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12 Darron Daniels, Jr.

No, this is not a picture of a grandfather with his granddaughter.

One of the most powerful couples in the world is also one of the oddest looking ones.

Matthew Kirby

It’s still hard to believe that these two are actually married with twins on the way.

Sara Rasnick Prepare the kids! Prepare down procedures at checkpoints the wife! The TSA is about to do nationwide as one of our many a pat down! The Transportation layers of security to keep the Security Administration is an traveling public safe. Pat downs agency established in 2001, after are one important tool to help TSA the September 11 terrorist attacks, detect hidden and dangerous items to ensure the safety of American such as explosives. Passengers transportation systems and safe should continue to expect an air flights. unpredictable mix of security TSA is responsible for pat layers that include explosives downs and screening while a trace detection, advanced imaging traveler is leaving t e c h n o l o g y, or entering canine teams, an airport. among others.” Personally, I An unpredictable am against mix! What is an pat downs and unpredictable screening. I mix? I have no think that pat idea what an downs are unpredictable an invasion of mix is, but it one’s privacy. sounds scary and Many people receive pat downs If a passenger it doesn’t make whether they want to or not. has to receive a pat me want to take a down, he or she has trip anywhere. the option to go to a private room If the TSA lightened up, there with an officer of the same sex and would probably be less chaos at be patted down. The passenger the airports, and the fliers wouldn’t also has the option of taking a be antsy. The TSA should relax friend with him or her. Honestly, if a little on their searches, and in a burly woman pats me down in a doing so, the amount of frequent secluded room, I’d feel extremely fliers could drastically increase. violated. I’d feel even more violated While the TSA does make safer if I was patted down in public where flying conditions, they could be everyone watched. more relaxed about some of their On October 28, 2010, the TSA policies; they could make taking a stated that they were “…in the trip more enjoyable for everyone. process of implementing new

While traveling by air this year, a great invention because it gives don’t be surprised when you walk people like me a piece of mind. into the airport and you’re asked to When I’m sitting in my seat on an walk through a full body scanner or airplane listening to my iPod and resting, I don’t want to be disturbed get patted down by a TSA agent. Pat-down procedures at by some crazy person waving a airports have been enhanced. gun in my face. I surely do not want Before TSA agents were only to be in the sky and all of a sudden allowed to use the palms of their hear this big explosion because hands to do the searching. But someone brought a bomb on the now that Transportation Security plane. Previously, airports didn’t have this type Administration or of technology, TSA has a new which increased pat-down the risk of terrorist procedure. attacks, but with Agents now the heightened use their security and fingers to better technology do the job. that is available, Security guards it makes me literally grope a feel safe on an person. They feel You have molestation or airplane. all over a person’s radiation, take your pick. I love the fact private area. I agree that I am able to with this procedure because when I’m on an airplane walk onto a plane and feel safe. I want to be safe. I wouldn’t want After 2001, I wouldn’t have even to be on an airplane with someone thought of getting onto an airplane. I was afraid that I was going to get who is carrying weapons. The full-body scanner takes onto one of these planes and there advantage of the fact that at certain would be a man with a bomb on wavelengths electromagnetic board. Dying before my time isn’t waves can pass through clothing something I want to do; I definitely to reveal concealed weapons that don’t want to be dead because a person may be carrying. These of some crazy person. The new wavelengths can pass through technology is good, and I’m glad clothing but not through skin. It is that airports now require a person to go through a full body scanner.

is, but for some reason, I can just imagine her wearing the pants in the relationship. While Cannon has repeatedly affirmed that Carey was always his celebrity dream crush, I just don’t see how they could have ended up together and what they could have in common. Finally, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are two stars that appear to be in completely different leagues. I could imagine Ashton dating someone younger like Jessica Alba and Demi with someone older like Alec Baldwin. To me, Ashton looks like he is on a leash, or Demi’s little puppy. The truth, however, is that true love doesn’t just involve good looks or two people being in the same age range. Perhaps the best relationships are the ones that appear to be mismatches in our eyes.,,20198845,00.

Marc Anthony “cowers” beside his larger wife, JLo.

Eve 2010, the eighty-four year old proposed to his twenty-four year old girlfriend and Playmate. He is technically old enough to be her great-grandfather, a thought that just makes me sick. Seriously, at this point, their relationship is at more of a countdown state than one surrounded around thoughts of being together for several years. Despite being big fans of both of them, singers Beyonce and Jay-Z are two people that I never would have imagined together. Nevertheless, they are one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples, and their private relationship appears to be as strong as ever. When Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married last year, I was stunned. I never would have imagined that a diva like Carey would settle down with someone like Nick Cannon. Not only is she around nine years older than he

could a man the size of Anthony give? I could actually imagine him hiding behind her. When I see the younger couple of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, two words come to my mind: statutory assault. Gomez is currently eighteen, while Bieber is still sixteen. Legally, Bieber is considered to be a minor, which means that if he and Selena were to…, then she could be convicted of a crime. I am not saying that they are the worst looking couple; it’s just that I can picture Selena dating someone a little older, like me. Now, while some may not believe that a two year age difference is all that bad, you have to agree that a sixty year age difference is just ridiculous. That is the case for Mr. Playboy Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. On Christmas

Surely everyone has spotted a couple that makes him or her think, “What in the world are they doing together?”. I do it all the time. Some couples look like complete opposites to each other, meaning that they appear to be extremely incompatible when together. Here are a few famous couples who I think of as “incompatible”. Personally, I dislike seeing couples where the woman is much taller and bigger than the man. It makes the man look weaker and inferior to the woman that he is with. This is what comes to my mind when I see Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony together. She is so much bigger in stature than her shorter, skinnier husband of over six years. Seriously, she looks as if she could manhandle him. I mean, if someone were to attempt to harm JLo, how much help

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Darron Daniels, Jr. One of the most powerful couples in the world is also one of the oddest looking ones. Many people receive pat downs whet...

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