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What makes each college football team unique? Pg. 4

Junior, Jared Venner, warming up for the game against Westside.

Homecoming week was very eventful Pg. 6-7

Husky softball season acomplishments Pg. 5 Struggles building a football team Pg. 5

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Gwen’s Quote Review: You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. -Indira Gandhi This quote means, to me, you can not move on with regret or grudges. People who forgive others, but do not fully forgive them in their heart represents the quote. To fully move on you have to forgive everything and move on. This quote is saying forget about the past; like the quote saying, “You cant start the next chapter if you keep rereading the last one.” In order to shake hands, move on, you have to forgive and forget or unclench your fist. The purpose of this quote is to forgive and forget to be able to move on.

People of Northwest:

What’s Your Favorite Part About Homecoming?

Jaeshawn C, 11th, said, “I liked the homecoming party, espically when Hayden was crowd surfing. Also, the Hawian theme.

“I liked decorating for the homecoming dance with the cheerleaders,” said Destiny B. 12th.

“Music at the dance” said Antonio Rodriguez, 12th.

“The homecoming dance was the best part,” said Ian L, 9th.

Thomas A, 12 said, “My favorite part was the dancing, even the crowd surfing.”

“At the dance I loved the crowd surfing during homecoming,” said Myeshia T, 11th.

Meet the Staff: Casey Wells, 12th Editor-in-Chief

“I am very outgoing and adventurous. I enjoy spending my free time with my friends and family.”

Gwen Peters, 10th Co-Editor

“I love reading and playing volleyball. My favorite books would be the Divergent series.”

Miracle Deavers, 11th Staff Writer

“I am very energetic, I like to read and I love stitch from Lilo and Stitch.”

Haydon Abboud, 12th Staff Writer

“I like fashion, I am a trendsetter and I love photography.”




Husky Sports Friday Night Lights with the Huskies

Long Lasting, Effortless Traditions

By: Haydon Abboud Omaha Northwest High Football team had a very challenging year. Their record was 2-6 (wins/losses). Having three starting players, Johnathan Ares, Travis Thompson and Ray Rush hurt during some of the season. One of the reason they strugged is lack of effort. The boys had the mind set to go on the field and win. When they start make mistakes and give the opponent opportunities to score, the team begins to give up. The top scorers this season were Travis Thompson, Ray Rush and Cameron Pervis. Ray Rush holds the record of most yards in one play. “This year was a rebuilding year for the team as we only had 2 returning starters from the previous year. We struggled with commitment and attendance during summer camp and that translated to the fall season, in which we had a slow start” explained Coach Hunter. Our seniors played their hearts out this year and provided a leadership example for the underclassmen. The next few years could be very special here at Northwest if our group of freshman and sophomores stick together, and be aided by the leadership of our junior class. With confidence, effort, and motivation our football team can go a long way.

Husker fans releasing balloons after the first touchdown.

Hawkeye fans wave to the children in the windows during at the end of the first quarter.

Ohio marching band performing and ‘dotting the I” in Ohio.

By: Gwen Peters Many colleges have traditions that students do annually, especially during football season. All football teams have a special tradition that is passed through the years and the tradition symbols huge things about the past. Ohio State has a huge tradition during their football games. During Ohio States marching band “Script Ohio” formation, someone has the honor to “dot the I” in Ohio. It all started in October 1936 by band director Eugene Weigel. Soon Weigel dedicated the honor to “dot the I” to a sousaphone player. Traditions were created and still pursued to this day. A new tradition introduced to the BIG 10 is the Hawkeye Wave. In Kinnick Stadium at the end of the first quarter, everyone turns and waves to the Iowa University Children’s Hospital. The children’s part of the hospital overlooks the stadium and medically sick children have rooms to the windows. At the end of the first quarter children can see thousands of people waving to them, waving a sign of hope. Recently, Kirk and Susan Ferentz, Iowa’s head football coach, donated one million dollars to the Children’s Hospital. All over the college football universe fans are waving to those Iowa kids in the hospital.  Many other colleges also have traditions. Your own Nebraska Huskers do a tunnel walk to the song “Sirus” by The Alan Parsons Project’s. Before players walk out for the tunnel walk each player touches the horseshoe hung above Nebraska’s locker room. Also, Huskers release balloons every game after the first touchdown. Purdue University rolls out the world’s largest drum before every game. Two band member have the honor to push it out and two other members beat it. The drum was made in 1921 and cost $911 to make. Still to this day measurements are kept secret by Purdue University.  Traditions are a huge part of football game experiences. Every tradition signifies what home games are about. Each school has a special thing they do that makes history. So, next time you go to a game see what the tradition is or make a new one. 

