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4 Amanda Stanely Emma Drauszewski As global warming increasingly becomes a prominent issue, more and more Americans are doing their part to go green. But what does the term “green” even mean? “Green” can be defined as anyone who is an environmentally aware consumer; basically someone who pays attention to what they are using or wasting. There are many simple ideas to help the environment that will also help your budget in this tough economy. Below are some easy tips to get started on saving the polar bears: One way to start on your “green-thumb” is to simply change your habits. Have you ever left your cell-phone charger plugged into the wall not thinking anything of it? Turns out that even without the phone being connected to the charger, the appliance still consumes electricity. This applies to many different home utilities, such as lamps, radios, and even toasters. In the average home,

twenty-five percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Cell phone companies have taken notice of this electricity waste, and have installed a message to pop up on your cell phone screen asking you to remove the charger from the wall to save energy. Another energy conservation idea is to switch off lights when you leave the room. This reduces the waste of electricity and burning of fossil fuels that make the lights work. Do you ever throw your plastic bottles in the trash because it’s more convenient? It’s something we’ve all done, but it’s really harmful to the environment. Tons of plastic bottles, bags, and other products are left laying around or are washed up on shores, harming the sea-life or other

animals that mistake the plastic for food. Plastic isn’t biodegradable either, so will stay where it’s left for thousands of years if no one picks it up. The garbage dump is battling the trashing of plastic and promoting recycling. The garbage trucks or waste management will refuse to take trash if there are any plastic products in it to prevent the waste of those materials and the littering of the environment. Recycling doesn’t just benefit the environment though. By recycling materials such as aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass jars, you can save energy and land fill space, conserve natural resources, and also prevent pollution. Recycling one ton of paper saves seventeen mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill space, two barrels of oil, and 4,100 kilowatt-hours of energy, which

is enough energy to power the average American home for five months. Other helpful hints that will save you some cash include bringing your own bag to the grocery store. Harris Teeter actually gives a discount to customers who bring in their own reusable bags. Purchasing reusable items like washable plastic dishes, or even items made out of recycled materials, reduces the need to continue to buy those items. Hate that dripping faucet you hear at night? Replacing leaky faucets or installing low-flow shower heads saves water as well as keeping the water bill down. Using highefficiency products, like EnergyStar appliances, helps conserve energy. But what about the chilly winter months? Installing insulated windows keeps the heat in and the cold out, while turning down the thermostat a few degrees keeps the energy bill low. Using these ideas to conserve energy, and a snuggie to keep warm, you’ll be well on your way to being green!

have been several debates on the moral and ethical reasoning behind the use and legalization of marijuana. This debate stems from the fact that alcohol has a longer term affect not only in the brain, but with enough alcohol consumption throughout years and years, liver failure is not uncommon. Researchers have found that marijuana is actually less harmful to the brain than alcohol. Today, 16 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Do not be mistaken though, that doesn’t mean that recreational use has been legalized. In the past few years, efforts have been made, even in our own state, to reduce the penalty for possessing marijuana. Marijuana was once considered a stage four drug which means that it is illegal to posses for any reason. Cocaine in its crack form is considered a stage three drug. This means that crack cocaine is legal for medicinal uses. Recently, marijuana has been moved from a stage four drug down to a stage three drug.

Dear Mr. Lockhart,

One part of a woman being happy in a relationship is she starts to not worry about looks as much. If you see your girl, and she is wearing make-up, it’s so she can attract another guy. If she does her hair in some new way, she clearly has another man. If she wears anything that looks like nice clothes, then the only explanation is you aren’t the only man in her life. Every female who is happy in her relationship should have no make-up, poorly taken care of hair, and dress in sweats and a dirty t-shirt. If your girlfriend looks like this, then she is totally loyal. But is that really what you want in a girlfriend? Also, for the ladies, if you think your man is cheating on you, there is no way to convince you otherwise because all women are naturally crazy and believe whatever thought is in their head as the truth. So women, your boyfriend is cheating on you, and you should get back at him. I’m free this weekend if you were wondering.

Paul Gendy The legalization of marijuana is a truly controversial topic in society. It has been discussed throughout history. Marijuana first became criminalized in the late 1700s because the paper companies were losing so much money from marijuana bi products such as hemp paper. Marijuana has many uses besides that of personal consumption. You can use cannabis for things such as making paper and ethanol. The paper c o m p a n i e s talked the federal government into passing a bill which required cannabis farmers to take their yield to the capital and get a stamp on it allowing them to sell it. This was not a problem except for the fact that transporting marijuana products without a stamp is illegal and federal agents would seize the farmers’ products before they could make it to the capital. Also, the stamps were impossible to acquire, therefore very little product made it through customs. I In the mid 80s, President Nixon started the war on drugs trashing any hope that marijuana had to become a domesticated product once again. Since that time there

I have been dating this girl for the last couple of months, but she’s been acting a bit strange lately. Do you think she might be cheating on me? Lookin’ for Love Dear Lookin’ for Love, Many people have asked me this very question, and I am here to help you. There are some very subtle hints that should help you to determine if your girl is tripping. After a while in a relationship, the girl will begin to get bored when you don’t spend every second of your day telling her how great she is. If you go just twenty minutes without telling her how much you like her, she will take this to mean that you hate her and you are probably seeing someone else. This will lead her to get back at you, but you won’t know it unless you pick up on the subtle hints.

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I have been dating this girl for the last couple of months, but she’s been acting a bit strange lately. Do you think she might be cheating o...