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Read the Book, Forget the Movie Martha Gomez Movies are so technologically enhanced that people are forgetting about the books they are based on. I think more people should be reading the books the movies came from, instead of waiting for the movies to be released. Movie directors and producers usually change the story and leave important details from the book out. For some teens, reading is boring when it is assigned by teachers, but reading is not bad. It can help you later in life and also can be interesting. Here are several books that students read and the differences in their movies.


My Sister’s Keeper Author: Jodi Picoult Book: The kidney is not a guarantee of survival; in fact, it is highly likely that even with the kidney, Kate will die. Movie: In the movie, the kidney is the saving grace for Kate. Dear John Author: Nicholas Sparks Book: In the book, Tim has skin cancer and needs money for an experimental drug. John anonymously donates the money, and Tim is cured. Movie: In the movie Tim has lymphoma, and the money John donates just gives him an extra few months of survival, but eventually Tim dies. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Author: C.S. Lewis Book: The book never describes the bombing with such detail; it actually begins with a peaceful explanation of why the children are being sent to live in the country. Movie: The movie begins with a realistic, terrifying scene of the bombing in London.

B a d R a p ? It’s a Rap!

The majority of musicians for young people to listen to some portray a positive message to of the rap music out there. I have society while singing. Rappers heard little kids repeating lyrics are the exception; they are a bad from some of these songs, and influence to listeners, especially they are lyrics that just shouldn’t young people. As children, we be on their tongues in the first think of becoming doctors, firemen, place. I think these lyrics are giving etc., but now teenagers want to be young individuals, and adults for rappers. that matter, a misrepresentation of Many rap lyrics life. Also, little kids include violent learn what they slang phrases and listen to, so parents terms, verses, or shouldn’t allow their entire songs children to listen to about killing and this type of music. murder. Rap Even parents desensitizes sometimes listen to children to this type of music violence, and don’t even care making killing if their kids listen to seem so normal the bad lyrics. In and admirable school, I see people with absolutely no listen to rap and consequences for Don’t listen to music with this logo. that is a bad the people doing problem because it. they are not able to concentrate on The influence of rap started their school work. Some students in Jamaica, then New York City, would rather listen to music than and eventually moved to the West pay attention in class. It’s not a Coast. Rappers began to sing problem to listen to music during songs about street life and growing lunch, but class is when you are as gang members. Rap started like suppose to get to work and learn. poetry, but now it just talks about Rap is bad. Rappers can make violence and bad behavior. a good message or a bad one. In my opinion, rap is not the The majority of them give a bad, correct genre of music teenagers creating a negative influence on and younger kids should listen to. teenagers and younger kids. I think that it’s very inappropriate

the use of swear words in his home in order to maintain an appropriate In my opinion, many rappers environment for his little girls. are simply given a bad rap. Not A role model for all aspiring all rappers use experiences with young females, Nicki Minaj drugs and whores as common recently stepped into the world material for their songs. A handful of hip-hop. Minaj collaborated of rappers exist who rap about the with icons such as Drake, Lil struggles of everyday life on the Wayne, Mariah Carey, Usher, streets and their own personal Jay Sean, and Kanye West. She uphill battles also received a BET music award I believe Sean “Diddy” for best new artist. Nicki Minaj is Combs is a positive truly unique and is a influence in the symbol for all young world of hip-hop. girls who wish to Though Combs break into a field that has never married, is primarily dominated he supports all by males. five of his children I think and is the informal rapper Drake is a stepfather of great rapper who another child. He is true to his roots. donates to several After getting his charities that Sean “Diddy” Combs strikes a pose. start on the teen contribute to drama Degrassi, helping children suffering from HIV/ Drake began his music career in AIDS. He even released a hot pink 2009. After only about a year in slip in his clothing line and used the the music business, Drake won proceeds to aid in the fight against several awards such as Rookie of breast cancer. the Year and Best Male Hip-Hop Groundbreaking rapper Artist. I think that Drake is clever Eminem is often labeled as an and his music has a nice flow. offensive nuisance due to his inIn short, I feel rappers are not your-face lyrics. While some of always a bad influence. Many his songs are obscene, he penned rappers are docile in their everyday several songs about the hardships lives but choose to rap about of life. Eminem is dedicated to his destructive decisions in order to daughter and his niece. Although appeal to the public. profanity is typically a constant in Eminem’s lyrics, he does not allow

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Morgan Reynolds Dear John Author: Nicholas Sparks Book: In the book, Tim has skin cancer and needs money for an experimental drug. John anon...

Dec. page 10  

Morgan Reynolds Dear John Author: Nicholas Sparks Book: In the book, Tim has skin cancer and needs money for an experimental drug. John anon...