions of those who run against perceived ways. We celebrate you, and look forward to seeing you and your friends at more Bradford City matches. Only then will others follow suit.

by Simon Woolley

Operation Black Vote




Active members in the community Paris Allen Proprietor of ‘Hair By Paris’, hair stylist, colour technician and national salsa & ballroom dance teacher.

Selwyn Stephenson

Sidnie Co Couture

Proprietor of Goldcrest Ltd; designer of corporate curtains and blinds.

Fashion designer, specializing in a ‘made-tomeasure’ consultation and design service, bespoke pieces created to reflect the client’s inner voice.

Juliet Awolesi W

hen she was a little girl growing up in Nigeria, Juliet Awolesi would cut a strip from the hem of her dress and make clothes for her dolls. It was as early as this that she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. Fast forward to the present day and, true to her dream, Juliet is now the successful owner of fashion label Julialurenz - a combination of her name (Juliet) and her husband’s (Lurenz).

BME Designer

Be yourself and never try to be anyone else. If you stay focused you will achieve your aim. Juliet’s vision is one inspired by God. She wants to show the world that people can look good without ‘flashing their flesh’. All of her designs combine western and African culture, style and prints, you won’t see any cut-outs, low necks, low riders

or crop tops here- just beautiful pieces all designed and hand- made by Juliet at her home in South Manchester. “I want to show youths that you can dress up and cover up yet still be classy, you don’t have to show everything off all of the time.” She has a vision that one day her designs will be recognised worldwide like that of her idol, Versace: “His styles are quite unique, like mine, I’d love to be as big as that one day and see my pieces in all of the shops.” It was back in 2008 that Juliet’s career really began to take off. Her husband bought her a sewing machine for Valentine’s Day and she began to make clothes for herself, her daughter and her friends. In 2011 she made an appearance at Runway Afrika, held at Bar 38 in Manchester, and gained a lot of media attention from other publications and radio stations. Last year Juliet was nominated for and went on to win Fashion’s Finest - ‘Britain’s

Top Designer’ award - the only candidate from Manchester. The ambitious designer has gone from strength to strength and has no plans to slow down. She hopes to make African prints more culturally accepted worldwide and worn by people on a daily basis. She notes that the African style is already on the rise: “You can get African prints on Asos and I saw them on the runway in France, so it’s definitely getting there and I’m glad that I’m able to witness this and be a part of it.” So what advice would Juliet give to a budding fashion designer?

“Be yourself and never try to be anyone else. If you stay focused you will achieve your aim. And be prayerful- everything I have achieved to this day hasn’t been by my power, I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t a believer. You should be true to yourself instead of trying to please everyone else and you have to have the passion and not just want the money and fame.” To get your hands on your own exclusive JuliaLurenz piece, then like the Facebook page JuliaLurenz Collection or visit:

by Siobhan White



Urban, modern mix, Grace Jones inspired look.

Head wraps add a sense of mystery, covering up never looked so good

New Manchester model agency looks to break the cliché


on’t let the name fool you, ‘Cliché Model Management’ is aiming to bring a unique approach to the world of modeling. The new Manchester based company is aiming to raise the profile of black and ethnic models. The majority of black models currently featuring in magazines are based in London and ‘Cliché’ wants to challenge other clients to use models from outside the capital.

The agency specialises in helping BME models to compete with those from mainstream agencies. There is a strong emphasis put on promoting diversity and giving a fair representation of society, moving away from the ultra-thin image often found in western publications. Cliché Model Management was born out of the growing concern that portrayals of female beauty in popular culture were helping to perpetuate an idea of beauty that was neither authentic nor attainable.

The company believes that models should be healthy overall and are comfortable in their own skin no matter what their size or racial background. The company ethos comes from the boss, Melissa Drummond, who believes passionately in promoting equality and diversity to transform perceptions of beauty and started Cliché Model Management earlier this year. Drummond was born to Jamaican parents and brought up in old Trafford. Having gained a degree in

Journalism and English, and having worked in broadcasting with the BBC and Key 103, she turned her attention to modelling. She is now carefully selecting the best male and female models to join her books and will be launching the company in Jan 2013. For more information and images please contact Melissa Drummond on 0161 831 9822 or send an e-mail to Melissa@

by Joseph Cullen

Skull vest top adds a twist to glamour girl look Knitted cardigan adds an alternative look to classic urban casual

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