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The official student publication of Xavier University— Ateneo de Cagayan, College of Nursing

Volume 4 Number 1, May-June 2013


Ecdysis /’ek-də-səs/ n. when something becomes so great and grown so big that it has to shed off some skin

| Shelf-awareness | What type of nursing student are you? | Cover story: Ecdysis | DVO Experience


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Shelf-awareness: books you should read aside from your thick nursing books


IND: celebrating the nursing profession


CONUS joins HFH’s Once CdeO, build CdeO


CONUS conducts BOLTS


What type of nursing student are you?




Body Map 22 XUCN closes by 2016


We are not closing, says XUCHCC personnel


Art of Nursing



Diagnosis Moderator Ms Mary Grace M. Paayas, RN, MAN CONUS Moderator Ms Leny V. Baguio, RN, MAN


or many years, the Council of Nursing Students (CONUS) has been doing its best to be able to serve and represent its constituents. As this academic year opens, the new administration attempts to sustain and improve the way it serves its members. Apathy. Mediocrity. Unreceptiveness. Ineffective information dissemination. These are just few of the many habits we should try to peel off as Atenean nursing students. We should inculcate within us the culture of Magis. Together, let us shed off the bad old habits and let excellence manifest in our flesh. Photo by: Erik M. Precillas Design by: Jessa Mae A. Antid Words by: Angelie C. Castro Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


The changes we all face


he human body is used to change. Every day, dead skin sheds off. Cells in the body adapt to change. Hormones increase or decrease when needed. Even with diseases, the body changes its mechanisms. It is called compensation. The organs in the body adjust their functions in order for the body to survive. The heart may increase or decrease its rate. The kidneys may slow down on

filtering waste products. The lungs may expand and compress faster or slower. In the long run, these organs become overworked and become enlarged. Sometimes, when the disease is too severe to overcome, these organs fail. Just like the body, CONUS has been used to change. It has already faced and overcome a lot of challenges. It has been adapting itself in order to serve its constituents the best way it can do. For three consecutive years now, CONUS has been proclaimed as the Most Outstanding Student Council. This is just one of the many indicators that CONUS has been compensating well. However, there are flaws that are identified and needed to be polished in order for the student body to serve its members better. The new administration headed by Ms Lenie Rose C. Veronilla has been acting on it. They were able to identify several problems in the council that needed interventions. One of these is the organizational structure of the previous administration. This action has been taken to resolve the issue about overlapping responsibilities of these divisions. The new administration is expecting that with the renewed structure, CONUS will serve the students better in a more organized way. Aside from the restructuring of the organizational chart, CONUS has a new moderator. Ms. Leny Baguio will take over as the new moderator in lieu of Ms. Ursula Geoda G. Ursal. Ms. Ursal had been the moderator of the organization for three consecutive years, the same three years CONUS has won the Magis Award. There is no denying that with this honor the new moderator, together with the students running the council is carrying a challenge in maintaining this legacy. With the changes the council is facing, we ask ourselves: As nursing students, what can we do? We can act both like the body and the organs. Like the organs, we can adapt to the change so the body survives. We accept the new structure of CONUS as we accept the new administration. More than that, we act on the change. We can also act like the body. We put our trust to the organs‘ compensation. We continue putting our trust to the new administration we trusted during the elections. We put our trust to the new moderator, Ma‘am Baguio. With her background as a dean, she sure has what it takes to be the moderator. Change is hard. Surviving the change is even harder. These challenges are not only for those who run the council and its moderator. These are for all of us. Together, let‘s face the change. Together, we will survive the change. In the end, we will share the honor. DIAG OSIS 1

Quality control


f someone were to ask me to rate the

And that‘s the thing, more money equals bet-

quality of nursing care in the Philippines

ter quality of nursing care. Patients with more

from a scale of 1 to 10, I wouldn‘t give

financial resources have more access to better

them one answer; I would give them two. The

quality of care. In private hospitals, there are

truth is, all Filipinos are not receiving the

fewer patients compared to public hospitals.

same quality of nursing care. The quality of

Therefore, nurses are able to focus on the pa-

care being given to patients in the Philippines

tient‘s problems and find individual interven-

depends greatly on the type of hospital they

tions to fix those problems. Furthermore,

are admitted in and how much money that

nurses in private hospitals have access to bet-

patient has.

ter equipment and up-to-date paraphernalia

In public hospitals, the nurse to pa-

compared to those nurses working in public

tient ratio is probably around 1:20. There are

hospitals. This allows the nurse to provide a

so many patients that ward rooms have al-

better quality of care to his patient.

ready reached their maximum capacity, leav-

It is really not right to base the

ing a lot of patients to sleep on the hallway

amount of care a patient receives on how

floors. And with such a number of patients,

much money he has, and not on how much he

are the nurses really concerned with the quali-

deserves it. Nurses in the Philippines are

Broca‘s Area

ty of nursing care their patients are receiving

strongly capable of giving the best quality of

Jezza Marie D. Legaspi

or are they just concerned about getting their

nursing care to their patients. If there were

job done? I believe they are more concerned

more nurses working in hospitals (especially

with the latter. Nurses working in public hos-

public hospitals), patients would be able to

pitals in the Philippines are not able to attend

receive the best quality of nursing care there

to all the patients‘ needs and problems; hence,

is; without having money as a considering

not giving the best quality of nursing care.

factor. However, I don‘t see any increase in

Procedures that should be done by nurses

the amount of nurses working in hospitals

such as NGT feeding and manipulating an

happening anytime in the near future. But, I

ambu bag are now being carried out by the

am glad that there are student nurses like us;

patient‘s watcher. But unlike nurses, watchers

to help out and care for these patients who

are not trained to do those procedures; thus,

deserve the best quality of nursing care. We

the quality of care the patient is receiving is

can mend and improve the areas where nurses

not what he deserves.

lack and provide our patients with the best

Yet in private hospitals across the Philippines, patients are receiving the best

holistic care that is easily capable of an Atenean nurse.

quality of nursing care that money can buy.


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


Ignorance: not always bliss


ctually hindi naman kailangan

only brand them as ―Room Nurse: Hindi

ang nurse ay matapos ng BSN

Kailangang Ganoon Kagaling‖. I just hope

kasi itong ating mga nurses ay

that Mrs. Villar will one day walk in the

gusto lang nila maging room nurse sa

shoes of a nurse and realize the significant

America o sa other countries, ay mag-

role that nurses play in the health care field.

aalaga lang sila. Hindi naman kailangan

Clearly, she had

not given the

ganoon sila ka galing,‖ a statement by Las

statement much thought and just goes to

Pinas representative and newly elected sen-

show how ignorant she is of what nurses

ator, Mrs. Cynthia Villar from an interview

do. As a public figure, Mrs. Villar

on GMA news on February 2013.

should've been more careful of the words

This comment has stirred mixed

she uttered and should have been aware

reactions from the public. But Mrs. Villar

that most of her audience are nurses. It is

further explained that what she meant was

true that we are all entitled to our own

to increase the standards of nursing educa-

opinions but we should also take into con-

tion here in the Philippines and make Fili-

sideration the issues and groups of people

pino nurses become globally competitive.

that we might run over.

With this, nursing schools need to obtain

As educated individuals, nurses

the required standards to allow them to

should respond professionally about this.

continue in offering quality nursing educa-

They know the things they need and don't


need to explain to others. Despite the clarification, a lot of

All I know is, we are all lucky

nurses were offended by the words that

that Florence Nightingale came up with

came out from Mrs. Villar's mouth. Nurses,

this idea and the world has been a

especially the registered ones work hard to

better place because of angels disguised as

obtain their title and are not worthy of the

nurses who are worthy of respect and

label "taga-alaga lang". All the sleepless

should not be taken for granted. Imagine

nights, the pile of books to be read, the

how catastrophic the hospitals will be if

countless requirements, the long hours of

nurses need not be competent and skillful.

