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Make Manchester

GREEN Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party visited Manchester last month, Hannah Charles met with her in Hulme to discuss child poverty, party politics and how to make Manchester green.


or many people, the Green party represents the environment and little else, but on meeting their leader, Natalie Bennett, it is apparent that there are a wide range of issues affecting the country that they are aiming to tackle. Natalie was in Manchester for an important meeting with the Properties Commission about what she calls “huge issues that are happening up and down the country, especially up here in the North.”

locally based economy in Manchester, we need to bring manufacturing and food production back to Manchester. “Going green means totally re-shaping the economy.” So what does Natalie think about Manchester City Council’s controversial plans to cut down hundreds of trees in Alexandra Park? “You’re destroying something really valuable and it’s hard to see that anything better can be put in its place.” One of the other principle discussion topics during the trip was child poverty. Natalie suggests that many people find themselves in low paid jobs that leave them and their children living in poverty. The Green party are pushing for the national minimum wage, which stands at £6.19 an hour, to be raised to meet what is known as the ‘living wage’, a figure of

She details these issues as rising unemployment, government cutbacks and an increase in casualisation and low pay, adding that: “These are issues that we have to highlight and address.” Of course Natalie and her party care deeply about the environment and when asked what can be done to keep Manchester green, she says: “It’s not just the obvious things like renewable energy, but it also means that we need to build a strong

around £7.45 an hour that has been calculated based on what people need to live. With a parting message for The Nubian Times, she says: “We need to build our economy around small businesses and reign in and control our banks. We need to build up strong local economies and create jobs that people can build a life around.”

“We need to build our economy around small businesses and reign in and control our banks. We need to build up strong local economies and create jobs that people can build a life around.” To find out more information about the Green Party, then visit:

by Maria Francis



Tragic Hadiya Highlights Chicago’s Gang Grief. PAGE 4

Impact of welfare reforms


Boost Energy Levels The Easy (And Free) Way!


The not so Premier League






m o r f r e t t e l A the Editor


by Liam Thorp












s you will all know, the budget was announced last month and amidst all the jargon, facts and financial figures it became clear that growth is occurring much slower than expected and that our national debt is still rising. One of the government’s main strategies for dealing with this bleak financial situation has been to cut public spending. In this month’s issue, many of our reporters have been investigating where those cuts are being made in our communities and what effect they are having. We were delighted to speak with the leader of the Green Party (featured on front page), Natalie Bennett. In an exclusive interview, she outlined how her party want to combat government cuts as well as explaining how we can help make Manchester green. Another controversial government policy is the proposed ‘Bedroom Tax’

and Yasin Chinembiri takes a closer look at the proposals and asks ‘Are we really in it together, Mr Cameron.’ The great thing about the people of Manchester is our stiff upper lip, even with the difficult economic situation there are more things going on than ever. Whether it is recognising achievement with the ‘Heroes and Sheroes’ awards (page 3) or simply the range of entertainment that our city has to offer (What’s On page 10.) we are laughing in the face of the credit crunch. One thing that won’t hurt your purse this month is The Nubian Times, not only is this paper free, but it also offers you cheap and easy ways to get fit, eat well and enjoy yourself. We hope April showers you with joy, Take Care

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Community convenes for ‘Heroes and Sheroes’ awards

In February, the Palace hotel in Manchester hosted the ‘Heroes and Sheroes’ awards dinner


he event was created by Jackie Mcneish as a way to celebrate and honour the people working in the community and was attended by high profile guests such as the Lord Mayor of Manchester and the Mayor of Trafford. Jackie says that the inspiration for creating the event came after she began a thesis looking at the underachievement of black boys: “I found myself in Moss Side gym, where I conducted a lot of my interviews,” explains Jackie, “The young black men were on time, engaging and respectful and yet many of them left school without any

skills.” Jackie then went to the funeral of a friend called Samuel White, who helped many immigrants to stay in England with tireless efforts in the community. She says that these two experiences lead her to create the awards night: “Lots of people are just silently working away and that’s how the event was born.” The chosen charity for the ‘Heroes and Sheroes’ event was Sickle Cell Care Manchester and a strong community turnout was treated to a champagne reception and a

three course meal. Jackie was joined by Ras Flex and Rohan Steele in hosting the night. There were a range of winners on the night including Devon Dixon, Ervin Williams, Julie Abitou, Akeim Mundel and Jackie herself. Music on the evening was provided by local talent in the shape of Romario and Shola, in keeping with the community feel. Jackie says that her and her

Cuts in the Community

In 2010 a Tory- Lib Dem coalition government inherited what they say was an already sorry state of economic affairs from the previous Labour Government. Siobhan White looks at the spending policies of the current leadership and assesses how they have affected communities.


he coalition promised us that things would not get worse, only better, that the NHS and education sector would be protected and that the jobs situation would improve. Almost three years on, we are facing a triple-dip recession and it is hard to see any hope on the horizon. Stories of child povertysomething that the government aims to completely end by 2020- and children failing in school are currently rife in the media. It seems this trouble is endemic as the government struggles to keep on

top of their ideas, plans and promises, there are enough stories to give the impression that our children are far from protected. As they represent the future, it is important that the children receive the best care possible, yet in the last spending review a 5.7% cut to the education sector was decided upon, meaning that despite being one of the most important sectors, it was also the most badly affected by government cuts. Services in the social, schools and the community sectors are all being affected

by these drastic cuts and yet they are all equally effective and needed for the development of children. There is wide spread anxiety amongst parents, teachers and community members that, without these services, our children will be badly affected. To use an example close to home; Manchester Young Lives (MYL) is the organisation behind the four adventure playgrounds across Manchester; In Longsight/ Ardwick, Moss Side, Hulme and Wythenshawe. These playgrounds aren’t just somewhere for youths to hang out of an evening but they double up as education centres for young people who have been expelled from mainstream schools. Adventure playgrounds have been an

team plan to run this event every year, despite a lack of governmental support: “It most definitely will be repeated again. We tried to get funding for the event from government bodies but found we have to jump through a thousand hoops, I just wish we as a community could pool our resources and fund all our own events.”

Making a Difference in our Communities


s part of our series looking into local radio station Peace FM - Linford Sweeney explains the values and motives that drive the much loved station. Communities live or die on the backs of people who have been inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. In so doing, and usually without expectations of reward, they may become immortalised in the memories of many. Peace FM endeavours to make a difference in the lives of others. The station, born out of the experience of gang violence within the community, was inspired by a group of people coming together to find viable solutions to the problem - and one such solution was the radio station Peace FM. The life blood of Peace FM is its

volunteers. Each day, like warriors, they enter the Peace FM studio and office to entertain, inform, organise and manage. These really are hardworking people! It has been three and a half years since Peace FM went on air and no one has looked back. In that time there have been many changes, and like any business, some difficult decisions have had to be made along the way. Throughout these challenging times the inspiration that is Peace FM has continued to forge ahead to bring positivity and encouragement to all. Peace FM is steadily working towards winning a second five year licence, so let’s all support the station in its bid to continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone living in our community.

be cut. Trainee play worker Wayne says children’s experiences are being badly affected: “I can definitely see a difference in what’s going on at adventure. We don’t go on as many trips, there aren’t as many sessions with the kids and my hours have been cut right down. “It’s a shame because parents that send their kids here used to come here themselves as children, it’s been going that long. Now there’s almost nothing. I don’t think people outside of the communities realise what adventure play does for kids, it’s different to school, not as strict - but still fun, educational and nurturing.” Sure Start is an organisation that was originally brought in to help mums with young children. It is estimated that over the last two years, funding for Sure Start has been

cut by a third, meaning the facilities are no longer available or have been considerably reduced in some areas of the UK. It emerged that some of the money taken was used to continue the day-to-day running of the coalition’s flagship ‘free nursery for two year olds’ scheme. Despite using the funding themselves (called the Early Intervention Grant), and it providing money for a variety of other scheme and initiatives, there is a possibility that the government will scrap EIG this month. It is clear to see that there simply isn’t enough money to go around. But taking funds from one pot to put in to another isn’t the answer. It is a matter of priorities and surely provision should be made for those people who need it the most, like struggling parents or under privileged children.

