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tell me what I should do with my money? I’ve witnessed many In the digital age we live in, bands actually encourage music there is no way to escape illegal fans to download their albums. downloads. Whether it’s movies, These artists are often just happy television shows, or music, that people are enjoying their Internet users are bombarded craft. I do believe that artists with the opportunity to download copyrighted material without paying deserve monetary compensation for it. for their creativity, as do the record While I don’t personally endorse companies that promote these illegal downloading, there artists. However, it’s very are times when simply possible to support an clicking a download artist through other link seems much more means. Concert appealing than paying tickets and artist for the songs I want merchandise are to hear. iTunes, the both viable means king of online music of financially purchasing, charges supporting an blog. $0.99 for a single artist, and just song. This might not think, without downloading music, seem like a lot when it c o m e s illegally to buying only a few songs, but some fans out there wouldn’t be when buying several CD’s, it’s interested in the artist at all. painful to watch the amount of However, none of this means money spent skyrocket. At those that you should actually download times, even the opponents of illegal music illegally. There are several downloading can see its money- legal options on the Internet where saving appeal. free, streaming music is available One of the exceedingly for listening. With that being said, common arguments against illegal though, I believe it is up to the filesharing is that it hurts smaller music industry to alter itself in light artists. Hypocritically, the argument of today’s download-friendly world. usually comes from the mouths of No longer can top executives rely platinum recording artists who sell on the same model for selling music out arena tours, not the small artists they’ve always found success in; that they claim illegal downloading either give consumers new means hurts. Why should someone who of purchasing music or risk losing owns more cars than I do shoes money in favor of downloading.

Emily Kincaid

Downloading Cons Darron Daniels

In a time where computers are widely accessible, practices such as downloading are common. Several people enjoy spending hours uploading music to their iPods and MP3 players and even consider it to be amusing. Even though this could be thought of as a hobby, downloading has several negative effects. After witnessing the damage that using programs such as LimeWire can have on a new computer, I am completely deterred from using them. It appears as if computers do not function as well as they did after downloading music and games. For instance, icons seem to take several minutes to load. I also saw messages that stated, “This page cannot be displayed,” after browsing for information on the Internet. These problems did not occur until after new games were downloaded to the computers. Using programs to download music and games is illegal as well. There are government regulations that prohibit the use of downloading content on computers. Once I heard that people could be arrested if they were caught, that acted as another deterrent for me. When people download a new CD to their computers, they take away from an artist. This prevents hard

working musicians from receiving a profit from their sells of their albums. If I were in the position to make and sell CD’s, I would do as much as I could to make sure that my music was not available to be downloaded. I believe that all practices of downloading should be minimized as much as possible because of the negative effects that it exhibits. Listening to music and playing games through downloading seems worthless since it acts as a form of piracy and ruins the ability of computers to work properly.


You might as well beat your computer by downloading frequently.

Sara Rasnick Everyone is trying to lose weight. One of the most bought items, other than gym memberships, is health energy bars. A few people from The Norland staff, Justin Barnes, Heather Hall, and Morgan Reynolds, tried four health/energy bars. They were accompanied by Jonathan Olivares from the Cynosure staff. The bars tested were one of the Clif Bars, a Kashi Bar, a Power Bar, and a Pria Bar.

Morgan- “The Clif Bar had a nice texture and was very rich in flavor.”

Morgan- “The bar had a nice taste but was very dry.”

Morgan- “My favorite. It tastes like carrot cake!”

Morgan- “It tasted like baby formula.”

Heather- “The Clif Bar was really good, and it was my favorite.”

Heather- “It was really dry and didn’t taste good.”

Heather-“The Power Bar is my second favorite. It was really good.”

Heather-“There was way too much icing.”

Justin-“This bar was rich. The icing added to the taste, and there was a right amount of moisture. It was my favorite.”

Justin- “The Pria bar was too rich, and there was an overpowering icing taste.”

Justin- “The bar had the right amount of moisture and a delicious chocolatey taste.” Jonathan- “It looks horrible and is very dry in flavor.”

Justin- “The Kashi bar was very dry. It got caught in my throat.” Jonathan- “The Kashi bar was very tasty. It was definitely my favorite.”

Jonathan- “The Power Bar has a small, powerful taste.”

All the pictures were scanned in and are offical logos of these products.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the energy bar taste testing. The best one was the Power Bar. Next was the Kashi bar. However, the Pria Bar was the least favorite, even though it smelled delicious.

Jonathan- “Tastes like Moravian cookies.”

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Justin- “The Kashi bar was very dry. It got caught in my throat.” Jonathan- “The Kashi bar was very tasty. It was definitely my favorite.” Ov...

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