Subjective Cues Rochelle Patricia M. Arancon

lecture and hospital duties – and she would


Shelf-awareness: by Angelie P. Castro







(CONUS) has offered its prime assistance in stacking up the shelves of some

nursing students last April 8-20, 2013 from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm at the CONUS office. The Book Rental/Selling Project was headed by the dynamic DACA head, Agnes Enya Lorraine Edio. With regards to the book selling, 35% of its original price became the selling price while 3% of which went to CONUS. A different system of pricing was applied for renting. The council charged the borrower 40% from the book‘s original price and a deposit of 20% from the retail price. Again, 3% of which went to CONUS. The Book Rental/Selling Project was met with a satisfactory reception; summing up to thirty


-five students who purchased Nursing Informatics

For One More Day

and Health Assessment books. Not far from the

By Mitch Albom

council‘s target of ninety-eight students. This renders the project successful. But do you still have the luxury of time

Summary: Cloaked with life‘s bitter-

what motherhood really is. There‘s

ness after hitting rock bottom, Charley

more to motherhood than just the nine

decided to flee back to his hometown

months of carrying and enduring labor

to read for pleasure lately? Or are those awfully

and put an end to everything. But there

pains. The story teaches us to never take

thick nursing textbooks eating you up? Cut your-

was an unexpected turn of events; he

anyone or anything for granted other-

selves some slack and put those down for awhile.

met his mother who had died eight years

wise we‘ll end up being smothered with

There are more authors aside from Kozier, Pilliteri


feelings of regret and resentment for the rest of our lives. Let‘s express our love

and Smeltzer! Embark a new world by reading these books you just might like! Plus, your nursing

Review: A mother‘s love knows no

now because we can never time-travel

knowledge may come in handy while reading

bounds. This is a good read for you

to the yesteryears and make amends for

through these stories.

guys who wish to have a full grasp of

those shortcomings.


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


books you should read aside from the very thick nursing books

PALLIATIVE NURSING The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Summary: A match made at cancer support group! Hazel and Augustus tried to squeeze and make lem-


onades out of all the lemons that life had thrown at

Veronika Decides to Die

them. The story delves into how life and death,

by Paulo Coelho

illness and health will redefine a person‘s life.

Summary: Although Veronika had the

make you wonder: ―Have I lived my life

Review: Albeit the concept of terminally-ill people

life every woman her age could wish

in vain?‖ Also, given that Veronika end-

falling in love isn‘t entirely new to us, the plot still

for, she still felt empty. She took a

ed up in a lunatic asylum after her failed

feels poignant especially when those people are

handful of pills and hoped never to

attempt to take her own life, this book is

ever so young. Love at that time should have been

wake up again. Instead, she woke up

a good supplemental reading for psychi-

their first, not their last. But in their case, it was

and found herself stuck in a mental hos-

atric nursing students! Deep realizations

both. Hazel and Augustus aren‘t the ideal cancer


will be drawn: one; normality is merely

patients – tragic figures accepting their own fates.

Review: What a pessimistic title for

a matter of consensus and two; our hi-

Instead, they are meddlesome individuals, search-

such a life-affirming book! Isn‘t it ironic

galas go crazy because it‘s the best

ing answers before they leave. Palliative Nursing is

that our awareness of death makes us

available option for them: a separate

in action in this book; giving the sick individuals

learn to live more? It will definitely


the comfort and quality of life.


IND: Celebrating the nursing profession by Katherine Kahlila A. Raagas


orldwide, nurses have mul-

and researched on improving their health

tiple roles in the care of

status and had reduced the death rate dras-

their patients; they care for


IND 2013 This year, the theme is: Closing the Gap: Millennium Development

their patients holistically. Nurses aren‘t

In 1999, UNISON (a public sector

Goals 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. These Millen-

only concerned about the physical well-

workers union) and nurses took a stand to

nium Development Goals are in line with

being of the patients, but they find ways to

change the date of the celebration to May

the United Nations‘ goal of making im-

care for the other aspects of an individual.

21, the birth date of Elizabeth Fry. She

provements around the globe for a better

Constant research, evidence-based practice

established the Institution of Nursing Sis-

world, a better society to live in.

and critical thinking govern how a nurse

ters a few years before Florence Nightin-

In each celebration, the ICN

works; and how each of them provides

gale had made her own team. She also

gives out IND Kits where posters and

individualized care to every patient they

made improvements in several hospitals

documents are made available for nurses


and in the care of the mentally ill patients.

and other healthcare providers for the

In 1953, a National Nurses Day

The Royal College of Nursing

hopes of improving the care they will

was first planned. But in 1974, the Interna-

(RCN) and a larger number of nurses disa-

provide in their respective healthcare fa-

tional Council of Nurses (ICN) made pub-

greed with the want of change of date be-

cilities. The materials are handed over to

lic that May 12, the date of birth of Flor-

cause they believed that Florence Nightin-

the different nurses‘ associations world-

ence Nightingale, mother of modern nurs-

gale was truly an important figure in mod-

wide. IND activities are usually planned

ing, was to be International Nurses Day

ern nursing; therefore, should be remem-

on May 12, but the planned activities are

(IND). Florence Nightingale cared for the

bered and celebrated on her birth date.

executed throughout the year by nurses

wounded soldiers during the Crimean War


and others involved.

Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


CONUS joins the celebration The





(CONUS) took part in this joyful event by joining the Flash Mob Dance Competition during the culminating activity headed by the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Misamis Oriental Chapter held last May 12 at SM City Cagayan de Oro. 19 students were chosen to compete for the competition and they came out victorious with the first prize. The program was filled with information about the national theme, Closing the Gap: Sharpening the Image of Nursing, by both national and local officers of the PNA, and entertainment as well. ~~~ How important is this day anyway? How could it affect lives the way everyday always does? May 12 not only marks the Florence Nightingale‘s birth date, but it marks the celebration of a vocation that has surpassed several beginnings and different trials as it advanced. It affects lives because ideas sprout from the minds at work on this day to give to others, to serve others better, and to create change that will soon affect the whole world. There are a million different ways in which you can take part in the celebration of this vocation. Just think simple yet with purpose. Maybe you can volunteer yourself in a healthcare center and help out, or maybe you can provide health teachings to the members of your family or to the community. Whichever way you choose to do, it is important to keep in your minds and in your hearts the true essence of being a student nurse and a future nurse: is to serve. Sources:


CONUS joins HFH’s One CdeO, Build CdeO by Airess Claire B. Cabeguin


Build-A-House Labor Day Project was led by the Habitat for Humanity and the City Government of Cagayan de Oro last May 1, 2013 with

the theme, ―One Cdeo, Build Cdeo‖ where 6, 000 volunteers collaborated to make 600 Houses in the 16 hectares of land in Barangay Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro City. The half day event was jam-packed with volunteers coming from different organizations and institutions, including the Council of Nursing Students who served as the Medics Team for the city-wide event. “The Council of Nursing supports events which have the advocacy to support holistic health, this is to help build homes for the Typhoon Sendong Victims and to avoid the spread of illnesses in the Community.‖ said DMSA Secretary Nikki Diocampo. Regardless of the age, ine of work and profession of the volunteers; whether carrying sacks of soil or shoving mud, there were no complains. “Despite the hot weather and exhausting tasks, I enjoyed the event” shared Erik Precillas Conus Volunteer for Media Facilitation. “Even though I was not part of the House-building activity proper, I feel fulfilled that I have been part of the event’s success‖ he adds. With the numerous volunteers helping out to build houses in 3 hours, the event organizers hoped to garner a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Above all, earning the success of the event with or without a record; with the intense heat of the sun and wornout feeling, nothing can beat the experience and joy of helping others. Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


CONUS conducts BOLTS 2013 by Ikea J. Balhon


n May 19, 2013 the Council of Nursing Students held its annual Basic Orientation and Leadership Training Seminar or BOLTS at Xavier University

with the theme ―Leaders Today, Heroes Tomorrow.‖ This activity is one of the first projects that CONUS has lined up for SY 2013-2014. It is for the staff and volunteers in order to be oriented with the council‘s policies. During the morning session, 3 speakers were invited to talk namely: Ms Faina Pacana, Ms Maria Alexis Baldia and Ms April Valencia who were all previous members of CONUS. They talked about the inner workings of CONUS, how to manage being a student leader and the policies and guidelines of the organization. These talks were very helpful especially for the new members in order to get to know the council better. Later in the afternoon was the team building activity. Filled with much anticipation, the group was divided into 4 teams, and then formulated team chants. With the spirit of Magis, all teams presented creative chants with songs and some dancing. Then, the games began. The adrenaline pumped; teams faced the first challenge of carrying one of their teammates around to each station and all succeeded. Imagine racing across campus while carrying a person around even up the stairs, indeed all teams has unified and contributed to finish the challenges. At the end of the activity, the participants were asked to give at least one word to sum up their experience. Among the few were ―challenging, fun, tiring, exciting and teamwork.‖ The whole activity was spearheaded by CONUS 2013 alumni. DIAG OSIS 9


What type of student nurse are you? by Tricia Mariche A. Baconguis Do you sleep very late? No


Doyou youreview spend procedures much time Do in your lessons before going to than duty?in recreational activities?

