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2 North Forsyth’s Finest VIKING VETERANS Everyday, thousands of men and women fight for the country they love. It is only fitting that they receive the proper recognition and praise for their hard work and dedication to the country. Veterans are among a special elite group of people who fought for the freedoms that Americans have today. North Forsyth is very fortunate to have several Vikings (both past and present) that have so rightfully earned the title of “Veteran.” Aaron Barth, who graduated from North in 2002, has served in the US Air Force for two and a half years and plans on serving at least twenty more. He is currently stationed at Offutt AFB in Nebraska where he works in Medical

Logistics. This job requires him to order, receive, and deliver supplies for the base hospital. His title is Senior Airman. Aaron deployed to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan from January 2009 to July 2009. “I not only consider serving my country as my duty, but one of my biggest honors. Veterans are a BIG part of this country’s history and the reason for the freedoms (we) enjoy today,” he declared. North Forsyth’s current Teacher of the Year, Mr. Scott Armstrong, served in the Marine Corps for four years and has also been a teacher at North for four years. Having the opportunity to spend five months on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea along with going to Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Romania,

Former North Forsyth student Aaron Barth (second from left) at his promotion ceremony.

North Forsyth’s current Teacher of the Year, Mr. Scott Armstrong, served in the Marine Corps.

Malta, and Tunisia were among Mr. Armstrong’s most memorable experiences in the Marine Corps. “Joining the Marines was the second best decision I’ve ever made, after getting married,” he avowed. ESL assistant Mr. Rick Foreman served in the Marine Corps for an astonishing twentysix years and has been at North for six. He stated, “Meeting and marrying my wife and the birth of my two sons,” were the highlights of his experience in the Marine Corps. “The Marine Corps motto is ‘Semper Fi’ which means ‘Always Faithful’. I have tried to apply this in everything I’ve done in life and it has served me well,” he affirmed.

JROTC teacher Sgt. James Feimster, who has been at North for five and a half years, served in the Air Force for twenty-four years. He said that he had so many memorable experiences, “but in general (to) be able to travel around the world and see how others live” was the best experience. One of the definitions of a veteran is someone who is seasoned or rendered competent through trial and experience. All of North Forsyth’s very special veterans perfectly fit this description. North Forsyth is truly grateful for the work that they have done for the country and all that they continue to do to serve us now.

Darron Daniels, Jr.

Mr. Rick Foreman (right) on the cover of Life magazine in August 1967.

Sgt. James Feimster served in the Air Force for twenty-four years.

Emily Kincaid On April 15-17, the North (Eliza Albritton) and brought to Forsyth Performing and Fine the lair of Fagin (Mr. Tim Cook, Arts Department presented their the chorus teacher at Northwest rendition of Lionel Bart’s play Middle School), a criminal who Oliver! With a talented cast, intricate teaches young boys to pickpocket. scenery, and beautiful costumes, Oliver also meets Nancy (Lyndsey Dunston), the girlfriend of evil Bill Oliver! was Sykes, who a treat for immediately audiences. s h o w s The play m o t h e r l y Oliver! is based affection on the novel towards Oliver. Oliver Twist Oliver is then by Charles taken in by Dickens. The the kind Mr. play opens in Brownlow a workhouse in (Kevin Bryan) Britain where but once again the orphans is brought back perform the to Fagin’s den play’s first The soloists belt a song out in by Nancy and m u s i c a l North’s production of Oliver. Bill. Nancy attempts number, “Food to return Oliver to Mr. Glorious Food.” The orphans live in squalor and hunger, Brownlow, regretting her decision but one orphan, Oliver Twist (played to return him to a life of crime, but by Jimmie “JJ” Jeter, Jr.), dares she is murdered by Bill. Justice is to ask for more. He is thrown out finally served, though, and Bill is of the workhouse by the greedy killed by a police officer, and Oliver caretakers Mr. Bumble and Widow is returned to safety. The cast was full of talented Corney (Mason Norwood and Matrisha Stafford.) Oliver is sold vocalists who made each song to the undertaker Mr. Sowerberry pleasant. One beautiful song was and his wife (Clay Reese and “Who Will Buy,” which featured Ashley Harris) but runs away six soloists including Se’Naia LaTasha Spruill, after a commotion. Then, he is Simpson, picked up by the Artful Dodger Matrisha Stafford, Callie Yohn,

so it was great to just get up on and Sheila Young. The play also benefited from stage.” the talents of many North Forsyth Chad Cartwright, who played teachers– Ms. Beadle as director, Dr. Grimwig and who operated the Ms. Troy as music director, Ms. sound board, also felt positive about Rodriguez as choreographer, and his experience in the production of Mr. Sigler as bassoon player. Many Oliver!, stating, “This was the first students were time I’ve run also behind sound and the scenes, acted and including while doing E b o n i e both was Mitchell stressful, I’m and Gabby glad I did it S c h i l l e r because it was as Stage really fun. The Manager and entire theater Assistant department S t a g e has grown Manager, exponentially C h a d and I’m proud Cartwright as The orphans of Oliver sing about their hunger to be a part of in “Food, Glorious Food.” sound board the family.” operator, Oliver! A s h l e y was a Caulfield as light board operator, fantastic production and a true Rudea Coles and Becca Marion testament to the strides that Ms. as follow spot operators, and Beadle has made to expand the Sequoia Pettigrew, Matt Tuttle, Performing Arts Department in her and Amy Whitman as backstage time at North Forsyth. Those who running crew. missed the play missed an hour of Despite being an ambitious incredible music, talented acting, undertaking, those involved in the and a great time. production of the play remained calm. “I wasn’t nervous,” said Matrisha Stafford. “I had a lot of fun. I enjoy singing and dancing

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Emily Kincaid Darron Daniels, Jr. Mr. Rick Foreman (right) on the cover of Life magazine in August 1967. Former North Forsyth student Aaron...

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