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Volume LI, No. 3

North Forsyth High School

Winston-Salem, NC

March 2011

Oh No, New Schedule Martha Gomez

The Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County School Board of Education voted 6-1 on November 24, 2010, to approve a new daily schedule for high schools that will take effect in August 2011. Under the new schedule, students will take 90 minute classes. Most classes will last a semester, though some advanced placement, International Baccalaureate classes, art classes, and foreign language classes will be taught on alternating days throughout the year. Mrs. Vestal, who teaches Spanish, said, “I am excited that we are going back to the block schedule, but I think it will take a while to get used to the A/B day. One benefit is that we will have extra time to prepare for class, but the downside to the schedule is that we will have twice as many students and parents. I guess time will tell… Ask me again next year!”

Miss Jackson, an English teacher, stated, “I’m not excited about it, but I guess we “have” to do what we “have” to do.” The school system is changing the schedule for three main reasons: instructional, logistical, and financial. Results from test scores last year showed students performed at about the same level in block and yearlong classes. Also, students have problems getting all the classes they request in the current schedule. Plus, a unified schedule with seven periods has proven to be extremely difficult

7 periods (teach 5)

7 periods (teach 6)

8 periods or 4X4 (teach 6)

Student Load




Teacher Load






Cost Factor


NewsPulse Matthew Kirby

Tobruk, Libya – Moammar Gadhafi is vowing to hold power or die a “martyr.” The people of Libya want him out of office, but he says he won’t be going. “This is my country, the country of my grandfathers,” the 68year old leader said. Protesters gathered at Tripoli, but were fired on by people on foot who appeared to be wearing plain clothing, a witness said. A woman was pulled from the rubble after a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand. Ann Bodkin took cover under her desk when the earthquake struck Christchurch, killing many people. She was trapped in her office building for 24-

to schedule. It also doesn’t make transferring between schools easier. In addition, the new schedule will balance money for the 2011-12 school year. Mr. Bass, the principal of North Forsyth, affirmed, “I believe that we are trying to create a schedule that will help all students.” Mr. Holt, the assistant principal, stated, “I feel that there will be some issues with it, but overall it should work for students.” The Board of Education decided on a 4-period block schedule with alternating “A” days

hours. When she was pulled from the rubble, the sun came out, almost like God turned the lights on. Justin Bieber debuted a mature haircut. “I have had the same haircut for 3-years now, and I was tired of it getting in my face and in my eyes; it was time for a change,” the 16-year old performer said. He was filming a music video with Rascal Flatts when he transformed his look. Bieber fans probably couldn’t “beliebe” their eyes. Malcolm X’s daughter was denied bail in North Carolina. New York plans to expedite her on charges from over a year ago. Malikah Shabazz is accused of using the identity of one of her father’s former bodyguards to run up $55,000 in credit-card debts.

and “B” days. Students will take eight classes a year, going to four of them on “A” day and four of them on a “B” day. Mr. Burleson, the Assistant Superintendent of High School Administration, said, “The schedule should work very well for students. Almost 95% of the high schools in North Carolina have some type of block schedule.” As a result, art classes are changing in the new schedule. Ms. Steele, who teaches art, declared, “I hate it. I don’t want to juggle three hundred students and try and keep their work straight. It diminishes the ability to form relationships with students and to teach in depth. It also limits the projects that can be attempted and makes keeping track of work a nightmare. It also increases damage to work.” In conclusion, most of the staff is excited about the new schedule; however, next year’s schedule will be confusing since students will have more classes than they have now.

Politicians in Trouble Amanda Szyjka •

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) released his autobiography Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances in which he revealed his sexual abuse as a child. Former Senator J o h n Edwards (D-NC) may be indicted by a federal g r a n d jury for possible misuse of campaign funds. It is alleged that he used funds to support his mistress Rielle Hunter. Senator Christopher Lee (R-NY) resigned after sending pictures of himself shirtless to a woman he met

on Craigslist. The former senator claimed he was a divorced lobbyist and lied about his age. Senator Scott Bundgaard (AZ) avoided arrest after a highway altercation with his girlfriend by claiming he has immune from arrest as a lawmaker. His girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, was booked for domestic v i o l e n c e assault. • Olivia Harris, the campaign treasurer for Senator Ulysses S. Currie (MD), pled guilty to stealing more than $150,000 by using the senator’s ATM card from 2007-2009.

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