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Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar pulls out of the Parklife Weekender to be replaced by A$AP Rocky

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Confusion as kids and teachers are locked out of Saturday school


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Fifa under scrutiny amid allegations of bribery


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American poet and author dies aged 86.

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There is a growing sense of unease in Brazil with continued anti-World Cup demonstrations ahead of the tournament in June. The latest round of violent clashes – where security forces fired tear gas and stun grenades into the crowds and one policeman was struck in the leg by an arrow – came as Fifa themselves came under international scrutiny as claims of corruption at the highest level of football governance emerged from The Sunday Times. Last year saw around a million anti-World Cup demonstrators nationwide call for an end to public money being diverted to football’s most prestigious competition. Fifa has attracted criticism in light of Brazil’s continued failure to have stadia and essential infrastructure work completed. As for allegations into Fifa’s corruption, a thorough and wide-reaching investigation by the Sunday Times appears to have evidence that backs up claims of corruption and suspicious financial activity – involving former Fifa vice-president and head of the Asian Football Confederation

(AFC), Mohammed Bin Hammam – around the time of the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, won by Russia and Qatar respectively. The decision to grant Qatar the World Cup has been shrouded in controversy since the Gulf nation won the bid in 2011. There have been questions over the validity of the victory and plans to move the World Cup to the winter months to avoid dangerous playing conditions in sweltering heat. There was also condemnation of the treatment, which involved multiple deaths, of migrant workers.

The Qatari footballing authorities have vehemently denied any wrong doing on their part and have tried to distance themselves from Bin Hammam but according to emails obtained by the Sunday Times, it’s apparent that Bin Hammam was lobbying on his country’s behalf at least a year before the decision. This latest round of allegations will put Fifa under renewed pressure to re-run the 2022 World Cup vote – which may receive some support from within Fifa‘s elite – though there is no suggestion Russia’s successful 2018 bid is subject to the same scepticism.

Caribbean Carnival


World Cup Mania


The World Cup is all set to kick off on Thursday 12 June. Find our coverage on the back page and online


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To all the parents out there I take my hat off to you. We have had nothing but back-to-back school breaks and bank holidays where, between your partner and children, they strive to eat you out of house and home... “May the force be with you!” On to more pressing matters! Take a quick look around your area, what do you see? Large corporate/private companies and government buildings occupying our communities. The buying and selling of prime real estate by private organisations and government is now beginning to have a real impact on recreational space for our youth in particular. For years large areas of land in our communities were too often unused or undeveloped for the community by the authorities. Deemed a luxury, community initiatives were spurned as councils held out for cash injections from land-grabbing companies; rarely redeveloped for community use. What has happened to our parks, woodlands, adventure playgrounds, elderly community centres, youth clubs adult educational centres? Is it a wonder England are predicted to fail at this month’s World Cup when ‘no ball games’ signs dominate our landscape, football pitches are fenced off and spare land sold off to highest bidder? All of which at the expense of community amenities for the very people who will likely be priced out of the houses and apartments built on the land that should be theirs to inherit. What community initiatives were started and funded became abandoned and left in despair and obscurity to rot, fester and fend for themselves as communities bit the steel of the deadly cuts! Take a good

What is the point of local elections?

in Chief

look around, when did we stop caring? Why are we still allowing this to go on? Is it not time for action and accountability? So what then is Corporate Social Responsibility? CSR is the recognition that companies should take responsibility for their own impact on the local environment, consumers, employees and community. Is CSR being adhered to by such companies? And indeed who will enforce it? Over the coming months TNT will be asking these questions and highlighting those who fail to take responsibility. As for the elections, some of you in the community have made a political statement at the polls and said, “enough is enough” by voting Ukip, but a deeper look at party policies reveal the extent at which they seek to further divide our communities and inflict social and economic suffering on the wider population. The Conservative party felt the turning tides in this new era of “anti-politics” and no-one more so than the Liberal Democrats, who suffered heavy losses after their hollow promises were exposed as part of the ‘Con-Dem’ government. Labour failed to offer a compelling alternative to bigotry and division, despite a mixed campaign and a massive congratulations to the Green Party, who despite next to zero coverage from that major, ‘unbiased’ news source that shall remain nameless, actually came second in the local polls in Manchester. That same corporation of course decided to give the majority of its coverage to Ukip so that may come as a surprise to some of you. Passing thought: “If UKIP is the future, can we still be called the United Kingdom?”


Who decides whether these are suitable candidates? Are the correct checks and character references taken? I cannot believe at times that councillors are real people. I had a housing issue, which I needed help with but the housing association were not in my opinion as helpful as they should have been; hence I was advised to see my local councillor. I wish I had never bothered, one surgery every few weeks if not months, only one councillor and the whole bloody community can be there with their issues, pardon my language. Three times I attended and when I finally got to see my local councillor they pointed me back in the direction of my housing association and Citizen’s Advice Bureau where coincidently I had just come from. After losing my rag, this councillor agreed to help by writing a letter to the housing on my behalf, so it was promised, six weeks later no word or letter received to either myself or housing office, I am no further sorting out my issues which have grown considerably worse. All I ask from The Nubian Times is please give a platform for my voice to address a community concern... I cannot be alone! Sheila

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Minetta Webb – The final farewell

Minetta Webb would have been 108 years on 5 May. The Peltier family said their final farewell on Saturday 3 May, one year after she passed away


Report on Tetley’s tea We have been in the age of desensitisation for some time now. For two generations perhaps we have been bombarded by sensationalism, hyperbole and an over-exposure to the extreme. Things that would have made us foam at the mouth many moons ago, now merely cause us to hiss a sigh or take to Twitter to post hashtags then move on; these superficial times of throwaway tragedy and disposable outrage. In everyday life however, there are some exceptions. One of which is the inhumane treatment of children. Following an investigation by Columbia Law Institute’s (CLI) human rights researchers on Tetley’s Indian tea plantations, recent reports reveal that their workers, including minors, are paid less than £1.80 per day (about the

leaves bitter taste

price of a pack of tea bags); working from dawn until dusk and living under distressingly unethical conditions. Now for most activists, like those at SumOfUs, this report does not bring the warm ‘ahh-factor’ that a good cuppa brings, hence their campaign for Tetley to change. Whilst others like Indian-born Mr Anis Iqbal, a college student from Manchester, say: “It’s not surprising. There is very little Tetley can do to change things. Yes plantation managers should pay workers more and stop the kids from working, but everything is about money there and corruption is rife. “Less than 190 rupees a day is ridiculous, considering groceries in India cost more than here. The kids have to work to pay for their own education, unlike here. Ultimately, Tetley’s hands are tied.” The bottom-line is that there is a consensus that the children should not be working and especially under the conditions reported – “overflowing latrines that have created a ‘network of cesspools’ within the living area of workers and their

Marvia Borrell

On Thursday 1st May Selfridges, London opened a ‘chocolate library’, showcasing the finest confectionary from around the world. We caught up with one of the entrants, Marvia Borrell, to have a chat about her creation Black River Chocolate. “The chocolate library was a brilliant event; they had to stop taking reservations, that many people attended. Black River was really well received.” As a result Black River Chocolate can now be found on the shelves of Selfridges around the UK for £6.49. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to this smooth, luxurious chocolate. Black River is a rich, 70% cocoa bar but its sweetness tells another story. Originating in Trinidad, the trinitario cocoa bean is a hybrid between the criollo and forastero variety and is used to create fine, high-end, luxury chocolate.

Its growth in the famous Blue Mountain region of Jamaica is why this particular strain of cocoa has that sweet after taste that leaves you wanting more. For those chocolate lovers worried about burning a hole in their pocket though, The Nubian Times can exclusively reveal that Black River Chocolate will soon be offering a new, more affordable version for those lacking restraint. “We are bringing out a special blend which is the Black River Trio. We are blending what we currently use with two other types of trinitario cocoa bean so it’s still a very high end chocolate bar but at a third of the price of the Selfridges bar.” TNT looks forward to trying the latest creation from the Black River Chocolate brand!

To read more about Marvia and her creation go to

Terry Crews Actor

Is becoming the next host of the US version of Who Wants to be a Millionnaire

TnT Siobhan white

families” – according to researchers. A full investigation, by the World Bank, into the farms owned by Tetley’s parent company Tata Global Beverages (TGB) has begun, following the findings by CLI’s researchers, who were also told by the farm’s managers to not listen to the workers because they have “low IQs” and are “like cattle.” Like one of their tea bags left to stew, these comments will no doubt leave a bitter taste. In the meantime, should you want change, go to the SumOfUs website to sign the petition to Tetley and TGB; for them to conform to labour laws and improve the working and living conditions at their farms.

TnT Yasin

The Nubian Times

Four North West



prisoners escape from custody

Four prisoners, including a convicted murderer, absconded from open prisons in the North West last month. Open prisons allow prisoners to slowly reintegrate back into normal life by helping in community projects and once again being amongst the public. They can go on day release and leave the facility but must return before a set curfew. There is growing concern among the general public as to the effectiveness of open prisons and the risks posed by dangerous criminals.

Arnold Pickering. Pickering, 44, from Chadderton, failed to return to the low-security compound at HMP Kennet in Merseyside on 17 May. Pickering was jailed for life in 1991 for fatally stabbing a man in Oldham. He was sentenced to serve a minimum of 18 years. Arnold was arrested on 19 May in Blackburn for being ‘unlawfully at large’. However, this was not an isolated incident. Back in 2009, Pickering absconded whilst on a prison release service project emptying bins in Manchester city centre. He handed himself in four days later.