by stephen simpson integral part of the inner city communities since the 1970s, providing shelter for children and creating jobs and careers. As with many community and youth services, MYL is suffering thanks to cuts in their funding. Once upon a time they used to have a set ‘pot’ of money put aside specifically for them but now that pot has to be shared amongst all youth club associations similar to MYL, schools and other child and education services. This first come, first served basis means that organisations which are deemed more important – like schools- are more likely to receive the money from that particular area of funding. The effect that this has had on MYL is clear to see; play sessions- the evening time youth club- are going from being held four evenings a week to just once and so the working hours have to also

by Linford Sweeney

Chair – Peace

by SIObhan white




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Are We Really In It Together, Mr Cameron?



can remember when homework was just as the title said, work that is done at home. But, research has shown that completing homework at home can cause arguments and upset to both children and parents. So the Department for Education and Skills has encouraged schools to offer a wide range of activities outside the normal school day, stating that such activities can improve the motivation, self esteem and thus the overall academic performance of children. After school clubs are based at school and provide an environment where children can do their homework or take part in an activity which they wouldn’t normally do in a school day. Some of these clubs are aimed at children who require extra help or who don’t have access to facilities, such as a computer, at home. However, a recent Ofsted Inspection report that looked at 175 of these clubs, found that the disadvantaged children who the clubs are trying to attract did not stay to study. You would have thought that schools would want to raise the standards for those children who need the extra help, so why is this not happening? One reason is that, based on research, it seems that

some ethnic minority families prefer to help their children themselves. It seems that our work/home life balance has been compromised by a rise in unemployment – we can’t just leave work at 3pm and at the same time society now demands from us that our children know more than what they learn in a text book. These after school clubs can take the pressure away from home, because we all know, as parents we want to give our children every opportunity to succeed. The clubs are run by specially trained staff that can help children with more complex homework questions. So surely this can only be a good thing. After school clubs also provide children with important social skills that they may not normally learn in an academic setting, with many of these skills being transferred to later life. As well as easing the pressure from working parents they also help to keep children away from the television and computer games. With all these positives, after school clubs can only help us to teach our children to become the responsible future adults that our country needs. So let’s give them a chance.

by bailey font

Despite a broad and growing global consensus that the austerity regime in the UK has been disastrous, David Cameron remains staunch on his plan to fix the country’s economic situation his way, writes Yasin Chinembiri.


t is a plan which champions reducing the national deficit and increasing international competitiveness, ahead of changing social policies which help disadvantaged people in the UK. Daily economic headlines suggesting that the UK economy isn’t out of the woods yet, have become clichés in themselves; much like the economic policies themselves, which the government needs to breathe new life into. An increase of closed retail units, homeless people, extended dole queues and declining services and standards ( such as the horse meat scandal), are all part of the reality of this conservativeled coalition government. The feasibility of Cameron’s cuts in the face of a weak economy is questionable.. Chancellor George Osborne’s rather ineffective strategies have not stimulated growth. Britain is on the brink of a triple dip recession - having lost its cherished AAA credit rating, thanks to 0% growth in 2012 with -0.3% growth in its final quarter, according to The

Office for National Statistics. ddIn addition, we have increasing unemployment, huge cuts on housing benefits, a ‘Bedroom Tax’ which drives up poverty, more children living below the poverty line and £1000 per week tax cuts for the wealthiest in our society. This brings me to my question to Mr Cameron, ‘Are we really in it together?’ referring to his recent economic speech in Keighley, w h i c h suggested that, “We have a plan to get through these difficulties together”. Two-thirds of the 660,000 people affected by Mr Cameron’s ‘Bedroom Tax’ are disabled or foster parents, and are expected to pay £14-£16 per week per spare room. This ‘Bedroom Tax’ or ‘Under-Occupation Tax’ aims to reduce housing benefits for people living in social housing with spare bedrooms. The government says the disabled

are exempt; however recent evidence presented on ‘Any Questions’ on BBC Radio 4, shows that this exemption is discretionary and not absolute. Again, Mr Cameron, are we really in it together? The reality of this scheme does not match practicality and is contributing to overcrowded damp housing plus a long social housing waiting list. Over 1.7 million families currently await social housing in England alone, according to the Joseph Rowntree Fo u n d a t i o n . ddOliver Blanchard, Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund, recently joined the criticism of the government’s austerity measures saying its “time for the UK to consider Plan B”. Bankers’ bonuses remain a source of outrage for the general public. Instead of cutting public services and benefits, the government needs to regulate banks, which

caused the global meltdown in the first place – thus protecting both the country from further risk of another meltdown and public jobs. The writing has been on the wall for a long time, but it seems the conservatives are pursuing their own interests, irrespective of the state of the economy, let alone policies that proportionately affect disadvantaged communities. dThe main problem is that people do not have the pound in their pocket and there is very little business and housing investment. The solution is that the government needs to stop foot-dragging and cut the red tape; increase public investment, increase investment in education and training schemes, cut taxes and allow people to spend their money, which brings about growth. I call it ‘common sense investment’. In countries such as Estonia, their government has cut chunks off taxes, allowing their economy to grow as opposed to being stagnant. Our government’s policies appear to be mindless politics over any economic or common sense.




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Moss Side Ward, Labour Party.

Moss Side Ward, Labour Party.

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Responsible for; • Young People and Children

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Tragic Hadiya Highlights Chicago’s Gang Grief Hadiya Pendleton was just 15 years old when she was gunned down in broad daylight whilst hanging out with a group of friends.


adiya Pendleton was just 15 years old when she was gunned down in broad daylight whilst hanging out with a group of friends. Hadiya, an honours student at Chicago’s ‘Dr Martin Luther King Jr College Prep School’ was a popular pupil who had, just days before, performed with her school’s marching band at the inauguration of President Barrack Obama – a hugely significant event that Hadiya should have been able to remember for the rest of her life. But that life was tragically cut short by the type of mindless violence that has blighted the city of Chi-

cago in recent years. An increase in gang culture saw the city’s homicide numbers top 500 in 2012, a huge worry for citizens. The south side of the city is usually regarded as safer but it was there that the 15 year old was shot in the back and killed. A young man was also shot in the leg. Two men have now been arrested for Hadiya’s murder. Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20, were charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm, Chicago police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said. “She said police believed both men were gang

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members. The Nubian Times send its condolences to all families who have been affected by gang violence but a special prayer goes out to the parents grieving a daughter whose life was cut so tragically short.


“She was a very active kid, doing dance, cheerleading, who felt like she could accomplish just about anything, a very good student who had big dreams about what she wanted to be, a doctor, an attorney,” said Stewart, a Chicago police officer and attorney. “She was constantly getting good grades.”




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Rusholme Ward, Labour Party.

Rusholme Ward, Labour Party.

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Diary of an Angry Black teacher Poetry Corner

‘The Times They Are A-Changing’

Caged Meaning

Many have gazed up at the stars attempting to find the outstretched meaning of life, yet it’s always been at the south of their eyes; beneath the cage of their ribs. by Yasin Chinembiri Do you have a passion for poetry? If you want to see your work in The Nubian Times send it in to

Debatable Issues How do you feel the cut’s are going to affect our families? Visit our facebook page to join the debate If there is a pressing issue that you think needs debating, let us know at


he current economic climate has messed everything up. Our house or flat is worth less than we paid for it. Our bosses are making us do the jobs of 3 people and be grateful for it. We don’t know if beef, horse or alien is in our lasagne. The changes are all around us but, although they are perhaps difficult to see in the education system, they are there and they are hurting the most vulnerable students. The cuts, like in all industries, mean that status quo must be maintained despite spending less money. So where does the money come from? School budgets are pretty much split into 2 sections. A fractional amount goes into the running of the school admin, premises and then the vast majority goes into either teacher and learning or the pastoral system. Teaching and Learning A teacher in my department recently went for a job interview and we did some work on an-

swering questions on how to improve teaching and learning. Before we knew it we had spent 30mins just going over this section! Teaching and learning is the most important item on any agenda of a school. Teacher’s lessons are monitored at least every term, schools publish the A* to C grades every year and many schools send staff all across the world to find out new and innovative ways to impart knowledge on our future generations. Makes sense doesn’t it? Money can’t be taken from this budget! If we have innovative and challenging lessons for children then exam results improve and focus improves therefore behaviour improves. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were the case! The Pastoral System There is a fantastic article (type in black boys exclusion rates into google) written by the Institute of Race Relations which highlights the forgotten truths in our education system. It provides the example of two students -Jack

and Jill. To put it crudely, Jack comes from a poor home, has special educational needs, free school meals and is black. Jill is the complete opposite. Jack is 168 times more likely to be excluded. This trend can only get worse as these black boys grow up to have children and their children have this future to look forward to.