Do you spend much time in your lessons than in recreational activities?


No Yes

Are you active in helping group requirements?



Do you finish your requirements late?


Are you frequently late during duty days?



Extensionableswill be, will be”




Do you cheat?


Do you find it hard to manage your time?

Are you top of your classes?



Do you have lots of extension hours?


Do you always borrow paraphernalia from other nursing students?





Do you study ahead of time?


No Yes

Do you have outstanding grades in both lecture and RLE? Yes


Do you easily get stressed




The Scavengers- “DL for Dawat Limpyo”

The Walking “Hardworking”


Hannah Montana- “Best of Both Worlds”

A colossal number of extension hours, poorly-made requirements and unread books – you couldn‘t care any less! Although this Que Sera Sera attitude makes you less worrisome, it would also get you nowhere! Take action and don‘t simply sit and watch.

You are a dependent person. You want the easy way around and you never even try to do things on your own. You get others to do things for you. As an Atenean nurse, this attitude is not looked upon. Take initiative and commit.

You are a responsible person but you find it hard to manage difficult situations. You crack under pressure and easily get loose but nevertheless, you always try to compensate.

You are the master of balance! You are an intelligent person and you know exactly how to prioritize things as a student. Dedicated to your studies… that‘s what you are! But you also find time to relax and enjoy.


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


Ecdysis /’ek-də-səs/

n. when something becomes so great and grown so big that it has to shed off some skin


he reason why snakes shed off their scales is because they become bigger. With Python as its emblem, CONUS also compensates with its greatness. Through the years, it has exemplified its excellence in service and advocacy to its constituents. As we face another academic year, another administration, another set of officers, getting to know the people behind the council who voice out for us is a necessity. Diagnosis brings you these people together with their experiences, principles and commitments to lead us. As students, being aware of these information is a right and acting upon them is a responsibility. It may be true that there are no apathetic students, only apathetic student leaders; but we ourselves are leaders of our own. Do more than just knowing these people. Be one of them. Be a leader of your own... for others.

by Ken Jeryle M. Papelleras Angelie P. Castro Katherine Kahlila A. Raagas Jezza Marie D. Legaspi Rochelle Patricia M. Arancon Airess Claire B. Cabeguin Lindy Belle C. Orque Danielle Therese M. Torres Wendysyl R. Mabale Ikea J. Balhon Rio Bianca Rosa R. Isidro Kristina Z. Tayapad Peter Rey T. Teope DIAG OSIS 11

A tale of two Leny V. Baguio, RN, MAN CONUS Moderator


or three consecutive years under the advisory of Ms. Ursula Geoda G. Ursal, CONUS has been proclaimed as the Most Outstanding Student Council. With her resignation, the council welcomes its new moderator in the name of Ms. Leny V. Baguio. In this interview, Diagnosis uncovers her thoughts, experiences and her expectations as a leader. How do you feel being the new CONUS moderator? I feel stressed. Because of the previous moderator who is a Magis Awardee. So yes, it‘s stressful to think about. Aside from that, we all know that for several years CONUS has been declared as the Most Outstanding Student Organization consecutively. I‘m thinking that what if this year it won‘t receive any award? Who else will be blamed? Me, because I‘m the moderator. However, I‘m also challenged with this big responsibility. What were your experiences that defined you to become a better leader? I was also a student leader during


Lenies my college days. But one thing that really honed me to manage and lead was my experience as the dean of a certain nursing college for three years. Also, my masters degree in nursing which I took up leadership and management as my major equipped me with enough knowledge, skills and attitude. I also consider the recommendation of the previous CONUS moderator, Ms. Geoda Ursal who is also a close friend of mine, as a definition of my being a leader. What are your principles as a leader? I can‘t think of any. You can consider that the way I lead is spontaneous. I don‘t really follow a specific principle in the way I manage. However, I look up to Dean Palad as my leader figure. I admire her dedication to her work. I‘m not saying that she‘s very workaholic. I even admire the way she balances her professional and her personal life. With her very busy schedule, she always gives time to her family. She carries her stress lightly that you can‘t even see in her that she‘s bothered. What is your promise to the Council of Nursing Students being the new modera-

Lenie Rose C. Veronilla, CONUS President

tor? What are your expectations to the CONUS officers and members? I won‘t promise anything but I will try my best to do the best that I can. My expectation for the members of CONUS is that they don‘t focus more on the extra-curricular activities and forget that they‘re also students. They should also learn to balance their studies and their responsibilities as members of the council. Although I‘m expecting them to once again get the Magis Award, I want them to be more motivated to continue performing Magis in everything that they do for the greater glory of God. ~~~ Being a moderator is not a light responsibility. Some things are to be sacrificed. However; she accepts the challenge and at the same time, commits to do her best. As students, we are all part of CONUS. The moderator is just right there to be our guide and to support us. We are the doer. And like Ma‘am Leny, we should also accept the challenge, not only to keep the honor being the Oustanding Student Organization, but also to keep the Magis in us.

Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013



paragon of beauty and an epitome of true leadership – CONUS president, Lenie Rose C. Veronilla initiated restructuring of the council and active involvement among the organization‘s constituents in response to the rigors of unresolved issues that has piled into heaps over the years. Diagnosis discovers her views on leadership, plans for this year and how she came to transpire change. What is the role of your office/position in the nursing student body? The Council of Nursing Students is the central governing body of the College of Nursing. Akin to the other organizations under the Governance and Law-Making Cluster, CONUS has two fundamental purposes: representation and service. As the elected Executive President, I shall act as the official representative of the council in its relations with the students, faculty, the public and any other organizations within and outside the campus. I shall also ensure that our constituents are well represented; that their voices are heard. I also oversee the activities of the council and ensure that they are aligned with our mission and vision. It must have taken you quite some time to acquire your exceptional leadership skills. Would you mind telling us your leadership background? I cannot remember a particular AHA! experience where I first recognized myself as a leader. I guess it started from simple tasks such as to be assigned as the group leader or to be elected as the class president; but I‘m certain it started in grade school. Then in high school, I became more involved in different organizations and belonged in a leadership community. In Xavier University High School, an organization called Light Cavalry Leadership Community exists. I believe my experiences in this organization played a big role in honing my

knowledge, skills, and attitude in the field of leadership. In college, I became part of the Council of Nursing Students on my first year. I guess I‘m sort of a veteran in the council as I was elected as year level representative for three consecutive years. However, I believe that there‘s always room for new lessons to learn and new experiences to live through! Behind every great leader, lies a set of golden leadership principles. What is/are the principle/s you root your leadership from? ―A vision without an action is merely a dream. An action without a vision just passes time. But a vision with an action can change the world.‖ This principle was significantly emphasized by a resource speaker during the Bridging Leadership workshop I participated last March conducted by XU SACDEV and AIM. This holds true to my own leadership style. I try my best to inculcate to my fellow student leaders the importance of a common vision. I frequently express motivational words and actions to direct our organization to our vision. ―The measure of true success of a leader is the number of leaders he or she formed.‖ I always feel a wonderful bliss when I witness the formation of leaders in our organization; hence, I ensure that there are opportunities for our members to develop their leadership skills. Is there a motto that you live by? What drives you to lead? Who do you look up to (may or may not be a public figure) and why? My motto has always been the statement from the letter my mother has written to me on my 10th birthday: ―Give your best in everything that you do. Aspire for the best. And make your dreams come true.‖ I yearn to do more for and with my

