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5 Each year, Spirit Week encourages Vikings to don weird outďŹ ts, vote for a queen (and this year, princesses), and throw candy at their fellow students. While it may not sound like the most civilized of weeks, Spirit Week is an opportunity for all students, from freshmen to seniors, to represent their school and show off their Viking pride.

Kayla Adams escorted by Tahji Kaigler

Emily Angles escorted by Landon Walker

Shaina Davis escorted by Chris Wiley

Delaken Blackwell escorted by Lorenzo Scurlock

Jessica Garcia escorted by Oscar HErnandez

Brittany Collins escorted by Justin Brown

Brooke Gibson escorted by Logan Brendle

Carmen Cruz escorted by Jose Guzman

Layout and photos by Emily Kincaid

Briana Glenn escorted by Derrick Graham

layout by Brooke Gibson

Joyce Medina-Allard escorted by Manuel Martinez

Lauren Muse escorted by Adam Muse

Vanity Oakes escorted by Stacey Moore

Ashley Sparks escorted by Jonathon Mihu

Kate Williams escorted by Jonathan Olivares

October pages 4-5