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NEWS Amanda Szyjka There should not be any chocolate or food. Lotions, liquids, medicines, and vitamins are also not allowed. This is so they will not leak and in case the children are allergic to certain items. Breakables, such as snow globes or glass containers, are the last items that are not allowed in the shoe boxes. It is also nice to leave a personal note or photo for the children. If a shoe box is not available, then a similar sized plastic storage container will work. There is a shipping fee of seven dollars. The 2010 N a t i o n a l Collection Week and call to pray was November 15-22. The prayer week was when volunteers around the state and even from other countries prayed for the children who received a shoe box. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at North Forsyth helped Operation Christmas Child change the lives of children. More children each year will have a Christmas from the volunteers who support Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child, started by Franklin Graham in 1993, has helped many children across the world. Operation Christmas Child supports sending a shoe box to girls and boys in 130 different countries. The girls and boys who receive these gifts are in horrible situations. They are either in poverty, dying of a disease, or surrounded by war. Throughout the years of Operation Christmas Child, the lives of children have improved. When sending a shoe box, the ages of children range from two to fourteen years old. The shoe boxes can include these items: school supplies, toys, hygiene items, hard candy, clothing, hair clips, ball caps, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and flashlights (with extra batteries). However, the candy has to be placed in a plastic bag and cannot be out of date. A shoe box cannot contain damaged or used products and war related items, such as military figures, toy guns, or knives. This is so the children will not get in trouble with their countries because of the wars.

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Helping you plan, apply, and pay for college ������������������������������������� or call 866.866.CFNC Amanda Szyjka

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