The highest profile escapee was


“Life loves the liver” A tribute to


POINT TnT with international TNT correspondent

Akil Wingate


Maya The Skinny On... Angelou

R eindeer s a ndwic h People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel Maya Angelou, celebrated American poet and author, has died aged 86. A prominent activist in the Civil Rights movement having worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, she lived a rich and fulfilled life that inspired generations. US President Obama described the woman he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011 to as a “brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman.” Raised by her grandmother in the American South, she suffered many trials and tribulations, none more so than her rape at the hands of her mother’s then partner at the tender age of 8.

Read our full tribute online at

Caroline Aherne TV writer & comedienne

Is recovering from treatment for lung cancer. This comes after previously overcoming bladder and eye cancer

Vegans and fans of Christmas heroes should leave the room, this may get dicey. For the remaining carnivores that wish to whet the palette with something far more exotic than you might expect in the northernmost parts of Europe, get out your world map.

Welcome to Helsinki Finland’s multicultural, cosmopolitan gem of a city, brimming with green trailways, lush, wooded paths and even a beach to enjoy those precious and so all the more glorious, days of sun. Helsinki is a port city flooded with flavours from far and wide and is full of colour and aromas from neighbouring Baltic States, like Estonia, Latvia and beyond into the European Union. For its own part it has a select number of notable restaurants where you can sample Scandanavian delicacies like elk, deer, and other fine, arctic catches from the wild.

Enter the reindeer sandwich Mine was served on a thick toasted lump of pumpernickel, perfect for hungry, sal-

ivating mouths. While the pumpernickel was thick and dry, the reindeer meat was moist and succulent. A perfect juxtaposition between the two, further offset by a tangy cream sauce spread generously throughout the bun. Another layer of cucumber and pimento served as a gentle bridge between the things we know and the things we don’t. So biting into a healthy slab of reindeer wasn’t as jarring as I assumed it would be. Cream sauce and cucumber-pimento mash aside, the reindeer was seasoned to a sweet and salty taste. It had a very tender texture and was easily chewed down to the last morsel. It’s not a direct flavour like beef, it was subtle but distinct and the meat was as tender as fish.

How it’s done If Helsinki is a bit out of your way, a few specialty grocers sell reindeer meat back home. If it’s minced or canned, all the better for making a quick whip of it in the kitchen.

...continued at

Chuck Berry

US rock & roll legend

Named as 2014 Polar Music Prize Laureate along with theatre director Peter Sellars



A Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death The Nubian Times

has given birth in prison. Meriam Ibrahim, has been sentenced to hang for apostasy


&WHITE A wild stab in the dark: Are we tough enough on knife crime?

BLACK It’s not so

There has been heated debate recently among senior politicians on the question of whether the offence of being found in possession of a knife on more than one occasion should carry an automatic prison sentence. These proposals by the Ministry of Justice received the public support of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. On one hand there is the argument that something has to be done about the level of knife crime on our streets; we have lost too many young lives as result

HISTORY DELETED The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has revoked internet companies’ rights to have unlimited information about their users. Under new legislation formed in May, internet search providers, such as Google, must remove “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” links at the request of the user. Whilst many individuals have lauded this as a win for their right to privacy, Google and other activists have argued that this could spell the end for free speech.

Under the ECJ’s changes, citizens will now have the “right to be forgotten.” Any images or other forms of information about themselves on the internet can now be edited or erased as it infringes the person’s privacy. If the search operator refuses their requests, the individual can: “bring the matter before the competent authorities in order to obtain, under certain conditions, the removal of that link from the list of results.”

...continued online at

Second fastest man in the world

gives masterclass at Manchester high school

of young men in particular carrying knives. This has been even more compounded by the recent tragic killing of the Leeds school teacher Ann Maguire allegedly by one of her very own pupils. On the other hand there are those who say yes something needs to be done but are not convinced that more imprisonment is the answer. In fact, some argue that this would simply make matters worse. Deputy PM Nick Clegg opposed his own Justice Minister on this policy making the point that imposing a man-

datory sentence would result in many young people being sent to prison unnecessarily. He argued, in my view correctly, that judges will not have the flexibility to use their discretion in exceptional cases if their hands are tied by having prison as the only option. We all want to live in good safe communities free from the threat of any form of violence but we must be very wary of knee jerk reaction.

...continued at

The views expressed in this column are not necessarily the views of the Police Service.

TnT Charles Crichlow

Kendrick quits Parklife

The ‘saviour of hip hop’ Kendrick Lamar has pulled out of Manchester’s Parklife Weekender.

According to a statement on the two-day festival’s website, it was said that he had “scheduling conflicts” and on the day of the announcement it was revealed that he has been added to the Kube93 Summer Jam festival in the US instead. Ticket-holders will be understandably disappointed that one of the key headliners has pulled out, especially when the reasons are so flimsy. Stephanie K told TNT: “I’m totally disgusted as I basically bought my ticket to see Kendrick.”

Parklife have replaced the Compton star with A$AP Rocky, himself part of a re-emergent rap scene, which has been met with a bittersweet reaction.

B Festival is set to showcase some of the best up and coming artists from the area and beyond as the free event comes to Stockport on Saturday 14 June. Families and local residents can join in the fun between 12pm and 7pm at the borough’s Brinnington Park to see unsigned acts like Red Sky Noise, Pieces of a Man, Wordz Ov Wisdom and Shanice. For full details, including the lineup and schedule for the day, visit the website at


Real Deals Travel Ltd

Dream offers with Virgin Atlantic 2014/2015

St Lucia

Melissa P said: “I hope Snoop still turns up!” Mike T added: “I’m disappointed, but to be fair, I’m mostly going for the house and techno!”

B Festival

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The BT Great CityGames Manchester took over the city centre in May with sprinting superstar Yohan ‘The Beast’ Blake - the second fastest man in the world - taking time out from training to sprint across town to St Peter’s RC High School, Gorton, where he delivered an athletics masterclass to pupils. The BT Great CityGames took place in Manchester city centre on 15 May with the world’s second fastest man taking time out of his training schedule to deliver an athletics ‘masterclass’ to pupils at St Peter’s RC High School in Gorton. Yohan ‘The Beast’ Blake, training partner of global star Usain Bolt and 100m silver medallist at the London 2012 Olympics visited the school to inspire youngsters like Manchester’s own sprinting hopeful, 14 year-old Jona Efoloko, who runs with Sale Harriers. Jona recently took gold in the English Championships, running 200 metres in 22.25 seconds. Blake was in town for the event that took place on Deansgate in searing heat and saw Blake narrowly fail to break the record set by Usain Bolt in the 150m sprint. Blake’s 14.71

was a fraction shy of Bolt’s 2009 record when he ran the pop-up Deansgate track in 14.35 seconds. Councillor Rosa Battle, Executive Member, Culture and Leisure, Manchester City Council, said: “Getting tips first hand from the second fastest man in the world is not something any of the pupils are likely to forget in a hurry, and could help make a real difference to some of our up and coming young athletes.” As Blake was delivering inspiration to pupils at St Peter’s RC High, fellow Olympian, Greg Rutherford was visiting pupils in the north of the city. Long-jumper Rutherford who won gold for Team GB at London 2012 - headed to Manchester Communications Academy in Harpurhey.

Harriet Tubman Humanitarian

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

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Hillary Clinton Former US Senator

“You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance – as opposed to her idea or actions – isn’t doing anyone any favours”


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Justin Timberlake Singer & actor

Won 7 gongs at the 2014 Billboard Awards, including Top Artist

Gerald Edelman has died


The American biologist, who was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine for his work on the immune system


The Nubian Times


Exhibition to celebrate the life of

TnT Speakers

‘Nana Bonsu’

When unwanted thoughts take over

First Cut Media is set to launch its Nana Bonsu Exhibition this month at the Z-Arts Centre, Hulme. The exhibition will be “celebrating the life and work of Manchester’s most celebrated black campaigner, Beresford Edwards”

Running from Tuesday 17 June to Saturday 28 June, the official launch takes place on Saturday the 21st. A number of local and international luminaries will officially open the event which is free to those who register online. The project involves a series of workshops covering “video production, web site development and desktop publishing.” They say “volunteers have received

training in oral history recording techniques and have helped to film 23 video interviews of people who knew ‘Berry’ Edwards.” Excerpts of the videos will be shown at the exhibition alongside the launch of the Nana Bonsu website. Known across the community as ‘Baba Berry’ and ‘Chief Nana Bonsu’, Beresford Edwards was one of the “founding

There was confusion at the African and Caribbean Centre on Carmoor Road in Chorlton-on-Medlock last month as parents, teachers and kids alike were shocked to discover the doors were locked, preventing the weekly Saturday school from going ahead as usual.

CARMOOR ROAD Dozens of kids were left waiting outside as teachers and comittee members tried to gain access. The Saturday school at Carmoor Road is designed to help school kids improve their academic performance with emphasis placed on science and maths but also African and Caribbean culture untouched in mainstream syllabuses.

The youngsters said the were “sad” and “couldn’t understand” why they were prevented from attending the classes – run by volunteer teachers who work in education during the week – with one parent commenting that it was “disgusting” and “worrying” with many of the parents having attended classes at the community hub in their own childhood.