”Your child used to get sent out of lessons every month but hasn’t in the last term!” The parent would be glad, grateful but not ecstatic. Why isn’t more money pumped into the pastoral system then? Why would it be? Exclusion rates aren’t placed in school prospectuses. Exclusion rates are not part of the school section in newspapers. The most frustrating aspect of being Head of Year is that it is difficult to put a value to your impact. When I spoke

to parents and said,”Your child used to get sent out of lessons every month but hasn’t in the last term!” The parent would be glad, grateful but not ecstatic. If I said to the same parent, “Your child was at a D grade but now they are on a C grade!” I would get hugs, chocolates and erm... even some romantic propositions. The perks of being a teacher, I guess. Inevitably, schools’ pastoral systems will have their budgets cut and this has begun in many schools already. I construe this as head teachers and governors saying “Find a way!” Students need to ‘find a way’ of dealing with their problems at home and teachers need to ‘find a way’ of coping with difficult students in their lessons. Bob Dylan gave great advice in 1964 to socioeconomically deprived black students when he sang; “You better start swimmin’ Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are achangin’.” Peace, love and soul

by Mr. L




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Ardwick Ward, Labour Party.

Ardwick Ward, Labour Party.

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Growing Pains


Each month, our teenage columnist, Nawayne Forrester, talks about the challenges of growing up...

Down in the dumps


mongst the pressure to excel in all that we do, behave in the way we’re expected and make others proud, we also have to make time to enjoy our limited youth. Things that used to be fun became lost in the waves of the responsibilities that comes with growing up, and it seems as if time is running away from us. No matter how hard we try to juggle it all, our time is still consumed by the things that we are told to hold value to. As younger children, our dreams and expectations were much higher; we wanted to be princesses, astronauts and any other idea our inexperienced minds could come up with. But times changed and our eyes widened. We noticed people like our-

selves who’s dreams had to be put on hold to get by. Little by little, our views changed. We couldn’t be astronauts any more, instead our parents wanted us to be doctors and teachers. We couldn’t travel the world as plane fares were too high, and we couldn’t go through life care-free and oblivious, we had to start thinking about our lives. We’re not the generation society tags us to be; going out and stealing alcohol is not on our agenda, nor is terrorising old people. We’re simply ageing individuals trying to catch a break. We don’t want to stay at home, we want to be out like the cool kids. The kids who wear the unusual clothes, the ones who know ev-

eryone and always have somewhere to be. Is that so bad? We lose ourselves trying to be like everyone else, yet be the person our guardians want us to be It’s a long journey finding out who we really are. We wanted to grow up so bad, to be like the older kids who could stay out a little later or do a little more, but now we realise being a grown-up isn’t all it was cracked up to be. There’s still time, still time to be the kids we saw laughing with their friends and having a great time. Growing up too fast will be one of our greatest regrets. The time has to be taken to live life so we have stories to tell when we’re older. We’re just teenagers and we need to realise that.

This month’s poem comes from Vanessa Connaughton My Dear Brother My dear brother, I love you so, You’re always there for me, Even in times of sorrow. When you’re around, You light up the place, You never fail to put a smile on my face. Your kind, caring, loving toom Boy would I be lost without you. You’re always so cheery, lively and brave, to not have you around, Life just wouldn’t be the same.

I hope we have each other for many years to come, Because without you My life is also done. I love you so deeply but I find it hard to say, yet I know deep in your heart you will know that you mean the world to me in every kind of way. I’ve always loved you, I always will, you are my dear brother, Let’s continue to look out for one another.

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Each month, our mystery author, Ms. Vanquish, tackles important issues through the medium of story telling.

“Gosh that went rather well, How did your lesson go?” said Victoria. “Crumbs Penelope is that the time I have to go, mother will be wondering where on earth I got to.” “Ok I’ll see you at piano practice on Thursday Victoria” *Victoria reaches home* “Mother?” “Mother?” “Victoria is that you dear?” said mum. “Yes mummy, I’m sorry I’m late piano lesson went on a little bit longer than usual. Are you hungry?” “No darling, Arthur popped in and brought me some food over because verity had a dinner party but I could not attend today the pain was too much to bare, oh by the way Bethany called to ask if you were still going to watch Diana opera singing tonight. I told her yes because I knew you would say no; thinking you have to stay home to look after me. Well for your information I am very tired and will be having an early night as my medication will be taking affect very soon.” “Mother No!” No Victoria! All you have done since I became unwell is look after me,” replied Mum. “Mummy No seriously…” I said desperately not knowing that she did not understand the pressure I was under. “I said NO Victoria, I think you deserve time off you’re a young girl who needs to be out courting, not stuck in looking after an old fuddy duddy. The only time when you have time for yourself is when you go to that new class, what is it again?” “Astrology Mother,” I shamefully said, knowing it was a lie. “Yes that is it, but heaven knows why it has to be on so late, I am sure you can study the stars without seeing them,” responded Mum. “Mother that is part of the excitement,” I said convincingly, “Well it cannot be that exciting because you failed to tell Bethany about it, she did not have a clue what I was talking about when I asked her if she attended. That must be her now, off you trot have a fabulous time darling.” “Thank you mummy, I love you more than words can explain.” “There are no words within the cosmos that will describe the astronomical feelings I have for you Vick darling, enjoy and wrap up warm it is bitter out there, I felt it when I answered the door to Arthur,” said Mum. My God I feel so guilty leaving to go to some pathetic opera when our lives are crumbling

before us and Diana, she cannot stand the sight of me!” “Bye Mother, Hi Beth, nice Range,” I said bitter that she didn’t know what we had been going through. “Thanks Vik, I got it yesterday, I could not wait to come and show my BFF.” “That’s nice” I replied unenthusiastically. “Vik your not happy for anyone these days, nobody see’s you anymore and when they do see you you are as miserable as hell. I’m really going off you as a best friend I mean you could be at least a little bit more excited about the car…” As I tried not to cry, I could feel the tears coming and the anger building, there is nothing I can do about it, I’m cracking up *a tear drops onto my lap* and Bethany is still complaining. “I mean you didn’t even…” “SHUT UP BETHANY YOU SELFISH SELF CENTRED MONEY ORINATED BITCH!” I screamed. Everything went silent; Bethany sat there with her mouth slightly open. The tears streamed down my face, my heart was racing, and my head was tight. “I’m sorry Bethany” I managed to sob, “you just don’t understand, since mum became ill I can’t cope, a year and a half after she stopped working money became tight and I used to hear her negotiating with her bank manager, the stress was making her illness worse so I took it upon myself to get in touch with James forcet.” “What! Victoria No, Please say th…” “BETHANY LISTEN!” I pleaded, “I’ve been selling heroin, crack and crystal meth to George and his friends, William and co and the rest of those snotty bastards who think they are not smack heads, I’ve even been selling near park way youth club, I am desperately trying to keep a roof over our heads, maintaining this stupid facade that we’re ok and still part of the middle classes. The government gives mum low rate disability saying that’s all the help she is entitled to because of our savings, but that is rapidly dwindling. I mean Astronomy class..come on its more like fools out in space class. Bethany I’m a drug dealer… selling to pregnant women, some coming with their children, people young and old…. nice people, people who have desperation and sadness in their eyes offering to do all sorts, my heart can’t take the pain I’m causing, my eyes can’t take seeing them dying before me, I even slept with my uncle Christopher for two months mortgage, I can’t take it any more. ” I broke down and cried on Bethany’s lap for two hours instead of going to the opera.




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Abid Latif Chohan

Councillor Luthfur Rahman

Councillor Suzanne Richards

Responsible for; • Communities • Licensing (Deputy Chair) • Licensing & Appeals (Deputy Chair) • Licensing Policy (Deputy Chair)

Longsight Ward, Labour Party.

