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Senior Predictions 11 Martha Gomez The senior class was surveyed on where they see themselves in eleven years. These are the following responses: Raneisha aneisha “Chef”


Nysasia Martinez, “I see myself married and happy living comfortably with my own business.” Emily Hunt,, “Teaching arts in high school or any other level environment.” Maricruz Hernandez, “Married and have one kid.” Jessica Beard, “Working.” Brittney Boles, “Graduated from high school, in college, and married with kids.” Erica Alvarenga, “Retired already lol.” Florina Billy, “Having a family and jobs.” Troy rich.”



Hamilton, Elisabethe “Dental hygienist.” Stephen Henderson, “Physical therapist.” Heather Hall,, “Working as a medical assistant and possibly married with a kid.”

Kristen Hamel, “I see myself being a music teacher and being happy.”

Sebastian Gomez, anesthesiologist.”

Saranda Sturdivant, hospital.”

Simiyha Garrison, “Teaching degree with two kids and married.”




Stuart Bowen, “Right here in Winston” Gainey, “With a Breyonna Gainey nursing degree” Rudy Benitez, Benitez “Not in N.C.” Banner, Corrissa Banner “Pursuing my dream as a doctor.” Shabazz-Greeley Jamil Shabazz-Greeley, “Being a successful music producer/artist and taking care of my family.” Christopher Hunter, mechanical corporation”




Rashard Green, “Multimillionaire.” “Having



Kristofer Wilson, “Working happily in California in the music industry.” Jattia Simmons,, “At a crime scene.” Luis Angel,, “Family and working.” Jimmy “Meteorologist.”


Andrew Hindes,, “Own my own restaurant.”


Askia Brown, Brown “In a dental school.” Guynn, Brittany Guynn “Registered nurse” Gutierrez, Erik Gutierrez “Teacher.” Iliana Bello, Bello “Probably already married and still working as a nurse.”

Courtney Perdue, “Living on the beach with my husband and daughter.” Logan Hampton, “Get a job.” Christian McCaskill, “In a group singing with my cousin.” Martha Gomez Gomez, “I see myself married, working as a registered nurse, and with two children.” Slater, “Being Kourtland Slater very important a physical therapist.” Joseph Neely II, II “Out of college and having a successful job with an F-250 diesel.”

Donald Wilson, “I see myself in the military (U.S.M.C).”

Sara Rasnick, “Living the mundane life of a nurse.”

Paris Brown, “At UNCG College.”

Phillip Swain, “Living in Washington D.C. or Atlanta and in a penthouse with my wife.”

Jerod Hairston, “Working in a restaurant or catering.”

Shayla Gillespie, “Going to college.”

Isidro Arredondo, career.”


Eric Brown, “On my own.” Kyle Watson, “Working.” Joshua Wilson,, “As a dog handler in the United States Air Force.” Terell Hughes, “Working for a top fashion person.” Dontres Henderson, “Working.”

Katie Brown, “Hopefully out of college teaching first graders.” Jasmine Malachi, “Working as a forensic nurse, married with kids.” Youse, “I see myself William Youse playing football or running for the Olympics.” White, “Making Tyler White movies around the world or chilling in New Zealand.”

Jennifer Spaugh, Spaugh “A physical therapist.”

Friends in Eleven Years Ariana Bartash “Jordan Taylor will be a nurse and have a little dog.” Askia Brown

“Brittany Guynn will be a nurse.” Elisabethe Hamilton

“I see Alannah Russel being a flight attendant with me.” Jessica Beard

“Elisabethe Hamilton will be a dental hygienist.” Brittany Guynn

“Erica Alvarenga, married and with children.” Illiana Bello

“Dallas Burcham, owning a vintage music emporium somewhere in Boone.” Tyler White

“Makayla Lawson will go to an art college and do her best there to potentially be an animator for a studio.” Emily Hunt

“I see Crystal in college for teaching, Andrianna a CNA and Enes being successful.” Saranda Sturdivant “I see Ines Earl as a successful career woman who had graduated with a nursing degree and married with kids.” Phillip Swain

“In 11 years, I see Erica pregnant with a nursing degree and Angie married to an old, rich, black man.” Simiyha Garrison

“I see one of my best friends, Angelique Robinson, married and being the best pastry chef and the coolest mom.” Nyasia Martinez “David Felder will be a cartoon artist.” Christian McCaskill “I can see Katie at home doing chores. Good luck, Cinderelly!” Morgan Reynolds

“Chris Hurd, I think will be building fences in his balling Chevy van.” Brock Crowe

“Catherine Perez, I see her working toward her career goals.” Zachary Scott

“Nyasis Martinez, I see you being married and a big time business woman.” Courtney Perdue

“Tyler Bowen will be a pro soccer player or coach while teaching at a high school.” Matthew Tuttle

“Hannah Jones will be a cosmetologist and Lateria Rushing will be working at a bank.” Jattia Simmons

“Andrew House will be a chemist or something with physics.” Andrew Hindes

“Justin Roberts will be very successful music producer.” Kourtland Slater “Shane Smith, married, 4 kids, a physical therapist and still good friends.” Jasmine Malachi “Cody Petree will be a lawyer or dentist.” Matthew Tuttle “In 11 years, I picture Zach Scott laughing on the beach with a cold drink in his hand and a sugardaddy around the corner.” Sara Rasnick

“Kayla Jones will be working as a nurse and married with a kid.” Heather Hall

May 11  

Jamil Shabazz-Greeley “Being a successful music producer/artist and taking care of my family.” Corrissa Banner, “Pursuing my dream as a doct...

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