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Isaac Capers: Teachers having a heart attack. Robert G. Keisler: Coming without my backpack. Sara Brookshire: Freshman year I tripped up the stairs and my skirt flew up and I flashed the seniors behind me and I was so embarrassed. Emily Kincaid: Pretty recently I tripped up the stairs wearing a dress, very embarrassing!

Justin Barnes Soon the seniors of North Forsyth are going to graduate and leave their well-known high school environment and home. Many students will be going to college while others will join the armed forces or find a job. No matter which path graduates take, they have a future to look forward to. Here is where the class of 2010 see themselves in 2020. Brittany Champion Working towards owning my own café Muriel Hilliard Hopefully alive and working as a psychologist Brittny Cameron Married, successful with a family Emily Kincaid Teaching history and living in a larger city Geoffrey Hauser Being a teacher or working in a chemistry lab Edgar Eulises Calbo Herrera I see myself in an office of a law firm

Geoffrey Hauser: Freshman year, I walked into the wrong room.

There have been many scary, disturbing events that over the years at North Forsyth seniors experiences are no exception. Whether it has been something they’ve done or something they’ve witnessed, seniors have seen and done it all. The following are the most disturbing moments of seniors:

D e r e k Stubbs: Tacky day, I saw many things that shouldn’t be worn together.

Brittney Dehart: Being locked in the boys’ bathroom as a ninth grader. Hannah Dezarn: Finding out who my real friends were, the hard way.

Lunch lines are horrific and disturbing.

Jarius Penn: Playing on the football team blind. Meghan Spruill: Stupid girls! They can’t live without drama all four years. Anthony Melchor: My first day when I was a new person and everyone said I talked funny.

Katie Holbrook Married, teaching music classes with kids James Ramos Fashion designer, Lauren

Brittany Champion: I fell asleep and when my teacher called my name to answer the question, I didn’t know the answer.



Adam Muse Coaching college or high school basketball Jamal Toney Owning my own skate park and skate shop Christopher Melton Still in college or working on a farm Derek Stubbs Hopefully in a house in well financial standing Martha Chalen Married with a great nursing job and kids

Jasmine Thornton: Fainting in math class and being taken to the office in a wheelchair by the assistant principal. Abby Brooks: People in the lunch line.

ShaKarra Thomas: When I got in a “car accident” my junior year. Will McGarty: When I realized I had to pay to park. Lyndsey Dunston: Every morning watching freshmen play tag in the hallways.

April Carter, Logan Brendle: Mr. Longstreet’s pants fell down at the pep rally!

Jarius Penn As a physician or nurse

Jessica Garcia Living in California

Adam Trollinger Married with kids and a good job

Shaina Davis In ten years I see myself with a successful career, a husband with at last one child, fully self-supportive and saved

Savanna Mabe Owning my own salon Jonathon McDaniel Working at an upscale restaurant or teaching history

Jordan Leathers Lawyer

Anthony Melchor As a teacher in a middle school

Bethany Evans Teaching kids from kindergarten to second grade

Brooke Gibson I hope to be working hands-on for films or TV shows

Chelsea Oakes In Japan working for an international law firm

Jonathon Olivares At New York City or LA living it up

ShaKarra Thomas I see myself with a good job and well educated living a comfortable life

Justin Barnes As a cardiologist and married

Ashley Sparks I see myself out West chasing tornadoes

Will McGarty I see myself with a small and young family with a couple dogs and a steady income

Hannah Dezarn Living close to the beach with an amazing journalism job

Galen Mackaronis Overseas on a archaeologist]




April Ellis In the air force or working in the government Zuleima Evaristo I see myself working as an accountant and with a big family, my husband and my children Sherrelle Alexander Ten years from now I see myself on the up rise of starting my own law firm and being a lawyer internationally

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Jasmine Thornton: Fainting in math class and being taken to the office in a wheelchair by the assistant principal. Jarius Penn: Playing on th...

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