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P r o s o f Te c h n o l o g y Pavle Jeremic In the twenty-first century, it is difficult to find a household that is not dependant on electrical appliances, or technology. Since the early 1900’s, most American homes were given the benefit of electrical lighting, heating, and other various advantages. The evolution of electrical equipment only increased these benefits, with some of the most modern utilities allowing unprecedented abilities to the average user. Such technology may include the smart phone, giving every user with the appropriate plan the knowledge of the world, at their fingertips. Other than the convenience of electronics that we as a species have become dependant on, there are more fundamental benefits of technology. Such benefits include medical systems such as the MRI or Xray scanners; giving doctors the advantage of treating diseases and ailments that twentieth-century doctors didn’t even know existed. Technology has also helped eliminate some major parasites and diseases, such as tuberculosis and the parasitic worms in the waters of Africa, which were a major source of AIDS. On the home front, though, newer technology has redefined the way we operate and live our lives day-to-day. Current estimates

place microwave owners in of development, though, the idea America at over 90%, a trend that of a personal computing device has allowed many busy parents is commonplace; not just desktop and/or college PCs, but mobile students to save devices as well. a considerable Macintosh and amount of time Microsoft have on cooking meals, altered the lives and allowing them of most average to use this time to Americans, as benefit society in well as masses their own ways. overseas. The Telephones are benefits of computer also a major technology are in technological such high numbers advancement that that it is impossible has molded the to list them in less world we know than twenty or so today. From its volumes, but some invention in 1876, of the most important the phone has ones include been the catalyst medical equipment, to recent human educational social evolution. A advancement, and a phone saves lives, more profit-oriented reinforces laws, business world. As greases the cogs aforementioned, of commerce, the desktop PC is and allows not the only form Imagine life without a cell phone. unprecedented of computer; most ease of developments, among a of today’s cellular phones sport myriad of other benefits. an operating system (computer) In the 70’s, the “personal that allows for instant access to computer” was a novel medium, the World Wide Web and for many not many homes owned one, and other applications that we have those that did saw little application come to find invaluable in the 21st for the device. Through 40 years century.

A final commonly observed technological advancement of our time would undoubtedly be the camera. This light-capturing device allows every common user to seize a print of a past time. This may not sound important because we are so used to cameras, but the idea of imitating a permanent image of a time and place dates back to the beginning of human history; prehistoric peoples sported images of their ancestors on their shields, the Egyptians built the Valley of Kings, European monarchs had oil portraits of themselves painted and hung in every public place. Therefore, this technology of capturing actual, pixel-by-pixel, images of our lives with the ease that we do, is invaluable. Heretofore, our collective society received continuous benefits of technological advancements; and will, undoubtedly, enjoy centuries more of this stimulus for civilization. Maybe our future is not the 70’s image of chromatic robots and flying cars, but whatever it becomes it will certainly be bright and full of opportunity for prosperity.

C o n s o f Te c h n o l o g y Paul Freeman

excuse for laziness. Just look at the cell phone. The cell phone was invented for emergency uses in a car, or if you were lost. But society added texting, games, Internet, and music. With all those novelty items in your pocket, there is no reason to leave home- that’s the attitude of

would ask a few of my friends what they thought about technology. The thoughts ranged anywhere from “There are no cons” and Jacob Brown added “I am happy with my smart phone.” to Jordan Sapp’s thought, “I think technology

What a world we live in today! Jobs that our generation will have did not exist ten, or even five years ago. Scientists have said that technology is moving so fast that the technology we will learn about our freshman year in college will be obsolete by the time we graduate. Why does society have to be so fast paced, and how have we moved towards a society that simply “Can’t live without!” technology? Now I don’t want to be misunderstood, technology in moderation is a very good thing. Just look at the Jarvik-7, an artificial heart, invented by Barney Clark. His artificial heart has saved countless lives. But Americans are moving towards a life where every aspect of that life has a computer chip in it. The computer and cell phones have destroyed people socially. Imagine yourself a boss of a major corporation, about to interview a possible new employee. He or she walks into your office and there sits a young adult who doesn’t even know how to talk to another person. When you ask them what university they graduated from, they respond, “Can I text it to you?” That is what the overabundance of technology has done to us. We as Americans have taken devices that were intended for one purpose and twisted them into an

1920’s society dancing with the record player.

this modern, carefree America. Being a man of the past, an old soul, it’s easy for me to see all the cons of electronics. Heck- I even write letters to my friends (in cursive!). So I thought to be fair, I

makes you lazy and it enables you to work as hard. It makes you take the easy way out of things.” Mrs. Durkos went on to add, “Students are too dependant on technology.” Whether you love or

hate technology, everyone agrees that we are too dependant on it. I remember my childhood very well, I should, it was not to long ago. I loved playing outside with my friends. I was lucky enough to have miles of forest behind my house, which all the kids in the neighborhood enjoyed. I woke up early not to miss any daylight, and played outside until eleven or twelve skipping meals just to have more time outside. I love those memories of summer nights and spring mornings. Mel Torme once sang a song entitled, “The Best Things In Life are Free” and that sums up my anti-technology stance the best. Remembering those wonderful moments, it kills me to know that my generation is the last generation to enjoy those free joys.From now on hiking and tag will be replaced with T.V. and I-pads, education and knowledge will be replaced with texting and Facebook. I might agree that I am too old fashioned at times, but when I look around I can’t help but think that society is missing a lot today. We as humans have an amazing ability to associate, communicate, love, and have fun with one another. But we are squandering this amazing gift on angry birds and the new season of “Jersey Shore”.

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Pavle Jeremic makes you lazy and it enables you to work as hard. It makes you take the easy way out of things.” Mrs. Durkos went on to add,...

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