community. I think that drives me to lead. How committed are you as the CONUS President? What are your plans for this school year? I am as committed as I am inspired and I am very inspired. The tasks innate to the position as the CONUS president are more than difficult considering a lot of factors, especially my academic priorities. However, I believe that inspiration will take me through this ride, over the bumps and across the faults. During the campus elections, I, together with my line up, promised our constituents three R‘s. These are Reformation, Receptivity, and Relevance. We have started the reformation through the restructuring of the council and establishing internal systems. We have also increased our efforts on the organization‘s receptiveness. Information has been continuously and consistently disseminated through mobile communications and social networking. The bulletin boards in the campus are also periodically updated. We also organized projects that are beneficial to our constituents, such as the summer book sale and Tindahan ng CONUS. Furthermore, we plan to propose projects that are not only relevant to the community inside XU but to the community beyond as well. This school year, CONUS will keep the heart of Magis beating. ~~~ A new and reformed CONUS has been established; and questions are being attended to. Indeed, the potential of the council is limitless because of the recruitment of distinguished people. But one does not need a title in order to lead. Take the initiative, be involved and like the CONUS President, be the one to catalyze change.


Leadership: a lifelong process


urrently, she is the 4th year level chairperson and this is one of the rare times that she‘s been involved in the student government in college apart from that one time when she was elected as a block president for one semester. However, she used to be very involved when she was in high school, being an officer in almost every club, so she really wasn't new to the several adjustments that she had to work out to balance her studies and her responsibilities. She‘s always believed that leadership is a process and that you don't just wake Jessa Joy D. Tocaldo, up one day and become a leader. ―It is a reFourth Year Representative sult of several experiences that make you better than the person you were yesterday. And it is an on-going process. As long as you continue on leading, you would continue on growing and being better,‖ she stated. She is also a firm believer in the fact that leaders are not the most special people in the group. ―Although through


majority of us nursing students, know her as Sharmaine Lobido; the 3rd year level representative. She is part of the Legis committee, which is the committee in charge of ensuring that nursing students have equal opportunities and welfare. As the 3rd year level representative, it is her duty to be the voice of her batch mates. Sharmaine was the president of her class from 1st year until 3rd year high school. During her last year in high school she became the vice-chairperson of their Central Student Government and the vicepresident of their class. She was also the vice president of Kilusan ng Inang Wika throughout her whole high school years. During her first year as nursing student she became the 1st level representative, the leader of her NSTP group and an asulite of ASUL. In her second year, she became the vice representative of her batch. Now, she is the executive vice president of Alyan-


them, the group becomes a special place for every person. They shouldn't just facilitate the group, they should always be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their members and to understand their dispositions and principles in life. When you lead, you don't just give orders. You follow, you mediate, you enhance, you unite. You become the glue that keeps the group together and the compass which directs them to the goal.‖ As for commitment, she says that it is something that cannot be separated from leadership and that when you lead, you commit. ―It has always been that simple for me. Also, I make it to a point to only join groups or activities where I can be sure to stay committed till the end,‖ she expressed. Her leadership, and her life for that matter, is guided by the philosophy that apples don't just fall from trees.... except when they're rotten, which makes her work harder to achieve the things that she wants rather than wait for them to fall on her feet.

sang Atenista and of course, our 3rd year level representative. When asked about her principles in leadership, Sharmaine believes that ―being a leader is not a job, but part of life‖. She believes and applies one of the teachings of St. Ignatius which is to lead and serve and never expect anything in return. She also said that to be a good leader one must always be humble and be a good example to your fellow classmates. But most importantly, Sharmaine explained that in being a leader, you should always offer everything to God, because with him, nothing is impossible. When talking about commitment as a leader, Sharmaine has never had any problems. She is very committed to being the 3rd year level representative. She explained that she had always wanted to serve the community because she loves her job and it makes her happy when she sees that her service as a leader has made others hap- Sharmaine Mae P. Lobido, py as well. Third Year Representative


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


Will to serve


oleen is the 2nd year representative. She serves as the voice of her batch. She promotes involvement among the second year students and the one who helps any of her batch mates in need. ―I may not be the one who can supply all the answers to their questions or troubles but I have the duty to help them‖, says Coleen. Lastly, her role includes promotion of transparency among student nurses and to connect gaps in between. She never thought that she could be a leader whom others would look up to and follow. She started developing her leadership skills and talents when she was still in high school. She was the secretary in her class in the first and second year and then became the president in her third and fourth year. She was the one who mostly leads the activities and group projects since her freshman days. In her fourth year in high school, she became the president of the debate circle

in their school. She was one of the representatives of their school during debate tournaments. She was also part of the committee of the people in charge for the foundation day celebration of their school. She also became the director of one of the school plays and was awarded as the best director during that time. In college, she was elected as the first year vice representative of her batch and she is currently the second year representative. She has discipline, knows how to listen, understand, is open minded, easily adopts to different situations and most of the time, is honest to her duties, colleagues, subordinates and to herself. She commits to be of service to others. She also wants to promote equality to all, to serve freely and to not expect for anything in return.

Coleen Mae G. Maneja, Second Year Representative

She believes that being of service is not based on one‘s status in life nor one‘s faith but is based on how willing a person is to be of service.

Inspire rather than impress

T Agnes Enya Lorraine U. Edio Head, Department of Academic and Co-curricular Affairs

ime management, commitment and loving what you are doing are the things that I always keep in mind to be on the track all the time. We should lead not to impress but to inspire others to take the challenge.‖

rience (RLE) group, but she had an experience as a leader during her High School days. ―Even though I wasn't a leader, I am doing my best to be a good follower. Although I was just a follower, I still voiced out my opinions.‖

Agnes Enya Lorraine Edio is the Secretary of the Department of Academic and Co-Curricular Affairs (DACA), a department that promotes development of the students through seminars and tutorials. They are also in charge in providing books through conducting book sales to attend the academic needs of students.

Leadership for her is not just being a domineering type of person wherein you keep on voicing out your ideas. ―You should also let your members give ideas because you are in one team; you don‘t get to monopolize all the ideas.‖ And when it comes to commitment, she is dedicated to her role. ―We all know that as a student nurse, we have a busy schedule. Now that I have a position, I have a responsibility which I should also attend to besides my studies.‖

She did not have any position in the Council of Nursing (CONUS) before, but she had the experience as a Staff. She wasn‘t a leader in a Related Learning Expe-


A pure heart and a vision of pure gold


EADER – a word defined in so many ways. They are individuals whom people follow and listen to. They serve as an epitome of someone with competence, conscience, commitment and compassion for others. Leaders are risktakers and apparently, they are in very short supply but are waiting to be born. Nikki Jimenez Diocampo, a 4th year nursing student, showed genuine commitment of being a leader. Despite the hectic schedules, she was able to bring out the leadership qualities in her. As the current secretary of the Department of Mission and Nikki J. Diocampo, Social Action (DMSA), an office under the Head, Department of Mission Council of Nursing Students (CONUS) that and Social Action is responsible for community projects and spiritual formation, she was able to show the world what she is made of. Having attended a lot of leadership seminars and trainings back in the old days, Nikki was able to has-


he Department of Student Services and Welfare (DSSW) is responsible for offering students services such as assistance during enrolment, acquiring nursing shirts, and managing the all-famous Magis Recipient Tindahan ng Conus. Tindahan ng Conus is proudly the highlight of this office as its primary goal is to offer cost-effective nursing paraphernalia to the student body. The office is also responsible for generating funds for the council. Thus, it is always busy initiating income-generating projects. And if that isn‘t spicy enough, the office is the over-all in-charge of the members of the council as they recruit staff and implement rules for all members. With an office as busy as a bee, a head should be enveloped with patience and the desire to work. Let‘s meet the DSSW head, Ms. Angeliza Sumbeling. According to her, ―You can't give what you don't have. So, it is important that you get to experience being a follower first before you venture in becoming a leader because you cannot lead a flock without knowing how it feels to be a part 16

of one.‖ As the saying goes, ‗Experience is the best teacher.‘ You can't teach what you don't know. When asked about her commitment as a leader, she answered: ―It's not just a question on what can I do for the council but it's really more on how far I can go for the council. Commitment comes with sacrifices and hard work. Being committed is not just doing what is expected from you but doing all your responsibilities with Magis and doing that until the end.‖ Her motto as a leader is ―Listen more. Speak less.‖ To become an effective leader, it is important to hear what others have to say so that you can fully understand what they mean; and with that, the words that you will have to say would mean more than just merely saying things for the sake of speaking. As a head, working for the council and being a full-time student is critically challenging; but being in love with CONUS has made this job a lot easier for her.