Longsight Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Executive Standing Consultative Panel

Responsible for; • Economy • Finance




Longsight Ward, Labour Party.



Boost Energy Levels The Easy (And Free) Way! The greatest way to boost your energy levels to get in a good morning routine. ‘EURGH’ I here you say; but here me out ...

Let me take you on a journey through my rose garden, the special place where I can go and completely lose myself amongst the colours and fragrances. Roses are the most romantic of flowers, both in beauty and smell. Red roses are a symbol of love and are traditionally given on St Valentine’s Day. I first fell in love with roses (especially the red ones) over 45 years ago when they were the main flowers in my wedding bouquet. There are about 150 species of roses, with thousands of cultivars, both ancient and modern. They are quite versatile and are grown for their profusion of flowers, colour, smell and rose hips. They are deciduous or semi-evergreen, climbers or shrubs and can be planted anywhere in your garden. Most roses flower on

new growth, so the harder you cut them back, the more blooms you will have. February is the usual time to prune most roses but if you have not already done so, then cut back the weakest stems so the branches that are left are evenly spaced. Tidy up the roots and mulch thickly. Red and white roses are used as symbols for Lancashire and Yorkshire. The houses of York and Lancaster led the struggles to determine who would occupy the throne of England in the Wars of the Roses. The red rose is used on coinage and other official emblems. It has also been adopted by the Labour Party as its symbol. You don’t need a large garden to enjoy roses, they can be grown in containers, on a wall and on arches, the list is endless.

by claire meadows

Ask your Pharmacist:


This month I have decided to focus on a topic that can affect both the young and the old - sexually transmitted infections. They are conditions that are transferred via unprotected sex or sometimes even just genital contact. Here are the four that I am focussing on this month Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common STI’s in the UK. In England during 2011 there were over 186,000 people who tested positive for it and around 75% were aged 24 or under. Most people who have chlamydia do not know that they have it, research suggests that 50% of men and 70-80% of women do not present with any symptoms. If Symptoms are experienced,

they can include pain when urinating, unusual discharge from the penis, vagina or rectum as well as bleeding between periods or after sex. There are a number of ways in which you can get tested for chlamydia,, which include a urine or swab test. Anybody can get a free confidential chlamydia test at a sexual health or GUM clinic or a GP’s surgery. People under the age of 25 can also get tested by the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) for free, and these kits can be found in pharmacies, contraceptive clinics or colleges. A single dose of antibiotics is all that is needed to treat chlamydia, but if left untreated it could lead to further problems including infertility.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are small fleshy growths, bumps or skin changes that appear around the genital area. The year 2010 saw over 100,000 new cases being diagnosed in GUM clinics alone,

which makes genital warts the second most common STI after Chlamydia. They are produced by a number of different strains of viruses (HPV virus) which causes a skin infection that is usually painless and does not pose a serious threat to health but they do look very unsightly. The warts can be spread by anal or vaginal sex, but also just by skin to skin contact, which in other words means not just sex can cause this to be passed on. It can sometimes take up to (or even over) a year to develop the warts after infection, therefore if you suddenly get them when in a relationship, it does not necessarily mean either person has been unfaithful. If you think you may have warts, then you need to make an appointment at your local clinic, as over the counter wart preparations will not do the trick as these are designed for the hands and feet. Some treatments include freezing and the use of creams, and once again these are very effective.


Gonorrhoea is an STI caused by a bacterial infection and is sometimes more commonly known as ‘the Clap’. It is less common than both chlamydia and genital warts with 23,000 new cases diagnosed in 2011. The bacteria itself is usually found in discharge from the penis and vaginal fluid and is transmitted via unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex. Symptoms for gonorrhoea include an unusual discharge from the penis or vagina, pain when urinating and bleeding between periods for women, but once again, many people do not experience any symptoms whatsoever. A single dose of antibiotics will be used to treat this infection and is found to be 95% effective.


Syphilis is another bacterial infection that is transmitted via unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex. Symptoms of syphilis occur in 3 stages. Stage 1- painless

The benefits of getting any sort of routine sorted before you head off to work are; a boost in energy levels, a renewed focus for the day, an improvement in mood and concentration, and, most importantly you are left with guilt free ‘me time’ in the evenings. An example of an easy free routine is as follows; wake up, drink a glass of water, try to grab a small healthy snack (like an apple, banana or orange - something handy in your home) and go for a brisk walk around your neighbourhood, nothing too far to begin with, you could build to a jog as your energy levels increase if you desire. If you don’t fancy walking and have internet access, then visit YouTube and search out an exercise that best suits your interest - for example, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or even Street Dance. There are literally mil-

lions of videos online and you can dance or stretch along in the comfort of your own home. Try to do 10-15minutes. If you don’t have the internet, find your favourite song put it on repeat and imagine you are auditioning for a music video! Yes dance around that living room like you own the stage! After your walk or boogie you will feel more awake, happier and have a better sense of wellbeing - this should set you up for a good day. To achieve this, all you have to do is get up 15 minutes earlier, eat a proper breakfast and continue with your normal routine. Re-program yourself, if you will, to associate mornings with a short routine that will set you on the way to greater things.

sores present themselves on the genitals or mouth and are highly contagious. When somebody comes into contact with the sore, then the infection is usually transferred, and these sores can last anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. Stage 2- a skin rash and sore throat may develop for a couple of weeks, but will then disappear when a hidden phase with no symptoms can last for years. Stage 3- this stage of the symptom cycle can occur years after initial infection and cause serious problems depending on which part of the body the infection has spread to i.e. brain (causing dementia), eyes (blindness) or even paralysis. Once again, if you are vigilant, syphilis can be treated easily with antibiotic injections once diagnosed. Cases of STI’s are increasing, and if you are having unprotected sex, then you could be adding to the numbers and statistics that are always being quoted in the media. You

should also remember, that it is your own health and wellbeing that you are risking by having unprotected sex, and so always using a condom will not only help to protect against these infections but also against unwanted pregnancies. You cannot tell by looking somebody in the eye whether they have an STI or not, (as they may not even know themselves), due to the fact that these infections do not always produce symptoms, it is always best to play it safe. If you are unsure whether you have an STI or you have had unprotected sex, your best bet is to go for a test as you will have nothing to lose by finding out. You can go to your local GP, sexual health clinic or GUM clinic. These centres will treat you with respect and will also respect your right to privacy. If you visit the NHS DIRECT website, your GP or local Pharmacy, they can all direct you to your closest sexual health clinic.

For Zumba videos visit

by victoria thompson

by Adedayo Titiloye MPharm




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Aftab Ahmed

Councillor Nasrin Ali

Councillor James Hennigan

Levenshulme Ward, Labour Party.

Levenshulme Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Health • Planning and Highways

Responsible for; • Health • Planning and Highways

Levenshulme Ward, Liberal Democrat Party.



Responsible for; • Neighbourhoods E:

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Council or ......... Lone is the Assistant Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources. (5) 4. Mary Murphhy, Councillor for ........ ward. (5) 6. The number of elected councillors Manchester Wide. (9) 9. .............. Independence Payment. The replacement of Disability Living Allowance. (10) 11. Councillor Cox, on the committee for Young People and Children. (8) 12. Leader of Manchester City Council, Councillor .......... Leese. (7) 14. Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, Labour Councillor for ........ ward. (8) 16. Tina Hewitson, Labour Councillor for ....... ward (7) 18. ................ Cap, Limites the overall amount of benefit househoulds will receive. (7) 19. Longsight Councillor ............. Raham, Assistant Executive Member for Culture and Leisure (7)

DOWN 1. Roy ............ Moss Side Councillor, Lead for Economy. (7) 3. Councillor Boyes is currently the Lord Mayor of Manchester. (6) 5. A means tested & consolidated credit system for people of working age. (15) 8. ............. Tax to affect Council tenents in receipt of Housing Benefit with extra room. (7) 10. ........... Ali, Moss Side Councillor, Lead for Women. (6) 13. ........... Nzerbe, Chair of Manchester Green Party, held 27% of the vote, Hulme ward in 2012 MCC elections. (6) 15. Manchester City Council is a ................ strong Council. (6) 17. Welfare ............. Changes to the Benefit system. (6)

LAST MONTH’S ANSWERS: ACROSS: 5. Mancunian Way; 8. Town; 9. Cathedral; 12. Alexandra; 13. Kath Locke; 14. Trafford; 16. China Town; 17. Powerhouse; 18. Central Library; DOWN: 1. Hilton; 2. Midland; 3. McVities; 4. Manchester Airport; 6. Arndale; 7. Heaton; 10. Deansgate Locks; 11. Carmoor; 15. Westwood.

by Barack Obama Review by Sadie Strong

Reading Obama’s ‘Dreams of my Father’ was a breath of fresh air. The book offers a softer look at the often brutal world of politics and suggests that for Obama, ideas of family, community and a desire to do what is right come first. This is an honest account and Obama regularly asks himself if he is doing everything he can and whether he can indeed make a real difference to such a fragmented society. Born in 1961 to a white American mother and a black Kenyan father, we see Obama struggling with his identity and searching for a place to belong - it has clearly been a lonely and tough journey for the U.S President. When you travel through Obama’s story, you will definitely begin to have a better understanding of the thoughts, motives and beliefs of the most powerful man in the world.