One teacher stranded outside questioned the decision to change the locks – allegedly after an altercation between a teacher and a committee member a week previously – indicating that with volunteer numbers already low, the centre ran the risk of losing more of the staff who give classes during their free time. She said the move left them feeling “underpreciated” and was a “barrier to [the] kids’ learning.”

With the help of a trustee and a locksmith, teachers were able to gain access and run the classes, albeit having wasted precious hours of teaching time. Follow this story as it develops online.

fathers” of the African Caribbean community in Manchester and spent his life fighting racism and the oppression. He became a leading figure in the Pan-African Congress Movement, organiser of the annual culture week and Black History Month celebrations in the city and fought against the infamous ‘SUS’ laws which blighted young black males in Moss Side, Hulme and surrounding areas. Berry was voted one of the 100 Greatest Black Britons in 2004. Ian Johns, chair of First Cut, said: “We at First Cut are grateful for the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The exhibition will communicate how much British attitudes to racial diversity have changed since the 1960s and will reflect on how

much we all owe to the work of people like Beresford Edwards in promoting equal opportunities.” Tony Reeves, First Cut coordinator said: “We hope people (black and white) will reflect on the life of Berry Edwards as a role model. Young people today continue to face various forms of discrimination and may perhaps doubt that conditions have improved or can improve. “This exhibition is designed to look back at how far we have come, but also to look ahead at how we can move forward. We are calling anyone who cares about the communities of Moss Side and Hulme to work with us – to create jobs, education, training opportunities, healthcare and support for older people.”

Mosscare’s 3rd annual crime Hate Crime WEEK in the UK, particularly for ‘alternative sub-cultures’.

After attending the event last year, TNT is happy to announce the return of Mosscare Housing Trust’s third annual Say NO to Hate Crime Awareness Week. The launch event will take place at 101 Great Western Street and will welcome back guest speaker Sylvia Lancaster, of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation who will give us an update of her campaigning to increase the scope of groups covered by hate crime legislation

The story surrounding the tragedy of her daughter’s death was put to stage recently at the Royal Exchange in a play called Black Roses. Also, attending for the first time will be Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd who will be giving an insight into the changing laws around hate crime. For a full run down of the scheduled events, pop yourself into the office or visit their website at


Ms Vanquish

“1… 2… 3... 4, there you go, no wait let me do that again. 1… 2… 3… 4, yeah that’s definitely right... 1… 2… 3…” “Oh will you come on we’re gonna be late!” said Sarah. “No stop pulling me, I have to start again now! 1… 2… 3… 4, okay and one for luck, 1… 2… 3… 4. Okay now we can go.” “At last but you do know we are going to be late because of you?” That’s my sister Sarah. She thinks she knows better than me and yep, I’m Sophie, the one that’s ‘making her late’. “Yeah I know Sarah and I’m sorry what do you want me to do, I can’t help it.” I told her, tissue in hand, in the car. “Yeah I know. It just gets annoying sometimes,” said Sarah as she closed the car door. Who does my sister think she is though really? “Oh boo hoo, bully for you,” I said sarcastically. “You’re not the one who has to live with it. Why didn’t you get it? Why didn’t it happen to you? We’re supposed to feel each other’s emotions! Feel each other’s pain! So how come I have OCD and you don’t!?” We’re twins you see and being roughly 30 seconds older than me, she naturally thinks she has all the knowledge of the universe. There’s a long pause as Sarah puts on her seatbelt. “Well answer me!” failing to control my emotions. “NO!” she replied simultaneously. “I WILL NOT! I refuse to do this now, is this one of your stupid rituals? Blaming me because I don’t have OCD, so you feel you need to make my life as miserable as yours?”

...continued online at

‘Say NO to Hate Crime’ Awareness Week 16th-20th June 2014 Featuring guest speakers Sylvia Lancaster (Sophie Lancaster Foundation) and Tony Lloyd (Police and Crime Commissioner) For more information please visit our website: or call 0161 226 4211

Lily Allen Singer

The 29 year-old has scored her second number one album with latest offering Sheezus

Claudia Winkleman Television presenter

Has become the permanent host of Strictly Come Dancing alongside Tess Daly, replacing veteran Sir Bruce Forsyth

Max Clifford PR guru

Found guilty of eight accounts of sexual assault. He was the first person to be convicted under Operation Yewtree



The UK is set to send hundreds of troops to Nigeria and Chad The Nubian Times

to help rescue the missing Chibox schoolgirls. There has been no progress since their kidnapping on 14 April


The Brewers Arms

Some of you may not recognise any of the names in red. Some of you may already have some familiarity with what links all three of them. All three are famous in their respective fields and have recently used racist remarks with such brashness that they have sparked insurmountable fury and complaints from people of colour and those generally against toxic prejudice. What seems to have emerged now, amongst critics, is that racism is firmly back on the agenda.

25 year-old entrepreneur Joe Rodney and his mother Alison have started a joint, family enterprise the The Brewers Arms on Ladybarn Lane, Manchester at the junction of Mauldeth Road.

The Return of

Lauryn Hill

The original queen of hip-hop is set to take to the stage once again in a one-off UK performance this September. The former lead vocalist of hip-hop trio The Fugees will perform on two dates in Brixton Academy in London. Hill’s vocals are best associated with Fugees classics Ready or Not and Killing me softly, with the latter being the best-selling single of 1996, when it hit the top of the UK charts. The return of the neo-soul legend has been greatly anticipated by fans who have waited patiently for the singer/ emcee to release another album following her masterpiece The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The Grammy award-winning album which will turn 16 years old this August has been credited as the true exhibition of Hill’s undeniable talent and a display of her extraordinary influences on the hip-hop culture. ...continued at

D&J Barber Shop and numerous business ventures in a busy portfolio claiming, “its hard work not an easy ride!” Joe expects big changes over the coming months. “We’re changing the look to a

Turtle Bay

You no longer need a plane ticket to experience reggae music, rum punch and some of the finest Caribbean cuisine the Islands have to offer. Turtle Bay restaurant and bar has arrived and for those looking for a spicier delicacy matched by a vibrant atmosphere. So far well-received by the public, the Oxford Rd restaurant lies on the edge of a busy town centre and Caribbean food and culture are brilliantly captured in this 8000 square ft. venue. Founders Stephen Entwistle and Ajith Jayawickrema, also responsible for successful chain Las Iguanas, introduced the restaurant to Manchester with a VIP launch on Thursday 29 May. The live reggae music, cocktail bar and jerk chicken platters gave the public a taste of the ‘real Caribbean’ with a “Caribbean island vibe by serving up exceptional, authentic dishes.” The sweetcorn fritters and the Jamaican mule cocktail are prime examples. This new hotspot is already up and running in Birmingham, Bristol and Milton Keynes. With its walls plastered with images of the late Bob Marley and cocktails flowing till 1am it would seem the only thing missing from this Caribbean venture is the sun.

20 Year Old suicide

Tragedy hits family as son kills himself after ‘applying for 40 jobs in three months with no success’. Martin Hadfield, 20, was found hanged in his flat in Tottington last July. His family have stated the indefinite struggle to find a job took it’s toll on the 20 year-old. Martin Hadfield had been struggling to find employment despite his GCSEs and NVQs. He had previously found work




@LeeJasper (Lee Jasper) “I love the ordinary people of Britain who campaigned for NHS, education, workers rights, council housing and opposed slavery and wars. #MyUK” @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) “If you want to avoid halal meat become a vegetarian not a racist.” @rioferdy5 (Rio Ferdinand) “Anyone who cares about the game in our country knows something needs to be done about the lack of England players playing regularly in the Premier League.” @FitnessWithVici (every day fitness) “@shauntfitness thank you sooooo sooo much for the most epic #shaunterventionUK in Manchester.” @TatyanaAli (Tatyana Ali) “#BringBackOurGirls How do we apply the pressure to get to them? If we’re valuable enough to sell why aren’t we valuable enough

Jeremy Clarkson, 54, an English champion of the St. George brigade, well known for his show, Top more inviting one, with modern decor Gear, was caught on camera using and adding a bistro area to the rear. Also the word ‘n*****’ in a manner that barbeques and finger foods, a happy hour, was meant to be ‘light-hearted’ student nights, open mic nights, quiz and ‘jovial’, whilst reciting a vernights, karaoke and Motown nights.” sion of eeny meeny miny moe. Donald Sterling, 80, manager of the NBA basketball team, LA Clippers, told his girlfriend not to take pictures with black friends or bring them to games. Last but not least, is the Police Commissioner of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Robert Copeland, 82. His recent bold remarks about how he hates watching television because every time he turned on the TV, he kept Follow us seeing “that f****** n*****.” That the_pod_lift_off_ad_Layout 19/05/2014 12:06 Page 2 n***** in question is United1States and tweet us your views on articles in the paper President, Barrack Obama. by

“It was something that just happened, I had it previously for a few months but was in partnership then they left, then a great opportunity arose. I couldn’t say no to this once in a lifetime deal.” His advice to budding entrepreneurs is: “Give it a go but it’s much easier if you do your market research and have a business plan and the right cash injection behind you.” As well as the Brewers arms Joe also has

Clarkson, Sterling and Copeland: One common thread, one deep-rooted nettle


...continued at

Supporting enterprise growth in south Manchester.