ten her abilities that prepared her of becoming who she is today. Nikki has been an active CONUS member since first year college so she was able to fully acquaint herself with every corner of the council. Nikki, as a leader, never sees her members as her inferiors. She‘s always there with them and not above them. She knows how to be frank and be blunt with her associates but not in a tactless manner. And above all, she respects each and every one of them. She believes that there are no apathetic students; only apathetic leaders. So, she strives very hard to make use of what God made her for. Born to be a leader or not, everyone is given a chance to be like one. As long as you have the will to be there, you will definitely be there. Leaders are not just born with the pure heart; they are also born with a vision of pure gold.

Listen more, speak less

Angeliza P. Sumbeling, Head, Department of Student Services Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013 and Welfare



he must be a good leader for she is a good follower. An effective leader isn‘t just as easy as pouring sugar in a cup of coffee or reading temperature in a digital thermometer. Mostly, it takes an attitude and experience to be able to say that 'Yes, I am a good leader'. However, there's this one person who shake off the difficulties that I thought was innate in a leader. She proved that leadership lies really within a person and to be able to lead, one must learn on how to follow. Scanning back the calendar on her high school days, she was an active member in school organizations. Since then, she learned how to blend in and work with the group. Indeed, she clicked the 'like' button being in a team. With that experience, she was able to find herself satisfied whenever she knew that she was able to give service to others. She knew that her heart beats to lead and her blood flows to serve. As a student, she is a good role model for she is the type of person who believes that hard work and perseverance is the

Last man standing

Ruby M. Petallo, DIAGOffice OSIS Head, of Artistic Hemisphere

key to success. She is a living example of a student who has the positive values that every Atenean should have. As what she says, being in CONUS is her avenue to serve others and by serving others, she wanted to inspire and encourage them to continue what they‘ve started, to surpass life‘s challenges and to develop their potential as student leaders striving for Magis. According to her, being the Head of the Office of Administrative Affairs isn‘t like jumping into the fire; instead the fire itself is within her to serve other students in the college. Though she is a leader now, she knows that she‘s not at the top but she is at the bottom of the pyramid seeking the welfare of her other members. Most importantly, what‘s good about her is that she knows how to follow; may it be rules, regulations or other people as long as she knows that the path she‘s taking is right. Indeed she is really oh‘Caey (Ok) in terms of leadership. By the way, she is Ms. Kemmie Caey SyCezar; the girl who believes that ―leadership isn‘t all about ME but all about US‖.


ave you been in awe of the decorations during the Nursing college assembly and Org Trip? The Office of Artistic Hemisphere or ―OAH‖ is the one who made it all happen. OAH is an office under CONUS where creativity happens. It is in-charge of the physical set up of every event. This includes the props, decorations, back draft, even costumes and styling of participants. Usually, OAH works hand in hand with the office of events. It is responsible to make every event extraordinary. ―A good leader will always be a good follower. For me, a good leader must be aware of the needs of his/her members and is able to follow what the majority has spoken but syempre, a leader must also decide what is really good for everyone regardless of the number of people in favor. I do believe that every leader come out from being a good follower somehow,‖ a statement from the OAH head, Ms. Ruby Petallo.

It’s all about ‘us’

Kemmie Caey A. SyCezar, Head, Office of Administrative Affairs

Being the head of this office, Ruby believes that commitment is when you make sure that you will be able to stand until the end; no matter what happens. She admits that accepting the responsibility as the head of this office was a hard decision. With prayers, she was able to decide and she thinks that her decision was right. ―I cannot really say I can show others that I am committed, but I will try my best to do my work as a director throughout the school year. Kung mabusy na ang tanan [and] daghan na mangawala; I will be the last man standing in our office.‖ For her, a great leader will always be within you. You don't have to be rich or famous to become a good leader. You don't have to be the smartest or the prettiest among others either. As long as you know how to decide and stand for all your decisions, you can always be a leader. A great leader 'walks the talk' and earns the trust and takes responsibility for others. 17

Making events eventful


orking hand in hand with the Office of Artistic Hemisphere, the Office of Events is a branch of CONUS which is responsible for organizing school events such as the OrSem, the University and the College General Assembly. Also, OE gathers talented nursing students who will represent the College of Nursing during University-wide competitions. ―I facilitate the members of my office by the specific task that is needed in every event and I am their walking reminder to be great at their job as students and in the council, having the heart of magis and staying Maria Christina U. Jamero, in love with CONUS,‖ a statement by the Head, Office of Events Directress of the Office of Events, Ms. Maria Christina U. Jamero. Ms. Jamero, commonly known as Ting-ting believes that if you surpass every

storm that comes, there will always be a good timber if you tell yourself that you can do it. A leader has a one-of-a-kind perspective on how to surpass all the obstacles that are being thrown up to him. Thus, Ms. Jamero‘s motto as a leader reflects her uniqueness and simply on how she is as a student leader. A leader is indeed instilled with great principles that guide them towards achieving success. ―I‘d like to think that every member of the council is equal, they have different jobs to do. And if they are rooted with compassion, they will make the most out of what is asked from them. No matter how stressful and heavy the job you are carrying, you should always condition yourself that you can do it because it is always the mind over the matter‖, says Ma. Christina U. Jamero.

Not your typical leader


here are leaders who delegate and there are those who prefer to do all the work. For quite some time, I used think that those two types were the only types of "leaders" that existed. Nina Rosales, I must say, doesn't belong to any of those two categories for she is a totally different kind of leader. Her ways of leading and her principles are quite different from what I have seen from others in the past. Born as the only child, Nina was her parents' anchor. In times of difficulties she was always there to give her parents a hand. She kept everything in place when things were shaken with problems. As Nina grew up, she walked through a road that tested her ability to lead. With a dance group, she had learned to lead for the very first time. It was a challenge for her, of course. Despite the hindrances and the fear of failing as a leader, her parents served as her strength and their encouragement and 18

support gave her confidence to become a good leader. Through the years, grade school had molded her, high school had challenged her; and now in college, she has proven to be one of the most effective leaders in the College of Nursing. As a leader, Nina has shown impeccable commitment. She follows-up on tasks without even pressuring her members. She opens her mind to her members‘ opinions and involves them in discussions and decision makings. One unique thing about her is that her care for her members keeps the group strong. One of a kind and surely not an ordinary leader, she can pull greatness out of people. She lives by the saying that goes, ‗It is better to be loving than to right.‘ Though she may have a long way to go and a lot more to learn; and from what I see in her leadership skills, Nina is definitely doing it right.