Students try something new with performing in a new style

By: Miracle Deavers Northwest high school’s fall play, “Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Show” occurred on October 5 and 6. With the Lodger, Sabotage and the 39 Steps, “Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio” play is a triple feature, complete with vintage commercials, that recreates a daring train chase, a serial killer and a devastating explosion through the magic of live sound effects. The original play was written by Joe Landry. It has been performed in community play houses. The 39 Steps was even made into a film in 1935. As well as having an open-ended commercial run at the Cort Theatre on Broadway. There have been many showings of this featured play on Broadway World. The Lodger, filmed in 1926, was the first Hitchcock work to have what became his classic style, with the title character being a man who is suspected of being the killer of several blondes and his landlord has a blonde daughter who becomes one of his victims. Sarah Guyer, Noah Miller, Jeromie Wade, Hampshire and Nadia Hald were the actors that portrayed this scene. In Sabotage a group of foreign terrorist’s plant bombs around London, leading to fatal fires and explosions. Autumn Hurst, Marcel McCroy, Brian Anderson Jr., Vanessa Garges and Dillion Brott were the actors in this scene. The 39 Steps has a London resident fleeing the city and heading to Scotland in search of spies after a woman he rescues is stabbed in his apartment and murmurs the code words “the 39 steps”. Wesley Pittack, Illiana Resendiz, Jamie Allen, Dillion Brott, and Austin Hampshire were the actors in this scene. The Foley artist included Katalyna Rodriguez, Anna Ortiz, Haunnah DePew, Tytiaunia Hodges and Bailey Rahn. The announcers were Emily Staley and Christine Brown.  Mrs. Udhus reasoning for choosing a live radio show was for two reasons. One she was not quite sure what state the auditorium would be in due to construction. Secondly, she wanted to experiment with a more intimate setting for a production. It gave the cast a chance to explore voice acting and the creative adventures of live sound effects.


Students performing “The 39 Steps” scene.

Katalyna Rodriguez working the sound board during.

Record Breaking Team Almost Makes It to State Tournament By: Miracle Deavers and Casey Wells The Northwest softball team finished strong with a win/lose streak of 1511. The girls prepared every day during practice performing drills for both defense and offense. This team really worked well together off and on the field. On many levels these girls have a bond that is incredible, like family. This season the girls made a goal to make it to the state tournament but unfortunately the team fell short. The team was two games away from the state tournament, but sadly lost to Fremont. The players have played for years with club teams and many still play during the off season.  Playing outside the school season helps in many ways. Building teamwork skills and improving athletic ability are the main advantages. “The goal is always to improve but the team would like to work on pitching and defense quite a bit for next year, “ said Coach Herman.  Many girls broke multiple school records this year. Junior, Genevieve Greer, had a very eventful season. Greer holds the season batting average of .605, 49 base hits this season, 15 doubles this season, holds the career record of 35 doubles from 2015 to present. She also is tied with 6 triples this season. Junior, Natalie Cotton had 10 home runs this season and Sophomore, Alyssa Gappa holding the career record of 15 home runs from 2016-present. 

Alex Barajas getting ready to bat against Papillon La-Vista. Genevieve Greer pitching against Papillon La-Vista.


Aloha Homecoming! By: Casey Wells

Seniors, Elijah Lutz and Emma Compton win 2017 Homecoming King and Queen.

Homecoming Candidates Zoe Thorson, Kara Elliot, Emma Compton, Alejandra Barajas, Destiny Bald; Ray Rush, Cameron Pervis, Elijah Lutz and Brian Anderson.

Northwest marching band make way down Crown Point avenue in the homecoming parade. Student Council ready to show school spirit at the parade.

Kaylee Galloway, Abigail Rieff, Rebecca Valasquez, and Casey Wells represent Paw Squad for the parade.

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