Welcome to Blacka Group

Quality is Never Missed Until Experienced as both a valet and landscape gardener before eventually being laid off. In the following three months he had applied for over 40 jobs with little or no response. His family told reporters he was ‘demoralised’ and left with ‘no self-worth’. Martin took his own life just hours after his last appointment at the Job Centre.

To find out more City South is leading a range of exciting initiatives contact our Head of Regeneration providing products and services that support business Niall Power on 0161 227 1120 development and help build and sustain enterprise in our neighbourhoods. @CSMHousingTrust

Diary of Black Teacher


an Angry


stress The nation is in a state of stress! Stress over the general elections a year away, stress over the impending England football failure in Brazil and according to ChildLine, 96% of our next generation of voters, politicians and yes, footballers, who completed a survey felt anxious about their GCSE preparation. I have noticed a common theme about exam stress. The students who care about their exams, come from parents who care about their exams.

It’s not a black thang! Millions of black students, especially girls, care and perform just as well as their white peers. It’s about culture. We are still a naïve society who still believe that black people make fantastic entertainers, white middle class people are management material and students from the Far East are naturally smarter. Malcolm X would say, ‘you been hoodwinked!’ Asians and whites are just as messed up as everyone else. An article by The Telegraph suggests there is a ‘time bomb’ of middle class students needing psychological help due to stress. This is not ideal, however middle classes, especially white and Far Eastern, have far higher expectations in school and thus more emphasis is on academic attainment and it’s natural that this would have an effect further down the chain of anxiety: the kids. Like all things expectation is best served in moderation. Let me illustrate my point, the Year 11s are weeks from their exams. I took the students without PE kit to the library to revise. The group studied hard in the library, all except 2 girls. Girl A just sat idly for 40 minutes, Girl B sat there with her head on the desk. I phoned and emailed their parents. Were they grateful that I cared more about their attainment more than their children? Were they shocked?

...continued at

TnT Mr L


Do you have a passion for poetry? If you want to see your work in TNT send it in to


Youth health who can you really ask? Feeling healthy isn’t necessarily being healthy. It’s easy to think of living a healthy life as purely a matter of diet and exercise but our mental and emotional sides are crucial and yet so often go overlooked. Striking the perfect balance between mind, body and soul is pretty much impossible but finding any kind of balance is impossible for young people in particular if they don’t know where to turn when things become complicated. Having a support structure of parents, family, peers and outside of the social realm are vital for when the young people of today need not just guidance, but honest and reliable advice and what is equally important is that we know where to turn. With different social networking sites such as Tumblr compounding the output of other media outlets on romanticising

unhealthy practices such as smoking and alcohol consumption, a continuous stream of youngsters are influenced to take up these activities in order to conform with peers and break away from the image of childhood. It can be difficult to know where to get the best help especially since it’s not constantly advertised and the fact that in itself it can be quite a daunting, maybe even embarrassing process. As a teenager myself I wouldn’t be able to name anywhere other than your local GP and the closest NHS drop-in centre without research. For others, they have alternative people to seek help from other than your main medical workers. When I asked a 14 yearold high school student where she’d go if she felt under extreme stress, she said: “The school nurse helps. Just go there at lunch time and talk for a bit.” A good place to start for advice on medication is (a sub-section

The Nubian Times




of or your family doctor. The closest place to go is sometimes the best place. Receiving support or advice from family members or trustworthy friends can be the most effective in helping you maintain yourself. From either first-hand experience or passing on knowledge, they can be beneficial to you, but sometimes we may not be able to turn to our families. Being able to openly identify that you’re in need of help, whether it be about your physical, mental or sexual health, is the most important step, the next is seeking it. That goes to parents as well. If you really care about your children, make sure they see you as somewhere to go when they need help, somewhere where they won’t be criticised or scorned, but understood and loved. If you have any questions, queries or problems you can contact The Nubian Times and Nawayne and we can answer…

TnT Navayne Forrester


CForner G




Life Changes

At some point in your life, maybe tomorrow, or even today, when you are feeling low, you need to get away, to consider a life-changer to be at one with you, assess what you could do; to distance yourself from toxic people and places.

By Linford Sweeney





With the Commonwealth Games nearly upon us, should the UK be giving more back to our Commonwealth Partners?

Visit our Facebook page to join the debate




Dunham Massey Hello everyone at The Nubian Times. Just went to Dunham Massey in the school holidays, it was amazing, and I don’t know if other kids have been there?

About a year ago, a few of young black women decided to get together to create a group for like-minded people of colour in Manchester. Frustrated at the lack of events and organisations that cater to the wants and needs of the black community, we set up Rainbow Noir. Our vision was simple: to create a safe space for people of colour to meet, socialise, share ideas, create, organise and learn.

Keri Hilson Singer

“Some people are TOO practical. Too afraid to climb out of their reality & enter the unknown to create a better reality. Circumstances OWN them”

Me and my cousins went there and saw Bambi, a baby deer like in the film. You’re allowed to touch them, not feed them, coz my mum went on with herself coz I gave them some crisps and chocolate and they followed me around all day. She was just jealous. The ice creams were good as well and we all rode our bikes and scooters. We have meetings once a month where we show films, organise workshops, have cookouts and host talks & discussions on topics that affect our community. Outside of our monthly meetings, we also organise socials and trips in and around Manchester. Just one more thing: Rainbow Noir is for LGBTQ people. For those unfamiliar with the term, it stands for Lesbian,

Charlotte Bronte Novelist and poet

“I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward”

Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. Yes, we are black and we are gay! Some people think black gay people don’t exist or that being gay is ‘not the black way’. We’re going to explore these controversial views in future articles. Facebook: or tweet us: @rainbownoirmcr to find out about our monthly meet-ups.

By James McCuin, 10, Tameside.

by Boians Cho Joo Young , Vlado, digitalart/

Christopher Reeve Actor

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”



AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer’s takeover bid


The Nubian Times

Pharmacist your


Emergency contraception for women can be used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex, or if the contraceptive method that is used fails, i.e. the condom splits or you have forgotten to take your daily pill. There are 2 types of emergency contraception available:

1. The pill (also known as the morning after pill) 2. The intrauterine device (also known as IUD or the Coil) Both of these are available at your local GP practice, NHS walk-in centres, family-planning organisations and pharmacies.

Morning After Pill Levonelle

Levonelle works by stopping or delaying ovulation (release of the egg from the ovaries) and it does not interfere with your regular method of contraception. The pill becomes less effective the more time passes after having unprotected sex, however there is a good chance of preventing pregnancy if it is taken up to 72hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. A trial undertaken by the World Health Organisation indicated that: • If this pill is taken within 24


The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer made a £69 billion bid to takeover British pharmaceutical giant Astrazeneca in May

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

hours of unprotected sex, about 95% of pregnancies are prevented • If it is taken within 25-48 hours of unprotected sex then about 85% of pregnancies are prevented • If it is taken between 49-72 hours of unprotected sex then 58% of pregnancies are prevented.

If you are using the morning after pill, patch, vaginal ring or contraceptive injection and you are taking the emergency pill due to a failure in one of these, then you should take your next contraceptive pill as normal and use additional contraception such as condoms for the next 7 days (or the next 2 days if you take the progestogen-only pill).

Ellaone (ulipristal)

Ellaone should also be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex, however it can be taken up to 120hours (5 days) after. Once again it works by delaying or stopping the release of the egg from the ovaries, and may also have an action on the uterus. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) advises that Ellaone should not be used

by women who may already be pregnant, have severe asthma that is not properly controlled by steroids, or taking medication that affects liver enzymes. If you are using other forms of contraception that have failed and you take Ellaone, then you should use your next contraceptive pill as normal but also use additional contraception such as condoms for the next 14 days if you use the patch, ring, combined pill or injection (9 days if you take the progestogen-only pill). When I provide emergency contraception to a patient, I am always asked about the side-effects. The truth is that the emergency contraceptive pill has not been shown to cause any long-term health problems, however it can sometimes cause some short-term side-effects that soon pass. These include headache, nausea, tiredness and irregular menstrual bleeding before your next cycle. If you vomit within 2 hours of taking either of the pills, then you will have to return to the provider to take another dose.


4 lamb shanks 4 shallots, chopped 3 garlic cloves, chopped 1 scotch bonnet pepper, deseeded, chopped 5 anchovy fillets, chopped 4 carrots, roughly chopped 3 sprigs thyme 2 bay leaves 1tbsp parsley, chopped 6oz button mushrooms 2tbsp redcurrant jelly 2 tomatoes, chopped 10 fl oz red wine 10 fl oz beef stock 2tbsp sunflower oil 2tbsp chopped rosemary

Lamb shanks with anchovies, red wine and couscous

Wash shanks and towel dry. Season well with a little salt (the anchovies are already salty) and pepper, garlic, thyme, onions, tomatoes and place in the fridge overnight. Remove all the seasoning from the shanks before frying. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and brown the shanks on all sides. Remove from the frying and place in a casserole dish. Add the shallots, carrots, thyme, garlic, bay leaves, pepper and fry over a high heat for 3 to 4 minutes.

