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JULY ‘13

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) I still want answers over how and why community urged to sign up my brother died to NHS Organ Donor Register


he annual, UK-wide, awareness week runs from 8th to 14th July, to increase understanding of organ donation and encourage more people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register (ODR). Black and South Asian people are more than three times as likely to need an organ transplant than the rest of the population, however there is a shortage with only 1.5* per cent of people on the Register of South Asian origin, and 0.4** per cent of Black origin. This means that South Asian and Black people have to wait much longer for a transplant, on average twice as long as a White person. Hollyoaks actor, Sikander Malik, added: “Raising awareness of the importance of organ donation is something that I am truly passionate about, especially within the ethnic minority community where currently there is a severe shortage of donors for Black and Asian patients.” This year’s Transplant Week theme is ‘Pass it On’ - focusing not just on signing up to the ODR but also the importance of people talking about their wishes to family and friends so they know what they would like to happen after their death.

EXCLUSIVE: TNT editor Carl Palmer meets Karly Ellis.

Lloyd, from Stevenage, whose father is from the West Indies, is acutely aware of the need for more people from BME communities to join the register. Lloyd sadly lost his sister Jane, aged 29, to a

road traffic accident. He said: “When my sister Jane sadly passed away, myself, and, our family, agreed to donation as we didn’t want her to die for nothing.

“Her gift helped four people to have a second chance to live, and this really helped me and our family to make sense of the tragedy.” “Jane had already discussed with us about how she supported organ donation and would wish her organs to



be used to help someone else live if anything happened to her. This helped us to make our decision to donate. Her gift helped four people to have a second chance to live, and this really helped me and our family to make sense of the tragedy.” * If you join the ODR tell the people closest to you. Otherwise, your wishes may come as a surprise at a time when they are trying to deal with their loss. This could affect their decision to proceed with a life-saving donation. To add your name to the ODR please call 0300 123 23 23, text JOIN 84880 or visit”


IX weeks after telling his sister he was “frightened for his life” a Manchester soldier was killed in an explosion in Iraq. Private Lee Ellis, 23, of Wythenshawe, died after a bomb exploded underneath his Army vehicle in Al Amarah in Iraq. Pte Ellis, from the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, died in February 2006, in an incident similar to other deaths involving the controversial Snatch Land Rover. Families say the Ministry Of Defence (MoD) failed to provide armoured vehicles or equipment which could have saved lives, and should pay compensation. The Su-

preme Court agreed and gave the families of British soldiers killed fighting in Iraq the right to bring damages claims against the Government. The issue – a test case - was whether the families could bring an action under human rights legislation as well as under a claim of negligence. Speaking after the landmark court ruling – it means human rights protection for every serviceman and woman - Lee’s sister, Karla, said: “Lee and I were very close and would speak a lot. He told me he was frightened and depressed, and didn’t know if he was going to come back alive. “When he came home on

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MUFC/MCFC Premier League fixtures




JULY ‘13












m o r f r e t t A le Editor the

T always amazes me that when we consider the thousands of people waiting for transplant surgery and its capacity to save lives, there is an alarming absence of a response from Black and south Asian people when it comes to organ donation. So, once again the campaign – Can we count on you? – starts this month to tackle the growing ethnic minority ‘donor gap’. Making due allowance for religious, cultural, and ethical reasons, plus, all other beliefs and misconceptions surrounding the issue, TNT isn’t afraid of using its front page in support of an urgent call to action. Quite simply, black and Asian people in need of a transplant stand a better chance of success if they can be matched with a donor from the same ethnic background. Signing up to the NHS Organ Donor Register, or, just discussing your wishes and concerns about organ donation are the main aims and objectives of the campaign. Raising awareness about something that need not become a disastrous national burden would seem to warrant all our attention.

After approximately six weeks in the Editor’s chair, and with my hay fever, general impatience, and, occasional grumpiness under control, I would urge you to read our article on Doreen Lawrence, the one-woman powerhouse and mother of Stephen Lawrence. Mrs Lawrence, who has campaigned for justice for victims of racist crimes since her son’s death in 1993, has left an indelible mark on British politics and society. Although we have done our best to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude we have to her, it is impossible to better her eloquence when told an array of pop stars will be performing at a special tribute concert to mark the 20th anniversary of her son’s murder, with all proceeds going to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. The remarkable Mrs Lawrence is reported as saying: “I want young people to feel inspired, be confident, and have hope in their own future. We work every day to empower youth and we’re so proud that the music industry is joining us in reaching out

Carl Palmer



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JULY ‘13


Chris Girling:

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkenslife; love illuminates it.”

“Everytime he opens the paper, he likes to read about good news”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Up From a Past That’s Rooted in Pain, We Rise “...his name has managed to make so many changes... positive changes...I have to live with the fact that he brings a lot more things for other people.” (Doreen Lawrence, Desert Island Discs, 15 June 2012)


ow she wishes she could have him back! Of course, this is not possible. Instead, three times a year, Doreen Lawrence visits the spot where her son, Stephen, died on 22 April 1993, aged just 18. The pilgrimage is made on significant dates; her son’s birthday, the anniversary of his death and each Christmas. She takes flowers and talks to him about the news; she stays as long as her nerves will hold. The Macpherson report, published in 1999 following an inquiry into the shambolic police investigation of his murder is considered a defining moment in British race relations. Arising from Macpherson, amendments were made to the ‘double jeopardy’ principle, amendments which opened the door for Gary Dobson to be

tried for a second time for the same charge and eventually, (nearly nineteen years later) to be convicted. Here we have the Stephen Lawrence legacy. Prior to 2003, double jeopardy dictated that: • A convicted defendant CAN be tried for a second time for an offence if after the original conviction, new evidence supporting an aggravation of that offence is discovered.

• By contrast, a person who had been acquitted, CANNOT be tried for an aggravated form of the original offence, even if new evidence became available. A somewhat controversial recommendation from Macpherson that the principle ‘deserved debate and reconsideration’ was to be a significant catalyst for change. Indeed, the law was amended in the Criminal Justice Act 2003 and came into force in 2005. (Nota bene, double jeopardy maxim has been a bedrock of English law since the twelfth century and has survived with little change). That legislation states the court of appeal must order a retrial if there is new and compelling evidence and is in the interests of justice. Two crucial elements about the amended law worked in the Lawrence’s favour. Firstly, it was retrospective, hence the Dobson retrial. Secondly, it allowed the submission of evidence of bad character. This came in the form of a

1994 surveillance video recording of the gang. Macpherson’s report contained 70 recommendations and had far reaching social as well as legal implications. It is remembered for: • Introducing the now oft used term ‘institutionally racist’ • Its suggested reform of public institutions such as the Civil Service, NHS and local government to combat institutionalised racism • The safeguard of a full record for all those stopped and searched • Its recommendation for criminalising racist statements made in private and • Also including a recommendation to recruit many more officers from ethnic minority backgrounds Stephen’s murder eventually forced the police to consider and then implement serious changes: “Even the worst police force in the country now knows that it cannot begin to be effective without the

support and ideally the involvement of the community it serves. Some fulfil the obligation better than others. But none want to be associated with the buffoonery that characterised the service offered in 1993 to Doreen and Neville Lawrence after their son’s death in Eltham.” (Hugh Muir, The Guardian, Monday 23 February 2009) The changes made over the last twenty years have

certainly not been a panacea for all society’s ills. But one is for sure, Stephen did not die in vain, things are better. Doreen’s 2006 polemic-cumautobiography is entitled And Still I Rise. A line from the original Maya Angelou poem (Still I Rise, 1928) reads ‘Up from a past that’s rooted in pain, I rise’. She has and her son’s death has gone some way to improving our lives.

Jules Jack

107 year old Great­grandmother, denied round­the­clock care plan


frail, 107 year old great grandmother has been left devastated after being told by social workers that she doesn’t warrant 24hour home care. Minnetta Webb, who lives with her 76 year old daughter in Fallowfield, now faces an anxious wait while social services work out alternative arrangements so that she can be cared for at home. Miss Webb has little mobility, suffers from incontinence, is fed by her family and carers, and requires turning every two hours to prevent bed sores. Despite getting support from family and friends, the only solution agreed so far is to have £12 added to her care order to help with laundry costs. Her family are furious because they say that while recently being treated at Manchester Royal Infirmary

for a serious eye infection, Minnetta Webb incurred 4 severe bed sores. A doctor and social workers agreed that on her discharge from hospital she would be in need of 24-hour care.

