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9 Opinions Athletes...Uncovered Alex Padgett

Emma Drauszewski Daily, thousands of people cut their TV’s on to ESPN to check different games and their teams’ scores. But have you ever taken a closer look behind the scenes? There is a saying, “It just gets better with age”. Well, I think it applies to athletes as well. Just think, players are going to get better and better with every season they play. Older players are more experienced, have more knowledge, and enjoy playing the game just for the sheer joy, not the money. For example, Randy Johnson, a pitcher for the Diamondbacks, was in his late forties before he retired, after completing his goal of 300 wins. He was an older player who had no need for drugs to give him a boost at the end of his career. Another example is Mike Smith, a 45 year old jockey. Recently, he and Zenyatta (his horse) won the Breeders Cup, making Zenyatta the richest mare to win with a purse of $6,404,580. Mike was able to win the cup because of his many years of experience with horses. I really admire Mike because he has good morals and does not let fame go to his head. Being old is not a downside.

Liz Johnson

Walking into Bank of America field, the home of the Carolina Panthers, I can sense the real athletes and the ones who just have big egos. They strut around like bantam roosters, thinking they are all the ish. Most, not all, athletes think they can do no wrong because they are athletes and therefore invincible. There are about fifty-three players on an NFL team. Of those, e l e v e n are on the field at a time. That leaves forty-two second and third string players. Those fortytwo walk around with ‘swagger’ because they are wearing a jersey on Sunday. Fresh rookies out of college think they are all bad when they get the opportunity to start. If they get the slightest chance to land a hard lick on someone, they waste no time. Jumping up and down, thinking they made a stellar play, won’t look good when they realize they get a $50,000 fine for the knock out.

On November 7th, I watched a rookie safety give Austin Collie a shot to the head. That rookie was upset because he got called for unnecessary roughness (15 yard penalty leading to a Colts score). I understand the thrill of playing, but rookies have to learn to be competitive not dangerous. Besides, most athletes on any level are just warming the bench and don’t even see the field unless the coach moves out of their direct line of vision. Younger athletes look up to bigger names, like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), who used human growth hormones. Kids look up to them but their basic message is, “You don’t need to respect your body. Use steroids and you can be like me.” With younger athletes wanting to be like their heroes, who use steroids, the games we love to watch will soon consist of no talent, all biceps. The next time you watch an NFL game just think about the dangers that surface when a player, who has a big ego, steps on the field. With the egos and steroids of today, the game will become 5% talent, 5% steroids, and 90% ego.

Sara Rasnick in. I know they are handling this in There are many controversial a good and respectful way by not topics that arise when talking pushing what they believe in on about polygamy such as cheating, everyone else. religion, and ethics. Polygamy is There are rumors that Utah when a man or woman is married authorities are going to charge the to more than one spouse. Browns with felony bigamy. I think Is polygamy cheating? In that this is terrible. These people some respects, it is. Honestly, how were offered can one man a chance to love multiple film their lives w o m e n so the world equally? could see It is not what it was possible like inside their at all. The daily lives. man just Them being w a n t s under criticism to have for how they different live and what women every they believe in night who is hypocritical. are willing Sister Wives is the new show about a Our country prides to contribute to polygamist family. itself in how open his bills and take we are to new care of his kids. beginnings and new challenges. In Personally, I would be irate every my opinion, this family isn’t harming time I saw my husband kissing anyone by living this way. another female, or doing anything So the next time you watch this else with them. I would also feel as television show, remember that if I wasn’t as important as another this family is a normal family and one of his wives. all they want is a chance to share Religion is a big issue when their story. I for one think that this is people talk about polygamy. While great and more power to them for my religion says that we should standing up for what they believe love one another equally, a few in. questions do rise in my head

In the summer of 2010 the show Sister Wives aired. The season has ended for the time being, but their fifteen minutes of fame has not been rendered. The show is based around the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and his fourth wife Robyn. Kody and his wives have thirteen kids together as well as three step-children. While some people are angered by the way the Browns are open and proud of the bigamy they commit, I find that in a lot of ways bigamy can be good. I think life has to be so much easier for the family of twenty. With that many people under one roof of course there will be fights, but there is also a lot of love. I bet that household is one clean house. With three mothers and thirteen children they have to have a chore chart or a way to designate who cleans what and where. Another way to look at it is that the children always have someone to play with. I think that bigamy can teach a man to stay faithful to all of his wives while teaching him to support his family. In the event that one of Kody’s wives dies he has three other wives to take care of his children. I believe the Brown family is brave for the way they are standing up for what they believe

I also believe there is an upside to athletes having high salaries. Players are paid for their talents. Athletes begin with an average salary of $79,000 which slowly increases as their skills improve. Players go through vigorous training to get on a team and should receive recognition for their hard work. Higher salaries help players pay for medical bills or school tuition, and some even use their money for good, like Ricky Prohl who built Prolific Park in N o r t h Carolina. A l s o , players do not receive a n y money after t h e y retire, so they must save what they make during the seasons. I think they deserve what they earn. There are ups and down to being a professional athlete, but there are reasons for every decision made in the sports world. You just have to look for them.

concerning how someone can have love for more than one person in the same marriage. Also, in some polygamist relationships, many of the wives are forced into the marriage. Newer wives are younger, and some of the older wives are totally against it. I believe that a person engaged in polygamy shouldn’t force any underage children or unwilling persons into marriage. The ethics of a polygamist relationship bring into play the ages and viewpoints of the spouses. I couldn’t even imagine the thought of having a child with my husband and then have another one of his wives raise it. What if one of the other wives decided to teach my child something that I didn’t want them to be taught, or something that I didn’t agree with? It would kill me inside if that happened. Ethical and moral standings are very important when a person considers the issue of polygamy. Personally, I think that polygamists are just afraid to commit to one person. I couldn’t be in a polygamist relationship, and I find it hard to see why anyone would be.

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Sara Rasnick Liz Johnson Sister Wives is the new show about a polygamist family.