With today’s life struggles and pressures you cannot deny that times are hard. We have daily problems, whether it’s the economy, house prices, petrol, diesel or public transport. One area that affects everyone is the worrying rise of food prices. So how can we save when it concerns our fitness? Is it possible to get fit on a low budget? Yes it is and below are but a few ways this can be achieved.

Book Reviews… Dreams From My Father


Act Like A Lady by Steve Harvey Review by Sadie Strong

‘Act like a Lady, Think like a man’ is the must have guide that aims to empower women to become the driving force in their relationships. Steve Harvey’s book offers an intriguing insight into how most men feel about commitment, love and intimacy. Harvey’s no nonsense advice inspired the popular film ‘Think Like a Man’, which is reviewed in this issue of The Nubian Times. As in the film, women will enjoy Harvey’s pearls of wisdom - whether he’s telling you how to tell your man that “you are not a plaything” or bluntly saying “men respect standards - so get some!”. Harvey’s basic idea is that men are simple and that women must accept that men are driven by who they are, what they do and how much they make. Looking for a good man or making sure you keep the one you have must be a good thing so this book is well worth a read, personally - I loved it!

Take the stairs There’s a reason you’ve heard this tip before and that is because it works. Skip the elevator and head for the stairs. Author Stephan Gielen did a study published in Preventive Medicine and discovered that after 12 weeks, people who regularly climbed stairs increased their stamina, cut almost 2% off their waist circumferences, lowered their weights by almost 1 percent and showed signs of lower blood pressure and “bad” LDLcholesterol. Exercise Videos Even if you don’t have any exercise videos at home you can guarantee your friend or a neighbour does. If that doesn’t work then go to your local library where you should find a collection of exercise videos. Make sure you have a number of them and rotate them to avoid boredom. My favourite... YouTube I LOVE YouTube, it is the BEST tool for short cuts. There are so many exercises that can be of great benefit to your healthy and fit lifestyle. Just type in the search box ‘exercises at home’ and you will be surprised with the amount of information available to you for......FREE!




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Aftab Razaq

Councillor Angeliki Stogia

Whalley Range Ward, Labour Party.

Whalley Range Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Communities

Responsible for; • Economoy



Councillor Mary Watson Whalley Range Ward, Labour Party. Responsible for; • Audit • FInance • Health • Planning and Highways • Constitutional and Nomination E:

Introducing…. Lei Jennings Since he was a young child growing up in Rusholme, Lei Jennings always knew that he wanted to be a performer.


ow aged 24, Lei is making that childhood dream become a reality. He was recently chosen to be interviewed and perform songs live from his EP- ‘Mistakes & Melodies’- on BBC Radio Manchester as part of their BBC Introducing talent pool. This major achievement in his career has been a long time coming and the road to success has not been an easy one. As a young boy, growing up in Rusholme, life was tough and Lei had to work hard to remain on his chosen path and avoid what was often going on around him. “I can remember walking past the bookies one time and it was getting robbed at gun point and I was like ‘What the hell!’ but that was the norm, you had to be able to hold your own and be able to defend yourself.” Despite singing being his main dream, Lei wasn’t as keen to grasp other opportunities presented to him and so developed a career in perform

“I just love it in Manchester, it looks so much more modern than London architecturally, everything is just so much better, there’s a buzz about Manchester musically and I think that’s what keeps bringing me back. I think I’m able to stand out more here, I’m able to represent Manchester, definitely.” ing arts, attending prestigious schools such as The Hammond in Chester and The Italia Conti in London. But it is the Manchester- based Shockout Academy that he speaks most fondly of and attributes much of his

learning to. After winning the television contest ‘E4 School of Performing Arts’ and earning his place at the Italia Conti, Lei decided that the strict rules and regimes of a life in the West End was not for him and so came back to Manchester: Lei is now working hard on his music career in the same way that he saw his mother, Angela, work hard to look after him and his siblings. Having danced behind many singers that have rapidly risen and then suddenly disappeared, he knows what he has to do to get to the top and stay there. He cites Lauryn Hill as his inspiration, Bluey Robinson as a close friend and Manchester twins The Du’Montts as the next big thing – quite the eclectic mix. ‘Mistakes & Melodies’ is an all acoustic five track EP written entirely by Lei. Despite being penned after a bad break up, Lei has done well to create a different sound for each song – a

refreshing change from many break up works that struggle to stray from their emotional core. My personal favourite track, ‘Cold Case’, gives a nod to Lei’s Jamaican roots with a reggae vibe and the first release ‘Fall in Love’ featuring James Gill is a guaranteed summer banger with a devilishly catchy chorus. There is no room for auto-tune; his voice alone is enough to captivate any listener. So passionate, optimistic and humble about his work, Lei speaks highly of the team behind Lei Jennings the brand: “It takes a team of about 15 people to make Lei Jennings happen it’s not just me. I just sing and write. It takes loads of other people to do other thingsthe promotion, the marketing, the studio, the producing, the band. Because they have the same vision that I have and we’re all on the same track everything’s been a blessing so far and I won’t try anything without being able to take the

What’s on in april… Concerts Emeli Sandel

Manchester Apollo Tuesday 2nd April Scottish Soul and R&B singer song writer brings her remarkable voice to Apollo. Expect hits “Heaven “ Next to me.” 8pm. Tickets £27.50.




doc Brown

The Lowry Theatre Saturday 6th April Rapper turned comedian Doc Brown brings his tongue-in-cheek take on hip hop culture to the Lowry in

Salford. 8pm. Tickets £12.50.

Wiley, Skepta and JME

HMV Ritz, Manchester Monday 22nd April Expect a night of top British Hip Hop with trio Wiley, Skepta and JME. 7pm. Tickets £14.50

Theatre Dystopia

Contact Theatre 3rd – 6th April Directed by Benji Reid, expect a crazy experience - a

physically toxic play. 7.30pm. Tickets £8/£5


Royal Exchange Theatre 3rd-27th April This is a bold and unique play by Manchester playwright, Rory Mullarkey. This wonderfully written this piece of theatre will please all alike. Tickets £10 - £35.


The Lowry Theatre Thursday 11th April This fascinating, modern day , tragi-comedy- fairy tale

people that I need to take with me. I won’t do that.” Even with his humble manner, the expectation in Lei’s voice when speaking about his plans for the year tell me that he is going places. Once he has spent the summer gigging and touring the festivals, Lei’s ultimate goal is to have his very own Lei Jennings Tour and a publishing deal by next year, although he doesn’t see himself as a top ten artist and doesn’t necessarily want to be - he is all about the music; fame is not the ultimate goal. You can listen to Lei’s EP by searching ‘Lei Jennings’ on soundcloud. com. To find out where he will be next performing, like his Facebook page, ‘Lei Jennings’.

by Siobhan White

The Nubian Times’ Edwin Sinclair checks out all the main events in April. is told through a blend of physical theatre, live music and puppetry. 8pm. Tickets £10.

The Damsel in Shining Armour

The Lowry Theatre Saturday 20th April Let the Damsel, brandishing her weapon of choice (the selected words of Celine Dion), take you into the dark depths of uncensored lust and melodrama. 8pm. Tickets £10.