“There is no dignity or duty of care in any of this” But the family say the offer of round the clock care was later retracted without explanation, with one social worker claiming no such care plan was ever made. Family and friends, along with Miss Webb’s official carers, were all involved with coordinating a 24-hour watch system at the pensioners bedside whilst in Manchester Royal Infirmary

to ensure that she was never left alone. In a meeting with the family to discuss Miss Webb’s care package, it was made clear that five hours per day was no longer sufficient. Mention was also made, the family say, of NHS funding to accommodate the extra care. Upset family member Susan Peltier, grandaughter of Miss Webb, told The Nubian Times: “Social services don’t seem to listen. One minute they and health professionals say she needs 24-hour health care, the next it’s with-drawn without any explanation.There is no dignity or duty of care in any of this”

Care/support worker Joan Sambells, who has helped to look after Miss Webb for nearly two years, said: “My feeling is that social services haven’t given an honest answer. It’s only now that we’ve been in touch with The Nubian TImes that they’re running around saying that the care plan she has isn’t sufficient. Where’s the care?” Deborah Peltier, grandaughter, said: “They’re all passing the buck, and no one seems to want to take responsibility for making decisions.” A spokesperson for Manchester City Counci, commented: “We have been working with and want to continue to work with the family to make sure that the best care package possible is given. We’ll also be offering a meeting with the family so that we can talk about all aspects of the care plan.”

TNT correspondent




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JULY ‘13


Debbie Amponsah ­:

“Spread the love, spread the word, aspirer to be bigger & better”

Hate Crime – Don’t Suffer in Silence

Mosscare’s Hate Crime Awareness week got under way with a moving talk from Sylvia Lancaster, the mother of Sophie, who was murdered because of her appearance.


ophie Lancaster, and her then boyfriend Robert Maltby, both self-proclaimed Goths, were

attacked in Stubylee Park in Bacup, Lancashire. Sophie had tried to protect Robert from the vicious assault by

a group a teenagers before she herself was kicked and stamped unconscious by the thugs. Their injuries were so horrific that at first the emergency services could not identify which victim was which. Sophie later died in hospital from her injuries while Robert survived. The Hate Crime event, launched by Rob Ferguson, CEO of Mosscare, was spread over five days, and included talks from a range of people and organisa-

tions, including the police, the prison service, and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation. Members of the community also attended the event at the Great Western Street office of Mosscare. This is the second annual Race Hate Awareness Week organised by Mosscare, where they have offered third-party support to the victims of hate crimes. Gill Wood, who helped organise the week of events, said: “The main thing is we’re a third-party reporting centre and that means people can come here and tell us about problems they’re having.” Gill described how the housing trust not only deals with complaints from tenants, but also has a responsibility to be proactive in identifying and supporting victims of hate crimes. She said: “Often it might not be that someone specifically comes in [to report an incident of hate].

“It’s possible that they might have had something written on the side of their house or, their bins turned over regularly, and not even realise that it’s a hate incident.” Both Gill and Mosscare’s Neighbourhood Manager Jennifer Robertson were keen to stress the importance of reporting hate crimes. Jennifer said: “There could be hotspots and patterns - whether its racism or homophobia or whatever. That’s why we want people to come to us. We don’t want our tenants to suffer in silence because we can help.” Jennifer recalled a survey carried out by the housing association in 2009. She said: “We did a survey in 2009 and interviewed some Somali women who having come from a war-torn country,

found they were also targeted here. “There were people goading them with dogs, setting their dogs on them, and they (the Somali women) thought that was acceptable. They have come from places where there’s a lot of violence and didn’t consider that a crime, so it was going unreported.”

Lloyd Wall

Will police reforms make any difference?

Windrush – Why no celebration Manchester?

he police- community relationship has become very fragile matter of late. Siobhan White looks at how this has happened, and how effective any measures taken to rectify the situation will be. Incidents such as the murders of policewomen Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, or the revelation of the wrong actions taken by the police during, and after, the Hillsborough disaster, has fractured the police - public relationship and left it more damaged than ever. In light of these events and others, Home Secretary Theresa May has released a new police reform that calls for a much needed revamp of the policing system in the hope of rebuilding a positive and trusting relationship between the community and those here to protect and serve us. As well as an expansion of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the Home Secretary also announced that the College of Police will publish details of Chief Officers’ contact with the media, any second jobs

his year marked 65 years since the Empire Windrush brought the first wave of postwar West Indians to the UK. The June 22 anniversary triggered all manner of celebrations across London in acknowledgement of the achievements and legacy of the so-called Windrush generation. Alas, I saw little to nothing in Manchester in tribute to the phenomenal impact Caribbean migration has had on the UK. Although the Windrush generation has naturally dwindled, for a city that has a considerable amount of Caribbean migrants, Manchester really doesn’t have any excuses. Consider the vital role played by the children and grandchildren, and what they’ve contributed to what being British actually means. The ‘black culture’ has seen its style shared by African, Asian and White British youth alike in our city, just one indicator of how British identity has been remodelled. No longer is it about Sir Trevor McDonald or comedian Lenny Henry representing a sea change in British society. You


and their pay packages amongst other things. In a statement released on the College of Policing website, Ms May MP said: “This country has the finest police officers in the world and the vast majority conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity. ‘But it is vital to ensure public confidence is not damaged when individual cases of corruption happen. ‘This package of reforms will see all serious allegations investigated independently, a new code of ethics introduced, tougher rules around miscon-

duct hearings, increased vetting of officers and more transparency around police business. ‘They will mean the public can have full faith in the police and will strengthen the link between officers and the people they serve.” More information about the police should help the contention surrounding the police- civilian relationship. One group in particular that this will hopefully appeal to is young males who are often subject to ‘stop and search’ policies for what they see as no reason. A video recently circulated on YouTube and Facebook shows a Mancunian male exercising his rights and questioning the police’s reasons for them stopping him to search him and his car. Although amateur and somewhat confrontational, the film shows exactly what happens to a lot of young males in Manchester on a regular basis, and leaves us wondering what would have happened between the lone, unidentified male, and the eight officers that ended up at the scene, had it not been filmed?


There is still much to be done to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, inequality and unfairness only have to take a look at sport or music industry to see that. . Last year’s London Olympics, the success of which saw the likes of Jessica Ennis – one of many BME Olympians that left golden memories in hearts nationwide – helps bring what I’m saying bang up to date. Admittedly, there is no time for complacency, and laurel resting is not an option. There is still

much to be done to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, inequality and unfairness. I was struck by this comment from 79-year-old Patrick Morris, from Whalley Range. Mr Morris told me: “The government talks a lot about available resources for us (minorities) but in reality, it’s difficult to get hold of them.” Now, while I’m sure he has a point, especially in these days of enforced austerity, I’m sticking to my guns by saying the achievements of Manchester’s BME community is something to celebrate.

Yasin Chinembiri



JULY ‘13

Birthday Marcus Waul:

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,

­“I’m loving this community paper”

I still want answers over how and why my brother dieD

...cont from front page

leave he looked like the ghost of the man he was before he went out there. I remember him standing at my door saying he didn’t want to go back and that he was frightened for his life. He talked about going on the run, but I told him not to be daft. “I said: ‘you’ve signed up now. You’ll have to see this through and get out’. It was about six weeks later that we heard he’d been killed in an explosion.” Karla, who will be pursuing a claim for negligence against the MOD, added: “It has been a long seven years of legal battle and it has taken its toll on me and the family. But I feel I’ve done my brother proud. “He is a hero. He was a great

guy and an amazing father. He had hoped for a career in football and signed as an apprentice with Wigan. But he came out of football because of injury, including two groin operations. “He was a good friend and there are a lot of people who miss him. I loved him and have a lot of good things to say about him. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved for Lee and hope it will make sure our soldiers are safe abroad. I know Lee wouldn’t have expected anything less from us. But we still want to know what happened to Lee because it’s still not clear to us. The explanations given to us so far just don’t make any sense.” “The reason Lee went in the first place was to defend the country, be an honourable man, earn a living, and pay tax to support his family. For Lee, we now do whatever is necessary to get answers.”


