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Vikings Raid Europe

Bryan Mihu

Over the summer there was a school-sponsored trip to Europe. The group traveled to Rome, Florence, Monaco, Nice, and Paris. The people who were part of this event came home with some amazing stories of monuments, people, and new foods that they were graced with the opportunity to experience. Amanda Tuttle had a wonderful time traveling and would have even liked to stay in Italy and France if possible. She talked about seeing the Mona Lisa and of the new foods she got to try out while on vacation. She finished by saying “It was way more than I expected, it was so great.” Kala Spencer loved the trip as well. She said “I loved all the pasta and the scenery there.” Italy is what she chose as her favorite place out of all of Europe, and even more so was visiting Pompeii in Italy. She hopes to be lucky enough to visit Europe and Italy after she gets into college. The school trip to Europe was a successful endeavor. There were sights of all kinds to see including churches, famous art in museums such as the Louvre, and even beautiful beaches. The experience helped to expand the students’ horizons.

This summer, students here at North Forsyth indulged themselves in several movies. Whether it was a movie that was new for the summer or a movie that was new to them over the summer, the students sounded as if they enjoyed themselves. There were several major titles that were released over the summer. Some included Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Elisha Kollock who watched the new Transformers movie stated, “The movie was interesting, actionpacked, suspenseful, and it kept me on my toes.” Joshua Ramnath saw a new movie over the summer titled Columbiana. He enjoyed the movie, saying, “It was full of action

Photos By: A. Durkos

Aaron Pleasant

North students enjoying Europe.

Dear Captain Lockhart, Now, I don’t really enjoy being in class all that often, so I tend to go out and grab some food instead. What is the best fast food place to go to when skipping class? Sincerely, Dum and Hungry. Dear Dum and Hungry, Well, I haven’t done an extensive study on this, but I plan on spending the next few weeks doing an extensive study. For the time being here is a run-down on the eateries near by. One of the easiest ones to go to is obviously McDonald’s. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and you can order the McBanger: a double cheeseburger with a crispy chicken patty in the middle. There is news that Wendy’s has completely changed their menu, with an all-new taste. We need to send out an expedition crew to find out how these changes affect our enjoyment of their food. Cookout is a big favorite since it is insanely delicious, and there’s no competing with their milkshakes. Bojangles is right there, but it’s kind of a pain to eat when on the run. If you want a sub, you have to either go to Jersey Mike’s; more old-fashioned subs that are fairly expensive and take a while to make, or you can make the long voyage out to Rose’s Deli, because it’s cheaper and delicious, but it’s out of the way. It is delicious.

and suspense, that made it a very intriguing movie” Dillon Hensley, who watched Kung Fu Hustle for the first time over the summer said, “The childish human of Steven Chow shows in the movie, the cartoonish style mixed in with the fighting makes me laugh every time. Remember The Axe Gang!” Hatit Konso watched The Prestige for the first and commented on the film by saying, “Two magicians battling it out was the best part of the film, it has a really interesting ending that confuses the audience.” The Green Lantern, a new movie over the summer was a big success for the movie industry. Graysen Brown watched the film and said, “I enjoyed all of the action scenes, the storyline added to the greatness of the movie.”

Dear Tucker, So, like, I do this class where we um, like, cut up animals and stuff, and it’s totally gross, but whatever. But our teacher like totally complains about having to buy all these gross, dead things. Is there a better way to get animals for dissection in class? Sincerely, Slice like a boss. Dear Slice like a boss, It is completely inane to waste important money on buying animals so our brilliant future surgeons can practice the art of going stabbystabby when we have more important things to fund, like upgraded computers, or some new white boards, or that nice little resource known as paper. It is obvious that our dead animal budget is way too high considering there is an easy way to get past that. The solution? Drive to Mount Airy and just grab them off the side of the road! Sure, they won’t be the perfect substitute for the creatures that were killed by a more scientific method, like gassing or taking a sleepy-time pill, but they would probably work the same, I mean they’re dead. The other big issue would be that the kind folks of Mount Airy might be angry that we stole their food, but I suppose you have to do what you have to do to survive.

Alex Burchette, Chris Ehren, Paul Freeman, and Victoria Miller in a skit. Haley Dillon sings.

Members of the Jazz Ensemble.

Demarcus Miles sings at the show.

Clay Reese and Tucker Lockhart. Photos by: Moriah Gendy

October 6  

Sincerely, Dum and Hungry. Sincerely, Slice like a boss. Dear Tucker, So, like, I do this class where we um, like, cut up animals and stuff,...