Frederick Douglass Writer/activist

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress”


Aquilegias are commonly known as ‘columbine’ and ‘granny’s bonnet’. There are well over 60 species of the clump forming perennials. Although they are ideal as both cottage-garden plants and part of a herbaceous border, they are also found in meadows and woodlands. Aquilegias are graceful and beautiful plants with blue-green leaves and bell-shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. These vary in colour from purple, light

and dark blue, dark red, yellow and orange with some even bicoloured. Aquilegias can be grown from seeds, however once established they do self-seed and also hybridize. Aquilegias like fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

TnT Claire Meadows

WithTnT orkout

...continued online at

TnT Adedayo Titiloye MRPharm S





Add tomatoes, mushrooms, redcurrant jelly, stock, red wine and stir. Bring to the boil and add the anchovies, parsley, and rosemary. Pour the mixture over the shanks in the casserole dish, cover and cook for approximately 3 hours. Check halfway through the cooking time, give it a stir and taste the seasoning. Continue to cook until the meat is tender and falls off the bone. Serve with mashed potatoes, rice or couscous.

TnT Beverly Ogle-Younge

Rachel Kerr Singer

“Take and PRINT pictures. Some of the most precious things we have is life and MEMORIES!”

Let’s do something a little different! Go get two tins of beans, a chair, a towel or mat for the floor and a bottle of water.

Now let’s begin: Drink some more water

Warm up

1. Neck rolls, x 10 left, then right 2. Shoulder rolls x 10 3. Shoulder raises x 10 4. Circular hip rolls x 10 left then right 5. Trunk rolls x 5 left, then right

Let’s drink some water:

Now grab your two tins of beans and sit on the chair, keep your stomach sucked in. 1. Bicep curls x 10 2. Tricep curls x 10 3. Arm raises x 10 4. Leg raises x 10

Let’s go to the floor 1. Crunches x 25 2. Leg raises x 25 (head & shoulders off the floor) 3. Jack-knife x 25 (on your back) 4. Jack-knife x 25 (on your side, right, then left)

Stretches 1. Sit on the floor and touch

your toes x 20 2. Hamstring stretch x 20 secs – right, then left 3. Lying trunk twist x 20 secs – right, then left 4. Open Lizard x 20 secs – right, then left

See you next month!

Bob Hoskins Actor

Died peacefully in hospital after a short battle with pneumonia. He was 71 years old


Scottish government has claimed that citizens of Scotland would be £1000 better off if they vote ‘yes’ in September’s independence referendum




1. Showing little concern for the feelings of others; harsh. (8) 5. Wall Street broker; market dealer (6) 10. Prepare to propose (5) 11. Traditional utensil of China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan (9) 12. Car fuel, alternative to petrol (6,3) 13. Opening (5) 14. Firmly placed or fixed; stable in position or equilibrium (6) 15. Any high or chief priest (9) 18. A temporary place to stay; temporary quarters (7) 20. Guarantee (6) 22. Type of underwater diver (5) 24. A period within which something must be done or completed (4,5) 25. To make purer; refine (9) 26. In or at that place (opposed to here) (5) 27. Chair or seat occupied by a sovereign (6) 28. Fire resistant material, harmful when exposed to humans (8)



1. Japanese form of self-defense (6) 2. Given a further term of office (9) 3. Inspection of one’s own body for medical reasons (4,11) 4. Final and complete superiority in a war (7) 6. A risky, potentially fatal gamble (7,8) 7. Belief in God based only on reason and nature (5) 8. A percentage or share of the profits of an enterprise,(4,4) 9. A large messy serving, esp. of food (6) 16. Holding a position, role, office (9) 17. Tightly arranged; as, eyes; teeth (5,3) 19. Chocolate cake (6) 20. Having no goal, purpose, or direction (7) 21. Mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension (6) 23. A natural brown earth, used as pigment (5)


Amy Tan takes us back to ‘40s San Francisco and into the lives of four families of Chinese immigrants. She focuses on the stories of the women within these families, in particular the relationship between the mothers and daughters.

every character to tell their own story. The maternal bond is an intricate relationship and the passing down of ideas of familial femininity through the generations are examined in The Joy Luck Club. Amy Tan’s imagination constantly draws you further into the story, the city, the culture within a culture, contrasted with the conventions and traditions of the ‘motherland’. The Joy Luck Club is an enlightening insight into family life and serves as a reminder that in this fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to forget what has got you this far.

Mahjong, a card game of strategy and luck, is the vehicle that drives this exploration into the lives of these characters. The novel is split up into smaller vignettes, allowing

The HonestbyLife: Jessica Alba Living Naturally and True to You


Browsing the shelves I saw American actress Jessica Alba and immediately thought “yep, I want some of that.” She is one of those all-American girls and like me, I bet you were thinking: “With all her money of course her



5 9






11 11









19 19



16 17






24 24




The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan isiting family in Manchester reminded me of the how privileged I am to have such a loving support network. Seeing them made me reminisce about The Joy Luck Club, a novel which explores inter-family relationships and the experiences we share with one another.




To view answers instantly go to:

ummer is now upon us. With the spring clean having been and gone, it got me thinking about how I could approach keeping my house clean and tidy in a more healthy and ‘greener’ manner, much to the benefit of myself and my family.

The Nubian Times

lifestyle is gonna be green and healthy!” A lot things that Jessica explains in the book were interesting. What inspired me most about this book, in particular the scientist within me, was using vodka and essential oils as a room freshener. And you know what? It actually works; and getting rid of spare booze without killing your liver is always a plus! ...continued online at

It’s the difference a family makes Could you find a future in fostering? Our foster carers come from many different backgrounds and circumstances. What they all have in common is knowing that giving a child the stability and warmth of family life is one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you’re over 21 and have a spare room which could be used solely for fostering, please get in touch. You don’t need to be married or have your own children to be able to foster. In return you will be provided with outstanding training, on-going support, a generous allowance and be given the opportunity to build a career in fostering. Come and meet some of our foster carers and staff for an informal chat in the cafe at Z-arts in Manchester, where you can find out more about becoming a foster carer with Compass Fostering.


R p p Me Before You TnT



By Jojo Moyes

“.....I told him the story of two people. Two people who shouldn’t have met, and who didn’t like each other much when they did, but who found they were the only people in the world who could possibly have understood each other.”


e are all guilty of creating an ideal view of love. Summertime fills my thoughts with hazy dreams of young love, boy meets girl, falling madly in love in warmer times; but if like me these soppy romcom situations don’t quite match your experiences or expectations of love, then this is a book you may relate to. Me Before You is the story of Lou, a girl who is unmoved by the idea of love. That all changes when she becomes the carer to Will. Will is a quadriplegic who has lost the will (excuse the pun) to live. The problem is, whilst Will is ready to die, his family have different ideas.

Jojo Moyes is a British novelist who has won the Romantic Novel of The Year award twice and here she delivers a realistic portrayal of love against the odds. Me Before You is a different, intense kind of romance novel. Whilst it still manages to pull at your heartstrings, it does so in a compelling and thought provoking way. ...continued online at


Jacqueline E Hylton

Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA

Friday 18th July 2014, 10am - 12.30pm

Contact us on 0800 566 8317 or visit

Stepping forward together



Miley Cyrus wreaked havoc around the UK during the European leg of her Bangerz world tour.


The Nubian Times






Lei Jennings



feat. L Marshall & Rymez

Read, watch and listen to more online at

Arch Bar, 58 Whitworth Street West. M1 4WW Sat 7 June, 10pm-3am, £5 Donate while you’re dancing – you can help young Manchester lad Andre Gayle make it to the big leagues in the States by coming along to this charity dance. Entry fee goes towards fundraising total.

Mikala Leigh French’s


new track

Brinnington Park, Stockport. SK5 8PB Sat 14th June, 12-7pm, FREE A food, music, skating and culture family event with non-stop music from Manchester DJs and performers plus activities throughout the day including bouncy castle, wall climbing and open mic.





Various Locations Throughout June Visit for specific information Laughing Cows Comedy showcases a variety of the UK’s funniest women at some of Manchester’s top venues including the Frog & Bucket on Oldham Street and the Dancehouse Theatre on Oxford Road.




Premier Suite, Bolton Reebok Stadium, De Havilland Way, Bolton. BL6 6SF Sat 21 June, £30 Featuring Manchester’s Martin ‘.50 Cal’ Stapleton who makes a one- off appearance before returning to the States.


Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, The Northern Quarter, Manchester. M4 5JZ Sat 28 June, 7pm, £5 Focusing on the narrative oral histories and cultural traditions of the Congolese community. This ambitious & inspirational project brings together Congolese and other locally-based participants from a wide range of cultural heritages, culminating in a music narrative for modern audiences.


marry in

New Alexandra Theatre, Station Street. B5 4BS Weds 18-Fri 20 June, 7.30pm, £40- £60 The comedian, best-selling author and actor visits Birmingham on her first solo tour in which she takes a look at her life and career.


New Alexandra Theatre, Station Street. B5 4BS Sat 21 June, 11am & 2pm, £12-£30 Bring the kids to watch the nation’s favourite bear and his friends Soo and Sweep get up to all sort of mischief, sure to keep companion Richard Cadwell busy!



Butlins Holiday Resort, Skegness. PE25 1NJ 20-23 June London based DJs will be spinning the greatest tracks to come from the ever popular afro beat scene including Radio 1Xtra’s DJs Ace, Larizzle & Edu and Reprezent Radio’s DJ Neptizzle. There will also be plenty of alternative activities to keep you entertained throughout the weekend. Visit for coach pick up points across London.