Inaugural food and drink festival guides residents from field to fork


he first ever Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival will take place from Saturday 22nd June, to Sunday 30th , at a number of venues across South Manchester. With over 30 events in spots as diverse as Levenshulme’s famous Antiques Village, the Community Orchard, and, a number of pop up restaurants in resident’s homes. Contributors reflect the cosmopolitan character of the local community by presenting a truly global mix of cuisines, with dishes from Bangladesh to Britain, County Mayo to the Caribbean, with plenty in between. There’ll be plenty to wash it all down with too, with wine tasting evenings and many events taking place in local bars and cafes. Designed to be a true exploration of the fork to field experience, there are also a number of workshops on offer. From vegetable growing and bread making, to allotment tours, a foraging walk, and an organised tour of the recycling centre at Sharston The festival programme has been curated by resident and

Manchester city centre transformed into open kitchen


ever let it be said that Manchester doesn’t care about food waste, writes Yasin Chinembiri. A number of major charities joined forces with volunteers from the North West in a campaign called ‘Feeding the 5000’. For an entire day, Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens was transformed into an open kitchen as thousands were lured by the enchanting aromas of vegetable curries, hot bread, a variety of fruits, herbal teas and smoothies - all for free. Even the weather was charitable as the crowds

enjoyed family games, cookery sessions on how to prepare healthy picnics, and to educational information on correct food portions, imparted by various key partners involved in the campaign, like Oxfam, Friends Of the Earth and more including hundreds of volun-

teers. It came as no surprise that Tristam Stuart, campaigner and author of ‘Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal’ – was at the heart of the campaign. He told TNT: “In an alliance with local and national organisations in Manchester, we’re helping relieve food poverty by utilizing surplus food from the food industry, and getting it out to people who actually need it.” The campaign is pushing the call to save food by signing the pledge below. * Please visit www. to sign your pledge to cutting food waste.

community organiser Jean Bernard, with support from Manchester City Council. Said Jean: “The Festival aims to raise the profile of Levenshulme as an exciting place for food and drink, that reflects its many cultures, but is categorically not just about eating and drinking! “The aim is for residents to understand, not just the food available to them in Levenshulme, but how it got there and the impact our food choices and their cultural significance”. Other activities on offer include an evening with a Zambian choir and traditional food to raise funds for an education project in Zambia, a workshop for participants to exchange ideas on maintaining an economic and healthy diet when living alone, and a pie-making competition at the Bluebell Inn in aid of the eating disorder charity BEAT. A full programme of the events on offer and a downloadable e-brochure be found on the festival website - www. Facebook: www.facebook. com/LevenshulmeFoodDrinkFestival Twitter: @levefadfest

Interested in helping your community? We are providing FREE training and support for people from loal black & minority ethnic (BME) communities to become Cultural Consultants. We will run training days between September 2013 and January 2014. You will get; • Free training • Free lunch at every training session • Free childcare provision at every training session • Expenses allowance if you complete the course

Want to find out more? Come to our open day to meet the trainers, ask us questions and hear more about the Cultural Consultants Project!

Tuesday 10th Septmeber at 10:30 or 1:30

at the Zion Centre, 339 Stretford Rd, Manchester, M15 4ZY You can email us at: or phone on 0161 262 1622 or visit our website:

Edwin Sinclair

Peace Full Media (PeaceFM) – Is a local community radio station based in the Manchester area of Hulme/Moss-Side. We encourage and welcome people to become Members of the organisation. General Members The benefits of membership include having the right to vote at Annual General Meetings (provided your membership fee has been paid in full) and possible discounted access to promotions and events run by the radio station. All memberships will have to be renewed every 12 months. For more information and an application form, please contact Karen Depasois on 0161 222 0292

For advertising, sponsorship & General enquiries call 0161 222 0292 Studio Hotline – 0161 222 5636 Studio Text line- 07599 642 626


JULY ‘13


Celebrating Inspirational Women



Charlie Ellis ­:

“TNT is community spirited”

Who’sReading Reading Who’s

Diary of an Angry Black teacher ‘Under Pressure’

Poetry Corner Roll The Dice Give the Yankee my dollar, An addicted gambler And don’t feel ashamed, All monies down the drain. So I’ll take a risk and roll the dice And hope to win it back, But water seeping through the crack, I’ll roll again and again. Like a needle in my vein, I can’t stop now I’m an addicted man, A convicted man, a conflicted man, Convinced of winning! Trevor Moses

Do you have a passion for poetry? If you want to see your work in The Nubian Times send it in to

Debatable Issues With thousands waiting for transplant operations, don’t we all have a moral obligation to carry an organ donor card?


write this article exhausted. I have drunk three cans of Monster energy drink to keep me awake, yet I barely have the energy to write these words. I’m tired for a few reasons. My three year old insists on walking everywhere because she is a ‘big girl’ now, despite it making the journey take twice as long. My missus insists on us cooking everything from scratch, which makes cooking twice as long. Finally, school got the Ofsted call, leaving us all with less time than we’d like to prepare. In

fact, I’m expected to put on my all-singing, all-dancing act in 14 hours . That’s not fair! The new Ofsted features many new changes to try improve teaching, one of them being that schools receive less than 24 hours notice before a visit. The idea is that they get a more natural picture of the school, and not a contrived, pre- rehearsed mocksted. Where teachers stay up all night putting up new posters, polish tables etc, and give a unreal representation of the school life. Good right?

Growing Pains 15 year old writer Nawayne Forrester

Visit our facebook page to join the debate If there is a pressing issue that you think needs debating, let us know at

One problem that teenagers face daily is their family’s views and expectations. Families are the group of people who should be standing behind you every step of the way, pushing you to achieve all that you can. But this can result in the exact opposite. Unrealistically high expectations are set, and you end up feeling inadequate if they aren’t met. Limitations can be applied to your dreams and beliefs in order to do what you think should be done to make them happy.

Where teachers stay up all night putting up new posters, polish tables etc, and give a unreal representation of the school life. In a world where teaching posts were not limited this would work out fine. If schools didn’t monitor and scrutinise staff closer than a CSI case, then all teachers would where a ‘I love Michael Gove’ T-shirt. However this is not the case. Instead of teachers not

Throughout your teenage years, you feel as if your family won’t accept some parts of your personality, so you keep them hidden. Alongside their sometimes unfounded views that may be imposed on you, your privacy isn’t always respected. Their prying and interrogation-like questions are overbearing to say the least, but they have your best interests at heart. However, the restrictions placed by families can lead to rebellion. Everything in your past is simply a collage of memories; some you’d like to hold on to and others you’d rather not. But one consistent feature in those memories is your family. They were the loudest claps in

working till late for the few days before they arrive, we will work all night the night before, and probably produce lessons of a lesser quality because we are so tired. If they want to reduce the stress and get a fair picture of school why not just turn up. If you think your teenage boy is smoking, you don’t knock on the door and wait so they can burn the house down trying to get rid of the cigarettes. You kick in the door to see what’s really going on.

Mr. L

assembly, the biggest smiles when you achieved something and the most comforting shoulder to cry on when things went wrong. They are supportive, overbearing and will remain so, even when you feel you’re too old to be mollycoddled. That’s simply what they do. Give thanks for having a caring family as things would be significantly different if you didn’t. Regardless of the up and downs you face with them, they’re here to love and support you with every positive decision you make through life, although sometimes you must go against their decisions to do what you think is right for you. You can’t choose your family, but you can love them.


JULY ‘13


Inspirational; Gilly Morgan:

“Me only have one ambition, y’know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together – black, white, Chinese, everyone – that’s all.”

“Lets Get Black Together, Its About Times”

Bob Marley

The legacy of Stephen Lawrence will not be compromised In 1999, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Condon said he was doing all he could to combat racism among his officers. In the same year, retired judge Sir William Macpherson delivered his report on the Stephen Lawrence affair, provoking intense debate about race relations and the police in the capital. A devastating 335-page report from Sir William later accused the Met force of ‘racism, professional incompetence and bad leadership’ in their hunt for Stephen’s killers. Macpherson’s report concluded “institutional racism” inside the Metropolitan Police. The then Home Secretary Jack Straw hailed the report as a ‘watershed’. Tragically, some 13 years later, with plenty of politically-correct purging in between, it seems that in terms of gradually exorcising the cancer of racism, things are in an ugly abeyance. How are any of us to feel when we hear a former undercover police officer allege that he was instructed to spy on and ‘smear’ the family of Stephen Lawrence in the aftermath of the teenager’s murder in south-east London in 1993? More to the point, how is a mother, a father, brother, sister, family, and friends expected to feel when after all that has happened, it appears some bitter truths remain? A really shocking thought: the feelings that must envelop Doreen Lawrence, a mother who 20 years on continues to campaign for justice since her son’s death, when instead of a dreaded knock on her door, has to gather herself for another round in a fight that goes on and on. Recently, Mrs Lawrence pointed out that there have been 106 racist murders since Stephen was killed – a chilling summary. So too, were her words in 1999 when the Macpherson report described by a politician as a ‘watershed’, she thought had only “scratched the surface.” tnt correspondent

Amol Rajan: Britain’s first Ms.Vanquish BME newspaper editor

Each month, our mystery author, tackles important issues through the medium of story telling.

