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OUR PROFILE Who we are What we do

Our Name is NPF = NATIONAL PROJECTS FOUNDATION We were founded on the basis of Law & Internet Foundation (est. 2002) to perform activities to support the national projects selected by the Russian authorities and innovations Taking into account the high share of international projects in our activities we are now more International rather than National projects foundation.

We are glad to be


We have a project orientated structure. We build teams to do exciting projects

Since March 16, 2010 we have been members of UN Global Compact

WE ARE AN NGO What does this mean to us? We are 100% self-financed that is why there are things we do and things we don’t

We never do political projects

Less publicity,

more work

We love to work and what we do defines who we are

• Образец текста – Второй уровень – Третий уровень • Четвертый уровень – Пятый уровень

Intellectual Property (IP) promoting respect and reasonable protection of the intellectual property rights for those who create them or/and legally possess

 Standards  Business Seminars  IP for Sports  RIAS

IP for Sports –

IP for Sports is a project launched in 2011 to promote efficient Intellectual Property Management for sports and related sport industries


We have developed the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES FOR IP in sports which are a kind of a Code of Conduct and the methodology to calculate IP

Value (IPV) of Image Rights of players.

Using IPV we make research and rankings of players (clubs). Already a number of football (soccer) clubs profiles are available.

2012 we initiated a Scientific Centre for Research of Intangible Assets in Sports – RIAS

RIAS will have seasonal sessions which provide great opportunities for networking and learning something new for everyone who is related to sports

IP Standards –

Our standards are targeted at perfection of IP Management



tailored for your needs to

make your IP work


For more information/to join the above event/to see the schedule please visit our homepage or This is only one example contact us directly

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION It is our belief that we all can benefit from the diversity and cross-boarder cooperation

 Business Cooperation  Cultural Cooperation  Sustainable Development

BUSINESS – Business

Cooperation is a good starting point for a dialogue. – We hold meetings, conferences, road shows and arrange working groups to enhance cooperation between countries. – Some


Business Forum Russia-Slovenia 2011 in Maribor,

Slovenia /Conferencing, presentations of investment projects of Russia, Slovenia and EU as well as special guests like Venezuela, Argentina and New Zealand/

Business Council Russia-New Zealand (est. 2011) /members from different regions of Russia and New Zealand/

Assistance in promotion of foreign companies in Russia (EU, Egypt) (est. 2011) –

WHAT we presented •

Ministry of Economy of Udmurt Republic (Presentation of Investment Potential of Region)

Ministry of Economic Development of Kaluga Region. Presentation of Investment Potential Region – Pharmaceutical Cluster)

Administration of Vladimir Region – Presentation of Investment Potential of the Region. Biopharmaceutical Cluster

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Kamchatka Krai Presentation of Tourism Potential of the Region

Ministry of the Republic of Karelia of Youth Affairs, Physical Training, Sports and Tourism Presentation of Tourism Potential of the Region

Presentation Tourism Potential of Venezuela

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Sakhalin Region Presentation of Tourism Potential of the Region

Nelson, New Zealand Presentation of the Region

Investment Projects of Argentina (upon agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Culture of Argentina)

Administration of Krasnodar Krai Presentation of Agricultural Investment Projects

The North Caucasus Development Corporation (NCDC). Presentation

Administration of Mordovia. Presentation of Investment Potential

City of Samara. Presentation of Investment Potential

Agency for Development of Voronezh Region

Olympstroy – The State Corporation for Construction of Olympic Venues and Sochi Development

Investment projects worth over 4.6 billion Euro




4. 5.

Minimization of your costs You won’t need to cover travel costs and accommodation of your delegation, as well as additional costs Time economy You won’t need to spend time building up your delegation, arrange for your trip, and hold preliminary negotiations with companies, regional administration, etc. to gather your target audience Interactive participation of your company in all events Road shows provide for online sessions during an event with your employees and superiors Real access to regional target audience Opportunity of getting necessary contacts

Road Show is an effective type of presentation of possibilities for cooperation of a region (company, group, etc.) for a target group.


Cultural Cooperation is a good continuation for a dialogue. We hold art exhibitions, arrange film shows, charity auctions and other events and sometimes combine them with business events

– Some activities

• International Art Exhibitions in Moscow and Kazan /artworks from Latin America, Asia and South Pacific/ • Charity auction of paintings in 2011 in Moscow • An artwork by Anand Binda (South America) was gifted to Krasnodar Krai • Retrospective shows of films by Yuri Gryimov in Slovenia /Maribor, Lendava/ • Demonstration of Artworks (by Mr. Gonkov) dedicated to the White Guard novel by Bulgakov to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Russian writer in Slovenia • Assistance in strengthening of international relations between Besanson (France) and Tver (Russia)


2011 we launched a project called KIDS QUARTER.

It is aimed at the urban sustainable development and is being performed with a considerable contribution from children from different countries who share their ideas about a perfect city quarter – an ideal place for future living

Our ambition is to build an EDUCATIONAL CITY QUARTER for children

CONTACTS T.: +7 905 719 90 54 T.: +7 963 755 95 35 F.: +7 (495) 956 82 62 ext. 210375 Email: Skype: TheNationalProjectsFoundation Web (Eng): Web (Rus): Follow us on Twitter @NPFInform