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Seniors Say Sayonara A d i o s T e l l Elizabeth Luis Garcia

The seniors were asked to send a farewell mesage to a fellow student. Here are some of their responces: “Shay, see you in the future. Hope you do well,” Saranda Sturdivant “Hanna Jones and Lateria Rushing, my two best friends, I’m gonna miss ya’ll! Stay in touch.” Love Jattia Simmons

“Alex, thanks for being the girl that brought out the best in me this year. Love you,” Stuart Bowen

“Alex Joseph, keep Christopher Hunter


“To the students of North, thanks for letting me chill in this school,” Tyler White

“Jacob, our bromance superlative didn’t make it, but it’s still there,” Kristofer Wishon

“My farewell would be to my best friends, more like sisters, MaryCruz Hernandez and Itzel Dircio. They have been there when I needed them the most. I love them to death, and I just want to thank them for always being there and for their support. I will never forget ya’ll and hope we see each other once we graduate. I also thank God for letting us get to know each other and for becoming what we are today, sisters for life. Love ya’ll,” Martha Gomez

“Katie Waycaster, I wish that I got to know more about you. We need to bond over the summer!” Sara Rasnick

“Justin, you have been there for me no matter what. Thanks,” Kourtland Slater

“Danny, for all the rides home after practice. Thanks man!” Christian McCaskill

“Brandon Clayton, you’re the man. Brothers forever. I love you bro,” Andrew House “Jessica Butner, I am going to miss you a lot,” Jessica Beard

“Angie and Erica, I can’t wait to begin our new chapter in life.” Love, Simiyha Garrison “Bradley, thanks for the laughs and thanks for helping me talk about this school’s “great” football program. Good luck man,” Matthew Tuttle “Briana Caldwell, thanks for being so bright and always knowing how to make me laugh. You’re amazing!” Love, Kristen Hamel “My love, make your senior year unforgettable. I will miss you bunches and I’ll visit. Thanks for everything. I love you, Colt Beshears,” Nyasia Martinez

A m i g o s , S e n i o r s P e e r s G o o d b y e


“Courtney Ann Winfrey, I love you baby. Finish strong,” Andrew

“Walker, go to school man. Quit playing around. Use your mind for good.” Love, Brock Crowe “Rachel Rachel Possinger, we have so many funny memories together. I’ll miss you greatly,” Love, Courtney Perdue


“I want to thank my best friend, Ines, for always being there for me and I’m going to miss you next year,” Phillip Swai Swain “Emily Leggett, I’m glad we now can laugh and talk without screaming at each other!” Zachary Scott

“Sharee Smith, Smith you my sister and I told my mama too lol. I love you best friend!” Jasmine Malachi


It is hard to believe that after four years as a student at North Forsyth my time as a current Viking comes to an end. From the first time I stepped into North until now, I have changed in so many ways. The once quiet and reserved freshman transformed into a more outgoing and sociable person. I attribute this, along with all that I learned, to the incredible faculty and staff at North. With that stated, I would like to thank all of the teachers that I had the pleasure of being taught by In my math classes, Ms. Murdock, Mr. Wilson, and Ms. Dean were always nice and patient. While math has never been my favorite subject, these three teachers were persistent in assuring that all of their students passed and always did so with a smile. For that, I am appreciative. Mrs. Osborne and Mr. Brookshire, being in both of your social studies classes was great. I enjoyed coming to your classes each day because of the amazing jobs that you do as teachers. There was never a dull moment in your classes, in my opinion. Mr. Brookshire, I have never laughed so much in school as I did in your class and as your TA. Thank you so much for always being down to earth.

English has always been one of my favorite subjects in school, and through Ms. Furches, Ms. Snyder, and Mrs. VanSutphen, I became a better writer. English has, by far, been one of the most rewarding classes for me, and I know that the skills I acquired in these classes will serve me well in college and in the future. My science courses were definitely my most difficult ones in high school, but Mrs. Monroe, Mr. Owens, and Ms. Joyce were all incredible. Even though I would become discouraged some days, I made it through because of the amazing job they did and continue to do as teachers. It is also because of these teachers that I realized that a career in forensics is definitely not for me. Mrs. Beadle, you will never know how influential you were in getting me out of the shell that I was in. Being a student in your drama class allowed me to express myself in ways that I couldn’t in other classes. Other teachers that I had, Coach Vestal, Ms. Parker, Ms. Williams, Coach Hall, Coach Alexander, and Coach Travis Atkins, taught me so much about life, and the lessons that I obtained from you all will undoubtedly serve me well in the future. I am extremely grateful to have had all of you as teachers.

Other faculty members that I had the pleasure of working with and meeting, including Mrs. Alwine, Mrs. Beverly, Mrs. Webb, Mr. A., Mrs. Southers, Mrs. Jessup, Mrs. Pisini-Martin, and Ms. Nicholson, are certainly the most amazing and friendliest group of people that I have ever met. I would especially like to thank two teachers, Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Snyder. Mr. Armstrong, being in your class for two years made my high school career both memorable and rewarding. The amazing field trips, assignments, and your great personality made Sports and Entertainment Marketing I and II the most influential classes to my future career. Thank you so much for everything that you have done. Ms. Snyder, you and newspaper were my main reasons for wanting to come to school each day. I know that I would not have made it through high school if it were not for you. Words can not express how internally grateful I am for everything that you have done for me, including recommendation letters and acting as a part-time guidance counselor. You will never know how much of an impact you have had on me and how appreciative I am. Thinking about my life in high school inspired me to write the following poem, which I feel reflects the entire class of 2011 in some way or form.

An old saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever” Including the time people spend together. The steps we’ve made, the halls we’ve trotted, In two more years, we’ll all be forgotten. Legacy then becomes the issue As tears are wiped away with hands or tissue. “What have I done that may last or stick?” There is simply not an answer for any of it. As time progresses on and memories fade Our thoughts and actions which have been made Will all simply vanish without any notice. People will forget and lose all of their focus On the group that grew up in front of their eyes. But this is tradition, so it should come as no surprise That this celebrating class will cease to survive In all of the minds of those whom they’ve met With very little pity and almost no regret. As we embark on a journey that is greater than this Let us always remember and reminisce. On the other hand, there is a bright side to it all. Our photos will be preserved on the yearbook wall. That way, several years from now another class will see and revere And realize that their time for commencement is almost near.

May 10  

“Justin, you have been there for me no matter what. Thanks,” Kourtland Slater “Justin, you have been there for me no matter what. Thanks,” K...