Make no mistake this is a very, very big deal, says Simon Woolley. Amol Rajan becomes the first person of colour to head up a national newspaper. To acutely understand what the media generally looks like just walk into a national media newspaper, TV, or radio station and you’ll usually find more BME individuals in the kitchens, as cooks, cleaners or as security staff, than you’ll ever find as journalist, technicians or presenters. Some of you may recall back in 2009 when we looked at more than 100 presenters on Britain’s premier Radio 4. There were no African or Caribbean and only two Asian, both part time. In a multicultural metropolis such as London, walking into many media outlets is like walking into another country, where African, Asians, Chinese and other people of colour don’t

exist. To be, therefore, Editor –the man in charge- of a national media outlet is a cause for celebration. I’ve known Amol for a number of years when he first began his career in journalism. Back then he was always keen to push both positive stories about race, and also the ones which challenged persistent inequalities. More recently he has written bold arguments

for given amnesty for illegal immigrants and demanding that big city London firms should be given living wages to its workers. Most of whom are Black and minority ethnic. I hope this appointment forces many national outlets to be reflective and see just how un-diverse they are. For Rajan, being the first non-white editor, he will be scrutinised more than most. But he’s smart enough to handle that. He’ll also have an army of new found friends hoping to find favour at the court of the ‘Indy’. I just hope he stays true to his core beliefs, which is continuing to fight for social and racial justice, and perhaps remembers his old friends too. Good luck Amol, and well done!

Simon Woolley, Operation Black Vote

This month’s poem comes from Layla (6) & Jayden (5) Davies from Heywood Fancy seeing yourself or your school’s creative writing in the next edition of The Nubian Times? Then send your work into

I use my heart to love, I use my heart to care, I love my family with all my heart, They are always there

Fancy seeing yourself or your school’s creative writing in the next edition ofThe Nubian Times? Then send your work into

Deceit. “WILL YOU JUST TELL ME!!?” Stephanie shouts “We’ve been married 10 years and I have a right to know” Joe continues to sit with his head in his hands, while Stephanie paces up and down. “Will you open your mouth and talk to me. You weren’t shy when you were telling me lies. I need to know the truth and I need to know the truth now. How did you give me HIV?” Joe continues to sit staring with a blank expression on his face, Stephanie marches over to Joe and punches him in the face. Stephanie bends down to Joe’s level, looks him in the eyes, glares at him, and screams: “I SAID NOWWWWWWW!!!!” “I don’t know”, replies Joe. “it just got out of control I...I didn’t mean to I...I started off having a couple of one night stands, but you wouldn’t have sex with me. What else was I suppose to do? I mean I was always trying and you just weren’t interested.” “Don’t you put this on me”, Stephanie responds. “I ended up trying to fill the urge” Joe continues. “it just wouldn’t seem to leave my mind. Anything I tried to do just didn’t work, and I just kept giving in. I didn’t mean to but it was like I couldn’t control it. There was one particular night when the urge was just too big, and I tried to shift it but it was just too powerful. I couldn’t seem to find anyone to have a one ... To read more, please continue online.




JULY ‘13


James Faux & Deniz Sonmez ­:

“This is what we need”

Who’s Reading

Recipe: Grilled Halloumi Cheese

Ingredients: Halloumi cheese 2 tbsp balsamic Vinegar 1 tsp coarse grain mustard salad leaves, red onion & cuucumber

10 samll new potatoes 2 tbsp olive oil 10 cherry tomatoes chopped parsley knob butter and season

Directions: Whisk together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coarse grain mustard, season with pepper and set aside for 10 minutes. Boil the small potatoes (skin on) until tender. Add chopped parsley and butter toss and arrange on plate or wooden board. Mix salad leaves, red onion and cucumber (cut cucumber in half remove seeds and slice). Pat the Halloumi dry on kitchen paper, cut in 2 slices. Brush with olive oil on both sides and fry on a griddle pan for 2 minutes until golden brown. Arrange the Halloumi on top of the potatoes and drizzle over with dressing. Serve straight away with the salad and grilled cherry tomatoes. Beverly Ogle Young

Ask your Pharmacist:



holesterol is a lipid (fat chemical) that is made in the liver from fatty foods that we eat. Everybody needs a certain amount of cholesterol to stay healthy, but when this level gets too high, problems start to happen. Your cholesterol level reflects the amount of fat you eat. This is not the full story, as different people who eat the same amount of fat will produce different levels of cholesterol, however the less fat you eat, the lower your cholesterol is likely to be. This I know is sometimes hard with a fast paced lifestyle and eating on the run, or being from a traditional African / Caribbean background where meals are usually full of meat and fried foods, but as long as people eat these foods in

moderation then there should be no problems. Other conditions can also explain high cholesterol levels such as an underactive thyroid gland, obesity, and drinking a lot of alcohol. In some people, high cholesterol runs in the family due to a genetic problem with the way cholesterol is made, and you can log onto my article on the Nubian Times website to read more about this particular condition. Everybody has some risk of developing blockages in blood vessels which can lead to heart attacks and strokes, however some situations increase the risk and these include;

LIFESTYLE RISK FACTORS (Ones you can change) - Smoking

workout with vici


moderate to more strenuous exercise a week. This can be running, swimming, dancing boxing, thai boxing, circuits, cross-training, Zumba,

e’d all love naturally flat stomachs, toned pins and smooth defined arms. Sadly, the mirrors telling me, you have rhino knees and turkey drumstick arms - and don’t even draw attention to the dreaded over hang? Yikes! Summer is here and when the suns out, everybody hits the streets. Help me! I hear you cry. Don’t panic, it’s not too late to improve before your Marbella or Skegness hols. Here’s a simple key to get the body you want: Cardio. You cannot tone fat so you need to reduce it. More later. Weights/target muscle groups, more muscle, less fat equals ta da! A beautiful you Diet, and that doesn’t mean starving yourself or skipping meals. Remember, the maxim: you are what you eat. Eat clean. Visit the governments change 4 life website for great advice on healthy living. Ok, back to cardio this is the easy bit. Aim to do three one hour sessions a week of

- Lack of physical activity - Obesity - Unhealthy diet- i.e. too much salt/ too much red meat (due to fat content!) - Excess alcohol FIXED RISK FACTORS - Family history - Being male - Early menopause in women - Age (older= higher risk) - Ethnic group- Being from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka The cholesterol level in your body can be determined with a blood test, and if the level is too high, then your doctor may start you on medication such as statins, which help reduce cholesterol in the body. For more information on this and other medication used, then once again log onto the online version of my article. I am always being asked if a

Sadly, the mirrors telling me, you have rhino knees and turkey drumstick arms Soca Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics the list goes on. Choose three of the same or mix it up if you prefer. Also, doing a weights training session, targeting arms, abs, and legs at the gym, will not turn you into The Rock overtnight, but will increase muscle mass while reducing body fat and help increase definition. Squats and lunges with a weight suited to your capability will tone your thighs and buttocks. Planking will help flatten your stomach by increasing core strength. When first trying out weighted exercises always speak to a gym instructor or personal trainer at your local gym.

Victoria Thompson

healthy diet will reduce cholesterol levels? The answer to this is yes, and combined with regular exercise, it can make a big difference to reducing the risk of other heart conditions. A healthy diet includes; - At least 5 portions of fruit/ veg a day - The bulk of most meals being starch based i.e. cereals/ potatoes/rice/pasta - Not too much fatty foods i.e Cheese, full cream milk, fried food, butter - Include 2-3 portions of fish per week (one portion of oily fish such as mackerel can reduce blood-fat levels) - Limit salt intake - When eating meat then its best to stick to lean cuts or chicken - If you do decide to FRY FOODstick to vegetable oils such as sunflower or olive oil.

