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Are Twilight and other fictional series creating false thoughts in these teenage girls’ brains? Twilight’s audience is over 75% teenage girls, but these series

The vampire empire also continues to gross more money with the selling of vampire shirts, fangs, fake blood, and other absurd fan girl memorabilia. The Twilight

If you’ve turned on your TV or read a book lately, you’ve probably caught on to the so-called “Vampire Frenzy.” Everywhere you look you’ll see a glimpse of Twilight, True Blood, or some other crazed series about a dead mythical creature. Even television networks such as Disney and the CW entered the vampire bandwagon. While some shows and movies portray vampires as harmless creatures, in reality vampires are mythical blood-sucking former humans who rise from the dead to prey on the living. Twilight, which made its debut in 2005, and is written by Stephanie Meyer, portrays Bella as a lovesick seventeen year old who is described as plain and boring but has five guys falling in love with her in the first chapter. She can’t live with Edward, her boyfriend with a hobby of watching her sleep at night. These so-called romantic acts shown in the books and movies do not illustrate how teenage puppy love works in real life. What attracts fans to these pale, lustful, creatures that enjoy sucking blood from innocent people? Angelique Robinson, a sophomore who is very into the Twilight sagas, told The Norland, “I like vampires because it’s out of the normal.”

Don’t let this vampire take a bite out of your wallet.

leave girls from every age wanting their own fairy tale vampire romance. Twilight has over 45% of viewers over the age of 25. Even teachers such as Mrs. J. Martin and Mrs. Durkos enjoy the Twilight phenomenon. Mrs. Martin said, “It’s entertaining and an easy read. I enjoy the vampire lure.” More than 350 fan sites are devoted to so called “Edward Lovers,” who spend hours at a time talking about how dreamy he is.

movie cost over $37 million to make, but the series of four books has sold over twenty-five million copies worldwide. The TV series The Vampire Diaries has its version of the vampire sagas also. The Vampire Diaries came from the Night World Series, centered on teenage girl Elena Gilbert, who is torn between two vampire brothers. In 1998 a new spin-off trilogy entitled The Vampire Diaries continued the

series. The Vampire Diaries was then adapted into a television series in September and premiered on the CW. True Blood, a racy television show about the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional small Louisiana town, premiered in June. True Blood is based upon the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. The series centers on Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, which oftens complicates her life. She falls in love with vampire Bill Compton. Thanks to the making of synthetic blood, vampires in this show no longer prey on humans. As True Blood, Twilight, and other vampire series continue to rise in popularity, it is a fad that the people who do not enjoy the badly written tween series about crazed vampires will have to deal with until another ridiculous trend pops up. What’s next? Werewolves? Goblins? Fairies? Who knows!

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Never give out your Social Security number or other personal information unless you know the offer is legitimate. The vampire empire also co...

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