Club Nights Reggae Thursday

Deaf Institute, Manchester Thursday 4th April Weekly reggae night playing the best in roots reggae, ska and dance hall. 10pm- Late. Free admission.

soul kandi at

Tangos Bar & Restaurant Manchester Saturday 6th April Back by popular demand playing the coolest nu soul and modern grooves from 2013. 9pm-2am, ticket £6 O.T.D.




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Victor Chamberlain

Councillor Sheila Newman

Chorlton Ward, Liberal Democrat Party

Chorlton Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Art Galleries • Communities (Chair) • Economy

Responsible for; • Young People and Children • Licensing • Licensing and Appeals



Councillor Matt Strong Chorlton Ward, Labour Party. Responsible for; • Finance E:

There’s no Waiting Around for this talented young playwright


any of us have had mixed experiences of hospital waiting rooms – and young actor and writer Aaron Cobham has put some of those experiences into his play, Waiting Around. The play, which was commissioned by the EU Radar Project and produced in partnership with the University of Salford, was shown for one night only last month in the University’s Maxwell building and received a rapturous response. Aaron studied Media and Performance at Salford, where he developed a love

All Hail Halle at BET Awards


alle Berry is one of the most recognisable actresses working in Hollywood today. In recognition of this, the star of Monster’s Ball, James Bond and more recently Cloud Atlas - received a Black Entertainment Television award for her outstanding service to the

for script-writing, as with many writers – he drew on personal experiences when creating the 5 minute play – Waiting Around. “My aunty Julie Miller died and almost a year later my Step Father Roseman Mayo also died, so I drew from my memories of the whole hospital waiting room experience,” Explains Aaron. “Characters in the play were based loosely on family members and friend’s emotions and feelings that were around me as well as fictional characters.” He recalls how “doctors would come out with information and

then just leave,” he feels there was sometimes a lack of compassion but acknowledges that the job is a difficult one. The play, directed by Barry Evans begins with a character called Chris being rushed into hospital. His three friends, Anna, Mark and Rob are left Waiting Around for news about their friend. We then meet Angela and Dave who are also in the waiting room, desperate to hear news of their sister Sharon. The

entire piece plays out in the ICU waiting room and corridors and the strained emotions on display are palpable. Aaron’s script is excellent in translating the tensions of people at such a desperate time and Evans directs a good cast well – it was clear from the audience’s enthusiastic response that this is a play that people can relate to.

film industry at a ceremony which aired in February. The BET Honours is a prestigious annual event that, for the past six years, has celebrated the achievements of black people in entertainment. Other high profile stars attending this year’s ceremony

included Alicia Keys and Chaka Khan. Halle Berry stole the show, appearing in a beautifully fitted red and black patterned dress to receive her award. The award was presented by Tony award winning actress and star of the Cosby show, Phylicia Rashad - who Halle showered with compliments. We all know Halle Berry as an award winning actress, but

the 46 year old took time out to speak about her humanitarian work. She has worked with a women’s shelter - pitching in with cleaning, washing and other tasks to help the women - it was inspiring and humbling to hear her talk about this work. The actress is doing great work on and off the screen and long may it continue.



by Anne Cameron

Rapper Sway Talks Dr Dre, touring, and more with Unity Radio London rapper Sway stopped by the Unity Radio studio while on tour supporting Trey Songz, to talk to Mistress De Funk about his New Single ‘Still Sway & Kane’. The Track is aunique rework of Hip Hop Pioneer Dr Dre’s ‘Still Dre’, featuring Kano and Tigga Da Author, who Sway describes as the UK’s next biggest talent. He also talks about meeting Dre, which pushed him to finish the track: “Literally a week after I started the record, I received a phone call, to say Dre had a ‘Beats’ party in London and that I should come down. I went down and I met him, and that was a sign for me to finish the record because it was just a freestyle lingering. Kano hadn’t even jumped on it by then.” 2013 is set to be a big year for the UK rapper/producer, with tour support slots for Trey Songz and Example, plus summer festival dates, and a solo tour. His latest album ‘The Deliverance’, his third full album after 2008’s ‘The Signature LP’, is also due to be released in September.

He talks about why there was such a long wait for this album: “I have a lot of fans that are angry that I haven’t released the album yet, but people have to understand that I want to release that album at the time that is right for the progression of the overall picture. You can’t rush it.” To hear the latest single go to, or to check out the full interview with Mistress De Funk, head over to Follow us on Twitter@unityradiofm or join us on Facebook. com/officialunityradio.

by Ian Murray




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor David Royle

Councillor Michael Lee Amesbury

Councillor Grace  Fletcher­Hackwood

Fallowfield Ward, Labour Party

Whalley Range Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Neighbourhoods

Responsible for; • Communities


E: cllr.g.fletcher­

Whalley Range Ward, Labour Party. Responsible for; • Executive Standing Consultative Panel • Licensing • Licensing and Appeals • Licensing Policy E:

Aneeta Prem saves lives

A new smartphone app launched this week by Aneeta Prem’s Freedom Charity could potentially save lives according to the Government and those working to combat forced marriages and dishonour­based violence.


he horrific stories about young women being beaten and even murdered, often by family members, is a grim reminder that those young women affected need a safe outlet to alert authorities and others about the dangers they might be in. This App aimed primarily at people in their teens and early twenties, has been designed to look like a game so as not to

arouse suspicion from parents and to make it attractive to use. However, it carries serious information, listing the warning signs to look out for in cases of violence and potential forced marriages. Last year alone nearly 1,500 people were given Government advice about potential Forced marriage situations.

“We listened to young people and took action when they told us they would prefer information to be communicated to them by way of an app. In accessing the Freedom app, the user is just two clicks away from getting life-saving help. It’s the 999 of apps and we urge everyone to dowload it, for free, today.”

At the launch at the House of Commons Aneeta Prem, founder Freedom Charity, said:

Also speaking at the launch the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister

      

 

       

     

      

  

  

  

        

for Consular Policy, Simmonds, said:


Forcing someone to marry is an appalling and indefensible practice which is why the Government is committed to eliminating it, with young people particularly vulnerable. We will use every means at our disposal, whether it’s engaging with schools and communities or through using mobiles and social media to reach potential victims. We want those who are

worried about forced marriage to know that there is help out there, no one should be suffering and be unheard and the app gives another voice to young people.” Aneeta Prem is no stranger to OBV. Working with us over a number of years in her capacity as Chair of the Redbridge Magistrates bench, she has helped us to nurture a new generation of BME magistrates, In the last few years she has dedicated much of her time to helping vunerable young Asian women escape the surge of forced marriages.

We wish her all the best and hope that sometime soon she takes her energy and skills onto a political stage.

In accessing he Freedom app, the user is just two clicks away from getting life-saving help. It’s the 999 of apps and we urge everyone to dowload it, for free, today.”


IMPACT OF WELFARE REFORMS Do you understand the changes?


he Manchester Black and Minority Ethnic Network (MBMEN) at its February networking event, heard from speakers about the changes that are coming to the Welfare system. Participants expressed great concern about the need for more information and worried about the impact of the changes on families, friends, children and vulnerable communities. The Government says it has instituted welfare reform to: • Save £19b or more on the country’s benefits bill • Simplify, streamline and reform the welfare system • Make it more beneficial to be in work The changes coming apply to many people including those out of work, in-work, on Housing Benefit and in receipt of incapacity and disability benefits. They do not apply to pensioners. Universal Credit will start from October 2013 and the benefits cap will take effect from the summer of 2013. Some changes start from April 2013. Manchester City Council is sending information out this month to everyone affected by the changes with information of any support and help available. Look out for the following changes (as identified by Manchester City Council):

Working Capacity Assessment This relates to everyone on Incapacity Benefit. The process of reassessment has been on-going since 2010. The difference in benefits from IB to Job Seekers Allowance can be as much as £28-42 per week.\ Benefits Cap Families - a cap of £500 per week (£26,000 per year) irrespective of the size of the family Single person - a cap of £350 per week (£18,000 per year). Disability Living Allowance It is estimated by the Council that 20% of claimants in Manchester could lose their allowance. Council Tax About 40,000 residents in Manchester will be sent bills for Council Tax for the first time, pensioners excluded. All those households affected should have received a letter in March. Universal Credit Comes into effect from October 2013 and collapses a number of unemployment and in work benefits and creates one single payment, paid once a month into a bank account.