Adedayo Titiloye MPharm

Gardening tips container gardening


ll the plants you see in this picture are grown in containers. The key to container gardening is of course good drainage and also the right compost for that particular plant. In my own garden there are approximately 200 hundred pots, mainly terracotta but I have used plastic pots, old saucepans, baskets whatever I can lay my hands on. I move pots around the garden from time time to fill empty spaces. If a plant dies back which of course creates an empty space then of course I

would fill that space with a pot. I have listed some of the plants I have grown in containers: - Buddleja - Fatsia Japonia - Rhododendron - Heuchera - Hostas - Pittosporum You can grow fruit and vegetables, herbs and flowers in containers, so even if your garden is covered in concrete or you only have your kitchen window have a go.

claire meadows


JULY ‘13




Richard Roundtree (Actor)

“I’m looking for relevant news in my community”

9th­July 1942

20 min CROSSWORD Across

44. Mature (3) 46. A trapping device, often  consisting of a noose, used for  1. Crafty; shrewd (5) capturing birds and small 6. Accept or act in accordance  mammals.  (5) with (a rule, decision, or  49. Become or make smaller in  recommendation): “I  would ..........  by their decision”. (5) size or amount; contract or  cause  to contract (past  11. A member of an American Indian people of NW California (4) tense). (5) 12. Nigerian musician, pioneer of  51. Warn (someone) of a  danger,  threat, or problem,  afro beats. ......... Kuti. (4) typically with the intention of  14. From another part of the  having it avoided or dealt  world; foreign. (6) with (6) 15. A person that lies (6) 53. Archaic form of axial. (4) 17. An organized company of  54. Metal drawn out into the  singers, especially one  form  of a thin flexible thread or  performing  church music rod. (4) or singing in a church. (3) 55. The way in which a word or  19. A garden tool (3) phrase is normally and correctly  20. Opposite of Yes. (2) used. (5) 23. A burdensome or excessive  56. A large body of water  demand; a strain. (3) surrounded by land (plural). (5) 25. Short for Not Applicable. (2) 26. National Cinema House (5) Down 29. Chat (3) 31. Having ears or earlike  projections (5) 2. Used to hail a ship or a person  32. Porsche’s 2014 luxury SUV  or to attract attention (4) that rivals the BMW X3 and  3. The alimentary canal or a  Range Rover . (5) portion thereof, especially the  35. Having a color resembling  intestine or stomach. (3) that of blood. (3) 4. Heroic (4) 37. A small bush. (5) 5. Any of various relatively small  39. Short for European Union (2) sailing or motor­driven vessels,  41. Skill. (3) generally with smart graceful 43. Global initial for  lines, used for pleasure cruis Netherlands. (2) 6. To secure to something; 

attach. (5) 8 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 9 7. A large animal that live in the  woods. (4) 13 10 12 11 8. Under the weather (3) 9. in a rush, “ I must ......” (4) 14 15 16 10. A British children’s comic,  published on 30 July 1938 (5) 18 19 17 13. An event or item that is out  22 5 23 4 25 24 of  the ordinary and gives great  20 21 pleasure. (5) 27 28 26 29 30 16. Is one of the UK’s leading  energy companies. (3) 31 32 33 18. The grain of any of these  plants,  used as food and  38 34 36 35 37 fodder. (3) 21. Sonnet (3) 40 43 39 5 41 42 22. Not mentally stimulated (5) 45 46 47 48 24. A computer component that  44 transparently stores data so that  50 49 52 51 future requests for that data can be served faster (5) 53 54 27. Natural hearing (3) 28. A derogatory term applied in  55 56 Scotland to hooligans, louts or  petty criminals (3) 29. The fluid found in a lighter (3) from an explosion. 3rd person  Rinaldo .............. . (4) 30.  A relatively long, straight,  singular present, plural of blast (5) 48. A perennial woody plant  rigid  piece of solid material used  40. “How revolting!” (3) having a main trunk and  as a  fastener, support, or struc41. Joint connecting the foot to the  usually a distinct crown (4) tural or mechanical member. (3) leg (5) 50. French global insurance  33. Woman devoted to the  42. Fishing tool (5) company (3) church, wears black and white  45. Historic times (4) 52. A kind of protein  robes (3) 46. Pull, Rip (4) molecule (3) 34. A fermenting agent (5) 47. A Dutch footballer  who scored 36. Female chest support (3)  on his debut for the Dutch national  To view answers instantly go to: 38. A destructive wave of highly  team in September 2009 and compressed air spreading outward  participated at the 2010 FIFA World

TNT’S RECOMMENDED READ’S Don’t let the White Girl Win

by Stephanie Small Review by Hermione Gee Don’t be fooled by the title, what this book does is shows us how as black women we can improve our attitudes about relationships and win our man. Did you know that 47% of black women will never wear a wedding dress; what a sad fact. It is all too easy for us to blame the ‘white girl’ for our failure to win the man of our dreams, but could this failure be down to the way we in fact carry ourselves? Small reveals the answer to this is and many other questions in an honest and humorous way which will have you chuckling out loud. Stephanie Small is Canadian bred, with a West Indian background, and who now resides in New York. I found this book both painfully truthful, eye opening and hilarious at the same time, with useful strategies for winning at love and life, a very entertaining and honest read, a must for all women.

The Fast Diet

by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer Review by Hermione Gee

Welcome to The Fast Diet, it works on the premise that you eat normally, yes normally (2000 calories a day for women, 2500 for men) for 5 days, and then fast for 2 days (400 calories for women, 500 for men). It claims to increase your life span, protect against dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and also diabetes. Believe me, just reading this book will make you think differently about food.The book is a simple read and does at times go into lengthy explanations about different foods, but maybe this is due to the fact that this diet is extremely easy to follow. The science behind the diet makes it a fascinating read, but instead of looking at this book as the start of a diet, look at it as a life changing way to eat and live, an excellent resource material for your bookshelf.

Newton’s Fire

by Will Adams Review by Hermione Gee If you enjoyed Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code, then this book will be right up your street. Although the book starts off slow and rather confusing, it picks itself right back up and becomes a stunning action packed thriller. The book is based upon Sir Isaac Newton’s end of time prophecies, and his study of the bible, which makes all the books twists and turns more believable. Luke Hayward the main protagonist is a disgraced scholar who down on his luck makes a discovery which will have far reaching consequences which in turn will bring on the start of Armageddon. This breath taking thriller has a wonderful mix of British history with fictional events that weave through religion with a sprinkling of adrenaline fuelled adventure. Wonderfully descriptive, but sometimes overly so, Newton’s Fire is a quick and enjoyable page turner which would make a brilliant film.

The waste that shames us all

It may surprise you but there are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world, writes Yasin Chenembiri. And, how startling is it that this scandalous state of affairs could be eradicated by less than a quarter of the food wasted in the UK, Europe and USA. Global food waste is at its highest at a time when the need for food efficiency has never been more necessary. Whilst growing up, I couldn’t leave the dinner table until I could see my face in the reflection of the plate. I recently witnessed a harrowing incident on my way home from central Manchester, involving a man going into a fast-food eatery, walked out approximately five minutes later, burger in hand, and, after only a mouthful he did the unthinkable - threw the rest of it into the bin. To this day, I try to prevent that image replaying in my mind. In May, Oxfam announced more than half a million people in the UK are now relying on food banks, owing to rising unemployment and living costs. It’s when reports like this emerge, that we are left dumbfounded because it’s hard to believe hunger and poverty, in 21st century Britain, is real. Supermarkets throwing away fresh produce that doesn’t fit their ‘cosmetic standard’ ought to receive more pressure. With this epidemic of hunger likely to go on until 2020, if austerity continues, there has never been a greater need to grow your own produce and buy from local markets. All this urges parliament to look into the way coalition policy contributes to food poverty, but until then, and let’s not hold our breaths, we have a duty as a community to continue decreasing food waste.





JULY ‘13

Chris Webstel & Ellie Jacks:

­“We like reading good news stories”

Who’s Reading

Parklife - did it deliver all that it promised? Contrast set a five-star rating from us; people of all ages and backgrounds were going wild. In the Circo Loco Tent, house and garage pioneer Kerry Chandler played to a packed crowd after Tale of Us drew them in and Maceo Plex finished them off. TNGHT were the stars of the ‘Hudson Mohawke


ith all the hype before the festival, the big question was ‘can Parklife deliver all that it promised?’ The answer: a definite ‘yes’. Over 40,000 people flocked to the mega-event at Heaton Park and few will have gone home disappointed. With two stages, six tents, not to mention a ferris wheel and a log flume, the party-goers could be forgiven for getting lost in the massive arena (not helped by a complete lack of phone signal) but the organisers even managed to pull of the greatest trick of all, blazing hot sunshine. Saturday kicked off on the Main Stage where Trojan Sound System got the party started and brought fire to an already hot day before Rudimental rocked a crowd thousands strong when they dropped ‘Waiting All Night’,

going on to claim that Parklife was “by far the best festival on earth!”. The crowd didn’t go anywhere after that, sticking around for Jessie Ware’s rendition of Julio Bashmore’s ‘Battle for Middle You’. As the sun had set and night crept in, there was a different vibe and the main stage lit up like a beacon pumping out sounds as Plan B completed a memorable first day with tracks like ‘End Credits’. The Nubian Times was fortunate enough to be stage-side in the hospitality tent when High Contrast went off and we even had a little skank high-fiving the hardcore ravers going nuts against the railings at the front. From start to finish the energy alone in that tent gives the High

Presents’ with Hudson Mohawke himself throwing out basslines to which the second half of the duo Lunice brought life to the stage with some noholds-barred moves. As the sun set on the ‘Heidi Presents’ stage Maya Jane Coles warmed the night air with deep bass and hypnotic melody before Heidi pulled in more ravers

What’s on in july… attractions sea life

Intu Trafford Centre

Sea Life has over 5,000 creatures including sharks, seahorses, octopus,jellyfish and rays. Tickets from £14.40pp

Brains: the mind as matter

MOSI, Manchester 26th July - 4th Jan

Brains seeks to explore what humans have done to brains in the name of medical intervention, scientific enquiry, cultural meaning and technological change. Feat REAL Brains.



