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To our planet, one bottled water company is equal to 1 million cars. Meaning, during the course of a year, a water bottle company spends more oil (nonrenewable) than approximately 1,000,000 cars! So from the start, bottled water is not eco-friendly. The oil used for making a plastic bottle does not return to its oily form after being in the ground for 1,000 years, so with every one of these bottles you buy, the company makes another; and for every new one they make, more oil is consumed that will never be used again. Now, recycling; I recycle, but when I actually Googled where the plastic goes, it’s not all in a beautiful green recycling mill. Most of it is “Downcycled,” meaning it’s broken down so that it biodegrades easier. If you think that bottled water is healthier than tap or fountain, you’re very wrong. In quality tests across the country, tap water continuously proved to be a healthier source of H2O than the bottle industry. Even though it’s more convenient to chug 0.9 fl. oz. of water than go

home to fill up, it’s almost just as a little, that’d be 6,697,254,041 convenient to stop next to a water people helping the planet. This fountain when you pass by and be school has 1,263 of those people, okay for the next few hours. You’re so we’ve only a few billion left. So, not going to dehydrate. It’s cool to seriously, recycle your recyclables, drink from ecological sources. I and stop drinking bottled water. drink from fountains and taps, and Another thing. You love I’m really awesome. bottled water, right? Ok, here’s When you take the economic an idea I’m sure you thought of standpoint, a bottle before. You take of water priced at a bottle, you drink $1.99, compared to the contents, you the same amount take the bottle, of water from your and you fill it up kitchen sink, is with tap water. about 2000 times There you go. more expensive. You’re getting That’s like paying your precious almost $10,000 convenience, for a triple-cheese This water bottle could have been you’re not raping whopper at BK. So, recycled into something cooler, the soil, and you’re like my shoes. you’re increasing not crippled in gas costs, you’re any way. Win-win, paying way too much for a basic right? Well, there you go, go do it. need, you’re paying tax on it, and Here’s another possible your other tax money goes to solution. You can buy a thermos. shipping the waste of the industry Yes, a thermos would be a smart to India and places like that. choice if you wish to look awesome I know that “one person” can’t do while drinking water. I don’t see much, but look at it the way I do. why people need to look awesome There are 6,697,254,041 people while drinking water, but whatever in this world (as of 2008). If every floats your boat, people. “one person” goes green, even Well, I’ve said all I can say to

get you to abandon the oil-guzzling, plastic-wasting, money-spending contraption that occasionally spills a bit of water in your mouth. But I can’t, or rather, am not permitted to slap the bottle out of your hand, so I have to leave the decision to you. Would you rather be addicted to ruining the environment, or would you rather show some responsibility that I know you may possess? The choice is simple people: drink water from bottles and ruin the planet, or drink water from cleaner sources and preserve the planet for future generations of water drinkers.

“Ms. McGuire would be a great judge on American Idol because she tells it like it is.” Anonymous “Ms. McGuire would be a good judge because she is funny and honest.” Sarah Leggett, 12th

“Ms. Oliver would be a good judge since she has experience with music.” Cruz Tapia, 12th

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Do not use these and save Earth.

AMERICAN VIKING Morgan Reynolds The beloved “talent” competition American Idol is returning to Fox with its tenth season this January. American Idol was once a staple subject of conversation throughout many American households. Although many simply watch the show for the humorous auditions, American Idol shows no signs of slowing down. That is, other than the fact that three out of four of the current judges will not be returning for season ten. Simon Cowell is finally leaving American Idol to devote more of his efforts to the success of his own show, The X Factor. In order to shake up the judging panel following Cowell’s departure, Kara DioGuardi will not be a judge for season ten. In addition, Ellen DeGeneres is also parting ways with American Idol. Judge Randy Jackson will remain for season

ten. Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, has been officially announced as a judge for next season. Jennifer Lopez has also been added to the panel. There have been many rumors surrounding the departure of the three judges. Students at North Forsyth were asked to vote for a faculty member who would be a good addition to American Idol. “Ms. Kelley would be a good judge on American Idol.” Sherod Cherry, 9th

“I think Mrs. Durkos would be a great judge because e v e n though the truth hurts, she will still tell you straight up.” Michael Mabry, Teachers Mrs. Beadle and Mr. Moss 12th

“fill in” as replacement judges “Mr. Moss would be on American Idol. a great judge-he’s brutally honest!” Mr. Armstrong, teacher “Coach Moss would be a good judge because he would judge “Mrs. Beadle, of course!” people very harshly.” Aaron Felts, Gabby Schiller, 12th 10th

“Mrs. Metz would be good because she has a really fun personality, and she would be a fair judge.” Katie Waycaster, 11th “I think that Mr. Gregory would be a great judge.” Jared Berry, 11th “Mrs. Booe would be a great judge because she is funny and is not afraid to tell the truth.” Heather Ledford, 10th “I would choose Mr. Snavely or Mr. Wilson. They are both very analytical.” Brock Crowe, 12th

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“Ms. McGuire would be a great judge on American Idol because she tells it like it is.” Anonymous “Ms. McGuire would be a good judge because...

October page 10  

“Ms. McGuire would be a great judge on American Idol because she tells it like it is.” Anonymous “Ms. McGuire would be a good judge because...