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2 Chris Ehren

When people think of all the American foods, they may think of hotdogs, hamburgers, or even nachos. The food that is universally known and loved by all is wings. Just thinking about all the hot wings, sweet wings, breaded wings, naked wings, BBQ wings, and foreign wings can make your head spin and your mouth water. The dilemma all wing lovers face when it comes to choosing their wings is which restaurant is the best,and so in order to optimize Restaurant


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3. w w w. d r e a m i n g m e t h o d s. com: Dreamingmethods pushes the boundaries of printed fiction to include situations that are hard to fully grasp using only text. These situations may include dreams/nightmares and real or imagined memories. This site is a totally free way to express thoughts and feelings that leave you lost for words. 4. Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that boldly goes where no blogging site has gone before. Tumblr allows for users to post videos, audio files, photos, and uncensored blog posts. Users follow each other to view everything that they post on their own ‘dashboard’, a page similar to but infinitely better than the ‘status feed’ on Facebook. The websites listed are a drop of water in the ocean of the web, but visiting a few lesser known creative websites can broaden your horizons when using Al Gore’s greatest invention.

the wing eating experience, The Norland evaluated the top wing restaurants that will satisfy your wing craving taste buds.


Morgan Reynolds


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While the majority of today’s teenagers are exceedingly tech savvy, many have very little knowledge of all that the World Wide Web has to offer. Sadly, many teenagers who use the internet rarely use more than Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, or various social networking sites. Countless websites remain undiscovered gems, masked by social networking sites, mindless search engines, and a few handpicked entertainment sources. The next time boredom binds you in its savage clutch, test drive one of these dandy websites to cure what ails you. 1. w w w. A great blog for anyone looking to streamline his or her life; lifehacker provides tricks and tips for getting things done. Whether you need tips to help with time management or a shortcut to completing a certain task, lifehacker is a great site to save to your favorites. 2. This site can supply any information that you need about computers. From disabling your keyboard to enabling a ‘boss button’ to conceal goofing off, Howtogeek leaves no technical question unanswered.

East Coast Wings is one of the best wing eateries in town, and when put to the test it was proven true. It offered a variety of flavors ranging from pomegranate to BBQ and different levels of heat intensity, all for a good price. East Coast Wings is definitely the number one wing restaurant in Winston-Salem.

Hooters is a fun restaurant with an up beat atmosphere. The wings are well made, but they do not have a variety of heats or flavors. The price range is affordable considering the quality, but it is more affordable to eat with a group.


Really there isn’t much to say about Pizza Hut. Their wings are a waste of money. The wings are bathed in excess sauce, which wouldn’t be a problem if the sauce tasted good. In order to make the wings hot they just add hot sauce.

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Corrissa Banner Kelly Rowland E x c e l l e n t G o o d N i c e T r y . . . Morgan Reynolds Chris Ehren the wing eating experience, The Norl...

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