Nina Venice O. Rosales, Head, Office of Communication Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


Slithering our way to victory


s the new Council of Nursing Students (CONUS) begins, an improved organization of offices and departments transpires. Among them is a specialized unit of the council called the Intramurals Committee (IntraCom), previously known as the Department of Physical Enhancement or DOPE. Headed by Erikko Miguel L. Dimitui, a 4th year student, they act to unite the College of Nursing and to make sure that our esteemed college is well represented in this year‘s games of the university intramurals. In an interview regarding any past experiences, Erikko Dimitui humbly said, ―I have not actually been a leader to the extent of being class president or mayor but I have experienced being a leader in small groups such as in sports, where I lead my teammates because I was the one with more experience and also in academics, such as in our duty groups that I get appointed as team leader.‖ As a student, he sets his priorities first on the academe, ―as always‖ as he may say. And as a leader he, is committed to the

unit that even in desperate times, he would still stand when all else doesn‘t. Every leader has principles; and he goes in his own principle as he stated, ―There is no such thing as a ‗one-man team‘, all should do their tasks properly including me and that no one gets left behind.‖ Being a leader, either a beginner or experienced; we have our role models who serve as our inspiration to do better in our job. And this young man is one of the millions who idolize Abraham Lincoln‘s leadership. Also, he believes in the motto that goes, ―A dream is just a wish if you don‘t have a plan.‖ As the University Intramurals approaches this coming month of September 2013, the Intramurals Committee is gearing up to prepare the athletes in the games of the said event. And as the head of the unit, Erikko Dimitui aims to promote the unity of the students within the College of Nursing in this year‘s intramurals and to make it as fun as possible.

Erikko Miguel L. Dimitui, Head, Intramurals Committee


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Anatomy o

Eye bags are one of the common accessories among student nurses. To keep the bags under your eyes under control make sure to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and staying away from caffeine and alcohol.

Are you a victim of yellowish teeth? Fear not! For there is now a solution. It has been proven that certain fruits can cause teeth to become whiter overtime. Strawberries and the inside of a lemon peel have great whitening properties. You can mash fresh strawberries into a paste-like consistency and apply on your teeth for five minutes or simply rub the inner side of a lemon peel on your teeth. Doing this every fortnight can lead to whiter teeth over time.

Suffering from halitosis? Just add fresh lemon juice to a glass of water and drink up! Lemon water has shown to freshen and improve bad breath for bad breath sufferers.

Keep your face smooth just by incorporating omega-3acids into your diet. Omega-3 is a healthy fat that replenishes lipids in the skin. Omega-3 can nourish and moisturize your skin from the inside out! Foods high in omega-3 include tuna, sardines, salmon and walnuts.

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Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013

of fitness


The things we eat have a direct effect on the way we smell. So avoid eating processed food and caffeine which can cause body odor. Also, remember to drink plenty of water in order to maintain fresh and fragrant.

Struggling with dry skin? Green tea may be the solution to your problem. Green tea can help keep your skin hydrated because it is loaded with antioxidants (catechins), which naturally protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays (but never forget to take extra precautions such as that bottle of sunblock!)

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Normally, people go on extreme diets and exercise in order to burn fat. But what most people don‘t know is that there are actually certain foods that help burn fat (if you take in the right amount, of course!). Research suggests that consuming green tea can increase metabolism and lead to a smaller waistline. Drinking about -4 cups of freshly brewed green tea a day can burn up to 50 calories. DIAG OSIS 21

We are ready for K-12 by Lou Khate B. Tejero


t seems that the change of administra-

elementary and high school education. The

private schools in the Philippines must start

tion to run this city is not the last

kindergarten refers to the children, around 5

and end classes after each school completes

change we get to experience this year.

years of age, who undertakes the standard

the mandated 200-day school calendar by

As a new school year begins, a new curricu-

curriculum for preschoolers. The elemen-

the DepEd.

lum is being implemented by the Depart-

tary level is pretty much the same, in which

By implementing the said curricu-

ment of Education (DepEd), the K-12 edu-

it refers to Grades 1 to 6. Then, the high

lum, a decrease in number of enrolees is

cational system. As we all know, the former

school refers to Grades 7 to 10 (1st to 4th

being expected by the tertiary levels by the

educational system of the Philippines was

year). However, an additional of two years

year 2016. Our school is not exempted with

composed of 6 years of elementary educa-

for senior high school is being allocated in

this dilemma. However, in a recent inter-

tion and 4 years of high school education.

this new curriculum. Its graduates are envi-

view with the dean of Xavier University –

The Philippines is the only country in Asia

sioned to have respect for human rights and

Ateneo de Cagayan College of Nursing

and one of the only three remaining coun-

would aim to become maka-diyos, maka-

(XUCN), Dr. Ramona Heidi C. Palad, RN,

tries in the world that uses a 10-year basic

tao, makabansa, maka-kalikasan in addi-

MAN, MAEd stated that ―we are ready‖.

education cycle.

tion to holistically developed 21st century

The K-12 educational system is

skills. With this, the educational system

defined as kindergarten and the 12 years of

becomes compulsory. Both the public and

“Two years of closure is perhaps a long time for waiting but is enough for preparation.”


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


What will happen to the faculty? With few enrollees for the school

Improved curriculum for SY 2018-

know you more than any review center. We


would know where you are weak. By your 4th year, you‘re already seasoned,‖ she

year 2016, retooling and transferring of its

By having some of the minor sub-

faculties to other areas might happen. Some

jects taken during the senior high school,

of the faculty may undergo training in order

Dr. Palad saw this opportunity to broaden

for them to be certified to teach vocational

the scope of the nursing subjects by adding

The K-12 curriculum brought vari-

courses (especially health related courses

more elective subjects that would give the

ous reactions from the public. Now that it is

such as caregiving) to the senior high

students more nursing career choices when

being implemented, we can no longer do

school students with the TESDA. Aside

they graduate. This may give rise to some

anything about it. However, we have the

from that, the faculty must also take up

fields of nursing such as forensic nursing

power to control on how to deal with it.

some units through Professional Education

and other areas. She also saw this oppor-

Some may see it as a burden. The College

and must also pass the Licensure Exam for

tunity to increase the units of some of the

of Nursing sees it as an opportunity to gear

Teachers (LET) to be able to qualify to

nursing subjects. Such subjects include the

up. Two years of closure is perhaps a long

teach senior high school. According to

Competency Appraisal (CA). ―As far as

time for waiting but is enough for prepara-

Dean Palad, the CIs are the best people who

Xavier University is concerned, in my opin-

tion. By 2018, the College of Nursing will

could teach health related courses to these

ion, 3 units are not enough. But I‘m willing

be back to continue its vision to be the lead-

students with their extensive knowledge

to use the 6 units to hone my students and

ing institution in producing the best nurses

and skills as clinical instructors.

to remove the review. If you ask me, they

for the community, the country, and the

don‘t need it (the review). We (the school)


further stated. ~~~



XUCHCC: We are not closing by Sheriza Jane S. Salazar


ver the years, Xavier University

wherein there will be discontinuation of

as well as the termination of many nurses

Community Health Care Center (XUCHCC) has been one of Xa-

some services such as the operating room and the surgical department that will end on

particularly those who are assigned in the operating and surgical department. Consid-

vier University College of Nursing (XUCN)‘s affiliating institutions. It was

30th of June this year. We are still open for in-patient admissions especially when the

ering that they are not anymore under the subsidy of the community of German Doc-

also known as the student nurses‘ most preferred institution because it is where they

need is extensive, though. Out-patient services such as daily consultations, pharmacy

tors; at this time, the institution needed the help of the patients by gathering local pub-

can carry out their compassionate functions

and the Emergency department are the cen-

lic sources of 30 pesos each patient to serve

to the patients who genuinely acknowledge the care they deliver. Unfortunately, after

tral functions of the institution and will continue to function now and then,‖ said Mrs.

as a donation to constantly finance and support the institution.

the 26th year of service to the poorest of the poor, the XUCHCC has made many altera-

Exaltacion C. Agolito, head of the outpatient department, acting social worker and

tions that brought out various speculations to the nursing community.

child representative of XUCHCC.

indigent patients will be the ones to be granted health care services was not affect-

XUCHCC as a Primary Health Care Center

ed by the changes of XUCHCC. Unlike before, the institution became more meticu-

The XUCHCC was contracted by

lous in acquiring social screening enclosed with several detailed questions about the

XUCHCC is a non-sectarian and non-profit institution. Its mission is primarily to provide free medical services ―to the poorest of the poor‖. This institution started when Fr. Bernhard Ellen, SJ, a German priest; gave the community of German Doctors the idea to help Filipino people, particularly in Cagayan de Oro City to obtain

the community of German Doctors for a 25year funding to provide people in need of free health care services. At the present time, the institution is on its 27th year of service here in Cagayan de Oro. Given that

good health care services.

the contract has come to its end, the community of German Doctors diverted their

―This is what we would like to correct to all that we are not really closing.

funds to help the poorest of the poor in the country of Kolkata, India with a considera-

We‘ve heard many people say about the

ble number of underprivileged people.

closing of the institution; but again, we are not closing. The institution will only be

The Aftemath

modified as a primary health care center


Some visible results of its modifications are the decreased number of patients

Nevertheless, the criteria that only

patient. If still doubtful, they do home surveys or visitations to prove the patient‘s actual situation. ~~~ According to Mrs. Agolito, there will be no chances that the operating and surgical department will be reopened for the reason that the institution has already settled in their aim to render only immediate or primary health care services to the poorest of the poor.

Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013

ART OF NURSING DS by LVC A. Gamolo You might think of it as a disease, But although some symptoms persists, It is not a dreadful illness. ―Syndrome‖ is used to term such case, So take a breath and stay at ease. Some of us knew what it meant – Boys and girls who in Davao have met. They became close by being groupmates Others through mutual understanding of hearts In which in their Davao memory each has a part. However, what I‘ll share is not what you think. It‘s about groups who as one have worked To help the higalas clearly think Always being mindful to be therapeutic Only to be amazed by higalas magic They may not be able to trust you easily But once they see your honesty, They‘ll open and share to you with glee And you‘re likely to realize that you‘re lucky To have and keep what they call sanity

Incomplete Still by Danielle Therese M. Torres I wanted to kill time but that can never be For it was time who prolonged this stupid agony I wanted to be blind just so you would disappear Even to be deaf than your deceptive words I'd hear I want so much to look away when you're there I thought you saw me but in the end you never really cared You don't know how much it hurts to have you glance my way And to find out you were just looking for her to my dismay You used to tell me everything both awkward and not But now what happened? It all stopped. I'm missing you a lot. I want to cry as I pass by your bench not knowing where you are You don't look at me anymore, how can you be so near yet so far? I don't understand why you're acting so cold to me lately Don't you know that even the tiniest act of avoiding me hurts severely? I hope next time, if you could spare time to talk to this good old friend Tell me why our friendship feels like it's falling apart Oh please don't let this be the end

Moreover, they are lovable and kind Despite what we see in their appearance Our kindness will touch their lives However their stories are magic they hide – Making difference and forever touching our lives.

Dedicated to all the higalas who made a difference in our lives, touched our hearts, shared stories with, and made our 2-week Davao experiences one of the best ones we’ll forever keep.


A lifetime duty rotation


or many nursing students of Xavier

to the airport that afternoon, I was still wor-

University, their Psychiatric Affilia-

ried that I wouldn‘t be allowed to get on the

tion started in Davao. For some, it

plane because I hadn‘t paid the school the full

started at the airport in Lumbia. For others, it started at the beginning of the second semes-

But then, after a 2-hour wait at the

ter of their third year. And still, others thought

pre-departure area, I was already on an

it started when they first set foot on the path

(aisle!) seat for the 40-minute flight to Davao.

of nursing.

But all the semester‘s effort, every last centa-

For me, my psychiatric exposure began when I got to know myself.

Rainier Joseph M. Arquillano Rainier is a 4th year student from block NC. He is also the CONUS Vice President for this school year. During the psychiatric exposure, Rainier was the team leader of Green Team with Ma‘am Jessica Monsanto as their Clinical Instructor. Bigyan ng isang XU clap si Rainier!

“For me, my psychiatric exposure is still ongoing, and would

amount for my ticket yet.

vo paid for the ticket, the long wait at the Lumbia Airport, and the airplane‘s bunny hop

I was already well into the Davao

were all worth it as I stepped into Durian City

exposure by then. I was already knee-deep in

for the first time. The excitement and relief

the sea of requirements we had to pass before

had still not washed off when we settled in the

the next morning. I was already living in the

resort-like USEP Dormitory. When we got to

USEP dormitory like it was an extension of

see our rooms, I thought to myself, not a bad

my home, my fellow nursing students an ex-

bargain for 14 grand.

tension of my family. I was already a part of

There were only nineteen of us stu-

the psychiatric patients‘ everyday lives the

dents on that first day; the rest of the first

same way that they were a part of mine. I was

batch would arrive the next evening. That

already much transformed into a screaming,

meant we had the whole dorm to ourselves for



the night and most of the next day! Of course,

freaking-move dervish before I realized that

we spent the extra free day wisely—buying

Davao was as much about knowing your psy-

large tanks of mayonnaise, painting it onto

chiatric client as it was knowing yourself.

stacks of loaf bread and drowning it all with

Not that I didn‘t know myself before

every kind of soda imaginable while watching

Davao. Oh yes, I had plenty of reminders of

movies that scared the actors more than it

who I was as I stared at my name on my ferry

scared us (Black Guy Scream!).

ticket1 at the dawn of March 30; still unsure if

That evening, as the formidable 60

I would make it to my flight that very after-

or so first-batchers gathered in the dorm‘s

continue to know myself even

noon. It was Black Saturday, I was still on an

dining hall, we were divided into duty groups.


island far away from the Cagayan de Oro air-

For the next two weeks, these would be my

port, and there were thousands of people at

family. Some I had worked with in the past,

the port (it must have been the entire slew of

some I hadn‘t, but I had this feeling that we

Panaad walkers!). Even if I did manage to get

would all get along. Duty groups always do.

never end as long as I live and



Actually, ferry tickets don‘t have your names printed on them. I just mentioned this for the literary effect.

Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013

DVO Experience

And so, I was proven right as we

It was not only fulfillment at seeing the im-

tors who had helped us bring out these tal-

began the exposure in earnest. There were

movable higalas stand from their chairs to

ents in us. Year after year, the College sends

still two days of orientation, tour and the

do their best to exercise, or at hearing them

batch after batch to Davao to interact with

awkward drug test (seriously, a mirror in the

drown each other‘s voices in their eagerness

patients after patients; but what makes each

ceiling? Unparalleled voyeurism) before we

to answer a question; but it was also fulfill-

story different are the diverging paths each

got to meet our assigned patients for the first

ment on our part to see students who were

student takes to self-awareness and self-

time. And when we did…they were not how

timid at the classroom lead the dance exer-

realization. By the end of that activity, we

we expected them to be. We had always

cise, or hearing classmates whose voices you

were all smiles as we knew that the memo-

thought of them as the unruly, nonsense-

hardly heard twice a semester revealing

ries we‘ve shared with our higalas will al-

talking characters portrayed in our textbooks,

themselves to be great hosts and showmen.

ways be a part of that story.

but the reality was that; at first glance, you

The pictures in various photo-

But just as all things begin, they

couldn‘t tell they were patients sans the clear

blogging and social networking sites will tell

must end. We needed to say goodbye (for the

print of the hospital‘s name on their shirts.

you all about the fun we had during the rest

moment) to Davao, to the hospital, to the

But as opposed to the books, these patients

and recreation weekend of our stay in Davao.

higalas and to the dormitory we had called

were quiet, hardly moving and very obedient

The stories told by each of the batches will

home for two weeks. Some of us were sorry

to their assigned student nurses. It was still a

tell you about how crazy it is organizing the

to go; some weren‘t. But as the plane got

challenge though; the energy you‘ve saved

culminating activity while finishing the pa-

ready to alight on the evening of April 12, I

for chasing them around were only spent on

pers for the case presentation. The gossips of

beheld the familiar sight of the city lights of

doing everything you can to make them talk.

