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PVC MULTI PURPOSE GOALS A: PVC 120 x 900cm GOALS001 PVC 150 x 120cm GOALS002 PVC 180 x 120cm GOALS003


$135.00 $141.00 $149.00

PVC 240 x 120cm B: PVC360 x 180cm


$189.00 $269.00

Prices are per each goal. Manufactured from heavy duty PVC. Goal comes boxed, complete with net. Some assembly is required, however you will have goals ready in minutes.


OUTDOOR EUROPEAN GOAL European Standard GOALS043 $2496 Pair. Standard steel construction, regulation size goals with net tie rails, side frame and rear cross bar can be removed for transport and storage. White powder coated goal face with black markings or red on request Nets not included. Truline 29224. European Deluxe GOALS011 $2799 Pair. Same as 29224 and designed for extra heavy treatment Goal folds flat for transport and storage. Truline 29226 C: Deluxe Futsal/Handball Goal GOALS044 $1790 Pair, includes nets. Aluminium construction portable goal on wheels. European Goal Nets GOALS057 $240.00

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OUTDOOR HOCKEY GOAL Regulation Stationary GOALS007 $5449 Pair. Heavy duty galvanised steel construction, powder coated white goal face. Reinforced net supports, built in net tie rails, tough all weather ‘Aquaply’ back and side board meet international regulations. Nets not included. Truline 44223. Regulation Wheel away GOALS008 $5734 Pair. Same as 44223 and has bolt on dual rear wheels each end of goal. Goal can be tilted back two people and wheeled away. Truline 44227.

Heavy Duty Hockey Nets GOALSOO9 $755.00 Pair. Heavy grade mesh nets. Truline 44426. Deluxe Wheelaway GOALS010 $6850 Pair. Similar to 44223 and 44227, but has heavy guage50 x 50mm galvanised steel welded meshpermanently welded to goal frame to replace mesh nets. Popular school model Truline 44232.

futsal/handball nets Futsal/Handball nets 3m x 2m. Per pair.

GOALS057 $240.00

please note: freight charges may apply to your order




$129.00 smaller goals. Manufactured from duty PVC. Goal comes boxed with nets. Some assembly is required. Includes 2 small nets, and one large net. Large Goal 1.5 x 2.3 metres. 2 Small Goals - 1.5 x 1.15 meters.

ve Goals GOALS048 $894.00 here is no limit to this goal - ideal for y, soccer, teacher created games, special ion activities, target accuracy and ination. Stackable, Goal size - 1.8 x 1.2 x Goal face powder coated white (red optional) Very stable indoor/outdoor goal. Comes complete with nets. Truline 61422. Creative Goals Folding GOALS049 $987.00 Pair. Same as 61422, but folds at for transport and storage. Truline 61424.

VERSATILE NET SYSTEM Versatile Set GOALS050 $1437 Set. Versatile system suits tennis, volleyball, badminton etc. Truly universal, suits all regulation court sizes and is fully adjustable in post/net height and width. stable and can be used for competition games. Fully adjustable from 70cm to 2.5m high, 16m to 12.8m wide. Nets not included. Truline 61624.




- All nets are braided heavy duty polyethelene. Full size Medium Weight - 3mm pair. SOC042 $240.00 3mm Braided Polyethelene. 12.7cm mesh size. 7.62m x 3m. Sold per pair. HeavyWeight - 4mm pair. SOC043 $290.00 4mm Braided Polyethelene. 12.7cm mesh size. 7.62m x 3m. Sold per pair. Super Heavy Weight - 5mm pair. SOC044 $350.00 5mm Braided Polyethelene. 12.7cm mesh size. 7.62m x 3m. Sold per pair. International net - 6mm pair. SOC201 $390.00 6mm Braided Polyethelene. Hexagonal mesh design. 7.5m x 2m. Sold per pair