Royal Court Liverpool, 1 Roe St Liverpool. L1 1HL Until Sat 7 June, 8pm, £20 Claire Sweeney stars in this all singing fun and frolics comedy about dating, men and finding Mr. Right. Based on true stories from real women. Suitable for 16+

After two years, one child and countless tabloid scandals, the world’s most famous couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, married in Florence over Bank Holiday weekend. Photos from reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West’s wedding have begun to leak, from what appears to be the most lavish and extravagant wedding since Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in 2011.

Hugh Jackman Actor

Has had a second cancerous skin growth removed from his nose. “Get checkups and wear sunscreen,” he has urged others

Get Me Through It

back in the day

Kimye Florence

Various locations, NW1 Fri 20 & Sat 21 June, £49.50 + BF for two days DJ Target, Ghetts, Krept & Konan, Plastician and Manchester-born Blizzard are just a handful of acts due to appear at this weekend music festival.

new track

new track

new track We’ve Tried

In the build up to the big day several members of the Kardashian clan were spotted in Paris, fuelling rumours that the couple would be marrying in Europe. This was confirmed by Elisa Di Lupo, a spokesperson for the Mayor’s office in Florence, who told the BBC that the couple were to marry at the 16th century Belvedere Fort on 24 May. The ceremony was significantly more low key than Kim’s last wedding. Rather than replicate her extravagant ceremony to American basketball player Kris Humphries – broadcast to over four million people in the US – the couple decided to keep the event as hush-hush as possible. Celebrities that were culled from the guestlist of her third wedding included Eva Longoria and Demi Lovato. Other notable absentees were Beyonce and Jay Z who reportedly snubbed the wedding to avoid further media attention following elevator-gate. ...continued online at

Laura Mvula Singer

Nominated for Best International Act: UK in the BET Awards alongside Dizzee Rascal, Ghetts, Krept & Konan, Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah




It will come as a surprise to very few that in his latest outing, Seth Rogen plays Mac, a mildly irritating, yet ultimately endearing, cannabis enthusiast. This combination of characteristics has served him well in the past, notably in the case of his breakout leading role in 2007’s Knocked Up and a year later in slacker-comedy Pineapple Express.



To label the man typecast would be like labelling Manchester’s sky grey. It would also miss the point completely. On the surface, this is a throwaway, boisterous imbecile of a movie; however there is an honesty and relatability in Rogen’s performance that elevates it to something more satisfying. The premise is simple. A young couple with a new-born child are disturbed by the arrival of a college fraternity next door. The inevitable noise disputes eventually escalate into full-blown conflict, and pandemonium ensues. Mac’s chief tormentor and nemesis comes in the form of fraternity president Teddy (Zac Efron), an impossibly-abdomenned, narcissistic bully. As the film progresses, it’s not so much the constant respective partying/complaining that irks them, but what they represent to each other. To Mac, Teddy is a reminder of a bygone heyday and conversely, to the young president, Mac is a terrifying omen of a future of duty and responsibility.

In the midst of footlong dildos and slapstick airbag ejector seats, this dynamic adds much needed emotional depth to the story. Mac’s blundering attempts to impress his young neighbours (supplying them with weed, Game of Thrones references, Snoop Dogg impersonations) are tragic to behold. Similarly, Teddy’s gradual realisation (that the hedonistic paradise that he has created will one day end) is identifiable to anyone who has ever bid farewell to university and entered the precarious domain of ‘real life’. The film’s climax is overblown and irrational, however it does enough up until this point to sustain your interest in what will become of these characters. Rose Byrne also deserves credit for her well-rounded and often hilarious depiction as Mac’s wife Kelly.

Elena Baltacha

Former British No. 1 tennis player

Died of liver cancer on Sunday 4 May. She was 30

*** Stars



Jay Z and Solange bust-up.

Rapper Jay Z and Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles were involved in a violent incident after the Met Gala in New York.



The Nubian Times




Fresh Off the Runway, organised by Ladene Taylor, was a collection of some of Manchester’s finest, freshest, urban designers all under one roof at the Z-arts theatre, Hulme on Saturday 24 May. This ecliptic runway show hosted a unique collage of textures and imitative expressive designs. Fresh Off the Runway is exactly what its title implies – a chance for guests to impulse purchase the fashion-wear on offer. “Impetuous buying at its best” Designers on the night included ASAP Wear-Fashion accessories, the Just James – FOTR Collection – whose designs were both inspirational and diverse – and Manni Clothing – the local leaders in urban apparel wear. ENIGMA clothing was the highlight of the evening for plus-sized models showcasing outfits for the more curvy, voluptuous females. K.mani Clothing pushed boundaries and were wel-received.

clothing L I N E

No time to relax Natural Hair Week UK hits Manchester in July Launched last summer, the event delivers a day of education, entertainment and encouragement to visitors interested in natural hair and beauty.

The UK’s primary natural hair and beauty event comes to Manchester on 5 July. Crowne Plaza, Shudehill is set to host the annual event in Manchester, with sister events happening nationwide

Founded by Diane Hall (author of How I Grew it Long Naturally and 65 Tips to Healthy Hair Growth) and Vinna Best (founder of Officially Natural), this series of events will be held over six consecutive weeks in Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, London and Manchester. You can catch online sessions and seminars during each week, culminating in a conference style exhibition at the Manchester city centre landmark with the aim to educate, entertain & encourage attendees about natural hair care & styling techniques. Recognised industry professionals will deliver a series of interactive presentations, hair

Eda London Autumn/Winter

demonstrations & workshops.

Natural Hair Week UK 2014 also offers you the chance to mingle with a mix of expertise and up-and-coming talent in the hair and beauty industry giving you the chance to network with top bloggers, press, competitions & product giveaways. Over 2000 attendees are expected to attend the event across the country, with four out of six days selling out last year. A competition to find the best UK Natural Hair Salon will again run at this years’ event and with NHWUK 2014 also sponsoring the national charity BME Cancer Voice. Diane hall said: “Our aim is to promote and increase the awareness of the beauty of curly/ afro textured hair in its natural state.”

2014 Collection

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection launch of luxury handbag designer Eda in Hoxton, East London Tony Blackburn Radio DJ

Picked up a special honour at The Radio Academy Awards, marking his 50 years on the airwaves

Shreya Ghoshal Singer

At just 30 years old, this multi-lingual beauty is India’s leading Bollywood Playback Singer

Coming SOON

When we think of East London we think of the legacy left behind from the Olympics but let me tell you this part of London is buzzing with hip, cool and trendy people who know about fashion and self-expression.

There was an undeniable air of individuality with the launch held in the Long White Cloud gallery and cafe. It was clear this place is passionate about food. The cafe has a relaxed and welcoming approach to customers and I felt right at home. Eda London is a classic fusion of British style with Eastern charm and I met up with Eda herself at the event to discuss the new collection where she told me all about what makes her products so special: “They are made here in London from the finest materials and we give the women of today choice and the ability to customise their own luxury handbag at an affordable price.

“We are a new company and have only been operating since May 2010 but we believe that with honesty and integrity we are able to take the client through every step of the process thus making their affordable luxury handbag, one of uniqueness. Eda is sensitive to the needs of the modern woman, keeping high fashion accessible to all. “I wanted women to have another alternative to the high street brand. Prices start at £20 and £660. We customise handbags for clients and work alongside them to produce a bag which speaks classic individuality. “The name Eda means ‘goddess of time and wealth’ and we know as woman time is something we could do more of, and in our hearts we are all wealthy.” If you’re in London get down to Long White Cloud where the Eda London collection is showcasing until 7 June on Hackney Road, E2 8JL or visit the site at

TnT Jacqueline E. Hylton

Pablo Picasso Artist

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”


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a week for 12 months


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When you join Discounted entry into

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Nyong’o shocked at the Met Gala

The 31 year-old beauty arrived in a custom Prada dress which divided critics

Estate of


If you are thinking about entering the housing market, whether as a buyer or seller, then the chances are that you will need an estate agent Given the stresses and monies involved, one might expect a forensically regulated and monitored industry with standardised terms and conditions and an emphasis on openness, clarity, and fairness. Instead estate agents are among the least trusted of all service providers. The key reason is that they thrive on customer ignorance and indeed appear to work hard to maintain the status quo.



The Nubian Times

A popular ruse is to make it difficult to understand and compare their charges. Industry guidance from the Property Ombudsman states that agents must inform any potential client, in writing, of all fees and costs (including VAT) and

when these are due to be paid. However, agents often defer any detailed discussion of such matters until you are signed up. Once trussed, you can expect to pay upto 3% of the asking price with hefty registration and marketing charges adding an unwelcome coda to the invoice. Additional ‘one-shop’ services, such as conveyancing, arranging a mortgage, or securing an Energy Performance Certificate will often carry an administrative premium. And then there is the small print. This can include “sole selling rights” which means that the estate agent gets paid a commission even if you eventually sell the property yourself. Meanwhile ‘open-ended

solit areview

Manchester’s Northern Quarter was actually designed to be the city’s destination for all things hip about a decade or so ago by business-folk from the area. That being said, the venture has been an out-and-out success story for the artificial insemination of culture into urban landscape.