Contact our Administrator: Fiona McInroy on 07811531160 or at





ubiantim n e h t @ g in is t r e adv

20,000 Newspapers

PRESENTS 1ST BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA Coming Soon in Black History Month Friday 25th October 2013

15,000 Homes

5,000 Businesses

HERE 80,000 People


The Nubian Times C/o: Nubian Enterprise 83 Ducie Street M1 2JQ

Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC) DO YOU KNOW YOUR CULTURE? Back 2 Roots AIM TO …educate minds, innovate bodies, elevate souls of the next generation and wider community! Exploring the dynamics of identity culture and history through arts such as Dance, Music and Film Making… WANT TO TRAVEL THROUGHOUT THE UK LOOKING AT SCATTERED CULTURES AND HOW THIS AFFECTS YOU? TAKE PART IN ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS AS A MEANS TO EXPLORING CULTURES, SUCH AS MUSIC, DANCE, FILMING. WATCH OUT FOR OUR 2013 EVENT/SCREENING DOCUMENTARY @ THE CONTACT THEATRE IN AUGUST… Come down, meet our team and GET INVOLVED... Open every Saturday from 11am 1pm @Sunshine Studios, 52 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1ED, 1ST Floor. Join back to roots on a journey of self discovery through media and arts and find the answer to that underlying question…

Do you really know your culture?

Would you like to build your confidence whilst gaing an accredited Level 2 Qualification? Are you good at listening or do you want to be a better listener? Have you ever thought of a career in counselling

Opportunities: FREE Level 2 Effective listening skills. Accredited by CPCAB

This course will teach you the following skills: • Improve Communication • Improve existing work roles • Enhance personal relationships • Improve collegial relationships within workplace teams • Enhance helping relationships • Promote better community relations Parent and child places for 6 parents and 6 young people aged between 12 and 16. Training to take place at: Moss Side Millenium Power House, 140 Raby Street, Moss Side, M14 4LS. Every Sunday up until July 14th 2013 If you know any parent and young people interested, let them know

Our saying is: “The potential for greatness is within us all, it is for us to achieve together through the support we give each other.”

For more info contact Naomi Pemberton, Project Leader: - alternatively contact 07557 262 017 for more information.

Contact Alicia at: Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC), WISSCC Training Centre, Manchester, M14 4SW. Tel: (0161) 868 0962 or Mob: 0797 141 7621




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Carl Austin Burnage Ward, Labour Party. Responsible for; • Licensing • Licensing and Appeals • Neighbourhoods E:

Councillor Bev Craig

Councillor Bill Fisher

Burnage Ward, Labour Party.

Burnage Ward, Liberal Democrat Party

Responsible for; • Health • Young People and Children

Responsible for; • Health • Young People and Children



Local Opportunities In and Around Manchester Youth Activities Adult Learning, Employment & Training Opportunities FFOP 97 Claremont Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4RG 0161 232 1716 Available Courses • Childcare • SIA Security • Forklift Training • Customer Services • Language Courses • Mechanics • Business • Administration • Financial • Marketing • Quantitative • Many more available Unemployed and Looking for Support and Training, we are the people for you. Greenheys Adult Learning Centre Upper Lloyd Street, Manchester Area, Manchester M14 4 0161 226 0428 0161 254 7314 adult-education@ Adult Education Courses Computers for People with Learning Difficulties. Course code: CGH6A310BA. Every Tuesday - 12:45pm / 3:15pm. End date: 11 Dec 2012. Language Course - Arabic. Course code: CGH3C300BA. Every Monday - 01:00pm / 3:00pm. End date: 17 Dec 2012. Other courses: English, Entry 3 - Level 2. Course code: CGH2Ax01xx Maths, Entry 3 - Level 2. Course code: CGH1Ax01xx For course enquiries & more information, please call the centre on: 0161 254 7314

The Nubian Times Manchester 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ 0161 408 4116 2013 Employment Opportunities in Sales (Commission Based work only). Also The Nubian Times are recruiting journalists, creative writers, proof readers & researchers to come on board with the Nubian Media Team. Hands On Hair 0161 232 8870 2013 Employment Opportunites for those self employed • Colour Technician • Senior Stylist, Specializing in Afro Caribbean, European, Asian, & Extension Techniques • Nail Technician, • Eyebrows Technician / Waxing, Threading • Cleaning job opportunity (within The Hands On Hair Salon) Interviewing opening and closing dates: Mon 11th Feb Mon 1st April

Local Youth Activities & Library Facilities Hideaway Youth Project The Armani Centre, Quinney Cresent, Shoreham Close, Manchester M16 7DG. 0161 226 7325 Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse Library 140 Raby Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 4SQ 0161 227 3758 The Moss Side Millenium Powerhouse is a centre for 8-25 year olds and has

a Young People’s Library. You can come and use the computers, get help with your homework at the Homework Zone, along with borrowing books and CDs. Barlow Moor Community Association (BMCA) Community centre on Merseybank Avenue, Chorlton for over 20 years. Delivering a range of services for local people from 6months to 94 years old (currently our oldest user). Drop In Mon + Weds 57pm (for 11yrs+ to help with homework, college applications, job search, C Card or general support with day to day issues) Senior Youth Club Mon + Weds 710pm (activities and support for young people aged 13+) Drama Club Thurs 7-9pm working alongside The Edge Arts Company in Chorlton currently working towards a musical – we are current looking to cast for roles but it is still an open group so feel free to come along if you would like to take part. Youth activities include sexual health and relationships workshops, interview skills and techniques, street dance, drama, cooking, job/ apprenticeship search. Mentoring & Supplementary School Service G.I.F.T (Grace Incorporated Faith Trust) Units 1-2 Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester, M16 7WD 0161 636 7584 GIFT is set up as a community organisation to support young people and families into education, employment and training, through holistic intervention and prevention work, improving people’s life chances.

Councelling Training & Services

Z-arts Zumba Fitness with Vici Thomson:

(MCTC) Manchester Counselling Training Center WISSC. Training Suite, Westwood Street, Moss Side Manchester, M14 5SW 0161 868 0962 0797 141 7621

• Tuesday 6.30 - 8pm • Thursday 7pm - 8pm • Friday 7pm - 8pm (Ladies Only)

Contact (MCTC) if you who want to develop CBT skills and theory as an integral part of counselling work or would like to build your confidence whilst gaining an accredited Level 2 Qualification. S4P (Support 4 Progress) WISSC, Training Suite, Westwood Street. Moss Side, Manchester. M14 5SW. 0161 868 0962 Creative Arts Theatres Z-arts 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, M15 5ZA 0161 226 1912

Contact Theatre Oxford Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 6JA 0161 274 0600 Extra Curricular Activities Mr M’s Fight Factory 295 Talbot Road, Stretford. 07748 567595 Facebook: Mr M’s Fight Factory

Business Support Services Amazing Business Solutions (ABS) Ltd Minshull House, Chorlton Street, Manchester M1 3FY 07590425544 Helping small businesses

and social enterprises, with the support of the Moss Side & Hulme Community Development Trust. Greater Manchester AddVentures Hosting and supporting community projects. Jo Nightingale, Communications Officer, St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6FZ 0161 277 1009 0161 273 8296 (Fax) @GMAddVentures School for Start Up’s +44 (0) 207 759 1896 Rocket fuel for young business Shell LiveWIRE UK Design Works, William Street, Felling, Gateshead NE10 0JP. 0191 423 6229 The UK’s biggest online community for young entrepreneurs aged 16-30.

Work for Nubian Enterprise Ltd are seeking a driven Sales Agent for The Nubian Times Print & Online News Publication (This is a self employed position.) This opportunity gives the right person the chance to work for this Manchester based newspaper and be part of a successful and professional business. You will have the opportunity to earn an excellent income with uncapped commission structure. You will be calling on small, medium & large business, educational establishments, health centers introducing them to The Nubian Times & our advertising options. Full training is given.

