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11 Emma Drauszewski Alex Padgett The end of winter signals the will need to be more athletic and beginning of the spring sports line faster. They will need be able to up. It also means the start of training bunt, make a situational hit, and for the fresh, improved baseball steal bases. We have to and will team. Last year they finished with be very athletic and fast. Junior a record of 10-13; which is not a Billy O’Hara who can stop an bad end with five freshmen, two opposing team’s running game in sophomores, and three juniors. their tracks. With one year under their belts “But the key to every team and some rigorous is pitching. Kirby training, there is only Whicker is a great room to improve. pitcher himself, but Head baseball Hunter Bass, JD coach, Jack Moss, Brothers, Hunter is very confident Grubbs, Darryl about this year’s Rice, and Brooks team, “I expect us to Walser will all be be better this year for able to compete three reasons: we are better with the older, stronger, and implementation of faster, the NCHSAA the new bat. changed the bat “Now all of that exit ratio standards may not translate (making the bat into a better record, more comparable to Coach Moss ready for practice but my hopes are a wooden bat, which in his favorite team’s uniform. pretty high. I’m is softer and doesn’t thinking we may have hit as well as in years past), and a 15-18 win ballclub, finishing in we have added three transfer the top two in our conference. This students, Juniors Hunter Bass, by far should be the best record of Hunter Grubbs, and Harry King, any team since Jamie Lowe left.” along with freshman JD Brothers. Moss is very confident for They will add to the overall depth this season, because of the strong and competition of our ballclub. individual players on the team. “With the new bat, teams

Emma Drauszewski Alex Padgett Along with baseball, the girl’s softball team has already started training. They finished with a record of 10-12 last year, and just like the boys, have only room for improvement. Senior Alex Padgett replied to the following questions: As a whole, how do you think last year went and how do you think you will improve? “Well, last year we probably could have been better but we were playing with injuries, so that held us down. But we did end up winning five of our last seven games, which really was positive for the seniors. This year I think we’ll be young, but hopefully we’ll have people who come out and try, because as long as you try, that’s all that really matters.” When you say young, that means more inexperienced players? “Yes, because we only have three seniors on the team this year. That means a majority will be juniors, as well as a couple sophomores too.” Do you think having younger players on the team will help build it up for next year? “If they step up, yes, but they will need some improvement in order to play.” Coach stated that you won with a record of 10-12, are you

confident in winning all of your games without the injuries from last year? She replied with a smile, “Not necessarily because we are in the toughest softball conference in the state with SW Randolph, Ledford, and many other teams, but I know one of my and the team’s goals is to at least beat Asheboro twice. They crushed us down at Asheboro, so as long as we can beat them and Reagan (which is always what we need to do) then we’ll be good. We’ll also be safe if we stop playing on crutches.” Junior Maris Yohn is a perspective player for the team this year, who was only able to play the first game last year due to an injury sustained during the game. Even unable to play, Maris attended every game and practice to support the team. After she healed, she played travel ball over the summer to get ready for this season. “I don’t think the age will affect our skill, it’s just the ability on team. I think we will do fine with our ability. I’m not sure if we will win all the games this year, because the other teams may have improved. But I am pretty confident.” Overall, the players are excited for a new year of no injuries to make the game more enjoyable for everyone playing.

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