The winds of change have been kind to central Manchester and the recent focus on gourmet visions of classic staples (burgers, pizzas, grill, chips) has spawned a wealth of upmarket burger joints. I think I might just have found the best one; but to say that Solita is all about the burgers is at best an injustice. If variety is the spice of life, then this menu is perfectly seasoned. Inside we sat at a table for two around the centre of a busy ground floor. At one in the afternoon I assumed that we must be seeing the tail-end of the lunchtime rush but despite clearing periodically, it became apparent this wasn’t just passing traffic; people knew about Solita and you could taste their glee in the air. Spread over four floors, the entrance level was busy but not too cramped. The fact there was enough space was moot, from the moment you’re served – drinks to desserts – you’re transported away from the distraction of fellow chompers and the food becomes your master; your sole affection. The striking yet passive decor allows the vibrant, colourful food to take centre-stage.




sole agency contracts’ will leave the agent potentially eligible for a cut if she or he introduces a buyer but the purchase does not take until a decade later. The upshot of all this is to firstly check that any agent under consideration is registered with the Property Ombudsman. If so then at least she or he will be unable to feign ignorance about industry best practice. Second, shop around and let all your potential suitors know that you are comparing their offering with their competitors. Finally, don’t sign anything without taking legal advice. Preferably not from the source suggested by the agent.

TnT Jonathan Thomas

Meadow Court - 2 Bed Apartment £625pcm Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9HH

The atmosphere was relaxed. People were talking loosely without any of the tension you can get where the rigid, formal image the restaurant tries to project jars with the sticky-fingered, gently imbibed clientele. The service was impeccable: genuine and unobtrusive. Our host was warm; instead of standing tall over your food while he made sure your experience was spot on, he’d drop to down to eye level, taking time to chat without lingering. Between chatting and savouring each plate and the drinks, I couldn’t even tell you how long each course took to come out; the experience was seamless and we thoroughly enjoyed it. For future reference, if you ever want to find me around meal times, look no further than 37 Turner St. “Incredible… delicious… divine… explosion of flavour… over-seasoned” – see our full, in-depth review online where we go in on each dish we sampled.

Regent Court - 2 Bed Apartment £795pcm Chorlton, Manchester, M16 0BS

Belvoir Manchester Chorlton 412 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton Manchester M12 0SD E: T: 0161 861 7520 F: 0161 861 7177

37 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DW, (0161) 839 2200

Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister 1940-1945

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”

Marverine Cole Journalist & broadcaster

“If you sit and wait for good breaks to happen, you’ll be waiting until your hair turns grey!”

Helen Keller

American deaf-blind author, lecturer and political activist

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us”


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Design your Website

SPARE ROOM? We are looking for families, couples or singles to host international students in 2014. Homestay accommodation required all year round!

CONTACT US NOW! EF International Language Centre Manchester Tel. 0161 225 9151

14LS_recruitment_ADD_84x62_MAN.indd 1

T: 0161 232 88 70 Manchester, M16 8HN

Normally £499.00

Hands On Hair


​unit 9 70 Quenby Street, Hulme, Manchester

5-Page Custom Website Free 1 Year Domain Name Free 6 months Web Hosting 5 Stock Photos 5 Email Addresses Free Google Friendly Sitemap Complete W3C Certified HTML £80 for 48 Hour Rush Delivery

M15 4HW

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free, secure, on-site parking 24/7 access Heat, light and power included Alarmed workspace/office Reception service Broadband/wireless access Units from 195 - 597 sq ft

0161 839 3770

Only 1/2 from Ma mile nch City Cen ester tre Cornbro & o Metro Lin k k!

& unemployed


WE’RE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! 70 Quenby Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 4HW

FREE Training Courses Progression If you are aged 16 to 25



50,000 COPIES





0161 408 4116​


0161 883 1443

31/03/14 10:03

During June & July 2014 AT GIFT Business & Employment Apprenticeship Opportunities Radio Training Construction Call us now on 0161 636 7584 or email

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust Units 1-2, Windrush Millennium Centre 70 Alexandra Road Manchester, M16 7WD

Gain an


Frozen becomes the fifth highest grossing film of all time


surpassing Iron Man 3 which drops down into sixth place


SITE SECRETARY Company: Wates Location: Manchester Job Type: Full Time Salary/Wage: £16,000-£20,000 based on experience

Job Description: We require an experienced Administrator to take up Site Secretarial duties on a new housing development in South West Greater Manchester, beginning in May. Alongside the typical duties carried out by an administrator, the successful candidate will have experience in handling drawings and informal control between design partners, architects and sub-contractors. Previous experience of an administrative or secretarial role desirable. APPLY: CVs to be emailed to:

12 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM Company: Princes Trust/Greater Manchester

Fire Service

Location: Trafford Job Type: Training Course Description: Aged 16–25? Unemployed? Want qualifications? Need something to do that is challenging, rewarding and gives you the chance to meet new people? If so, enrol on the Prince’s Trust 12-week programme with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service. As a service we are committed to making a difference locally, understanding that young people have a lot to offer and can contribute to our communities. Last year over 190 young people completed the programme and following the Fire Service team can offer opportunities to volunteer and develop. Our teams start in May at various locations. Most benefits are protected and travel costs given. Be quick – limited places available! For more information and to apply for a place, please contact your local team. APPLY: Please call: 07817386924 You can email us at

CLAIMS STAFF REQUIRED FULL TRAINING PROVIDED Company: IPS Group Location: Manchester Job Type: Permanent / Full Time Salary/Wage: £16,000-£20,000 p.a. + benefits Job reference code: WEB486852REG Job Description: This leading insurer is opening a new claims department and is urgently looking to recruit staff. You will manage your own caseload of commercial property claims. You will work Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm, and comes with a very competitive salary and benefits package.

Full training will be provided so we are happy to receive applications from individuals who have claims experience in dealing with general insurance risks or have commercial property underwriting experience and fancy moving into claims. APPLY: Robert Plant on: 0161 233 8222

SKILLED ROAD LABOURER Company: Handy Staff Location: Manchester Job Type: Temporary Contract Salary/Wage: £8.50p/h Closing Date: May 16, 2014, 11:59:00 PM Job Description: Looking for a Skilled Labourer to travel and stay away working on nationwide road works contracts. Travel and digs will be provided. Experience operating a road planer is essential as you will be using a Wirtgen W50 Planer on site. Experience laying tarmac and performing patching works would also be ideal. Must have a valid CSCS card. This is a long term position for the right candidate as the client always has multiple contracts running at various locations around the UK. APPLY: Please email a CV to or call 0115 8700056 to apply

TRAINEE MANAGER Company: Pure & Cool Installations Limited Location: Manchester Job Type: Full Time Salary/Wage: £1,250 per month + Bonuses Job Description: Pure & Cool are a leading international water company just launched here in the UK. As Europe’s fastest growing domestic drinking water company we are now looking to add another 6 Trainee Managers to further support our existing Regional Water Analysis team. If you are hard-working and ambitious there’s a great chance that one of those offices could actually be managed by you! Whether you’re an expert in sales, customer service or you just want to make the most of your people skills we would like to hear from you. Previous experience is not essential as a full training program will be offered to the successful applicants. Please note a full driving licence is essential, as the position will initially require own transport for local short distance travel. APPLY: Please apply via job site or email your CV direct to Radhika Bava at

EVENT STEWARDING Company: Eithad Stadium Location: Manchester Job Type: Casual

Salary/Wage: National Minimum Wage (de-

pending on age)

Job Description: No experience needed as full instructions will be given on the day by the supervisor, main duties include directing the traffic in and out of the event and assisting with the parking team in various locations of the course. Applicants must be of a smart appearance, wearing all black and have sensible footwear. APPLY: To apply, Please go to and select ‘Apply to Work’, then register your details online, go to ‘My Events’ and tick the ‘Eithad Stadium’.

RECEPTIONIST Company: Bannatyne Fitness Ltd Location: Manchester Job Type: Part Time less than 30 hours Salary/Wage: National Minimum Wage Job Description: Bannatyne’s Health Club requires a Receptionist to compliment the existing dynamic and motivated Reception team. As this position is Front of House you will need to possess a very outgoing personality and you will be able to work under pressure. As part of our service requirement you will be expected to work shifts that will include evenings and weekends. In return we will provide you with an exciting and rewarding working environment that will motivate and reward you. APPLY: To apply, Please go to http://www.bannatyne. and select ‘Careers’, ‘Fitness’ then register your details online.