Hardman Square, Manchester 12th July

Manchester’s open-air cinema ‘Screenfields’ is back for its fifth consecutive year on The Lawns in Hardman Square. Tickets: £0 - £6

manchester jazz festival

Albert Square, Manchester

10 days, 7 venues, 74 bands, jazz legends, new commissions & free gigs. The Festival Pavilion Teepee in Albert Square.

manchester international festval

4th - 21st July

Returning for the fourth time in summer 2013, the Manchester International Festival of new, original work transforms the city into a festival-zone. Times & Tickets Variable.

THEATRE concert rasta Roots

Contact Theatre, Manchester Sat 13th July

A celebration of the roots and origins of Rasta presented through theatre and music. Come and see a

for the Saturday night finale. TNT spent the most part of Sunday at The Ram Jam Stage and why not with DJ EZ, Zinc, the Bug, David Rodigan and Shy FX all back-to-back? Everyone knows EZ from the UK garage era but this is a DJ that has continued to smash raves week-in, week-out and is still one of the most highly sought-after British DJs on the

chilling on the embankment couldn’t help but get to their feet when ‘Skeng’ got dropped. Then up stepped the man himself, David Rodigan playing pure, positive vibrations, mixed with a musical journey to educate the people through his understanding of reggae music. Shy FX’s ‘Easy Does It’ mix of ‘Shine Eye Gal’ was another highlight on the last night of a memorable festival. Broke n English didn’t disappoint once again in the Ape tent alongside Breakage, Joker, Benga and Andy C and there was chaos at the end of Joey Bada$$’s set as at least a hundred ticket-holders rushed on stage. It seemed to be more about a photo-opportunity than anything troublesome though and was taken in good spirits. Julio Bashmore was the perfect finale for the WHP stage.

circuit. His set on Sunday with MC Majestic showed why. Zinc picked up where EZ left off and the Bug switched it up bringing in big Dubstep bass lines with the unmistakable voice of Flowdan on the mic. The crowd that stretched way back to those

On Sunday’s Main Stage came the household names and all the talk was about provocative, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, getting everyone ‘Bounce’-ing though Rita Ora pulled off a classy show with the crowd in full chorus to her performance of ‘Hot Right Now’. Wretch 32 and Jurassic 5 also featured as well as Mancunian combo of Johnny Marr and Broke n English with Example sealing the deal on the Main Stage. There was something for everyone but from what we saw, it was house music that brought the most people together that weekend as it has all over the world for the last 20 years. There can be no doubting that reggae and dub played a massive part in creating the positive atmosphere and the perfect vibe for the sunshine and hip hop and R&B showed they’ve still got it.

Lloyd Wall

All picture courteously supply by Paul Taylor

The Nubian Times checks out the main events. re-invention of H.I.M Haile Selassie’s greatest words produced by Manchester’s brightest young performers. 7.30pm. Free.

nenah cherry

5th - 7th July 1990’s female rap star is part of Manchester International Festival. Times & Tickets Variable

The All Stars of comedy Part 2: Mccoy

Lowry Theatre,Manchester Sat 20th July Prepare yourself for an all-star line-up of the original cast of the BBC’s REAL MCCOY comedy show

featuring Mr Frazier the ladies choice, the dynamic duo Eddie Nester & Robbie G and the original Dan Dadda of comedy Curtis Walker. 8pm. Tickets £20.ncert


19th July Hilarious jamaican Play ‘Krosses’ live in Manchester. After Party The Big Western Tickets: £0 - £6


Opera House, Manchester 2nd - 20th July The smash-hit musical Ghost returns to where it all began this summer. Based on the phenomenal Oscar-winning movie. Tickets £17.90 - £49.80

The Apollo, Manchester Thur 25th July Legendary east coast rap group returns to Manchester with Method Man. Tickets £39.50


The Apollo, Manchester Tues 9th July The west coast rapper best of underground lyricists. Tickets £25.00


Trinity Sports Centre, Manchester, M15 6PH

kendrick lamar


JULY ‘13


Inspirational; Steph Little:

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”

­“The paper is all about the good & real news happening in the world”

Maya Angelou

A brief chat with rising BBC star Yasmin Evans


VER since being asked to join BBC’s 1Xtra to present her own radio show, Manchester-born Yasmin Evans is still pinching herself. In fact, not since graduating from university with a 2:1 has she felt so proud of her achievements. The TNT was lucky to catch a few minutes with Yasmin to ask what doing the 1Xtra breakfast show means to her. With a wide grin that lights up the room, she said: I’m completely overwhelmed with what’s happened this past year. When I stop and think I get a couple of butterflies. “I’m so excited to be a part of 1Xtra Breakfast, working along-

side Twin B, who like me has such a passion for music, and a new production team.” For all her success, Yasmin, who only recently left Manchester to live in London, isn’t ready to be seen as a role model quite yet. She said: “I don’t think I ’ v e ever seen m y self as a role

model, however, I love to speak to people who want some sort of advice in either radio production/presenting, or just having the confidence to pursue something. My mother is my ultimate role model, and I never had any restrictions on what I wanted to do/be.” S o , w h a t ’s it like working for the BBC?

The big smile returns. “To be honest it’s a little surreal. Obviously, I present on 1Xtra so sometimes I have moments of “wow I’m a part of the BBC”. When The Queen visited that was a moment. She shook hands with Trevor Nelson and Twin B. I saw it as recognition of people who influence radio and music. It was quite moving! Its brilliant working for such an influential organisation, I see it as a privilege working with some incredibly talented people in all sectors. “ • Yasmin will co-host 1Xtra Breakfast (weekdays, 6-10am) on BBC Radio 1Xtra, with Twin B from 1stJuly 2013.”)

Hannah Charles

Film Review - The Great Gatsby


urning a best -selling novel into a Hollywood blockbuster is no mean feat, nor is adding an A-List superstar rapper to produce the sound track. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel , The Great Gatsby, is wonderfully revitalised with a stunning assemble of Hollywood’s finest actors. The film is based around a young and mysterious mil-

lionaire Jay Gatsby played by Leonardo DiCaprio who is known to throw lavish and carefree parties at his mansion with the cream of New York high society in attendance. While Gatsby becomes the life and soul in 1920’s New York decadent scene not all is well in Gatsby’s life unbeknown to his friends he hides a dark secret of love and tragedy. A friendship from the past

played by Tobey Maguire who plays a lowly stockbroker Nick Carraway helps Gatsby rediscover his old flame which leads to some tragic consequences. Great Gatsby is a masterpiece in visual art with its outlandish costume and a soundtrack which is produced by Jay Z and also features tracks from Beyonce and Rihanna

Edwin Sinclair


Amplify dot (, passes through Unity Radio



Platt Fields Park, Platt lane, Rusholme, Fallowfield, Saturday 10th August 2013,  11am

Currently one of the most exciting, upcoming female British MC’s, Amplify dot (, passed through Unity Radio this week as she joined Tango and Envy on their breakfast show. Having been involved with music from a really young age, talked about the experience that started it all at a Missy Elliot concert in her hometown of South London. It was when Missy Elliot asked the crowd if anyone could rap, that 13 year old jumped to the stage and performed, impressing Missy enough to predict her future success. From that point onwards Amplify Dot has been making her stamp onto the scene and now onto the charts, with her current single ‘I’m Good’ featuring US Heavyweight Busta Rhymes. Before signing her major deal with EMI Records, Amplify wrote the now popular single ‘Kurt Kobain’, which she discussed on the show. The song touches upon some serious, hard-hitting topics including drugs and prostitution, and explains how the song’s truly about “the vices that people can get easily sucked into”, and, “how the things that seem so enticing can easily pull the rug from underneath you”. The talented also talks about her track ‘Paperwork’ which was also featured on the show, describing how it only took her and producer

