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Where Are They Now?

Michael Andrews “J.” Fox was born June 9, 1961. Michael was only sixteen when he first began acting in The Magic Lie. Fox is most known for his lead roles in Back to the Future (1985-1990) and Family Ties (1982-1989). But it’s been thirty years since the eighty’s, so what has he been doing? Most acclaimed for his astonishing performances, Fox starred in twenty-nine movies, twenty-seven television shows, and produced five movies of his own. Fox was even the voice of Stuart Little. He won five Emmy’s, four Golden Globes, and one Grammy. Fox has always taken his fame in stride with maturity, but now he faces

a serious condition as he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. He takes medicine to ease the symptoms and opened the Michael J. Fox Foundation to find a cure for the disease. Fox is a spectacular actor and person and should receive more recognition for his perseverance.

Who doesn’t love Full House? Well, if you do, then you know John Stamos who played Jesse Katsopolis on the famous sitcom. The show ran for eight years, but what has he done after that beloved show? In 1998, Stamos married Rebecca Romijn, but they later divorced in 2005. He has remained single since. Stamos has starred in several movies and television programs since Full House and even “toured” with the Beach Boys. He is currently playing as Carl Howell on Glee. Also, he has won several awards including best actor and favorite Elvis impersonator. John

has gone far in his career, from babysitting to singing. Many more years of entertainment are to be expected from him.

Everyone knows where Will Smith from The Fresh Prince is, but what about his “cousin” Carlton, played by Alfonso Ribeiro? Alfonso was off the radar until spotted in Fergie’s video of Glamorous. Alfonso won Celebrity Duets, with his $100,000 going to the charity Fresh Start. In addition to dancing and singing, Alfonso continued his acting career by starring in a production of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Alfonso delved into directing by producing All of Us until it was cancelled in 2007. In 2008, Alfonso hosted Nick at Nite’s Crush Week. He has continued on by hosting Catch21 on GSN and by directing

Meet the Browns. He also fills in on GSN Live with Heidi Bohay occasionally. Alfonso appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing’s Houston episode as a talent scout, as well.

who she later divorced in 1993. She now has two children with actor Jason Momoa. She has not been seen recently, most likely to stay with her family.

Psych. He is also co-producing and acting in a web series called Fill It Till You Make It. Jaleel has also been casted for the movie series Mega Shark on SyFy as well.

“Did I do that?” was the loveable catchphrase known by all. Steve Urkel was played by Jaleel White in the outstanding show Family Matters. The show ran for nine years, but that’s not all Jaleel did in his career. After Family Matters, White graduated from UCLA with a degree in film and television. He eased back into acting with small roles in Big Fat Liar and Dreamgirls in 2006. He also became the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. Jaleel won several outstanding actor awards by the age of thirty-four. He recently guest starred on two episodes of

Lisa Bonet is best known for her role on The Cosby Show as Denise Huxtable. Lisa appeared in 103 of the episodes of the seven year show, along with the spinoff A Different World. So where else has she appeared? Lisa starred in six movies after the shows ended, including Enemy of the State, High Fidelity, and Biker Boyz. She also was seen in several television shows. Lisa won the Young Artist Award for her role in Angel Heart and was nominated for several others. Lisa had a daughter in 1988 with singer Lenny Kravitz,

Aston Kutcher is well known for his performance on That 70’s Show, but how about the witty Donna Pinciotti played by Laura Prepon? Laura first appeared on the show at the age of 18. After the show ended in 2006, Laura went on to star in seven movies and twelve television shows. She has done voiceovers, as well as

modeling, producing, and acting in the theatre. Laura also hosted the Second Annual Television Guide Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, and The Twenty-eighth American Music Awards. Just this year, she was seen on House, Medium, and Celebrity Ghost Stories.

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Psych. He is also co-producing and acting in a web series called Fill It Till You Make It. Jaleel has also been casted for the movie series...

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