AREA MANAGER Company: Arch Angelz Location: Manchester Job Type: Full Time Salary/Wage: £15,000-£17,000 Per Annum Job Description: We are a national beauty service chain with locations nationwide. We are currently recruiting for an Area Manager who will be responsible for managing 3-5 concessions and their staff within their area. This role requires a confident candidate, who has previous experience of supervising and/ or managing teams of up to 5 staff. We require candidates to be fully qualified in Beauty Therapy to NVQ Level 2 (or equivalent). The benefits of this role include a competitive base wage, uncapped commission, as well as the chance to join a growing business. APPLY: To apply, Please email:

SENIOR INVESTIGATOR – DELEGATED NOMINATED OFFICER Company: The Co-operative Bank Location: Manchester

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Job Type: Permanent Salary/Wage: £24,400-£30,400 Job Description: We’re looking for a skilled and confident financial-services professional to join us as Senior Investigator (Delegated Nominated Officer) for Financial Crime and play a high-profile role in an increasingly key part of our business, looking after complex in-depth investigations in response to money laundering, sanctions, and terrorist-financing threats. As Senior Investigator for Financial Crime, it’s essential that you have previous experience within financial services. An in-depth understanding of financial crime risk-management and anti-money laundering regulations will be key, as will a solid grasp of retail, corporate and business banking as a whole. An expert in anti-money laundering investigations, you’ll have a broad knowledge of the financial services market and the prevailing legislative and regulatory environment. The role of Senior Investigator also calls for strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as a high degree of confidence. APPLY: Apply online at:

COMMERCIAL & PROPERTY SOLICITOR Company: BCL Legal Location: Manchester Job Type: Permanent Salary/Wage: £40000-£60000 Ref: PW/34113 Job Description: An opportunity has arisen for an experienced Projects/Non-Contentious Commercial Solicitor with between 2-5 years PQE. The role will be focused on the Energy Sector and experience in that area (whether in Private Practice or In-House) will be an advantage but is not essential. The list of work this team undertakes is long but you will gain experience within the Energy, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Renewables Sector including Commercial and Construction documents, Bidding Strategies, JV models, Licensing and technology transfers to name but a few. See more at: APPLY: Please only apply for this opportunity if you have the requisite skills and experience. If you would like any further information please contact BCL Legal. For a full list of exclusive legal vacancies please visit the BCL Legal website. See more at:

Youth Staff – Teens Company: Carnival Cruise Lines Location: Manchester Job Title: Temporary Salary/Wage: Not disclosed

Job Description: Do you enjoy working with children and want to travel the world? You can do all of that and get paid with a job at Carnival Cruise Lines! Youth Staff (Teens) is responsible for providing safe, fun-filled and age-appropriate activities for teen guest 12 years old through 17 years old on board. APPLY: For more information about the post and to apply for an interviewed, please visit or submit resume to:

LIVE IN CARER Company: Helping Hands Location: Manchester Job Type: Permanant (Full time, variable work-

ing hours)

Salary/Wage: £450-£550 per week (Salary variance possible due to complexity of needs) Job Description: An incredibly rewarding career opportunity in the UK for people who truly care. Living with a customer in their home, it’ll be your responsibility to offer oneto-one daily support in a variety of ways based on their individual circumstances. You’ll prepare meals for them (and often eat with them) and assist with personal care, mobility, medication and the everyday household chores they may find challenging like cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping. And your most important job of all will be spending quality time with your customer, keeping them company, putting a smile on their face and helping them maintain their independence. APPLY: For more information on how to apply, please visit: Or give us a call on 0808 252 4221.

HOUSING OFFICER Company: Sanctuary Housing Location: Manchester and Craven area Job Type: Full Time 37.5 hours/week, Mon-Fri Salary/Wage: £24,762-£27,512 per annum Job Description: We currently have an opportunity for a Housing Officer to become a key member of the Housing Services team. The team is responsible for delivering housing services across Manchester and Craven with the expectation you will work one day at week at our office in Leeds. Your duties will include dealing with anti-social behaviour, void management, complaints, tenancy changes, mutual exchanges and general estate management. Experience of housing management is essential, coupled with excellent communication skills and the ability to work well under pressure. APPLY: For more information on how to apply, please visit:


England Fixtures

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F riendlies : Ecuador v England, Wed 4 Jun, 20:00; England v Honduras, Sat 7 Jun, 21:45 Worl d Cup : England v Italy, Sat 14 Jun, 23:00; Uruguay v England, Thu 19 Jun, 20:00; Costa Rica v England, Tue 24 Jun, 17:00


See you

City do a Double Van Gaal named Moyes’ successor

in court!

Welbeck: Brazil and beyond

A preview of the UK hopefuls at Wimbledon

“I’d like to play central,” the striker said on the matter. “I’ve been playing on the left for a while and it’s got to the time where I want to stake a place up front.”

Heather Watson: The current British No. 2 in the women’s game was raised in Guernsey. Her game is based on power and her athletic ability. However last year she suffered from glandular fever and saw her world ranking tumble as a result. This year she has won the Prague Open and is currently on an 11 match winning streak. Heather, who is our only BME player, is definitely a future top 10 and possibly even a top 5 ranker.

The enigma that is Danny Welbeck divides opinion, even among Manchester United fans. The only Mancunian in the current United and England squads, he’s suffered from regularly being employed out of position.

His strike-rate for England recently is respectable and despite being employed on the left of midfield for much of the season, actually has the fourth-best goals per minute ratio in the Premier League this term, behind only Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and Daniel Sturridge. Reports have surfaced recently about Welbeck’s desire to move on if he isn’t given the chance to shine with Swansea, Spurs and even Arsenal linked, there would be no shortage of suitors. Beyond the World Cup Welbeck’s future remains unclear, even if his potential is there to be seen.

RuMOUR MIlL Mario Balotelli could return to the Premier League with Arsenal favourites to move for the out of favour striker. Bacary Sagna has agreed a £140,000-a-week deal at City. Roma’s highly-rated Mehdi Benatia is City’s top target as Porto’s Eliaquim Mangala stalls on a Prem move. City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has contacted Yaya Touré’s agent to try and repair relations with talks set to continue after the World Cup. Touré himself is linked with a move to PSG. Edin Džeko is a £20m target for Valencia though he may favour a move to Italy. Cesc Fabregas looks set to leave Barcelona with United and now City favourites to sign the midfielder. Spanish press report United have reached an agreement with Atletico Madrid to meet Miranda’s buy-out clause, with Barca also linked. The deal to land Luke Shaw has stalled as United had hoped to have terms wrapped up before the World Cup, though Old Trafford remains his prefrered destination. There’s plenty more transfer gossip online!

The World Cup is all set to kick off on Thursday 12 June. Brazil host the tournament, football’s most prestigious competition returns to what many around the world consider the game’s spiritual home for the second time

World Cup

The final will take place on the 13 July at the nation’s showpiece stadium and arguably the most iconic ground in the world, the Maracana. Current champions Spain seek to defend their title but face stiff competition from the samba boys of Brazil on home soil, not to mention the likes of Argentina, France and of course a reassuringly strong England side. England swept aside Peru in a professional opening warm up game with gaoals coming from defenders Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka, and a screamer from an in-form Daniel Sturridge. Questions marks perhaps remain over one or two areas, right back and the right combination in midfield in particular but with plenty of depth and two more friendlies before the main event, there’s ample opportunity to tweak the team into a more cohesive and dangerous unit. Fans can be optimistic about the balance of the squad with manager Roy Hodgson shifting England regulars like Ashley Cole and John Terry out of the international picture while bringing in fresh mentalities from players like Leighton

TnT Lloyd Wall

Baines, Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana. For many players there is a chance to stake a claim to be part of England’s future for the next two World Cups. Hodgson and his staff – including former Manchester and England full back Gary Neville – have gone to great lengths to prepare the players mentally and physically for the tournament with heat conditioning, custom-made isotonic sports drinks for each player and sports psychologists working on the players’ mind-sets for the World Cup. The feeling from the England camp is that every opportunity is being taken to have a positive World Cup performance and there is a quiet optimism and confidence building. Each weekday from now until the first whistle, we will bring you our runthough of the eight groups, including players to watch and priceless info to ensure you don’t miss a trick. Keep up to date with all the World Cup news as it happens, on the TNT website. We asked our two sports correspondents for their views on how the World Cup will pan out.

set to kick off

Player of the tournament?

Rele: Lionel Messi (Argentina: 83 caps, 37 goals) Lloyd: Neymar Jr. (Brazil: 47, 30)

Top youngster/surprise package?

Rele: Adrián Ramos (Columbia: 22, 2) Lloyd: Memphis Depay (Netherlands: 4, 0)

Golden Boot?

Rele: Sergio Aguero (Argentina: 47, 21) Lloyd: Neymar Jr.

Team to win?

Rele: Argentina – 2 times winners, 2 times runners up (most recent win: Maradona’s ‘hand of god’ inspired 1986 team) Lloyd: Brazil – 5 times winners, 2 times runners up (most recent win: Ronaldo’s two goals in the 2002 final)

Surprise team?

Rele: Chile/England (FIFA Rank: 13th/11th) Lloyd: England (Previous winners in 1966)

Surprise flop?

Rele: Netherlands (0 World Cup wins, 2 times runners up) Lloyd: Italy (4 times winners, 2 times runners up)

James Ward: The current, men’s British No. 2

breaks all stereotypes being the son of a cab driver. His biggest achievement so far was in the Davis Cup, which is the tennis version of football’s World Cup. He beat the American No. 1 on his own turf to give Great Britain a famous victory and is also the first Brit to qualify for the French Open through the qualifying rounds for over 30 years. Laura Robson: The current British top seed was born in Australia but came to England as youngster. She has the most natural ability and the lefty has a powerful serve. Her biggest achievement is making the second week of both Wimbledon and the US Open. People in the game say she should be a top 5 player, however she is currently injured and may not make the tournament. Andy Murray: He is the most famous and successful Briton of this generation. Raised in Scotland, he went to the same school that was the centre of the Dunblane tragedy in the ‘90s. The current British No. 1 has numerous titles from Olympic Gold, US Open as well as the Wimbledon Championship itself. Murray who is tee-total, is one of the hardest workers in the game. He is blessed with a great double backhand and is on par with the best for athleticism. He was ranked as the world’s No. 2 in the men’s game and is expected to add to his winners medals over the next few years.

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