summer romances interspersed with hot-as-

Cagayan de Oro. With me, I had carried bag-

But they did talk. We gained a lot

the-sun fights will show what kind of rela-

gage significantly heavier than when I left

of insights from our patients as we listened

tionship we shared with our batchmates. But

two weeks ago. Not heavier with clothes

to their stories (those that made sense, any-

what pictures and videos cannot tell you and

(bought in the Davao malls that I knew could

way). As we sifted through the pages of their

what words can barely convey is the trans-

easily be bought as well in Cagayan de Oro),

records, the unraveling tale of our dear hi-

formation each student underwent as they

but heavier with the memories and experi-

galas became clearer and more tragic. Be-

became aware of themselves and saw the

ences of my Psychiatric Affiliation.

hind those mirthful smiles were stories so

change in their personalities. We had discov-

For many nursing students of Xavi-

heart-wrenching, you could not help but un-

ered that person lying dormant in us that

er University, their Psychiatric Affiliation

derstand why they reached that condition.

could only have been unlocked through in-

ended in Davao. For some, it ended at the

As the days passed, it would seem

teractions with our patients and activities

airport in Lumbia. For others, it ended at the

that we would soon follow our patients down

which demand that we show our best. All

beginning of the first semester of their fourth

that road as we tried to juggle the last-minute

thanks to the Davao exposure.

year. And still, others thought it would only

requirements, the unforgiving quizzes and

That was why on the final day of

end when they would finally reach their

preparations for the next day‘s therapy. But

interaction with the higalas, we really pulled

whenever we would enter the hospital and

off a memorable culminating activity. It was-

For me, my psychiatric exposure is

see our patients, escort them out of their cells

n‘t just the product of the hit-and-miss thera-

still ongoing, and would never end as long as

and see them having a great time with the

pies we had organized throughout the two

I live and continue to know myself even

programs we‘ve prepared, we had this sense

weeks of duty; it was like a showcasing, a


of fulfilment that makes nursing worthwhile.

thank-you to the patients and clinical instruc-

goals in the path of nursing.


Smiles that made us cry


Jan Adriel N. Barlaan Jan is the class president of block ND. During his psychiatric exposure, Jan was part of the Coke Team supervised by Sir Trauvis Tagapan. Being part of the emotional batch, Jan admits that he too cried during the culmination day. One XU clap for Jan!

sychiatric exposure has been said to

and tighter. Want proof? Please view our Fa-

be a lot of FUN but all the more TIR-

cebook profiles and pictures. But what stood

ING. It has always been the notion

out the most was during our Rest and Recrea-

among nursing people. And once again, it has

tion Day! The D‘Leonor Inland Resort and

been proven to be true by our batch fresh

Adventure Park offered the best of their

from our summer Davao psychiatric expo-

amenities for us to enjoy. (Samal could have


been a good option too, just saying :D ) Davao is one big, wide city. It took

I have to share something regarding

almost an hour of travel from the airport to

the core of our Davao Psychia experience. My

our dormitory, the University of Southeastern

higala, which literally means ―friend‖ in our

Philippines Dormitory. Finally, our efforts to


reach this stage in our nursing study paid off.

symptoms. He walked slowly, his speech al-

We are in for a new and fulfilling experience

most close to inaudible. I never once thought

of a lifetime.

in my life that it took hard boiled eggs to es-

was a male patient with passive

Enthusiastic as I was upon our arri-

tablish rapport with my higala. One game of

val in Davao, the feeling of dread finally sunk

ours involved my patient and I volleying eggs

in when we had to face our requirements. And

back and forth. To my great surprise and for

it was not the usual requirements like our usu-

the first time since our first visit, he smiled

al ward duty. The requirements entailed the

with great enthusiasm. He smiled showing no

relevant conversations we had between us and

fear, no reservation, with confidence and with

our higalas. Not to mention the preparations

grace. That radiant smile of his, I will forever

we had to finish for the next day‘s activity.

cherish. From that day on, we talked more

The physical set-up, the food and snacks, a

about the things his previous life has offered.

variety of therapies and all the other stuff

We shared some commonalities. My higala

needed for the next day‘s program had to be

will always have a special memory in me.

evaluated, prepared and practiced the day

When the final days of our exposure

before. So our day was like, DUTY to RE-

approached, we can‘t help but feel sad. In



fact, our batch shed tears during the culminat-

new beginning comes from

BED. (Sleep has always been important, but

ing activity. Our therapeutic relationship with

some other beginning’s end.”

back there it became more of like an option).

our higalas was finally in its termination

“But as the song goes, every




But then again, the spirit of camara-

phase. The memories Davao brought us will

derie and teamwork undoubtedly saved our

always be cherished now and forevermore.

tired souls back there. The hunger brought

Our nursing studies have completed another

about by the requirements and practices were

milestone. Our higalas will always be part of

quench by our heavy late night snacks. The

our nursing careers. But as the song goes,

friendships and bonds fostered between

every new beginning comes from some other

teams, barkadas and partners became stronger

beginning‘s end. Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013

DVO Experience

The last but not the least


avao — ―the land full of durian‖, that is how many people would answer you when you ask them to tell you about Davao. And like the durian fruit which is both pungent and delicious, our experience in this city was going to be both bitter and sweet. As the third batch to undergo the psychiatric nursing exposure, we were all hyped and excited to board a plane and experience Davao in all its abundance. We arrived at around 6 pm and had a hearty dinner and we were given tasks on the first night. We did not mind the task; we were all excited and hyped. Little did we know it was a trap! It was a far cry from the paradise that we imagined. After the weekend (we arrived in Davao on a Saturday), we had drug testing and we were toured around the psychiatric facility. Although some of our batch mates prepared extensively for this exposure, no amount of preparation would ready us for what we were about to witness. The sights, smells and sounds in the psychiatric ward was a lot to take in. Worry, shock, disbelief, mercy, sadness and the infamous ―poker face‖ were some of the expressions that I saw on the faces of my batch mates as we were toured throughout the facility. After the orientation in the hospital, we were oriented regarding the requirements that we were expected to submit. As I listened to the clinical instructor enumerate our requirements, the only thing that was running through my mind was sleepless nights... sleepless nights... sleepless nights... When we were allowed to purchase toiletries a few hours after the orientation, the first few things that I bought were a whole armada of extra-strong coffee, chips, sky flakes and energy drinks.

I was not disappointed because ―sleepless nights‖ was indeed the mantra of this rotation. However, the sleepless nights were not due to the requirements; it was largely due to the fact that I had poor time management and my time was spent on chitchatting in the middle of the night, ―ghost hunting‖ and all other non-productive activities. Because of our disturbed sleeping pattern due to the voluminous amount of requirements (and largely due to the execution of activities that were not so productive), many of us took advantage of the excellent air conditioning system of the dormitory by... oversleeping! Yep, guilty as charged, and sometimes due to being extremely fatigued and due to lack of time; we simply wake up, wash our face, and change into our uniforms, brush our teeth and we are good to go! We are unaware that the practice is unhygienic, but a person can only do that much when he only has 5 minutes. The entire batch also thanks the 24hour delivery system of the various fast food chains. Without them, we wouldn‘t be able to gain 5 kg of fat during the exposure (insert sarcasm); stressed people need more sustenance, that‘s a fact. All of the above mentioned experiences were due to the fact that we wanted to deliver energetic, well entertaining and creative therapies to address the needs of our mentally-ill clients. We put so much effort into the therapy that we decided to forego the benefits of sleep and self-care. At the end of the day, when the clients return to their cells, everything becomes worth it. All your stress goes away and you begin to realize, this is why I love NURSING! Magdayao Davao!

Timothy James B. Valdevilla TJ was one of the members of Team Kapuso, also known as Team Inot under Sir Dexter Dave Origines‘ supervision on his psychiatric exposure. TJ joined the very infamous Ms. Gay pageant during the last day of their stay at Davao which brought a lot of entertainment to everyone. One XU clap for TJ!

“At the end of the day when the clients return to their cells, everything becomes worth it. All your stress goes away and you begin to realize, this is why I love NURSING!”



Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013




Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2013


PASIBYA! Ang nakadaug sa 4Cues1Word kay si‌ (drum rolls) Ms Riza Mante! Yehey! To claim your prize, look for Ken Papelleras.


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