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NORLAND Volume XLX, No. 7

North Forsyth High School

Ebonie Mitchell

Jose Guzman

The world has undergone many drastic changes in the last four years. From electing the first AfricanAmerican president to watching the lives of countless celebrities fall apart, America faced many hardships since 2006. The senior class of 2010 was asked about their own personal growth and changes during the last four years. Below are their responses.

Hannah Dezarn: “I’ve grown up so much and finally become the person I’ve always wanted to be.” Jasmine Thornton: “I’m not the wallflower I once was and I do more than read outside of school.”

Ashley Sparks: “I have become more mature.” Abby Brooks: “I have learned a lot about myself.” Adam Muse: “I have become more outgoing.” Jarius Penn: matured.”




Meghan Spruill: “I have become much quieter and I’ve realized how one thing can change your life in just the blink of an eye.” Brittney Dehart: “I have matured.” Candias McAdams: “I have grown more mature.” Adrian Torres: more talkative

“I am a lot and outgoing.”

Morgan Reynolds

Winston-Salem, NC

Will McGarty

Brittny Cameron: “I have matured and learned to stay focused and learned to live life with no regrets.”

Sara Brookshire: “I’ve become more outgoing and relaxed.”

Isaac Capers: “I got taller.” Logan Brendle: “I’m much more mature and athletic.”

Brooke Gibson: “I’ve opened up so much! I’ve really matured and I’m not the super shy person I used to be.”

Geoffrey Hauser: attention in school.”

Jonathan Olivares: “I’ve gained confidence.”




Emily Kincaid: “I’ve become more nerdy and I embrace it!” Justin Barnes: “I’ve matured and become more responsible.”


April Carter: “I’ve matured and become more serious about school work.”

Savanna Mabe: “I’ve matured a lot and I’ve gained more respect and confidence in myself.”

Jamal Toney: “I’ve grown wiser, but I found a way to still have a good time.”

Jessica Styers: “I’ve grown up a lot! I’m dedicated to making something of myself, not only for myself but for my family too, especially my daughter!”

April Ellis: “I have grown and matured in many ways. From acting like a child to becoming a young adult, I have learned important lessons in responsibility and taking school seriously.”

Anthony Melchor: “I am grateful for all that I have.”

Katie Holbrook: “My attitude has done a complete 180.”

June 2010

Amber Harrison

Adam Trollinger: “I went through puberty.”

Jonathan McDaniel: “I grew up and became a better person.”

senior isissue

Yesenia Evaristo: “I think that I am more responsible now and I am more serious about life.” Will McGarty: “I’ve grown a lot, in heart and in health. I’ve learned that there is only one judge, and it is yourself.” Sherrelle Alxander: “I have changed so much, especially after my 10th grade year. I traveled to Japan and it taught me so much about myself and where I stand in society.” Bethany Evans: “I’ve learned not to care about what people say about me, because I know myself and so do my friends.” Erica Munoz: “I have matured and I have a greater understanding of things.”

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Erica Munoz: “I have matured and I have a greater understanding of things.” Abby Brooks: “I have learned a lot about myself.” Geoffrey Hause...

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