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Justin Barnes

North Forsyth has many coaches who sponsor different sports, but out of all these coaches, students favor one over another. Some like how nice the coach is in the classroom, and some prefer a coach during the game. The seniors voted for the best coach at North Forsyth, which included a three-way tie for third place.

Students have that one teacher who becomes their favorite during their high school career. The teacher might be their favorite because he or she makes learning fun or because the teacher has had the student several years in a row or perhaps the teacher is their favorite coach. Here are the top five favorite teachers according to the seniors of North Forsyth:

Second place is:

There was a tie for favorite teacher:

Mrs. Doby There was a tie for third place:

1. Coach Vestal

3. Coach Alexander

Ms. Snyder

Coach David Atkins

Mrs. Vestal

Mrs. Dean


2. Coach Owens

3. Coach T. Atkins

3. Coach Bowles

Emily Kincaid From the Shooting Team to Skate Club, seniors participated in a wide variety of clubs available at North Forsyth. These seniors chose their favorite club and explained just why they love it. Zack Hines – Shooting Team, it has guns. Jonathon Olivares – My favorite club is NAHS, we got free food. Emily Kincaid – FTA: we have fun and Ms. Lewis is great!

Emma Drauszewski Yesenia Evaristo – Being part of the tennis and soccer teams, because I made several new friends. Carmon Hemingway – HOSA, it’s about the medical field which I am really interested in. Erica Munoz – Tennis, everyone is supportive. Brittney Dehart – ROTC, it has taught me a lot and has given me a good idea of what I want to do in the future.

Ashley Sparks – Science Academic Team because it pushed me to my limit.

Hannah Dezarn – Valkyries! It made my tenth grade year my favorite.

Abby Brooks – Running track, I got in shape.

Brooke Gibson – I enjoyed being on Student Council because I was always there to help make important decisions for the school!

Adam Trollinger – Shooting Team because we did things we all enjoyed. Justin Barnes – Mu Alpha Theta, I had fun helping tutor students. Zuleima Evaristo - Spanish Club, because we would sell candy around the school.

Katie Holbrook – Valkyries, I was a choreographer and loved all the girls! Jarius Penn – Spanish Club, the activities were awesome and thoughtful.

Every person has something or someone that pushes him or her to succeed. This year’s North Forsyth seniors share their motivation sources: “The military,” Robert G. Keisler “My family and teachers,” Geoffrey Hauser

“Experiencing something new at college and becoming a doctor,” Justin Barnes “My willingness to succeed in life and the happiness I will give my parents,” Yesenia Evaristo “My parents and the desire to make a career,” Zuleima Evaristo

“Me and my family,” Brittany Champion

“My family and the dreams and aspirations I have for myself,” ShaKarra Thomas

“My grandmother,” Savanna Mabe

“My mother and myself,” Carmon Hemingway

“My mom,” Edgar Eulises Calbo Herrera

“My father, Rodney Ellis, Sr.,” April Ellis

“Getting out of Winston-Salem and exploring the world!” Emily Kincaid

“Myself. I believe so much in my future and myself. I don’t really need motivation. I know it sounds corny but it’s in my heart. I have to do this. I have plans for my life,” Shaina Davis

“My parents and my brother,” Hannah Dezarn “Getting out of Winston-Salem has been my ultimate goal to graduate,” Brooke Gibson “Brooke Gibson,” Jonathan Olivares

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Ashley Sparks – Science Academic Team because it pushed me to my limit. Jarius Penn – Spanish Club, the activities were awesome and thoughtf...

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