Role dimension: Ability to work on own initiative, Self manage, Excellent commission structure, Driver with own vehicle preferred. Strengths required: Motivated, Mechanically Minded, Organized, Presentable, Self starter, Excellent self awareness, Explain issues clearly, Generate sales via influencing skills, Plan time effectively, Never give up, Builds rapport easily at all levels, Confident approach, Can operate within defined framework or regulatory guidelines. We would consider candidates with a variety of backgrounds as long as you have very good people skills and are motivate to succeed we can train the rest!

Other posts available: Writers / Journalists, Researchers, Online Web Management (Wordpress Systems), Social Media Support (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Please apply by Email to with a brief CV telling us why you would be a valuable member of the Nubian team.




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Simon Wheale

Councillor Daniel Gillard

Councillor Chris Paul Withington Ward, Labour Party. Responsible for; • Communities E:

Withington Ward, Labour Party.

Withington Ward,  Liberal Democrat Party.

Responsible for; • Licensing • Licensing and Appeals • Neighbourhoods

Responsible for; • Executive Standing Consultative Panel • Constitutional and Nomination



England expects but Rio rejects


he twisted saga of Rio Ferdinand and the English national team took another bizarre twist this week as the defender was called up to the England squad for the first time since July 2011 and promptly pulled out. I, along with many, felt that Rio was treated very badly when he was ceremoniously dumped by England manager, Roy Hodgson – and left out of the squad for Euro 2012 for what Hodgson called ‘footballing reasons’. I found it hard to believe that the decision had nothing to do with the acrimonious relationship between Rio and his defensive partner John Terry, who was awaiting trial for allegedly racially abusing Ferdinand’s brother, Anton. Ferdinand has been one of the best defenders in the Premier League over the past few months, and so it was not too surprising that Hodgson asked him to be part of the squad for

the World Cup qualifiers with San Marino and Montenegro. Ferdinand declined the offer, suggesting that it would interfere with a strict regime of rest and exercise that the defender has implemented to combat a series of injury problems. Now this was plausible, those who know the game will understand that the career of one o England’s most natural defend ers has been blighted by back problems, but what followed was a PR disaster. It emerged that, as part of his ‘rest’, Rio would be taking the long haul trip to the sweltering Qatar to do some punditry work for Al-Jazeera – a move that was met with understandable derision. Ferdinand jumped onto twitter, as he does, to defend himself – but the very fact that he felt the need to respond to the criticism suggests that he knows his decision was not the smartest. The trouble is, the many people, myself included – who

backed Rio in the face of unfair treatment last summer – may have lost some more faith in his judgment. We must remember this is a player who was banned for 8 months for ‘forgetting’ to attend a drug test.

The not so Premier League

As Henry Winter aptly summed up in the Telegraph: “Ferdinand is a very likeable character who can be incredibly daft.” Well said.

by Joseph cullEn

Cutting Inspiration from the Olympics T J he summer of 2012 saw the whole country wrapped up in a whirlwind of excitement and optimism thanks to the stunning success of the London Olympics. In the aftermath of the games, the idea of legacy and ‘inspiring a generation’ were everywhere and so there was understandable shock when sports such as Swimming, Judo and Volleyball all had their funding significantly cut – dramatically affecting their chances of success at the next games in Rio in 2016. The question has to be asked, how can these sports now inspire a generation? Presumably the elite athletes are feeling very uninspired, let alone the youngsters that follow them. UK Sport were recently forced to reverse their decision to stop funding Basketball altogether. The change came in part after Team GB and Chicago Bulls

star Luol Deng wrote to the Prime Minster. He eloquently described basketball as a pathway that teaches so many people how to behave on and off the court. He continued: “How are we supposed to motivate these kids to carry on this journey if there’s nothing at the end? No Team GB, no Olympic dream, no goal?” Now that is inspiring – and thankfully it worked. For many athletes now, it will be a big enough challenge just to get to the next games, let alone compete successfully, so where does that leave the generation who are meant to become inspired? I think that the Government needs to invest more in local sport for a start – without the foundations at grass roots levels – we don’t stand a chance of creating any stars of the future.

by Rele Akinwale

ust a few short years ago – it was widely accepted that the English League Premier was the strongest in Europe. In both the 2007 and 2008 seasons, England had three out of four of the Semi-Finalists in Europe’s premier club competition, the Champions League. Fast forward to this season and England may have no representatives in the competition’s quarter final stage. So why has this happened? There is a suggestion that the Premier League’s lack of a winter break – something that occurs in most European leagues – means that the players are simply too tired when it comes to the business end of the season. Of course Manchester United fans will argue that their side could have been playing in the quarter finals if it wasn’t for the controversial red card that was shown to Nani, which turned

their tie with Real Madrid on its head. We must also not forget that last year, Chelsea beat off the might of Barcelona and Bayern Munich on route to capturing the European crown. In both the 2007 and 2008 seasons, England had three out of four of the Semi-Finalists in Europe’s premier club competition, the Champions League. There is a good chance that this season has been a one off for English sides, but it has been a disappointment and perhaps there is a need to look at what factors have caused this. Hopefully, next season will see the return of the Premier League sides to the summit of European football.

by Rele Akinwale




Get to know your Local Councillor Councillor Mark Clayton

Councillor Carl Ollerhead

Councillor David Ellison

Didsbury West Ward, Liberal Democrat Party.

Didsbury West Ward, Labour Party.

Responsible for; • Audit • Finance • Standards

Responsible for; • Health • Planning & Highways (Deputy Chair)

Responsible for; • Audit • Economy • Finance • Licensing • Licensing and Appeals




Didsbury West Ward, Labour Party.

Carloid Has Designs On Success MANCHESTER F lava

or Carloid Haughton, the road to becoming a designer was a long one that saw him study Ballet, travel the world and work as a cruise ship entertainer. This month’s featured B.M.E designer also tried his hand at being a comedian and a Zumba teacher before stumbling onto his current path. Designing clothes began as a hobby, Carloid reminisces about his first work, a “long leather handmade coat that took four weeks to make.” He details his organic learning process: “I picked up design skills as I went along; it was a process of trial and error.” Talking to Carloid, he displays a clear passion for creativity; it is something that drives his work and his desire to succeed. He has founded his own men’s clothing range called ‘Design Centre Carloid’, which is, in his words: “A unique men’s clothing range. The designs are original and different; you

won’t find them in high street shops.” He continues:

“If I was to compare my designs to others, I would say a cross between Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons. “If you want something truly inspirational, then you

need designs created from the other side of y o u r brain, the right side, the creative side, the unexpected side.” He explains how he takes inspiration for his

designs from many different sources which he encounters on a daily basis including art works, wildlife and architecture. ‘Design Center Carloid’ is hoping to bring out a women’s clothing line in the near future as he aims to become even more daring and take his designing expertise to the next stage. Carloid recently collaborated with Sidnie couture (also featured in this month’s Nubian Times) to show case his new designs of Men’s Jumpers, T shirts, Jackets and coats which were fashion forward and fun, his fashion pieces were very well received by the attending guests. For more information on Carloid’s design work, be sure to visit:


Pink hot pants  for a ‘festival’;  Spirit look

Top Marks for  ‘Blazers’  Is that Miss Jackson  we see?


by Adam chapman


The Nubian Times (TNT) runway is amongst other things a collection of UK and Global style.

We showcase what is being worn in Manchester’s Nightlife. This section will bring you Fashion Shows and High street fashion pictures. Showing you g n i nel ll how the runways of London, Paris, Milan cha a o kels look stwood Spar ys add t t a and New York influence our fashion trends e e a W gr w al ter EnNE unleashed on the streets of Manchester… win Vivi ay with the look fur blue he w x and if we deem it worthy enough to wear. We t am l au g F tric ss will feature high street stores, boutiques and elec um dre there garments that inspire our Manchester pepl style trends. ..... mmm n k Urba do loo e tux jeans TNT Runway will be out and about on with

Manchester’s night scene, so keep a lookout!

by ayon milton

Who says  Vintage has to  be old! Topped with  Vivienne Westwood pirate boots.

Smart tailored look  with a simple pallet Pictures for Manchester Flava taken in and around South & Central Manchester…Look out for The Nubian Times by tilly sans

The Nubian Times 5th Edition  
The Nubian Times 5th Edition  

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