Krunchie, 12 minutes to write in the studio. The track has been released online and is available for free in anticipation of her single ‘I’m Good’. When describing the meaning behind the track ‘I’m Good’, stated: “I had teachers at school that said to me, you’re not going to do anything, you’re not serious enough, you don’t pay attention, or people who just doubt you. This is about when you turn around, and you get to that point where you can say I’m good! I want everybody to just have their gloating moment, so that’s what this song is.” With the legendary Busta Rhymes featuring on the track, explains how the process started: She said: “I wrote the song and originally he wasn’t on it, but when I was listening back to it I thought that if Busta Ryhmes came in on this song it would be madness, but it was just a figment of my imagination initially. Two days later I was on the phone to Busta”. Amplify Dot ft. Busta Rhymes – ‘I’m Good’ is now available for pre-order and will be released on the 29th of July. For more updates head over to and for more exclusive interviews visit Follow us on Twitter @unityradiofm or join us on Facebook. com/officialunityradio

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JULY ‘13

Luci Roper, Sarah North & Claire Sinclair :

­“Absolutely loving it!”

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Money matters with TNT’s economist

Johnathan Thomas

Sun, Sea And Debt


US ON L TWITTER @nubiantimes2


ately, the Caribbean and Mediterranean have had much more in common than boxes on tourists’ wish lists. Greece, Spain, Italy

and Portugal have been in seemingly endless recession, largely due to having to foot bills from decades of excessive borrowing. And much of the Caribbean is now facing the same prospect. Grenada, Jamaica, Belize, Antigua, and St Kitts & Nevis, have all recently requested extra breathing space on their IOU’s. Meanwhile Dominica, St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines and even Barbados are also under pressure. Like the peripheral EU

The outcomes will be similarly tough to digest - rising unemployment, pay freezes, lower investments in schooling and health care and falling living standards. nations, balancing the national books through severe government spending cuts and higher taxes is the proscribed medicine. And the outcomes will be similarly tough to digest - rising unemployment, pay freezes, lower investments in schooling and health care and falling living standards. For what? The formulas

Greece has borrowed and spent billions in pursuit of the same gains since World War II. And we know where that journey ended. say that reducing public spending and paying off monies owed eventually frees up resources for more pro ductive business, ifrastructural and educational investments leading to a more dynamic and globally competitive economy. But even if eventually true, the southern European, and indeed UK, experience demonstrates that austerity alone cannot alter flimsy fundamentals. And the key economic drivers of the Caribbean, namely, tourism, low-value agricultural exports, and diaspora remittances will never generate enough cash for even modest day-to-day expenses. So while our government

sees “making work pay” as the UK’s salvation, the Caribbean is looking at two potential game-changers. One is oil. Governments are selling off coastal blocks for exploration and crossing their fingers in hope of Trinidad & Tobagolike windfalls. The other revolves around the current expansion of the Panama Canal which could double shipping flows through the region. Such traffic will require port, informational, management and insurance services. It could even drive labourabsorbing industrial development. With the right prices and facilities the Caribbean could reap significant benefits. But some caution is required. Greece has borrowed and spent billions in pursuit of the same gains since World War II. And we know where that journey ended.

Local activist launches website promoting peace


ollowing her eldest son’s brush with the law, peace activist Rev. Malaika, became passionate about reducing gang violence, and began promoting and celebrating peace within the Old Trafford community - an area previously known for gang violence in south Manchester.

“I am passionate about promoting peace and celebrating the real essence of you.” Her inspirational work has seen her receive recognition and accolades from former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Greater Manchester Chief Constable Peter Fahy, and humanitarian and author Terry Waite. Rev. Malaika’s key strategy has been to celebrate peace and promote International Peace Day annually. Says Rev. Malaika, mother of two sons, aged 15 and 22: “I

am passionate about promoting peace and celebrating the real essence of you. Regardless of your background I am here

to serve people of all faiths. The journey is truly amazing, and all who take part leave with a smile on their face.”

• You can visit Rev. Malaika’s website at; www.revyma- tnt correspondent

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E S I T R E V AD e im t n ia b u n e h advertising@t

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Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC) Would you like to build your confidence whilst gaing an accredited Level 2 Qualification? Are you good at listening or do you want to be a better listener? Have you ever thought of a career in counselling

Opportunities: FREE Level 2 Effective listening skills. Accredited by CPCAB

This course will teach you the following skills: • Improve Communication • Improve existing work roles • Enhance personal relationships • Improve collegial relationships within workplace teams • Enhance helping relationships • Promote better community relations Parent and child places for 6 parents and 6 young people aged between 12 and 16. Training to take place at: Moss Side Millenium Power House, 140 Raby Street, Moss Side, M14 4LS. Every Sunday up until July 14th 2013 If you know any parent and young people interested, let them know

Our saying is: “The potential for greatness is within us all, it is for us to achieve together through the support we give each other.” Contact Alicia at: Manchester Counselling Training Centre (MCTC), WISSCC Training Centre, Manchester, M14 4SW. Tel: (0161) 868 0962 or Mob: 0797 141 7621

5,000 Businesses

HERE 80,000 People

The Nubain Times, Cornbrook Enterprise Centre, Hulme, M15 4HW




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Ice Cream Experience:

­“I like TNT”

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Local Opportunities In and Around Manchester jobs at the works To register your interests please fill in a form at reception or Tel: 0161 359 3388 or email: info@ Address: 130 Alexandra Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M16 7WD. • Technician - Manchester Metropolitan University, apply at: The works website. • Apprentice AdministratorThe Works, apply at: The works website. • Construction Work Experience - Novus, apply at: The works website. • Lead Generation Agent Legal Claim line, apply at: The works website. • PPI Sales administrator Zebra Money Management, apply at: The works website.

• Tenant Board member Eastlands Homes, apply at: The works website. • Construction Vacancies - Birley Fields - Sir Robert Mcalpine, apply at: The works website. • Apprentice Receptionist Barrings Solicitors, apply at: The works website. • Domestic Assistants (Cleaners) - Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester, apply at: The works website. • Housing Administration Assistant - Apprenticeship at Mosscare, apply at: http:// www.themanchestercollege. student/vacancies/ housing-administrationassistant-100849 • Housing Assistant Apprenticeship at Mosscare, apply at:

www.themanchestercollege. student/vacancies/housingassistant-101000

support/security guard* Company: The Co-Operative Group Location: Albert Close Trading Estate, Manchester, M45 8NE Salary: £6.25ph Job Type: Permanent Help us to continue leading the way, as a Support Officer / Security Guard * at Sunwin Managed Security. Working for Sunwin Managed Security – a growing business, in an expanding group. Be part of The Co­operative Group, the world’s largest consumer co­ operative. To be successful in this role you’ll need to be: • Over 18 years of age and the holder of a current SIA


Frontline Licence • Able to provide FIVE years checkable and traceable work history • A clear and concise communicator, both verbal and written • Mathematically literate, for reporting purposes • Able to demonstrate great customer service skills We are passionate about equal opportunities and welcome a broad diversity of talent to apply. Contact: Co­operative Reference: Totaljobs/ COOPERATIVE­SMS20930s

youth work coordinator Employer: Trafford Council Location: Open Lock Project Salary: £17,697 - £19,636 pa Salary Grade: JNC (points 7 - 10 ) Working Pattern: Full Time Working Hours: 36.25hrs pw

Contract Type: Fixed Type Closing Date: 05/07/2011 5pm Job Type: Job Type: Youth Work/Community/Early Years Interview Date: 11th July 2013 Trafford CYPS has recently been successful in securing 3 years of funding from the Big Lottery Fund to support the development and delivery of the Youth Services Open Lock Project. As such, we are recruiting: 1x Youth Work Project Worker, Open Lock Project, Fixed Term for 3 years form commencement of post. The Project will provide a unique opportunity for youth workers who have interest in youth development, participation, the outdoors and the waterways. For more information regarding the project contact:

Job Ref: YH-11-02759 Closing date: 12 July 2013



Homecare Support are looking for Care Assistants to provide personal and domestic support to adults in their own home. Experience is not essential as full training and support is provided. A full driving license and access to your own vehicle is essential as travelling between homes is a key component of the role. Full and part time hours are available but you will need to work some evenings and weekends as our service operates between 7am – 10pm over 7 days. An enhanced disclosure is required for the role the cost of this will be met by the applicant. This role has an exception under the Equality Act 2010 as you must be aged 18 or over. To apply please call 0800 915 8241 or email your CV to careers@

Project Coordinator at First Cut Job title: Project Coordinator


care assistant

First Cut are seeking a Project Coordinator to work in the Moss Side area to coordinate a heritage lottery fund (HLF) oral history project. This post is a 12 months temporary contract that will give the right candidate the opportunity to work on a very interesting and exciting project. Responsible for the operational management and to ensure the smooth running of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) project at all times and to organise the recording of video/audio and all related materials. To undertake a range of generic support tasks in order to support the range of activities for the oral history project.