Junior Heavy Duty GOALS012 $2099 Pair. Same as 78262 with goal size 3.6 x 1.5m high. Designed for permanent installation, or with ground sleeves. Truline 78293. Ground Sleeves / Socket GOALS013 $187.00 Pair. Truline 78294 Junior Medium Weight Net GOALS014 $395.00 Pair. 3.6 x 1.5m. Truline 78346

please add 10% GST to all items

Full Size Soccer Goal GOALS052 $2490 Pair, includes nets. Steel construction portable goal on wheels. Standard Heavy Duty GOALS047 $3089 Pair Standard heavy duty galvanised rectangular steel construction with reinforced net roof supporting arms. Tough galvanised net tie rail rear of crossbar and uprights. Powder coated white ďŹ nish, bolt together design for easy assembly and transportation. Designed for permanent installation or with optional ground sleeves, if removal is required. Nets not included. Truline 78262. Ground Sleeves/Socket GOALS045 $345.00 Pair. Truline 78266. Dirt / Dust Covers GOALS046 $99.00 Pair. Truline 78268. Portable Wheel away GOALS017 $5786 Pair. Regulation size goals, completely free standing. Full frame all the way around for stability and net support. Has clip in wheels for quick easy transport. Comes with two heavy duty pneumatic wheels which are easily removed. Truline 78289

please note: freight charges may apply to your order



GOALPOSTS GOALS Goal Rugby GOALS035 $3688 Pair. Heavy duty steel construction, manufactured in easy kit form for transportation, storage and assembly Designed to be permanently in the ground or with optional ground sleeves. Truline 68223

Senior Post Set 35252 GOALS040 $4659 Ground Sleeves to Suit GOALS058 $396.00 Truline 35256 Dirt and Dust Covers to Suit GOALS059 $130.00 Truline 35257 7/5m, heavy duty galvanised steel construction capped posts, polyester powder coated white ďŹ nish, goal post bases 90mm diameter, behind posts 75mm - designed for permanent installation or with ground sleeves School or club use Truline 35252 Junior Post Set 35233 GOALS041 $2698

Ground Sleeves to Suit GOALS058 $389.00 Truline 35236. Dirt and Dust Covers to Suit GOALS059 $130.00 Truline 35237. 6/3m galvanised steel construction, capped tops, set of eight. Finished in powder coated white, goal posts are 75mm diameter behind posts 60mm - designed for permanent installation or can be used with ground sleeves Ideal for primary school use Truline 35233

TENNIS POST SETS Round Heavy Duty TENN015 $400.00 Round heavy duty 75mm and winder (preferred size) Heavy Duty constructed and ďŹ nished in galvanised materials comes complete with net winder Designed for permanent in ground installation or vvith optional ground sleeves. Truline 85428. Ground Sleeve / Socket TENN059 $117.00 Makes posts removable Truline 85432.

POST SYSTEMS Outdoor Portable System BAD031 $340.00 Suitable for outdoor use only Adjustable to three net heights. Lightweight Aluminium construction. Easy to erect with in built tensioner (Nets not included)

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please note: freight charges may apply to your order



PUGG GOAL - Pugg portable pop up goals are the original and best pop up goal on the market. made using the finest quality materials developed by Pugg Co. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations that will fall apart quickly. Request Pugg Brands by name. Ideal for training backyards, beach and cricket training. Sold per pair. Pugg Goal 1.8 x 1m GOALS028 $179.00 Pugg Goal 1.2 x 75cm GOALS038 $135.00 Pugg Goal 75cm x 45cm GOALS056 $129.00



Super Soccer Goal With Net GOALS027 $129.00 Each size: 165 x 80cm. No tools required to assemble. Just click together the parts and goal is ready in seconds. Extremely strong. Includes nets.

Telescopic Goals GOALS039 $89.00 Can be filled with sand or water. Pole comes out from base for transport and storage.

please add 10% GST to all items

rebound net

rebound net

Rebound Net SOC052 $199.00 Heavy Duty Steel Construction. 1m x 1m square.

Rebound Net SOC053 $290.00 Heavy Duty Steel Construction. Double Sided. 1m x 1m square.

please note: freight charges may apply to your order



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