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The tallest people in the world reside in the Netherlands, with the male average height of just over six feet!

Lately, the public took an interest in the endeavors of ‘little people’. While I’m not quite sure why America became so enamored by people gripping the ‘shorter end of the stick’, the celebrity status generated for short people because of shows like The Little Couple and Little People, Big World is delightful.

Dwarf tossing, or sometimes called dwarf throwing, is an attraction in which dwarfs wearing special padded clothing or velcro costumes are thrown onto mattresses or at velcro-coated walls. Participants compete to throw the dwarf the farthest. This “sport” has been banned in numerous places.

The shortest living man, 20 year-old He Pingping, stands behind a shoe.

Most Presidents have been several inches above the norm for their times, with the five tallest being Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt.

Morgan Reynolds cowering below several vertically endowed North Forsyth students.

Economists have known for a long time that it pays to be tall. Multiple studies have found that an extra inch of height can be worth an extra $1,000 a year or so in wages, after allowing for education and experience. If you’re 6 feet tall, you probably earn about $6,000 more than the equally qualified 5-foot-6-inch shrimp down the hall.

E. Kincaid

The world’s tallest man on record is Robert Pershing Wadlow, who at the time of his death measured an astounding eight feet and eleven inches. The commemerative statue above is actually a tad smaller than Wadlow in real life.

The Veteran’s Day logo for Google.

Morgan “Shortstack” Reynolds

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Morgan “Shortstack” Reynolds Morgan Reynolds cowering below several vertically endowed North Forsyth students. Dwarf tossing, or sometimes c...

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