Candidate must have at lease two years experience in project management. Some experience in media is preferred although not essential. Candidates must have good communication skills, be flexible and have a positive attitude, have the ability to work on own initiates and self manage. You may require a Criminal Records Bureau check. The job is dependant on suitable references. Candidate will be required to work evenings and some weekends, driver with own vehicle is preferred. Please contact Ian Johns on 0161 226 1787 for an application form. If there is no one available to take your call, please leave a message clearly stating your full name, email address and the job reference number.


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Jason Litchmore:

Forest Whitaker (Actor)

­“I don’t want to know about bad news, I love the variety in TNT”

15th­July ­1961

Danny Welbeck - Last of the mancunians


he coming season is a make-or-break campaign for Manchester United’s Danny Welbeck, writes Lloyd Wall. With a new manager, and a World Cup on the horizon next summer, United’s number 19 needs to improve on his goal tally to silence growing critics and cement a place ahead of the likes of Daniel Sturridge and Andy Carroll. However, the stats aren’t exactly fair on one of England’s brightest talents. Despite managing only one

league-goal this season, Welbeck showed glimpses of his undoubted potential and also has a place in fans’ hearts for another reason: he’s the last of a dying breed. Born in Longsight to Ghanaian parents, Welbeck will be the only Mancunian-born player in the United squad going into next season, something which in the past has been a trademark of United. With the ‘class of ’92’ reduced to the evergreen Ryan Giggs, Welbeck represents the soul of Manchester within this global brand. United are used to magical moments but when a young lad from Longsight who came up through the youth ranks at Old Trafford popped up in the sixyard box and put his boyhood team 1-0 up


against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in February, they don’t get much bigger than that. Tall, fast with flair and tenacity, Welbeck embodies the spirit of United. Not quite a striker, certainly not a winger, he can operate anywhere in the finalthird and bring energy and drive up-front without fulfilling an orthodox role, but will he fit in Moyes’ plans? Unable to break into a world

class strike force, the poor form of United’s wingers has lead to him seeing more action wideleft; valuable game-time, but perhaps stifling his predatory development. The Welbeck conundrum is a tough one for Moyes, but football isn’t just about trophies and money, it’s also about community, and for that reason Danny Welbeck has to get his chance.

manchester’s premier league fixtures

Manchester Utd FC

Manchester City FC

AUGUST 17th (A) Swansea City 24th (H) Chelsea 31st (A) Liverpool September 14th - (H) Crystal Palace 21st - (A) Manchester City 28th - (H) W.B.A October 5th - (A) Sunderland 19th - (H) Southampton 26th - (H) Stoke City November 2nd - (A) Fulham 9th - (H) Arsenal 23rd - (A) Cardiff City 30th - (A) Tottenham Hotspur December 3rd - (H) Everton 7th - (H) Newcastle United 14th - (A) Aston Villa 21st - (H) West Ham 26th - (A) Hull City 28th - (A) Norwich City January (2014) 1st - (H) Tottenham Hotspur 11th - (H) Swansea City 18th - (A) Chelsea 28th - (H) Cardiff City February 1st - (A) Stoke City 8th - (H) Fulham 11th - (A) Arsenal 22nd - (A) Crystal Palace March 1st - (H) Manchester City 9th - (A) W.B.A 15th - (H) Liverpool 22nd - (A) West Ham 29th - (H) Aston Villa April 5th - (A) Newcastle United 12th - (H) Hull City 19th - (A) Everton 26th - (H) Norwich City May 3rd - (H) Sunderland 11th - (A) Southampton

AUGUST 17th - (H) Newcastle United 24th - (A) Cardiff City 31st - (H) Hull City SEPTEMBER 14th - (A) Stoke City 21st - (H) Manchester United 28th - (A) Aston Villa october 5th - (H) Everton 19th - (A) West Ham 26th - (A) Chelsea november 2nd - (H) Norwich City 9th - (A) Sunderland 23rd - (H) Tottenham Hotspur 30th - (H) Swansea City december 3rd - (A) W.B.A 7th - (A) Southampton 14th - (H) Arsenal 21st - (A) Fulham 26th (H) Liverpool 28th - (H) Crystal Palace january (2014) 1st - (A) Swansea City 11th - (A) Newcastle United 18th - (H) Cardiff City 29th - (A) Tottenham Hotspur february 1st - (H) Chelsea 8th - (A) Norwich City 12th - (H) Sunderland 22nd - (H) Stoke CIty march 1st - (A) Manchester United 8th - (H) Aston Villa 15th - (A) Hull City 22nd - (H) Fulham 29th - (A) Arsenal april 5th - (H) Southampton 12th - (A) Liverpool 19th (H) W.B.A 26th - (A) Crystal Palace MAY 3rd (A) Everton 11th (H) West Ham





Amina Mahommed, Ally Aman & Sumya Ali:

Jeniffer Lopez (Singer)


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JULY ‘13

24th­July ­1969

A quick Fashion profile (TNT-style) Ozwald Boateng Branson, and Jamie Foxx.

on the famous Savile Row.

Right, but I always thought his first name was Paul?

Wow! So he’s going places?

No, Paul Boateng, or Lord Boateng as he is now, is a former MP. I don’t think they’re related. OK, tell me more about Ozwald. Well, he’s a world renowned bespoke tailor known for his craftsmanship, innovation, use of refined fabrics, and putting an iconic contemporary twist on his creations. Say again?

So, tell me, who is this Oswald Boateng? Are you kidding me? Think of leading fashion names like Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Donna Karan, Jasper Conran, and Vivienne Westwood, then make sure you add the House of Boateng. And, he dresses the biggest celebrity names, include Will Smith, Sir Richard

Well, put it this way, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone once credited Boateng with making a vital contribution to the promotion of creative talents in the capital.

Don’t be silly. The man arrived a long time ago and is a giant in the world of fashion. In fact, true to his pioneering spirit he consistently breaks new ground. Bet you didn’t know he designed bespoke costumes for films, including Hannibal, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Sex and the City, and many more? True, but I’m learning a lot about him now. Any sign of Boateng in Manchester? No, but I can tell you that in

addition to providing a bespoke service, he produces two ready-to-wear collections a year – produced at the former Chester Barrie factory in Crewe, Cheshire. OK. One last thing, I understand that Boateng was inspired by the immaculate suits his teacher father wore each day for work. That’s right. Think his seamstress mum may have been an early influence too. Imagine, Boateng received his first suit from his mother aged eight a double-breasted in purple mohair. Now that’s what TNT calls style!



Striped pants Bovver boots adds edge to a classic look

Don’t mean to be greedy, but anything else interesting? Military pinstriped jacket with ruffled skirt

Try these for size. In 1994, he was the first tailor to present a collection on the Paris catwalk. And, in 2007, Boateng, 46, became the first black tailor to have a store

TNt RUNWAY The Nubian Times (TNT) runaway is amongst other things a collection of UK and Global style.

pants Disco looked er ‘Juicy ’ v ne so good

, note take e smart iv gents up’ umbs alternat l.’Th casua

summer ect ing Perf on, lov & lips i s nt vi i ’ , pr lry nner jeWe int pattern a wi r ‘its P Awesome it’ Leopard ng i and ‘Lov oes sh

We showcase what is being worn in Manchester’s Nightlife. This section will bring you Fashion Shows and High street fashion pictures. Showing you how the runways of London, Paris, Milan and New York influence our fashion trends unleashed on the streets of Manchester… and if we deem it worthy enough to wear. We will feature high street stores, boutiques and there garments that inspire our Manchester style trends.

If you would like your event showcased on TnT Runway:

ayon milton

Soft pastel print, young girls summer dream

Intense polkadots & bold Jewellery

Pictures for Manchester Flava taken in and around South & Central Manchester…Look out for The Nubian Times tilly sans

The Nubian Times 8th Edition  

Bad News Sell's.. Good News Inspire's..